Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Where Art Thou Fur
    Private Thread 
    During / After this thread
    @Antigone Lestrange / @Ursula Black
    It wasn’t so often that she had the pleasure of having Antigone as her chaperone. It was a blessing to as she did not have to always be reminded on how painfully single she was. It did not help that her sister was with her third child, as if her marriage wasn’t putting enough pressure at her.

    At least she had an opportunity to call her sister fat, that would make the trip less taxing.

    Today, Ligeia had matched her greyish-blue robe with an expensive grey fur capelet that her father brought home from Italy just to show off to Antigone. She just hoped her dreaded child-wife sister would not dare to stain it again with ice cream, well she can’t as they were headed off to ‘Insert Fancy Restaurant Name here’ for lunch after hat shopping. “Tig, you are drooling,” The debutante chuckled as she continued teasing her sister “We can skip the hat store if you really want to eat.”

    Her hands consciously gently caressed the soft caplet but after a second it seemed to have vanished. She caught a glimpsed of her reflection at the store they were passing by with a gasp. Where the fuck was her fur?
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       Ellory Pendergast, Reuben Crouch, Ursula Black
    Tig might've turned her sister down for hat shopping in Hogsmeade if she weren't fairly certain that her days of freedom were rapidly coming to an end. Honestly, she wasn't too cut up about curtailing her attendance of balls and the likes, she felt ungraceful and unattractive and really it was just easier to sulk at home.

    The current trip out with Ligeia was proving obnoxious already but then Tig always found her sister's company tedious. She felt particularly self-conscious on account of the only dress that would fit was her least favorite - hence why she had had it let out last time, she had no intention of wearing it under normal circumstances - and she felt as though she was walking around in a tartan blanket. Unfortunately, it had been the only comfortable dress she could find at the last minute.

    "I am not!" she snapped, instinctively raising a hand to her mouth to check. She was hungry. "Anyway, your ugly head needs a hat more than I need food." Tig was completely unaware that anything had happened to her sister's show-offy caplet.
    MAY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Ligeia Baudelaire

     Pregnancy Ticker
    Antigone (especially a very pregnant Antigone) did always have the most amusing reaction to her teasing. This was one of the reasons she preferred Tig over Leonie, most of the time. Leonie brushes her off while Tig just takes the bite of the bait. Lig was supposed to retort with a simple 'Yes, you are.' but Tig being Tig had to insult her which she didn't appreciate, "And you need better maternity clothing," Ligeia snorted. She was never a fan of the shade Tig was wearing but it actually wasn't that horrid."Or maybe one in a bigger size," It was how her sister had grown which made the gown look unflattering. "But no need to be shy Tiggy, I understand that you always need to be stuffed. You had always been a big eater since we were children. I doesn't help that the child in your belly seemed to have inherited your appetite"

    Was she mugged? Theives don't usually takea piece of their victims clothing even if they were expensive and her pocet was still full of galleons. And how could they possibly steal from her that quicky, without anyone noticing. Her eyes frantically searched for it, maybe it was blown away by the wind even if it wasn't windy today. "Have you seen where my cape has gone? " she asked her sister while eyeing anyone  nearby who might have taken it had taken it. No one looked suspicious though she had taken notice of a woman wearing an ugly moustache.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ligeia Baudelaire's post:
       Ursula Black
    Tig was clenching her jaw so tight she half expected to crack a tooth. Her temper was easily provoked but it had been especially volatile since falling pregnant and Ligeia was already poking at it expertly. If Ligeia ever managed to grab herself a husband, Tig couldn't wait to call her ugly and fat. "Oh shut up, you river troll," she shot back.

    The mention of her sister's capelet made Tig finally tear her eyes away from the shop windows they were passing - she was indiscriminately glowering at them rather than actually looking. The fur was gone. "Ha!" she exclaimed in smug triumph, "You've gone and lost it, how careless!" Tig cackled at her sister's misfortune. She didn't consider that her sister might have been discreetly mugged, she just assumed her sister hadn't noticed it come loose and slip off and that served her right. If she had been robbed... Well that was funny too and she still deserved it.
    MAY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Ligeia Baudelaire

     Pregnancy Ticker
    Her mood would have been lifted by the reaction her sister made if it wasn’t for her stupid capelet. The thing cost a fortune according to her father. Who knows what he would do if she can’t find it. “I didn’t lose it, Cow!” she retorted giving emphasis on the last word.

    Ligeia gritted her teeth with a big scowl on her face. She hated seeing Tig look so happy on her haplessness. “I was touching it a second ago. A mere second ago Tig, then it went poof.” Her explanation probably sounded crazy but it was the truth! “I’m not like you who would lose something in such a short amount of time.” Lig didn't know where that last sentence came from as she just started running her mouth out of anger. "Hah! Maybe you stole it."
    "Why would I want your ugly fur?" Her mirth had mostly disappeared with the insults and accusations flying her way. "It looked liked something that was run over by a carriage and sat in the road for a few days." That was her envy speaking. Her sister got what she deserved for getting preferential treatment.

    "No wonder you can't keep a bachelor's attention when you can't even keep hold of a piece of clothing!" she scoffed.
    MAY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Ligeia Baudelaire
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       Katherine Midford

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    “Tch, If I’m being honest you are uglier than the fur” Not really as Tig was fat fairly good looking but she was running out of insults to bark at her sister. The blonde an annoyed sigh as the younger Baudelaire poked at her singleness. ‘You probably can’t Mr Lestrange’s attention as well if you weren’t so petty’ Ligeia thought. Their conversation would probably have no end if the continued and she needed to find that piece of clothing. Ligeia would try to be mature about it and stop provoking her chaperone, at least for now.

    “It wasn’t my fault my clothes went missing!” She attempted to stir away from insulting her once again, which was highly tempting. public. “Just look around us Tig, something happened.” Ligeia pointed out to the group two donning a mustache each - the gentleman sported a mustache that looked like Merlin’s and the poor woman who had a pointed goatee- which the two surely didn’t have a second ago.
    "I suppose that would be your defense if caught in a compromising position too." And just like that Tig had taken the tone of the conversation down a further notch.

    Before she could say anything worse - not that she had anything immediately stockpiled - she reluctantly gave their surroundings a more scrutinizing look. Ligeia wasn't wrong, exactly. "And that's what happens when you don't know one end of your wand from the other." Because what woman would intentionally give herself gross facial hair? "You should magic yourself a beard, Ligeia, the less of your face people see, the better."
    MAY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Ligeia Baudelaire

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    Where on earth does Antigone get the energy to be so annoying? Wasn't pregnancy suppose to be tiresome and her sister was doing such a good job effortlessly as always. "I do suppose you don't need one Anne, your doing everyone a huge favor in showing up less frequently at balls." she replied snarkly. If her sister wasn't going to stop with the insults so will she.

    Was leaving Tig in the streets alone an option? Her sister was hardly a child (physically not mentally) and she was the married one but Tig was probably only allowed to go out because she was with her. Maybe she can spell her sister dizzy so she'll feel sick and ask her to go back home. She had so many ideas on how she can put a stop to their trip but the only problem was how she was going to do it.
    "Don't call me that!" she snapped hotly, her cool composure suddenly dead in the water. 'Anne' wasn't an abbreviation she often heard anymore thank Merlin, but it was a sure way to irritate her. As a small girl Anne had been the obvious choice of nickname for her seeing as Antigone was quite the mouthful, one she had struggled with in the first year or two that she had been speaking. Once she had mastered the pronunciation of her full name she had grown proud and appreciative of her name and the novelty of it, consequently she had complained bitterly 'that's not my name!' whenever Anne had thenceforth been used. Several years later she'd see 'Anne' as a dull and common sounding name, and several years after that she'd meet Annette Fontaine and add another reason not to like it to her list. "If I had your stupid fur right now I'd set it on fire and see how you liked it then."
    MAY 13, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Ligeia Baudelaire

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