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Networking Thread for Immy
Player Name Immy
Contact: PM Richard Addle or reply here.

Character: Richard Addle
Quick Facts: Richard was born a working class boy but worked hard to become the Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Because of his hard work he has no opportunity for wife or really get out during the seasons. Richard is very ambitious and hardworking. He can be very focused on something and not even notice that something is right in front of him. He was oblivious to love, but now he is starting to realize that maybe he does need it after all. Richard is friendly but not very friendly to people he knows from work. He is very friendly to his school friends and also people he knows from when he was a child. Richard likes books a lot.
Age: 39
House: S
Grad Year: 1867
Class: M
Reputation: 8
Blood/Race: HB
Occupation: Head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement

Friends/Former Classmates: Friends of Richard are probably classmates from when he was at school or they work in the same department for similar times.
Hurls: There are not many requirements. The first is that she isn't younger than 16. The second is that she has at least a mid-level reputation(lowest is 4, but lower is interesting, if less possible). The third is that she is maybe a good conversation partner or otherwise interesting. It would be interesting to see people who wish to marry Richard just for his position haha.
Hi Immy!!

I have woefully little for you. My two ministry men are @Eugene Scamander and @Nemo Fisk though neither are in his department and they're a little younger, I assume there's collaboration between the departments fairly often. However if he's friendly with Edric then he may also know @Sydney Podmore who is a friend of his. I also play Edric's semi-scandalous wife @February Umbridge though that's probably a "know of" rather than anything else xD

Welcome aboard!
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I have @Ace Lukeson who needs work friends, even if he doesn’t work directly with Richard. He’s young and wondering abiut what to do with his life.

I also have @Victor North who graduated the same year as Richard, though was a Hufflepuff. He likely wouldn’t care about what class Richard was during school or even out of school.

Elaine Made Magic
Hi Bee!

I think that collaboration between either of your boys and Richard's department is definitely possible(especially beast division because managing animals etc.) I love friend of a friend connections so if you wanted to do a thread with Sydney and Richard that could be interesting. I don't know if February and Richard would talk too much, unless Edric's brought her to some event and they made small talk.


Hi Kelly! Maybe Richard could do a little mentoring with Ace, even if they took different paths. I think Victor and Richard could be friends!
I'm pretty flexible! Syd could definitely use more friends, he's a bit of a workaholic lol. Could start there? Or with Eugene at work somehow, I'm easy!

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I think that something with Syd could work! Potentially someone is injured and Richard has to bring them in? And they recognize each other from some event or other. Then we can see where it goes from there :)
(December 18, 2018 – 2:19 AM)Richard Addle Wrote: I think that something with Syd could work! Potentially someone is injured and Richard has to bring them in? And they recognize each other from some event or other. Then we can see where it goes from there :)

Sure! Syd is the assistant head of Creature Induced Injuries at St. Mungo's, so he's pretty easy to find haha. Would you mind starting? ♥

[Image: bk9GUs.png]
Hey Immy!

Besides Aubrey, who I know you know, I have...

@Theodore Gallivan an Auror-in-training who's having a quarter-life-crisis since his father went missing and is presumed dead a few months ago. (Theo knows the truth, that he's not. xD) So Richard may have heard of him through that.

Otherwise in the Ministry I have @Sarah Townsend, who is only a Welcome Witch but who is super friendly & enjoys seeing working class people rise to positions like Richard's, so she's probably a silent supporter of his!

@Jude Wright trained as a lawyer at the Ministry out of Hogwarts so may have worked under Richard at some point back then - now he's an ardent progressive who focuses full time on activism. Depending on Richard's political leanings and opinion of this, Jude is probably either an ally against prejudice and classism, or a giant pain in his butt trying to campaign for legal reform xD

@Ari Fisk is my closest dude in terms of old school acquaintances, potentially a friend?

I think Richard would definitely have heard about how Thomas is doing, possibly he could have dropped by to check in, under the pretenses of work related things but also because he does like to know that everyone's doing okay.

Richard's the type who would definitely say a good morning or lift his hat to the Welcome Witch as he came into the Ministry, and he also could have spoken to Sarah while he was a lawyer.

I do believe that, at least most of the time, Richard is the type who leans towards giving WC kids/adults more of a chance in the world, but also that that gives him a lot of backlash in the political world, so he'd be more careful and police himself. I think he would've gotten on with Jude while they worked as lawyers.

I think Ari and Richard could've been school friends, especially if they were both studious
Hi Immy! For Richard I have @Barnabas Skeeter who also works at the Ministry and is typically cranky and unpleasant so he doesn't have many friends. You can probably count Richard in the 'doesn't like Barney' list.

@Eloise Belby is a bitter divorcee who currently teaches astronomy at Hogwarts. She's 5 years behind Richard in school, so they're likely acquainted but not well.

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