Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Bad Romance
    Private Thread 
    I want your horror, I want your design
    ‘Cause you're a criminal as long as you're mine

    Thursday, May 4
    Two hours after sunset
    Work was truly a nightmare, even if it was the only way she could keep this family afloat. A laborer's salary did nothing, really - but, Dove knew that going in. Her sister Nightingale would help out now and again - a galleon a month, usually, when she felt comfortable to spare it. It kept the children fed, it kept their clothes mended.

    After a difficult day of maintaining a perfect smile, Dove made her way into the small place the Drummond family called home. Magpie and Bear were already asleep, but Stag was curled on his little bed, trying to sleep. Dove crossed the room to him, easing onto her knees and tucking the blankets about him, not saying a word, just pressing a kiss to his forehead before standing and raising her wand, to draw the room-separating curtain across.

    "I love what I do," she commented, shedding her work clothes and slipping into a plain chemise, "but there are days I wish..."
    [Image: x4ejngt.jpg]
    [Image: m3_zps31a811ad.png] [Image: xzqxqGg.gif]
    Walking up behind his wife, Byron places his arms around her waist and and hold her close.

    "If you say it enough times you might start to believe it" He uttered a little sarcastically.
    "I didn't have any trouble putting the children to bed. Stag seems to be having a influx of bad dreams, its making it hard for him to drift off"

    Byron kisses his wife's cheek and goes the bedside table and takes out his pipe. Slowly putting a little tobacco into it, he lights a match and proceeds to move to the window to allow the smoke to escape.

    "So how was your day? Mine went rather smoothly. Extremely uneventful"
    [Image: crqBMHS.jpg]
    [Image: CbC2RTR.png][Image: dhvqQ2H.png]
    [Image: C0CUFIM.png][Image: KdS1Ivz.gif]
    The moment Byron stepped up behind her, Dove's blue eyes drifted closed, and a smile lit her face. She was lucky, she knew, that she had him, and he was as open and honest as he was. His innate elegance, his was a slice of the good life, right smack in the middle of Purgatory.

    "Again?" she asked softly, her hands resting on his. "I wish I could help him more..." Once he released her, she moved to sink onto their bed, facing him at the window when he reached it.

    "It went as per usual, for a day at the hospital. Always on your toes for whatever comes through the doors, always's sickening, really. Worry is a constant - never know if I might contract something myself." With a sigh, she lifted her left leg, tucking her foot under her right thigh. "At least I have my family, right? You, our sister."
    [Image: x4ejngt.jpg]
    [Image: m3_zps31a811ad.png] [Image: xzqxqGg.gif]
    Byron puffed his pipe slowly and turned to face his wife, leaning against the wall stretched a little.

    "You are stronger than I am, working in an environment like that. Even with out my.....issues. I just wouldn't have the patience for the myriad of people." He looked outside and up to the moon.

    "We will have to start planning for the coming phase's." Byron's voice drifting into a sigh as he walks to his armchair and sits.
    [Image: crqBMHS.jpg]
    [Image: CbC2RTR.png][Image: dhvqQ2H.png]
    [Image: C0CUFIM.png][Image: KdS1Ivz.gif]
    Dove nodded slowly, taking a few slow steps towards him as he took his seat. "We do as we have done since moving here," she said, "we go to the tree-cage it took me days to fashion for you, and lock it tight. We do as we must." The redhead took a soft shaking breath, kneeling beside him and laying her palm on his arm. "You know I can't lose you, and our children need you. So we do as we've done. It keeps us keeps us together."
    [Image: x4ejngt.jpg]
    [Image: m3_zps31a811ad.png] [Image: xzqxqGg.gif]
    Byron smiles at his beloved. "This true, I honestly do no know what I would do with out you and the children. You are my life, all of you. I am truly blessed"

    He moves and kneel's before Dove and takes her hand's with his.

    "I only wish that my Mother and Father would have seen past my affliction. Blood is supposed to be thicker than water." Byron's head slumps as he rests it against Dove's knee's.

    "Do we have any plan's tomorrow night? I was thinking we could take the children to the Village Green for a small outing."
    [Image: crqBMHS.jpg]
    [Image: CbC2RTR.png][Image: dhvqQ2H.png]
    [Image: C0CUFIM.png][Image: KdS1Ivz.gif]
    "Oh, Byron, my love," Dove whispered, slowly easing onto her knees in front of him, wrapping her arms about his shoulders and pulling him close, fingers gently threading into his hair. "I was blessed to meet you, and you know that. It matters not what others say - you, me and our children are what matters. Not what they say."

    And say things they did. Their neighbors in the slums loved to start foul rumors, even when they had to come in to the hospital for care when she was on shift. Judgement was rampant, and even the most armored heart could only take so much. Granted, she was well aware of the prejudice towards werewolves, and anything inhuman. Her time in school had taught her that if one thing fueled humanity, it was fear, especially of that which humans deemed monstrous and alien.

    Though, she couldn't quite sympathize with Byron's wish to have his parents' approval - Dove was content with their lot, while her parents and elder sister had rebelled against the loss of the shop, and Nightingale, at least, had risen her status back to where her family had been. Dove's own mother thought she was rather mad for not trying to marry up from the lower classes. But, Dove had fallen in love with someone who couldn't climb the ladder.

    "I haven't got any plans for tomorrow," Dove finally said. "I think a family outing would be fantastic. After all, when was the last time we had this opportunity?" She didn't let go of him. Why would she?
    [Image: x4ejngt.jpg]
    [Image: m3_zps31a811ad.png] [Image: xzqxqGg.gif]