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    Timey-wimey detector
    See Inside... Thread 
    A few small bumps in time would not have raised many eyebrows. Wizards got a bit experimental, nearly happened on something working, that sort of thing. A couple in a week would have raised eyebrows and caused the time-turners to be temporarily recalled and reissued in case one was malfunctioning. And then there was what had happened earlier that day in Diagon Alley.  

    The Department had their way of checking for disturbances, of course they did, but they rarely tracked them unless they were significant. In this case, even if they hadn’t been able to track them, there were all sorts of reports coming in of hair colour changing and antler and Merlin knew what else.

    Belle’s office was now filled with a large, slightly transparent 3D map of the country victorian magic google earth. At present, the area above London was zoomed in, showing a large black fog above Diagon Alley, twisted with purple. The witch frowned and zoomed back out with a twitch of her wand. There were small spots of the cloud all over the country- naturally occurring, most likely, or from elderly wizards with too much time dabbling in what they ought not to, but harmless really. Another flick brought Hogsmeade up, and a third dialled back the time.

    That was odd. There was a slight mist over Madam Flint’s home on the night of the ball. Not that she put it past the witch to own something prohibited- not that she’d call her out on it- but turning hair blue hardly seemed Madam Flint’s style. But then- there- there seemed to be a little over one of the clubs on the High Street not long after.

    Maybe that would help find the culprit. “Any spare employees to my office immediately!” She called out through her open door, using her wand to momentarily amplify her voice. Perhaps it would be a simple case of cross referencing the list of guests and the list of Excalibur patrons, but she doubted it would be so.

    Invitational tag:
    @Delphine Abrams @Ephraim Vablatsky @Tiberius Lestrange @Salome Moore
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    Née Trimble. Born Middle Class
    [Image: AivRZxN.jpg]
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    Tiberius did not at all care to be called a spare employee, regardless of what he was doing or working on at the time. Since he had only just returned from lunch, however, he couldn't really be claim to be embroiled in anything that he couldn't leave off for a moment. He'd only just stashed his coat and hat and was still on his way back to where he'd left off on his latest project, before lunch. Even so, he hesitated for a moment in the hallway, wondering if he could get away with slipping back and avoiding the woman.

    If it had been someone else who had been appointed to head the department, Tiberius might have been able to say it wasn't personal. He did rather dislike being interrupted, no matter who was on the other end of the disturbance, and detested any sort of direct supervision, preferring instead to be left to his own devices while he worked. Of course, this was also Miss Trimble (or, as everyone was forced to call her now, Mrs. Lestrange), and so it was personal, too. He hadn't liked her on principle, because she was a woman whom someone had promoted to a position of authority over him, but he'd liked her even less when she'd married his uncle. The pregnancy issue was just the topping on the cake.

    But he couldn't just pretend he hadn't heard her. He was still in the hallway. It would have been too obvious. With a sigh, Tiberius turned and skulked towards Belle's office. He entered and leaned against one wall, gazing wordlessly at the map. He did not intend to speak to her unless it became necessary. She had summoned them, after all. She ought to be the one to tell them what this was about.
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       Salome Moore
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    To say she felt out of place here would never be a stretch. For starters, she was the only one in the department who found themselves labeled as lower class - and she saw the harsh reminder every day with things as simple as the quality of her clothes verse theirs. Two, she was easily the youngest in the department as well. And well, in the gender minority. Yes, she was out of place in all the labels, but it just made her more determined. Well, frankly just the class one. She was perfectly fine with being young. And a woman. She would willing marry out of work.

    Salome had, to put it simply, been hiding in her personal office. As soon as she had gotten back to the department, the girl had all but checked for others near my and darted through the lobby. From there she had proceeded to ignore any ongoings beyond time and noting who, if anyone, was in the office. Her goal was to be the last to leave and find someone in the magic reversal squad on the way out, hopefully without bumping into anyone else. She should have know that wasn't going to happen. And she had no acceptable reason to ignore her boss, she with a heavy heart, she stood up and followed the figure of Mr. Lestrange down the hallway.

    As soon as she left her office, it was clear why she was hiding. Her hair - her prize and joy - at least if you asked her, was died a bright maya blue and a small pair of antlers grew from the top of her head, not large enough to throw her off balance, but noticeable being it grew at least three inches out of her head. And while they didn't hurt - they itched. And that was the reason she needed to corner someone in the magic reversal squad. She had no desire to go during the busiest point of the day for even more people to see her like this. She wasn't used to having antlers in her head, thank you. And while those drew a fair bit of attention, looking past that and towards her face would yield an interesting result. Her facial expression somehow managed to look embarrassed and burning in anger at the same time.

    "Whoever is behind this needs to be stopped," she'd hiss out through gritted teeth.
    [Image: SalomeSig_zpskaw4md83.jpg]
    OMG Thank you Nolan it is a beauty!
    Tiberius had been planning to engage as little as possible in this meeting, but when Miss Salome Moore followed him in looking as though she'd just escaped from the circus freak show, he couldn't really help himself. He raised his fist to his lips and sniggered behind his hand at the sight of her, then added with a smirk, "How lucky for us that you appear to be on the case, Miss Moore."

    He didn't care for her, either. He generally didn't like being forced to pretend that women were his equals.
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    A snigger sounded to her side and she flinched and a grimace formed on her face as she turned to face the male who had spoken. It was like he was broadcasting his thoughts, likely he was calling her a freak. Oh dear, if this got out she would never have any chance of marrying anyone, let alone up. She could say goodbye to any hopes of balls or parties. "A simple case of being in the wrong place and the wrong time, Mr. Lestrange. It could have happened to anyone with whoever is behind this still on the loose, sir." She turned back to Mrs. Lestrange, forcing her facial expression to fall blank. "Rather than dwelling on that, our time would be better spent in the engagement of finding the culprit, sir."
    [Image: SalomeSig_zpskaw4md83.jpg]
    OMG Thank you Nolan it is a beauty!
    “Thank you, Miss Moore, Mr Lestrange.” Belle replied with an edge of sharpness. Miss Moore had ought to remember her place- a laugh was not going to harm anyone, and she could hardly expect people not to do so, but her sort of step-son was hardly helping. “I trust you remember how to reverse a simple colour changing charm.” She added. Discretion was needed during this investigation- horns weren’t going to help and probably needed specialist attention, but blue hair could hardly be solved through a good hat.

    The witch took a few steps towards the map. “I trust neither of you shall need briefing. It seems this is the first large occurrence of this- but not the only rift of late.” Belle gestured at the clusters of fog. “There was one at Madam Flint’s party the other week, and one more recently at Excalibur.” The girl again was going to be little use- she could not send a girl of such humble birth (or more specifically, blood) to interview the formidable witch, but neither could she send her unchaperoned to a Gentleman’s club. “Tiberius, do you remember anything odd occurring at the former?”
    Née Trimble. Born Middle Class
    [Image: AivRZxN.jpg]
    Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
    Tiberius wasn't entirely sure that the woman wasn't toying with him. Madam Flint's party had been the one at which his wife had collapsed, and he was fairly certain that his aunt had not forgotten about the incident. He raised an eyebrow and replied dryly, "Nothing relevant." That much was certainly true; there could be no possible connection between Antigone fainting--or having pretended to faint, he still wasn't entirely sure which--and someone conducting unauthorized time magic, unless she had developed some particular sensibilities of late that he knew nothing about. "Though that's not unexpected. I was hardly trying to detect time magic at the time and I imagine none of us were particularly close to the source of the incident."
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]