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    See Inside... Thread 
    May 13th
    Though nothing will keep us together
    We could steal time, just for one day

    Reuben Crouch absolutely should not have had a cane that could freeze time. There was nothing good that could come of his having it. That being said, he was in no particular hurry to get rid of it--it was fun! The only real issue was finding a reason to carry a cane around, since he obviously didn't need one. After discovering how it worked the previous day, though, Ben was keen to try it out again, and perhaps get into a little mischief. He'd chosen Diagon Alley for the site of said mischief because he thought anything he could do there would be rather easily explained. He didn't have anything in mind, but assumed something would occur to him when he got there.

    After using the cane to stop time, he wandered around the street, peering at passersby and occasionally taking off someone's hat to adjust it and place it back on their head. He still had plenty of time, but his estimation--he didn't know exactly how long the freeze lasted, and it was impossible to measure it since his pocket watch stopped while he was in this flux state--when he spotted a frozen Miss Ellory Pendergast, with a chaperone in tow. She was probably out shopping, or out for a walk--either way, he figured she might be game for a bit of mischief, herself. Assuming she wasn't mad about his apparating away from her at the ball, which he had honestly already forgotten about.

    Walking around behind her so that he wouldn't startle her by appearing suddenly right before her eyes, Ben used the cane to restore things. The world started moving again, and he took a step to catch up with her, reaching out to catch her elbow. "Hi, princess," he murmured, reaching down to manipulate the cane again. He never would have been so bold, normally, but he had a cane that could freeze time. If he did this right, her chaperone would never even notice he'd been there.

    Tagged for @Ellory Pendergast; if someone wants to be in the area and have noticed Ben poofing into existence next to Ellory, feel free to post once near the beginning and then you can come back at the end of the thread when they unfreeze!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Reuben Crouch's post:
       Ellory Pendergast

    Ellory was going to attend Hogwarts' Coming Out Ball that year, because Claude's bride-to-be would be coming out. Claude was one of Ellory's 'good' cousins, so she owed it to him to try and get along with Artemisia. In all honesty, Ellory remembered the younger girl to be somewhat dull. She was a picture perfect upper class pureblooded daughter. She was pretty and blonde, she was timid and she played music and loved art. It was as though she wasn't a real person and someone had created her out of thin air, with all the attributes that a proper young lady would need.

    As one might expect, she and her chaperone had come to Diagon Alley to do the needed shopping for that occasion. A dress fitting and a look at the vitrines for any new accessories she could get. It'd be summer soon, too, so it was time to get new hats. Not to mention a birthday present she was supposed to pick up for the local shoe maker! (One of her sisters had heard of her 'fall' at Mrs. Black's birthday party so they got her shoes to prevent that.)

    Speaking of falls, the very situation that had lead to her rolling on the Blacks' floor occured once again, though this time she was one of the 'victims'. She was taken by a surprise by Ben's sudden appearance, enough for her to sort of jump by it.

    "Merlin you scared me!" Ellory exclaimed. She gave her chaperone a frantic look, but she was frozen. She turned and gave Ben a more playful look. "Have you come to apologize?"
    The top popped open on the cane, and the chaperone--and, indeed, the entire street around them--froze. Ben grinned at her, half in greeting and half because he was proud of himself for having mastered getting the cane to work with only one hand. The first few times it had taken him both hands, which would have been a little awkward if he was trying to bring Ellory along, too. He'd have to stop and ask her to hang on to him, which he was sure the chaperone would neither understand nor appreciate.

    In the three weeks since they'd last seen each other at the ball, Ben had been busy. He'd figured out how the cane worked with Howell, which had been an adventure in and of itself. He'd gone back to Mexico, to complete the temple job that Miss Pendergast had derailed a month before. He'd only just gotten back a few days ago, with a slight tan, and the social events of the past month couldn't have been further from his mind. As such, her question didn't really connect with any of his memories right off the bat, and he frowned, puzzled. "Apologize for what?" he asked. She wasn't still mad about the flying carpet thing, was she? He was pretty sure that they'd gotten over that the last time they'd run into each other. Maybe she was angry that he hadn't found some excuse to run into her for the past three weeks?

    "I've been in Mexico," he added a little defensively, before it occurred to him that he really shouldn't need to defend himself. It wasn't like they were an item, or anything--three weeks was actually a quite respectable time to go between encounters for any gentleman and lady, and her mother would probably prefer it had been a little longer, to be honest. Besides, he remembered, he had decided that he wasn't going to encourage... whatever this thing was. Though he probably should have thought of that before he'd pulled her into a time freeze with him. Whoops.

    Ellory wasn't actually mad about him leaving her on the floor at Mrs. Black's birthday party. She was a bit annoyed that evening but that had quickly gone away when his twin brother came to the rescue. It was so amusing that it was hard to hold any grudges. Any 'bad blood' Ellory had was in the form of teasingly mentioning it to Ben whenever they happened upon each other.

    He, however, didn't seem to remember it what state he'd left her during their last meeting. That, or he did remember but he didn't understand why Ellory might want an apology for it. Men. They always acted like that, her aunties and sisters and married friends would tell her.

    She perked up at the mention of Mexico. The country held a special place in her heart, after what had happened between them there. "Mexico?" Ellory asked, for a moment having forgotten that she was fishing an apology out of him. "How come? Did you go to rescue some other debutante?" 'Should I be jealous' was the next thing Ellory might have said if she hadn't caught herself.
    Ben chuckled at her question, but shook his head. "I do actually have a job," he said sarcastically. "One that I was supposed to be doing last time, before you got yourself surrounded by inferi," he teased. If things had gone down differently, he might not have been so blase about that entire ordeal, but he knew the redhead wasn't going to be freaking out at him for treating the subject lightly. From everything he'd seen and heard from her, it seemed that she regarded the trip in an overall positive light, despite the fact that she'd spent the majority of it alone, scared, and starving. She really dealt with trauma well, if a few hours of flirting were all it took to erase the memory of days of strife, but Ben wasn't making any complaints. He had often been told that he didn't take anything seriously enough, so they were a good match, in that way.

    Ugh. He shouldn't have been thinking phrases like a good match.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Reuben Crouch's post:
       Ellory Pendergast

    Honestly, it was hard to imagine Ben Crouch as someone who had a job. He was Ben Crouch. Even though he had to be about a decade older, Ellory had never felt it. She felt as though Ben was her age. He was - they both were - immature enough for them to be regarded as teenagers, mentally. Maybe that was why Ellory liked him so much. Other than being a flirtatious and handsome man, he was also someone she could have fun with.

    "Well, did you do it?" Ellory asked. "Or was it impossible seeing that I wasn't there to help you?" Ellory placed her hands on her hips and she sort of leaned forward, as though she was challenging him.
    Ben snorted dramatically. "Some help!" he declared, though his tone was rather light and he obviously wasn't actually concerned about how the first mission to Mexico had gone off. "I've been a cursebreaker for three years, I'll have you know," he said with a haughty tone, "And you're the first kidnapped princess I've ever had to deal with. It tends to go a bit easier without you, really."

    Before he'd found out who she was, Ben had originally been planning on making her wait it out while he did the whole curse-breaking thing. He'd send an owl to the Minister and say he was on his way back, but then he'd force her to wait in the tent until he was done. Considering who her mother was, though, he'd decided to cut the trip short, which had cost him--or rather, his employer--another port key and a second trip. It had really only cost Ben an earful from his irate boss, who footed the bill. In any case, it definitely would have gone along much smoother without her having been involved.

    "Three whole years! How impressive!" Ellory made. Considering that his brothers had probably slaved away at the Ministry since they were seventeen or eighteen, three years of working a job really wasn't that impressive. Ellory's own father had had a career that had spawned decades by the time of his death. But Ben wasn't like his brother, or her father. He didn't strike her as someone who could hold a job for more than five years.

    "Anyway," Ellory said. "To what do I owe your visit? I see that it was your fault time can freeze, after all?"
    "My fault?" Ben repeated, incredulously. He held up the cane so that she could see it, with a wide grin. "This is like a super power! I didn't know how it worked last time. Look!" He twisted the top open, temporarily sending the world back into motion, then reached out and grabbed her hand as he re-froze it. He hadn't thought about the fact that he was about to be holding her hand, he'd just done it on impulse. If he hadn't been touching her somehow then she would have frozen with the rest of the street, which obviously wasn't his intention. When they'd returned to the state of otherwise suspended animation, he grinned at her for a second, then seemed to realize that they were holding hands and dropped hers with a slight flush, moving his free hand to his jacket pocket instead.

    "Anyway," he said, looking away for a second. "I was just playing around with it--moving people's hats around on their heads, opening doors that were closed, that sort of thing--and saw you here," he explained.

    Ellory was genuinely impressed by this. Time-freezing had the potential of being very fun if they knew how to control it, which seemed to be the case right now. Last time, Ellory had honestly been afraid that they'd gotten stuck in a purgatory sort of state. Now, she viewed this as something very amazing.

    She noticed the hand holding, but she was far more impressed by his trick to focus on it. She did notice the colour to his face afterwards, though and that made her feel... powerful, in a sense. So she could make him feel flustered!

    "And you decided that you want to freeze time to be alone with me, Mr. Crouch?" Ellory asked somewhat playfully. Before things could get too flirt and thus, awkward, she added somewhat more childishly: "To have a partner in crime?"
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Reuben Crouch
    It was absolutely within the princess' power to make Ben feel rather flustered, though not for the reason she might have expected or hoped for. A gentleman might have felt awkward about what had just happened because it was too presumptuous, too obvious, too socially unacceptable. While Ben was aware of all of these elements, his primary fear was not that he would show the redhead too accurate a picture of how he felt about her, but rather that she, measuring him against the standard of what a gentleman ought to be and how a gentleman ought to act, might get an entirely incorrect view of how he felt about her. He was hardly a gentleman, at least in the sense that she would care about, and he didn't want her to read some unspoken proposal into the accidental contact--particularly since that proposal was one he was not able to actually offer her.

    That was exactly what her first question implied--that she was reading all the wrong things from him. It was quite a relief when she gave him the out in the second question. "Partner in crime, yes," he agreed perhaps a bit too eagerly. "That's it exactly. Weren't we talking about what we'd like to do to the people at the ball, before we got sent back last time?"

    It wasn't a surprise that Ben didn't steer the conversation towards a more hotter direction. There was something keeping him from letting his feelings get the best of him when he was around her. Whenever Ellory tried to take a step too close to the sun, she found her wings chopped. The key with communicating with Ben was not to push him too much though, after his previous blush, Ellory couldn't help but think that this was because he did secretly fancy her and he was just too shy about it...

    Anyway, there were much more fun things for them to occupy themselves with. "Oh, yes indeed! I must admit that I was disappointed that time decided to work again just when we were getting to the fun part!" At least it hadn't happened while they were yelling at each other across the room. That wouldn't have ended well for either of them.

    "Sooooo," she began. "Are we going to make people think there's a mysterious hair colour changing disease in town? OH! Or maybe we can vanish everyone's clothes so everyone's in their underwear!"
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ellory Pendergast's post:
       Reuben Crouch
    Ben laughed, considerably more at ease now that they seemed to have abandoned the question of his intentions to her (or rather, lack thereof). "We probably ought to stay away from people's underthings," he suggested lightly. "If they caught us at that, it might get very messy--taken in by the aurors for disturbing the peace, getting interviewed by the Daily Prophet, having to take those awful mug-shots that they give to criminals. Your mother would have kittens," he said with a laugh. He did not specify who the they was in this scenario--who could possibly track them down for crimes committed while everyone who might observe them was frozen in time? In any case, it was still probably best not to do anything too awful.

    "Are you good with color-changing charms?" he asked lightly. "We don't want to accidentally make anyone's hair fall off through a mis-cast!"

    Ellory was alright with them not actually revealing people's underwear. There were some people around them who she'd rather not see in a state of undress, her chaperone included. Not that Ellory knew much about naked bodies to not what a nice naked body looked like, compared to an ugly one. She went judged by the sculptures and paintings she saw at the museum.

    "I'd say I am," Ellory said. She'd not taken Charms on a NEWT level, but colour-changing charms were simple enough that she was confident in her ability to cast them.

    Then, an idea struck her. She pointed her wand at Ben and she turned his hair orange.
    Ben was not expecting to find himself on the receiving end of Ellory Pendergast's wand. "Hey!" he protested, ducking and trying to step back quickly. He nearly tripped over the damn cane, because he'd forgotten that he was holding it, but managed to stay on his feet. He did not, however, manage to avoid her spell. He felt it hit, but then nothing happened, at least from his perspective. He reached up and patted his head, where it had hit, with a frown.

    "You can't go casting spells on me!" he chided. "I'll send you back to real time and do something to you, see how you like it!" This was mostly an idle threat. Being caught in a time freeze was, he was quickly finding, much more fun when there was a co-conspirator to share it with. He looked at his hand and was surprised to see nothing amiss. He knew her spell had hit him, but he looked behind him, anyway, as if to see whether anyone behind him had been obviously affected by something. Turning back to her, he raised an eyebrow suspiciously. "What'd you do?"

    Ellory giggled at his attempt to duck her spell and it only intensified when he threatened her. She didn't actually want to instigate a duel between them, because that wouldn't be as fun as them playing with the frozen people around them.

    "It's harmless, I promise," Ellory said and she cast a spell that would conjure a whisp like mirror in the air in front of his face.