Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Eli Swan
    In Character
    Full Name: Elijah Levi Irving Swan
    Nicknames: Eli
    Birthdate: February 10th, 1866
    Current Age: 21 Years
    Occupation: Cursebreaker
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw Alumni
    Wand: 11 inch Aspen, Swishy, Phoenix Feather
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Last Edit: 26 Feb 2017
    Cora Swan, mother | Cora worked as a housekeeper for an upper-class Muggle family, the Wellsworths, in the countryside. She was what she called a "hedgewitch," taught a few tricks and tips by her mother and grandmother and able to perform small acts of magic. She has never been educated, at Hogwarts or elsewhere, and cannot read or write. Eli kept in touch with her through letters written to his half-sister until third year, when he lost touch with them. Due to his memory issues, he is unaware of where his mother is, or how to find her should he want to.
    Tom Quince, "father" | the son of the inn keeper in the town nearest the Wellsworths' estate, Tom was claimed to be Eli's father when Cora was first pregnant. When Tom was informed of this, he promptly skipped town to avoid being roped into a marriage.
    Henry Wellsworth, father | Henry Wellsworth is a businessman and a decent father. Eli was conceived during one of his wife's pregnancies. Although everyone knows that Henry is Eli's father, it has never been acknowledged aloud, and the man has never shown any outward indication of affection towards Eli, but he did occasionally intervene to keep him from being unfairly punished. The two have had no contact since Eli left for Hogwarts.
    Marie Wellsworth, Henry's wife | Marie is a doting mother who adores her own children, and is constantly plagued by Eli's existence. She was convinced that he and Cora were "odd," but was never able to find conclusive proof of this. She often punished Eli for trivial offenses and dislikes having him near her own children.
    Harry Wellsworth, half-brother | b. 1862. Much older than the other children, Harry was always poised to take over his father's business. Eli has vague recollections that the boy might have been engaged, last he heard.
    Maximillian Wellsworth, half-brother | b. 1866. Max is the baby whom Marie was carrying during Henry's affair. Max has always felt threatened by Eli's presence, as if Eli might replace him, and was exceptionally cruel growing up.
    Ginny Wellsworth, half-sister | b. 1868. Ginny was Eli's closest friend during childhood and was always kind despite the family opinion. She was the only one besides his mother to use the nickname "Leviathan." They kept in touch via letter until about his third year.
    Opal Wellsworth, half-sister | b. 1872. Opal was little more than an toddler when Eli departed for Hogwarts, and thus has very little memory of him or opinion on him.

    Angie "Swan", "sister" | b. 1867. Solange Sinnet, one of Eli's closest friends, fellow Ravenclaw, and fellow Cursebreaker Apprentice, shares a flat with Eli in muggle London; in order to keep up appearance, the two claim to their neighbors to be siblings.

    Andromeda (Andy) a yellow lab, b. spring 1885, actually a boy whoops
    Cassiopeia (Pia) a chocolate lab, b. spring 1885
    Cora, Angie's cat
    Appearance: Eli is just above average height, has messy blond hair, and is still new to shaving and often has an uneven amount of peach fuzz on his chin. He can usually be seen wearing this purple cloak while outdoors, over well-kept, but altogether shabby clothing.  Eli has always been fond of scarves, and can frequently be seen with both scarves and hats even in warmer weather. He is right-handed and has a thin, lanky frame.
    1866 - 1870

    Eli was born into a world that did not want him; the family consisted, so far, of a father, mother, and two sons, all of whom seemed to be perfectly aware of his parentage except for his father, who remained obliviously above it all, or at least, appeared that way. His mother stubbornly insisted that his father was a man from the town, though whether she did this to save her lord's honor, to make things easier for Eli, or to save her own job has always been a bit unclear. Eli's life was rather difficult, but his mother never let him sulk about it, and he learned very soon to get over the fact that he was treated much, much differently than the other two boys in the house. By the time the next child, Ginny, had grown big enough to walk, Eli was already fairly well-adjusted and overall a very happy child.

    1871 – 1872

    Around this time, Eli became aware that something else was very different between him and the other boys, something which his mother said he would have to keep a very big secret. It was one of many secrets that were kept between he and his mother; this one was somehow special, though. Magic. It happened only once or twice, in very small ways, but it was enough to make his mother recognize the signs. It was something, he learned, that she had always had, and that her mother and grandmother had had, as well, and after she taught him some tricks, he would be able to do certain things... very little things, but special things.

    While the talent seemed impressive in theory, Eli had little inclination for the types of tricks she wanted to teach him; mending stitches by pressing them together, one at a time, or keeping a cup of cocoa warm for a minute or two longer. They were very small things, and things that generally benefitted a woman, especially one in a position, like his mother, of having to do the cooking and cleaning for a whole house, but not something that he cared much for as a young boy. She knew some things about herbs, too, which ones to mix and what they would do, but this hardly seemed like magic to him. Anyone could pick plants out of the ground and eat them.

    So, instead of trying to learn his mother's "hedgewitch" ways, Eli tried to pursue what the other children were doing. This proved difficult, because Ginny was too young at this point to be doing much of anything, Harry was too old to want to include Eli unless it was as a victim, and Max, quite frankly, hated him. His saving grace was that Max apparently hated his music lessons with equal strength. Week after week the boy would be punished for not practicing (the violin or piano could be heard through the house, so his mother would know when he'd decided to read pirate books instead), until he got the keen idea that he would subject Eli to the instruments, and sit in the corner, happily reading his pirate books.

    Eli was looking for a distraction from his boring life, and anything that would enamor him even slightly to his half-brother, he thought, couldn't be all bad, so he gave it a shot. It was very slow starting, but he made himself study the notes on the page even outside of his lessons, so that Max would no longer be in trouble for skipping practice and might start to like him. The result was that, unexpectedly, Eli began to like the instruments, and music in general, quite a bit. Every day while he was practicing for Max, his skill grew, to the point where Max began to receive praise from his mother for his hard work, and Maximillian, in spite, took back the instrument once or twice, but always with very very little success, and ended up surrendering it back to Eli without much ado.

    Apparently, the children's mother was the only one fooled by Maximilian's plot. Harry knew, but didn't care; Eli thought he could discern some knowing twinkle in the old man of the house's eyes when his wife complimented the playing; even little Ginny, barely old enough to form coherent sentences, was well aware that her brother did not play the violin. From the youngest possible age, Ginny was sympathetic with him, and always kept his confidences. She became Eli's closest friend, and the two would often sneak away together to take walks or simply to lie in the grass and talk. It was Ginny who started teaching Levi to read, which he picked up, slowly but surely, though he still had considerable trouble with it until he went to school.

    Ginny also adopted the nickname that, until that point, only his mother had used; Leviathan, from his middle name, Levi. Eli vaguely considered asking Ginny to run away and become a highway bandit with him, but he realized he did not really have the heart to be a bandit, and that squashed that plan. What he really wanted to do was to go and be a famous musician and play for the King and Queen of every country in the world, but that didn't seem like the sort of thing you could ask you half-sister to run away and join you on, so he eventually gave up on that idea.

    1873 – 1876

    When he was seven another daughter was born to the cranky mistress of the house, Opal, but she did not affect him much. Eli mainly avoided her, since she was a baby and, as was clear even from her infancy, not as trustworthy as Ginny.


    When he was eleven, he received a very peculiar letter, and although reading still wasn't his forte, he could work out that it was addressed to him, which was a first. He was very proud of that, so he took the letter and kept it secret and worked over it for an hour or two until he had finally read all of the words and figured out, at least sort of, he thought, what they meant. Of course, he immediately went to his mother, and she dismissed it. In her opinion, he needed "no learning;" and that sort of thing would only make him "stuffy, so's ye can't work." Eli disagreed, but his mother was adamant that he would not be going, so later that night, Eli resolved that he was really going to run away. He informed Ginny of this, and she cried, but said if he thought it was for the best, then of course he must go.

    Before he left, she made a present to him of Max's violin, which he had kept up over the years. Eli refused, because taking Max's violin felt very much like stealing, even if Max hated him and hated the violin even more, but Ginny insisted, and he did really want to take it, so eventually he agreed. Then, he packed up the few clothes he had and set off in the general direction that he supposed London to be.

    When the lady of the house found out, she was furious. She wanted to send police out after him, to recover the stolen violin and throw him in jail, but her husband put an end to that. "Max hasn't touched the damn thing in years," he barked, "so just let it go. We can buy him a new one. Max, do you want a new violin?" Max stared at the table and mumbled something that was not quite words, and his mother huffed and puffed and had no idea what to say, and that was the end of that. Of course, Eli's mother was very distraught that he had set off, but he had left a note with Ginny beforehand, saying that he would write to her, sometimes, and that Ginny would read the letters to her and she would know that he was alright, and Ginny might even dictate some letters to be sent to him, too, so it wouldn't really be like going away. Since she could do no more, she was content, for now at least, with this.

    On the way to London, Eli began to play violin on the streets, either for money or for food, and was generally very well received. He somehow managed to make it to London over the course of the summer, and had scraped up just enough in pocket change to get himself some very old, second-hand copies of books and a wand, and sent himself off to Hogwarts that September with nothing more than these. Upon his arrival in Diagon Alley, he met a cursebreaker, who regaled him with stories. It was at this point that Eli first began to consider that as a career. Afterwards, the man, grateful for the eager ear, helped him to find textbooks and school supplies that he could afford.

    Eli was understandably quite excited to start off to Hogwarts, despite the obvious disadvantage of not having anywhere to live or anywhere to go when school was finished. He met a few people on the train, and was quick to make friends with his bold outgoing personality and his complete lack of shame over his penniless situation and his near-illiteracy. Despite the lack of education he was a smart kid, and quickly placed in Ravenclaw upon arrival at Hogwarts. Which was when he met Cassius.


    At the end of the year Hogsmeade was just being established, so Eli decided to stay there in the budding town and try his luck instead of heading back to London. He ran errands, helped with a few construction projects, and generally got the lay of the town pretty well. He also established sort of a reputation for playing on the street and made enough to get by until Hogwarts resumed in the fall.

    Eli had quickly decided that Cash was his best friend, and during second year he struggled with the idea that maybe he was something more, though he never addressed this concern with the other boy. How could he? He didn't even have a name for what 'more' might mean. After a few months of denial (and the sheer agony of watching Cash in Quidditch games and feeling utterly conflicted), Eli took the Ravenclaw approach and tried to research what was going on, and was not altogether comforted by the results. While slowly coming to internal terms with his sexuality, he outwardly continued to struggle with his repressed feelings and feigned a few crushes on girls just so that no one would suspect.


    During third year, Eli realized he didn't want to run from his sexuality any more, and it didn't fit with his 'face everything head-on' mentality. Of course, society being as it was he could hardly just announce his homosexuality, but he stopped, at least, pretending to like girls and, knowing he could never foster a real relationship with any of the boys around him, threw himself into his studies instead.

    After his third year, Eli found a few other children in the Slums who had found a little house together, and he started living with them during the summer, providing what he could--though unlike these children, he didn't steal. His music was still improving, and he made enough to occasionally afford new clothes, so that he didn't look quite so thrown together as he would have otherwise.

    1880 – 1882

    As time wore on, Eli resigned himself to a sort of quiet obsession with his best friend, being careful never to let on that he was quite irrevocably in love with Cash as they progressed to fourth and fifth year. Aside from this, he continued to ignore his sexuality, focusing instead on his studies and his music and forming friendships with a variety of students of both genders. At the end of his fifth year, with pressure building on both the boys from their impending OWLs, Quidditch, and family drama, Eli and Cash got into a fight, which obviously affected Eli a great deal more than it should have. While sulking in the hallways immediately afterwards, Eli was seen by an older student, a Gryffindor boy, who asked what was wrong. Eli tried to tell the story, but struggled with expressing why he was so upset without saying too much. The older boy, also gay, could fill in the pauses well enough and guessed Eli's secret, and, much to Eli's surprise, kissed him.

    From his earlier research, Eli knew, of course, that there were other people out there “like him,” but he had never imagined that there might be others at Hogwarts. The kiss opened up a whole new world of possibilities for him, and the two began a covert relationship, in the shadow of which Eli and Cash made up as friends, and Eli tried to put his romantic feelings for his roommate behind him. Cash was a bit jealous of Eli's sudden and unexpected friendship with a group of older Gryffindors, but couldn't articulate why, at least not until a few weeks later; spurred by something Cash had overheard while Eli was talking in his sleep, and his own blossoming feelings, Cash kissed Eli.

    Head spinning, Eli tried to take a step back, explaining that although he had always fantasized about a reality in which Cash returned his feelings, he was involved with the other student and felt obligated to make him a priority. Also, Cash was still struggling with what, exactly, he ought to do with his newly discovered feelings. The two agreed to take a summer to think through things, and remained friends temporarily. During that summer, Eli travelled with the older student and explained the situation, and received the boy's blessing to pursue things with Cash, if Cash was willing. Cassius, meanwhile, had a betrothal arranged for him that summer, but despite this, decided he wanted to attempt a secret relationship with Eli. The two finally got together during the beginning of their sixth year.

    Having received good OWL scores (OWL SCORES HERE), Eli begun a quite rigorous year in preparation for becoming a Cursebreaker with Gringott's. A friend, Angie Sinnet, followed his lead, and, unbeknownst to him, developed something of a crush on him throughout the first semester. This culminated in an almost disastrous event involving whiskey and a kiss, which Cash witnessed, but ultimately their friendship survived, as did his secret romance with Cash. Over winter break, while Eli was wallowing in insecurity and more whiskey, he talked with Angie and ended up accidentally confessing his relationship with Cash, which bound the three together through mutual secrets.


    Unbeknownst to Eli, Cash's cousin, Tiberius Lestrange, was aware of Cash's romantic feelings towards another boy, and in an effort to act for Cassius' own good, he orchestrated Eli's disappearance during the New Year's Eve festival, the only time Eli was absent from school that year. Eli was taken to Singapore, stripped of his wand and all his belongings, and placed under heavy memory charms which erased most of his past, and, most particularly, his history with Cash.

    For a little over a month, Eli forged a new, muggle life for himself in Singapore, gradually rediscovered bits and pieces of his identity, until Cash managed to discover the truth of what had happened and used an ill-gotten portkey to rescue the still memory-less Eli. As should be expected, Eli was hesitant to go with the strange boy who spoke of magic, until Angie arrived and sparked something in his memory. He returned to Hogsmeade and stayed for about a month with Cash's brother, and applied for re-entry with Hogwarts, which he was eventually granted, though not all of his professors would allow him to continue classes.

    Because of the way the memory charms had been forged, Eli regained general knowledge of his life before, long before, any memory of Cash; this left him rather suspicious of the boy. When he discovered that Cash was the reason he had lost a month of his life and his memory, he was even more suspicious, bordering abrasive. Cassius slowly tried to reinitiate their relationship, which Eli rejected. During this period, Eli briefly initiated a relationship with a younger boy, a half-veela named Rasmus Mohr. Eli was unhappy at Hogwarts, feeling trapped between a past he didn't remember and his very mixed feelings for Cash, and wrote to Gringott's, attempting to apply for an apprentice Cursebreaker position instead of returning for his seventh year. Because of his good grades and travel experience (how many seventeen year olds speak fluent Malay?), his application was approved; however, he received this news just as he began to remember his past with Cash, leaving him torn.

    After breaking things off with Rasmus, Eli negotiated a Cursebreaking position that would allow him to work the summer, then return for his seventh year. He spent his summer traveling with a more experienced Cursebreaker, then returned for his final year at Hogwarts, and his final year with Cassius. Still negotiating the treacherous pitfalls of his memory loss, Eli informed Cash that he had no intention of being his mistress when and if Cash were to marry his betrothed, Kayline Prewett. The knowledge that their relationship is something of a time bomb has made the last year all the more precious.

    1884 – 1885

    After graduation, Eli and Angie Sinnet moved in to a shared apartment in Muggle London, masquerading to their neighbors as siblings to prevent gossip. They both obtained positions with Gringott's as Apprentice Cursebreakers. Eli spent all summer traveling, in part due to the calamity in Hogsmeade; a plague swept through, resulting in a quarantine. One of the many, many victims of the plague is Cash's fiancée, Kayline Prewett, but Eli is not aware of this until much later as he is mostly isolated in Brazil. While there, a local girl who had been hired to translate for him and the Cursebreaker he travels with begins to flirt with him, and his mentor encourages him to "go for it." Without really thinking about what is happening, Eli ends up "married" to her, in the custom of her tribe--luckily not a binding arrangement in any sense of the word--and then consummates their relationship while drunk on some exotic things he doesn't even know the English name of. Unfortunately, this does not have the "magical" effect that Eli had been hoping it would; he was not any more attracted to females and the entire experience was rather... strange.

    Eli returned to Hogsmeade and tenuously told Cash that he just wanted to be friends--hoping that a break now would be less painful than the eventual heartbreak of Cash getting engaged and married in the future, and has been struggling to define some sort of new love life--while simultaneously trying to keep up his career development--ever since.

    1885 – 1887

    It started as a money making scheme, testing out potions for a fledgling potioneer, but it somehow ended with an incredible shift in Eli's hormones that left him temporarily attracted to women. Although Eli wasn't sure how, he thought he'd been 'cured' and would stay like this, and tried to start a relationship with Angie because he makes the best decisions. Things were good for a very short time, until his hormones started to right themselves, leaving Angie once again on the outside and his what-was-becoming-a-normal-friendship with Cash rather strained.

    Angie went away for a very long job to Egypt, which took most of 1886 and gave them plenty of breathing space. While she was gone, Eli started picking up a few odd jobs here and there as a thief (because the skill set was remarkably similar to Cursebreaking, oddly enough) and, during one botched hit, ended up being saved and hidden away by none other than Cash Lestrange. After a lot of conversation and a lot of alcohol, they eventually decided to start seeing each other again in summer of '86, and everything settled back into--more or less--normal.

    Sample Roleplay Post:
    Eli wondered if Cash could see his heart, because it definitely wasn't in his chest any more; it was impossible that so much fluttering and jumping could possibly be contained within Eli's small frame. It had been bad with just the situation, but then Cash had to run his hands through his hair, which was so adorable and only made things worse for Eli's poor jumpy insides, and to make things even worse the way that he moved his hand to do it meant that just the tiniest little bit of his stomach peeked out from beneath his shirt and Cash had Quidditch muscles and Eli wanted very much to see the rest of them and his heart was no doubt flying circles around the room at this point, because it sure as anything wasn't in his chest any longer.

    When Cash spoke, Eli felt like the floor had suddenly fallen out from under him. Where was he? What was happening? Cash couldn't really mean that, could he? What had actually just happened had actually just happened? His first instinct was to say Alright, so it happened. Did you mean for it to happen? Either way it meant that there was something there--that Cash had some buried thoughts, similar to the ones Eli had been wrestling with. Two months ago, Eli had thought he was the only one in the world who had to deal with having a crush on their best friend, and now all of the sudden there was Iggy and now there was Cash, Cash Lestrange of all people, who apparently had the same thing?

    Cash's unfinished I'm, to Eli, meant I'm like you. It was that thing that even Eli couldn't give a name to, even in his thoughts, much less out loud--imagine if he had had to tell Cash that he liked him!--that thing that he knew was wrong but which didn't feel wrong, the thing that somehow Iggy understood even without ever speaking of it. Eli was whatever it was, and Cash, at least in Eli's mind, had just admitted that he was, too, and that he didn't have a name for it, either, and that meant that they were together in the feeling, together in the unknown, together with each other.

    "Oh," he said again, his body still in shock. Without thinking, he threw himself into a hug; it felt the most natural thing in the world, now that he knew that they were the same. Society and their friends and families and school and Iggy meant nothing; he and Cash were together, together against everything else in the world. Wrapping his thin arms around Cash's muscular torso, Eli hugged as tightly as he could, not wanting to give Cash a chance to escape, to change his mind. He didn't want this moment to change.

    "Oh, Cash," he said, quietly. His chin was resting on Cash's shoulder, so his friend's ear was only a few inches from his lips. It didn't need to be loud. It was just for Cash, and Cash was close, and Eli hoped he would stay this close forever.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn
    I was late for this * late for that
    late for the love of my life
    but when I die alone * when I die alone
    when I die, I'll be on time

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