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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Time Keeps On Slippin', Slippin', Slippin'...
    Private Thread 
    April 29th

    The weird time thing from the ball a few days ago was still bothering him, though he was still no closer to figuring out what had caused it. It had to be something that either he'd done or Ellory had done, or else there was no sense in it having only affected the two of them at the ball. The other clue that he had was that the cane he'd been using as a prop, which had a compartment for his wand, had sealed itself during the time freeze, making him unable to retrieve his wand. As soon as they'd come un-stuck, he'd been able to open the compartment and remove his wand just the same way he'd put it in there. That could have had some other explanation--maybe manipulating things didn't work if they were frozen at one moment in time? He hadn't tried opening or closing any doors, or anything, so he really couldn't be sure--but it was just suspicious enough that when he had a few minutes to himself in Excalibur, he decided to give the cane a little further examination.

    He'd sat down at one of the tables in the lounge area downstairs, with the cane over his knees as he poked and prodded at every inch of it. He manipulated it every way that he knew how, but nothing. Eventually, he took his wand out and surveyed it cautiously. He didn't want to put his wand in there and risk losing it again. What if it was just a sticky compartment, and its being unwilling to open had nothing to do with the time freeze? What if he put his wand in there and sealed it up and never saw it again?

    Eventually, he decided that being able to figure out how the time warp had happened was enough of a benefit that it was worth the risk. He slid his wand into the compartment and closed it, then looked around the room. Nothing had changed. Tentatively, he worked the cane over from top to bottom, pressing on different parts of it. He opened the knob at the top. Nothing. Frowning, he opened and re-closed the wand compartment. Nothing. After examining it for a long moment, he swung it down to the ground to lean on it--or at least, that was the intent. He actually ended up smacking it against the leg of a table and nearly dropped it, twisting the knob at the top in the process. It popped open, and Ben closed it once again as he raised the cane back up to his knees.

    The room was frozen. Ben laughed, then turned his attention back to the cane to see if he could figure out what he'd just done. He opened and shut the knob, with no luck, but he was fairly certain that had something to do with it--so he manhandled it a bit and was able to twist it open. The quiet buzz of conversation returned almost immediately. Ben had a wide grin on his face that he couldn't really help. He could stop time!

    Looking around, Reuben spotted a friend not too far off. "Howell!" he called, just loudly enough to get the other man's attention. He didn't want to attract a crowd for this little spectacle. "C'mere. You have to see this."

    @Howell Merrick @Tristan Michaud

    Howell's mother had been a lot more than a handful the week or so but Howell and his trusty staff had dealt with it well enough. She was now back to what was now 'normal' for her. He was in sore need of something entertaining and fun to do which meant that he was headed to Excalibur's. A round of pool, cards, a drink or ten - these all sounded like grand ideas to the brunette.

    He was - of course - oblivious to any time freezing that was going on as he moved his way through the club. He hadn't been there very long when he heard a familiar voice calling out his name. "See what?" He asked curiously as he made his way over with his scotch in hand. "The cane?" He guessed since that was the only remotely interesting thing he saw the other man holding.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    "Well--yes," Ben admitted, with a frown. He knew that a cane was not generally anything to be very impressed about, even a handsome one like this, but he was quite at a loss as to how to explain what he wanted to show Howell otherwise. Partly it was that he just wasn't sure he could articulate it well, but partly it was that he didn't relish the idea of anyone overhearing him.

    He hesitated a moment, unsure how to proceed. Howell was a good sort and generally a pretty roll-with-the-punches sort of guy, but he'd probably think it weird if Ben just reached out and grabbed him for no reason, or if he jabbed him with the cane in order to get him through the time-freeze with him. With a frown, he swung the end of the cane over towards his friend's approaching legs and said, "Here, hold this a sec." He did not, however, even have to wait for Howell to oblige him, because the cane knocked lightly against his friend's knee, and Ben reached down to twist the top.

    The room went quiet. Reuben looked around him, grinning like a very satisfied child who had discovered some new trick. "Eh?" he asked, gesturing at the frozen club patrons.

    Was the cane some sort of artifact? He knew Ben was a cursebreaker so maybe it was something that someone who knew about those sorts of things would find interesting on sight? Then again, they were wizards. Maybe it had some sort of magical quality to it. Figuring he would discover whatever it was soon enough, Howell waited for some sort of elaboration.

    He automatically reached out to hold the cane as it was swung towards him. He watched Reuben's actions in bemusement. At first, he didn't get what his friend was grinning about until he gestured at the other occupants of the room. It was quiet and still.

    Moving towards the nearest gent, Howell waved his hand in front of the man's eyes and obviously got no reaction. "Amazing, your cane did this?" He asked as he moved the persons arm up and down before releasing it. "How far does it extend?"
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    Reuben beamed. "Yep!" he said in response to the first question, standing up himself and plopping the bottom of the cane to the ground, so that he could strike a triumphant pose with it. He curled his left hand into a fist and placed it on his hip, while his right stuck out with the cane. He watched, still grinning, while Howell manipulated one of the other men from the club. He wasn't sure how that man would handle the intrusion--would he feel it, when things went back to normal? What would he think if his hand was in a different place than it had been a minute earlier? Even if he thought there was something strange, though, it would hardly be enough to report to anyone, as long as it was minor. The time-freeze gave them more or less free reign on everyone and everything.

    His smile faded into a bemused look at the second question, though. "I dunno," he admitted. He'd just assumed it affected everywhere, but he didn't have any proof of that. He hadn't left Josephina Flint's house, the first time he'd done it, and he hadn't even left the couch during his more recent experiments. But if it only affected a small bubble, wouldn't that put time out of sync, between locations? Was Josephina Flint's house thirty minutes ahead of the rest of the world, now? That was a strange idea, but Ben had no idea whether it was plausible or not. He didn't know much about time magic, and he'd just happened on this cane more or less by accident.

    "Want to find out?" he suggested, with a slight smirk.

    This was absolutely amazing and Howell couldn't help but wonder at the possibilities. Also, how did it even work? Howell wasn't especially interested in knowing though since it would be a lot more fun to simply go with things. Howell paid no attention to the other club member once he was done testing out the fact that yes, the man was frozen too.

    "Let's do," he agreed readily when Ben suggested finding out just how far the time stopping went. The day was proving to be quite interesting, indeed.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    Ben tucked the cane under his arm and started strolling towards the door of the club. "It happened by accident at that party--the one with the ladies in the big dresses," he said, with a shrug. He didn't really remember what the party had been for, or about. He barely remembered where it was. He hadn't stayed long after his time-freeze encounter with the princess. He'd left the ballroom, though, on that occasion, and whatever magic had been holding them apart from the rest of the guests had extended at least outside the ballroom.

    "It was bigger than the room I was in, when it happened," he said, with a shrug. "Maybe we should grab a couple of brooms. I don't know how big it is," he said, pausing to think about how that might work or what it might look like. He laughed, glancing at Howell, and joked, "We'd probably cause a stir if we popped up on brooms mid-air, right? I don't think I've ever seen anyone apparate at full speed," he said with a grin.

    "There's always parties with ladies in big dresses," Howell pointed out in amusement. He didn't know why bustles were part of womens fashion except probably to hide shapely bottoms. You would think that if they wanted to snag a husband they would at least hint at what sort of junk they had in their trunk.

    "Probably. We'd be asked how we did it and we could just be all 'oh, I just took a swig of gin and tonic before our trip'." It would amuse him greatly if those particular drinks suddenly gained popularity from people looking to make apparation easier for themselves. Except they would probably end up the accidental cause of a bunch of splinched folk. Eh.
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       Reuben Crouch
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    "No, no, the one with the really big dresses," Ben clarified, swishing his hands out and gesturing widely at the air around his hips. He wasn't very good with women's fashion in the current century, at least as far as knowing all the names of the various layers. There was slightly less than a snowball's survival chance in hell that Reuben Crouch would ever have come up with the word panniers. They were quite memorable, though, as far as fashion choices went, and he thought if Howell had been at that party he'd probably know what Ben was talking about just from the gestures.

    "Anyway, I think the club has a broom closet over here," Ben said, moving over to one of the doors near the stairs. The various closets around the club held all sorts of interesting things--boxing gloves, tennis rackets, wrestling pads, and generally everything that could be used to amuse young, rich men. Ben had never needed a club broomstick before, because he preferred his own and he only lived a floor away, but he knew they had them somewhere. Folks who didn't live in the club, though, like Howell, could hardly be expected to dash all the way home every time they wanted to do some spontaneous broom racing.

    "Oh, the old timey one," Howell said since that was the only place he remembered seeing gowns like that in recent times. Howell went in search of the broom closet and when he found one, he rooted through it to find a broom to his liking. Even though they were club brooms, they were of the best quality since this was a club for rich, young men.

    "Got one," he said as he chose one and came back over to where Ben was.
    It was kind of creepy moving through the club with people frozen - like one of those was museums.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    It hadn't taken Howl long to find a broomstick, so Ben decided he'd better just pick up one from the closet as well instead of going all the way upstairs to retrieve his own. They didn't know how far the time freeze extended, after all, and if he walked out of range, Howell would be left standing in a room full of confused gentlemen holding a broom. Which was probably not the weirdest situation Howell had ever had to explain himself out of, but still.

    "Alright, one sec," Ben said, plunging into the cabinet and coming up with a passable broom of his own. Holding the cane and the broom was sort of obnoxious (how did Aldous deal with having to carry a cane around all the time?) but he did manage to start off towards the front door of the club while only unintentionally whacking the cane and the broomstick handle into two frozen gents. They'd probably have inexplicable bruises the next morning, but neither of them had fallen over, so... well, they'd be fine.

    "Ready?" he asked as he reached the door, having to shuffle the cane and the broomstick around until he could tuck the cane under his arm and get the broom in his left hand, ready to climb abroad. "Off to the unknown," he said with a grin, pushing the door open.