Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Issue #129 - An Unexpected Arrangement
    The ever important, and often revisited, topic of love can be subject to scrutiny and ill will. Make sure to protect yourself--and others, of course--from the binds of a love potion to avoid the chaos that is to surely ensue! Love Potion Antidote!
    To sum matters up in but a few words, love potions are often an unsuitable means to obtain one's attentions. Whether the motive is of good heart or conscious mind is irrelevant, as the effects may carry disaster and break families and homes. Witch Weekly dearly hopes that our readers would take any precautions necessary to avoid falling victim to the brew's shackles, which is why we have provided a recipe for its like to see a decrease in those developing an infatuation for an otherwise odd and desperate individual.

    Become proactive and avoid the potential for unwarranted and undesired emotional longing!

    - Wiggentree Twig
    - Castor Oil
    - Extract of Gurdyroot

    Method: Add four Wiggentree twigs or however many it takes to turn the potion green. Afterwards, stir the mixture until an orange hue has been achieved. Add castor oil and pause when the potion turns blue, then continue stirring until the liquid has turned purple. Place extract of Gurdyroot until the potion is red, add Wiggentree twigs, and continue with more extract of Gurdyroot until the potion turns back to purple. Leave to simmer until the potion is red once more, add more extract of Gurdyroot to turn the brew green, and resume stirring to make obtain the orange color just as before. Finally, add seven Wiggentree twigs and allow the mixture to simmer until it turns pink.

    We hope this recipe rescues at least one unlucky witch or wizard from sure embarrassment and societal degradation. If you have a personal story in regards to a love potion or the damage one has wrought, please send a letter to Witch Weekly so we may respond!
    What are your marriage prospects! How Likely are you to Marry?
    Question 1:
    How many eligible gentlemen, are in your families immediate social circle?
    A 0 – I have a house of sisters, am the youngest, or we are not permitted much in society.
    B 1-3 – A few, they work with, or socialise with my father, they tend to be much older than typical marriage age
    C 4-7 – I have a few brothers, who all have friends of marrying age.
    D 7 + I am out in society and make sure to make use of all connections to get to know eligible young gents.

    Question 2:
    How is your dowry looking?
    A Sparce – none to speak of, I have nothing by my charms to recommend me
    B I have something 500, or so, a year, nothing too extravagant.
    C 1000, or more, a year, a respectable prospect certainly.
    D I am an heiress, or have a considerable dowry of more than 10,000 a year

    Question 3:
    Speaking of Charms! How pretty and fashionably affable are you?
    A tragic! I’ve been mistaken for a hag in the past
    B I’m fairly plain, nothing special if I’m honest
    C Handsome, I’ve a fine face, fashionable features, and a good figure.
    D I’m pretty sure I’m at least ¼ Veela

    Question 4:
    What your family like?
    A Rough, we’ve disowned a few and some live in the slums
    B One, or more, is a squib and we don’t talk about my Uncle and the goats.
    C Respectable, unremarkable but nothing scandalous
    D Prestigious, well known and upstanding, we are pillars of the community –trend setters if you will.

    A SPINSTER IN THE MAKING! Be careful your social isolation or family position mean your chances of marrying are slim to none!
    B You are unlikely to marry, you will marry when already a spinster, or you will marry someone much older than you
    C You will get married between the age of 21 and 24!
    D You will marry easily, if you aren’t already betrothed you will be soon!
    Where could such a decision have come from, and why is it such a secret that only a few have knowledge of it? Do the two plan to elope--before Minister Urquart can be allowed time to come to his senses?

    The broken engagement was handled as quietly as possible (due, we must assume, to Mr. Riley's sensibilities as a gentleman), but it was impossible to go entirely unremarked upon, since the two had been engaged at the time for several years and it was a matter of much speculation why they were not already married!

    Minister Urquart has six children, three of whom are Hogwarts-aged girls. One can only assume that were he to remarry, finding a suitable role-model for them might be his top concern, which makes it all the more baffling why he might have chosen Miss Lovegood from among the many eligible ladies with far less troubled pasts!

    Love potions are quite controversial, but widely available for the right price. Most love potions leave indicators and warning signs on the subject, including changes of behavior and engaging in things that would normally seem out of character. Have you witnessed any such effects in Minister Urquart? Write in to tell us!
    An Unexpected Arrangement: Did Miss Adelia Lovegood Use A Love Potion to Ensnare the Minister of Magic?!
    You may or may not have heard the recent rumors flying about Minister of Magic Balthazar Urquart being seen in the presence of a few young ladies around town. Circumspect and subtle as he was undoubtedly attempting to be, whispers none the less began to circulate that perhaps the widowed Minister was on the prowl for a wife. Even with the significant speculation being done in parlors and over tea sets around the country, however, no one could have anticipated this particular bit of news, which Witch Weekly writers were able to prize from one of the apparently very small circle of individuals privy to such information: Minister Balthazar Urquart has begun formally courting Miss Adelia Lovegood.

    Miss Lovegood is currently twenty-seven years old and has already weathered one broken engagement.

    Of course, everyone who was involved in British society at the time will remember Miss Lovegood's previous engagement to the late Mr. James Riley. A respectable healer otherwise quite beyond reproach, Mr. Riley ended the engagement after a very long period of apparent coolness between he and Miss Lovegood. While the intimate details of their relationship were never entirely known, Mr. Riley went on to become the husband of the much-esteemed Mrs. Felicity Riley, which suggests that the fault in temperament or affection was not his, or at the very least, not his alone.

    Since the time of her engagement, which was broken when Miss Lovegood was merely twenty-one, she has become something of a social pariah. Of course a broken engagement can do a great deal of harm to a lady's reputation, no matter the cause, but Miss Lovegood seems not to have recovered even slightly in the six years since losing her one prospect. Those who know her well from social events describe her chiefly as sullen, quiet, and perhaps a bit awkward. Upon hearing the news, it is safe to say that not one person with any opinion of Miss Lovegood's character was anything less than exceedingly astonished to hear that the Minister had taken any interest in her whatsoever, much less such a keen interest as to start to court her!

    Miss Lovegood often seems almost to sulk at public events, which casts much doubt on whether she could possibly be suited to such a high profile society life as that of the Minister's wife!

    Adding to the great surprise one must feel upon hearing of her recent courtship is the reputation of Miss Lovegood's family. While Minister Urquart has made his exceptionally liberal opinions widely known, one can hardly reckon that he would approve of a young lady participating in the most unladylike of behaviors, as the now-deceased Miss Olive Lovegood so infamously did. The younger sister of Miss Adelia Lovegood was expelled from Hogwarts in 1884 due to rumors that she was working in pornography. If such lack of virtues runs in the family, as such things so often do, particularly for young women, it hardly seems reasonable that Minister Urquart would choose such a woman to be a roll model for his children, many of which are impressionable young ladies themselves!

    Between Miss Adelia Lovegood's own history and temperament, and the apparent likelihood that she might share a familial propensity for wantonness (perhaps it was something of this nature which caused Mr. Riley to abandon her, but he was too much a gentleman to bring her shame to public light? Alas, with his untimely death, we may never know), it seems obvious to everyone that no one could have made the Minister of Magic a less suitable partner.

    A former schoolmate of Miss Lovegood's shared her suspicions with our writers: "If I were the type to wager, I'd put money on a love potion," the witch confided. "Everyone knows how desperate she's gotten this past year, since whatever charms she had are obviously behind her. There were those rumors of a large dowry last fall, as if her brother was willing to pay a fortune to be rid of her, surely you remember that. Mark my words, if Miss Lovegood's found a man with an interest in her, there's magic to blame, and nothing else."

    What do you think of Minister Urquart and Miss Lovegood? Write in with your opinions--either on the match itself, or the absolute mystery of how it came to be!
    A possible conundrum with a love potion leaves one of our readers in an uncertain situation! Ask Harmony Aidsworth
    Dear Miss Aidsworth,

    Ohh, my, Miss Aidsworth, I am unsure of what to do! Just the other day, one of my close friends approached me for advice. Of course, I had no qualms about assisting her to the best of my ability, so I wrote back that we could talk over tea the next day. When she came for tea, she seemed so distracted and flighty and it took her a good half hour to even brush on the topic she wanted to speak of. Oh, what a surprise it was to me when she confessed to having invested in a love potion. I suppose that in itself does not surprise me, she has always had romantic tendencies and always had her nose tucked away in the newest romance book. She tells me of this gentleman she had met before. She wanted to marry him but he had no clear interest in her and she was tired of waiting! Oh, what am I to do? She is normally a respectable young lady and I have no wish for her to ruin her reputation but she seemed not to hear a word I spoke!

    Wishing your advice,
    A Worried Friend

    A Worried Friend,

    That is certainly something to worried about for your friend's sake! Should she go forth in her play to give this gentleman the potion there is no guaranty that it would be a happy marriage as a love potion only creates attraction rather than love. Not only that, there is the issue that she could be caught in the act of using the love potion, something that would create quite a scandal. My advice to you is to set up another meeting with her and try to talk sense into the young lady. If you are truly worried about her future, you could speak to another female family member of hers and express your concern. Best of luck in your endeavors and whatever it comes down to, be reminded that you can not be held responsible for your friend's actions and you tried your hardest to help her.

    Harmony Aidsworth
    [Image: Nd8k8fn.png]