Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Hortensia A. Moody {DONE}
    In Character
    Full Name: Hortensia Arlene Moody - named after Hortensia Milliphutt
    Nicknames: Tensy
    Birthdate: 3rd September 1867
    Current Age: 20
    Occupation: Debutante
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: Bartonburg, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: Hawthorn, 12 ½”, single Phoenix Tail Feather, Supple
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Middle
    Horace Moody, Father (1825-1884)
    @Hecate Moody (née Ellesborough), Mother (b. 1835)
    @Circe Podmore (née Moody), Sister (b. 1857)
    ---- Hudson Podmore, Brother-in-law (b. 1847)
    ---- ------ Podmore, Nephew (b. 18XX; age 7)
    ---- ------ Podmore, Niece (b. 18XX, age 4)
    @Elle Lassey (née Moody), Sister (b. 1859)
    ---- Edgar Lassey, Brother-in-law (b. 1849)
    Josephina "Josie" Moody, Sister (b. 1860)
    @Merwyn Moody, Brother (b. 1862)
    @Ottaline Moody, Sister (b. 1869)
    • Stands at an unassuming height of 5'3".
    • A round-shaped face is paired with striking bright blue eyes (considered to be her best feature), a small nose, and full lips. 
    • Long, dark hair stands out in contrast against her creamy-pale skin; she usually keeps it styled according to what's in, but leaves it in a simple french braid at night. There's a particular strand of hair that refuses to stay in place which Tensy has a habit of twirling around her finger when she's nervous.
    • Where clothing's concerned, Tensy tends to avoid overly vibrant colors such as oranges, yellows, and red. She has a particular fondness for paler hues such as pastel colors.
    • Lastly, Tensy is right-handed.
    AUTUMN OF 1867 | Hortensia Arlene is born to fifth-time parents Horace and ------ Moody. Another girl, Mrs. Moody had been a bit disappointed that Tensy hadn't been a boy to join her older brother, but had hoped that with an auspicious namesake - Hortensia Milliphut, after a former Minister of Magic - that she would more than make up for the disappointment later in life.

    AUTUMN OF 1868 | Though far too young to remember it, Tensy's eldest sister, Circe, left for Hogwarts where she had been sorted into Slytherin.

    YEAR OF 1869 | The sixth and final Moody child, Ottaline, is born. Being two at the time, Tensy has very little recollection of this, though given the age gaps between them and their older siblings, it was unsurprising that the two girls would go on to form a close bond.

    YEARS 1870 - 1873 | With her father's importing/exporting business requiring him to travel frequently for work, Hortensia and her siblings - and thus, the running of the household - were largely left in the sole care of their mother. A situation that had affected Tensy little as she wasn't particularly close to either parent, though it was clear even from a young age that her mother had high expectations of her children, an observation that was further solidified by the woman's choice in a governess once they were old enough. She had been a good pupil, interested in her studies and had done passably well in all of them, though it was perhaps the immense pressure put forth by the governess to do well that had caused Tensy to develop performance anxiety where academics was concerned.

    Elle had departed for Hogwarts in 1871, landing in Hufflepuff, with Josie to follow a year later into Ravenclaw, and Merwyn to ------ in 1873 or 1874.

    SPRING OF 1874 | At seven, Tensy displayed her first act of magic by making the keys of the piano play of its own accord. Becoming increasingly frustrated that she couldn't get the composition she was supposed to get tested on right, Tensy had fervently wished that the piano would play itself, and had been quite startled when it had done just that a moment later.

    SUMMER OF 1876 | Circe graduated from Hogwarts, and made her debut. It had been rather strange having her around the house on a more permanent basis when she'd spent most of Tensy and Tilly's young lives at school, but Circe's time at home was shortlived as she was married to Mr. Hudson Podmore at the end of summer.

    SUMMER OF 1878 | Elle graduated and debuted, and Circe's success had made their mother more determined than ever to see her daughters well-settled, making Tensy feel rather sympathetic for her older sister whom she could tell hadn't felt entirely comfortable with their mother's scheming. 

    SUMMER OF 1879 | Josie debuted, joining Elle as a debutante, though Tensy sees much less of Josie than she does Elle when Mrs. Josephina Flint - Josie's namesake - took an avid interest in sponsoring her Season. This was also the summer when Tensy received her Hogwarts acceptance letter, acquiring her 12 ½” Hawthorn wand with a Phoenix Tail Feather core. 

    SEPTEMBER 1879 - MAY 1880 | Equal parts nervous to be away from home (and from Tilly, who was now the sole child left at home) and excited, Tensy left for Hogwarts where she was, much like Josie, sorted into Ravenclaw. Having always believed Ravenclaw to house exceptionally bright students - and while she didn't think she was stupid, she also didn't consider herself exceptionally smart - Tensy had felt a little insecure among her peers for a time, though had gradually warmed up to the idea once she realized that her house wasn't just based on smarts, and that there were other forms of intelligence than just academics.

    Speaking of academics, Tensy had found that she did rather well in most of her classes, though she was horrid at Herbology (the hands-on aspect, at least). She had also joined Book, Charms, and History clubs.

    SEPTEMBER 1880 - MAY 1881 | Tensy was pleased when her sister joined her at Hogwarts, though she supposed it ought to have been expected, she had been a little saddened when Tilly was sorted into Slytherin. She had also tried to respect Tilly's decision to go by Artemisia, but had found it difficult because Tilly didn't strike her as an Artemisia.

    Tensy's nephew via Circe was born in 1880.

    SUMMER OF 1881 | Elle became acquainted with a gentleman by the name of Mr. Edgar Lassey, which their mother hadn't seemed very approving of, but Tensy had hoped for her sister's sake that something might come of it.

    SEPTEMBER 1881 - MAY 1882 | Having perhaps been influenced by Elle's affinity for Divination, Tensy became curious about the other form of fortune-telling called Arithmancy. With its historical aspects, very precise results, and calculating method of predicting the future, it had easily become one of her favorite classes. She had also chosen Ancient and Muggle Studies as electives, as well.

    Elle's Mr. Lassey had finally proposed courtship, and Tensy had felt very pleased for her sister.

    SEPTEMBER 1882 - MAY 1883 | At fifteen, Tensy had begun her monthly courses. With three older sisters, it hadn't exactly been a surprising development, but it had definitely been startling, and Tensy had tried to quickly and quietly go about cleaning up without waking any of her dorm mates. 

    SUMMER OF 1883 | Elle and Mr. Lassey become engaged. Tensy could only imagine the relief her sister might have felt on no longer being the sole object of their mother's attentions, though that also left poor Josie to be on the receiving end of it.

    SEPTEMBER 1883 - MAY 1884 | Having already been quite anxious about OWLs, the disgrace and consequent suicide of Miss Beatrice Skye - a girl whom she had shared a dorm with for nigh on six years - at the end of the school year had left Tensy a bit shaken, and it had certainly showed when she received her exam results over the summer.

    Ancient Studies - E
    Arithmancy - O
    Astronomy - A
    Charms - E
    DADA - P
    Herbology - D
    History of Magic - O
    Muggle Studies - O
    Potions - A
    Transfiguration - P

    SUMMER OF 1884 | The Laughing Plague came to Hogsmeade, affecting many families throughout Hogsmeade, and the Horace Moodys were no exception. Tensy, herself, had had a slight touch of it, though had managed to fully recover by the time school had started again. Though sadly, the same could not be said for her father, who had perished at the end of summer, and the family was thrown into mourning.

    SEPTEMBER 1884 - MAY 1885 | Despite the uncharacteristically late start, Tensy had been quite glad to return to Hogwarts again. Since recovering from the illness, mourning the death of her poor Papa, and the still strange absence of Miss Skye, there was seated within her a restlessness to be doing something, and at school at least there was a variety of ways with which to keep herself occupied. One such way was taking up a music class. While she had never been a stellar piano player, she was decent enough at the instrument, and had decided that she wanted to improve her skill.

    Although her OWL scores had been less than desired (in short, her mother hadn't been entirely pleased), Tensy had still continued her NEWT studies with Ancient Studies, Arithmancy, Charms, and History of Magic.

    SEPTEMBER 1885 - MAY 1886 | Her seventh and final year rolls around. Like any student in their final year, Tensy anticipated the rewarding feeling of completing her studies, though she did not relish the idea of what came after. Having always felt that she'd make a poor debutante - and knowing full-well that she had very little choice in the matter, if her mother had anything to say about it - Tensy had not looked forward to the Coming Out Ball at the end of the year, though had tried her best not to seem as nervous as she felt during the night of.

    Elle became Mrs. Edgar Lassey in a simple, but tasteful, ceremony in autumn of 1885.

    Ancient Studies - E
    Arithmancy - O
    Charms - O
    History of Magic - E
    Muggle Studies - E

    SUMMER OF 1886 | Tensy's first Season came and went without any solid prospects. Unlike Circe and Josie, she hadn't a high society figure to help establish her within society and make a good match. Which left her largely responsible for meeting and making the acquaintance of suitable gentleman, trailing after her mother and married sisters, and while there had been one gentleman whom she thought might have been interested, his courtship to another woman at the end of summer made it very obvious that he wasn't. A disappointment, to be sure, though a bit relieving honestly, for Tensy hadn't found him to be very good company, anyway.

    More concerning, however, was Josie's odd behavior during the months leading up to autumn. At almost twenty-seven, her older sister was surprisingly still unmarried and had no prospects to speak of, which was reason enough to be frantic, in Tensy's opinion, though the underlying note of desperation in Josie's eyes and the increase in her mother's overbearing ways had made Tensy think that something was clearly remiss - but she hadn't a clue what.

    AUTUMN OF 1886 | Tensy would soon discover what that what was at the end of the Season when Josie had suddenly and quietly disappeared, with no trace to be found. That her mother wasn't even the least bit concerned the morning of when Tensy had mentioned it, was already cause for alarm, but it was the fateful tea that afternoon that the worst of Tensy's overactive suspicions came to light. She hadn't truly wanted to believe that her mother would have anything to do with Josie's disappearance, but she had been quietly stunned when the woman calmly admitted admitted to obliviating and sending her middle child to a magical convent under the guise of a foreign marriage. It was a clear warning to both Tensy and Tilly that spinsterhood wasn't an option, and while Elle vocalized what was on everyone's minds, silent tears had streamed down Tensy's face as she clung on to Tilly's arm. Sad for Josie, who didn't deserve this unfair treatment and would now never remember where she came from, thoroughly shocked that a mother could be so unfeeling towards her children, but mostly terrified for what may lie ahead for both she and Tilly should they fail to make a respectable match.

    SUMMER OF 1887 | With her second Season (and Tilly's first) on the horizon, Tensy feels especially anxious about making a good impression this summer.

    An intellectual. Observant. Polite. Imaginative. Realistic. Organized. Curious. Modest. Prone to anxiety. Hesitant. Insecure, but she will never let it show. Can get so involved in the finer details that she sometimes misses the bigger picture. Intuitive. Analytical. Open-minded. Reserved, but could be prompted to open up when a subject that interests her appears, having made her an enthusiastic pupil while at school. Objective. While she's too polite to ever intentionally hurt someone's feelings, she does believe that believe that honesty is important, and will uphold that belief whenever she thinks it's necessary.
    • Tensy is rather fond of music, and thus, is a reasonably skilled pianist. While she is by no means a professional, she at least feels confident enough not to embarrass herself when forced called up to entertain. Out of all the events held during the Season, going to the theater is her favorite.
    • If she could produce a patronus, it would be a snowy owl.
    • Tensy is allergic to cats. Not so much to be a real concern (or else, she would not have survived Hogwarts), but enough to be mildly uncomfortable. 
    • She is deathly afraid of heights. Her first year flying class had seen her hyperventilate a number of times, and she had had to be sent to the Hospital Wing for a Calming Draught. To say that she hadn't been sad to leave it behind would have been an understatement.
    Out of Character
    Name: Miri
    Age: 20
    Contact: PM @Imogen MacFusty,plz!
    Other Characters: Imogen MacFusty, Marianne Hatchitt, Persephone Van Helsing, Garrett Wallingford, Eliza Tremlett, Drusilla Travers, Abigale Abbott, Georgia Gibbons, Archibald Maxwell, & Coraline Cattermole
    How did you hear about us?: Google!
    Please send all alerts to @Imogen MacFusty, thanks!
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