Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #128 - May Day at the Zoo!
    [Image: WWcover_zpsglsapj81.png]
    No one likes a bald lady! WW Hair Restoring Tonic!
    3g African Seat Salt
    7 Rose thorns
    6 raspberries
    2 cockroach wings
    5g finely chopped fluxweed
    20ml of standard potion base (available from your local apothecary)

    Throw away those wigs! It doesn’t matter how bad it is! Your hair can return to being your pride and glory!

    Add the standard potion base to your cauldron, and bring to a simmer over a low heat.
    Add 3g of African Sea Salt, and stir twice clockwise
    Crush the raspberries, and cockroach wings and add slowly stirring constantly until the potion turns purple and thickens
    Remove from the heat and leave to cool
    When completely chilled, add the fluxweed, and leave in a dark place overnight (avoid any contact with the light after the fluxweed has been added.
    After 24 hours, return to the heat, and heat to a rolling boil. Stir 12 times counter clockwise, until the potion achieves a thick, paste like consistency and is a rather pleasant violet colour.
    Fashion Faux Pas At Madam Black's Birthday Ball!
    Anyone who is anyone in society is surely aware that April 26th saw a sumptuous ball hosted in the home of former Minister of Magic, Josephina Flint, for her granddaughter. Madam Black, the aforementioned granddaughter and wife of Hogwarts' headmaster, was celebrating her birthday on this occasion and wasn't it an occasion indeed!

    Mrs. Ursula Black, granddaughter of Mrs. Josephina Flint.

    It seems that no expense was spared in the lavish adornment of Mrs. Flint's home with French court style. Anyone might have thought themselves transported to Versailles of the 1700's only with a little more magic about it.

    There was everything one would expect from a decadent 18th Century themed ball and more! Items of particular note were the birthday cake of titanic proportion boasting small moving marzipan likenesses of the guests, an opera, and even a unicorn pulling a miniature, ornate carriage could be found offering the guests drinks. Of course guests were expected to wear era appropriate attire and none disappointed in that respect! However, the most notable of all costumes were the ones worn by Madam Black herself and Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew.
    Shockingly, the pair managed to find themselves in identical gowns which could not have gone unnoticed even if they had not during the course of the evening discovered the coincidence for themselves and stood side by side.

    Mrs. Hannah Pettigrew, clearly a woman of similar tastes.

    The dress in question was an emerald green velvet with ornate adornment and embellishments in gold. How these two ladies managed to have the exact same dress made is perhaps a mystery unknown to all but the makers of the gowns — were they one and the same or did both ladies just happen upon the same source of inspiration?

    Regardless, this embarrassing clash was not quite laughed off by the two socialites.
    Witnesses to the two young women's meeting noted some tension and terse civility. Mrs. Black was said to look particularly put out. One could hardly envy Mrs. Pettigrew in such a situation; to be wearing the same dress as another lady at a ball is one thing, it is surely a great deal more uncomfortable when it is the hostess!

    On this one awkward occasion, Witch Weekly will not deign to say which woman wore it best.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Witch Weekly's post:
       Ophelia Dippet
    May Day at the Zoo!
    May first saw the unveiling of two new exhibits at the Podmore Zoological Gardens in Irvingly. The celebration included a wide variety of ethnic cuisine, merchant stalls and carnival games to entertain guests until the debuts of the zoo's newest members. A maypole was also erected in the field beside the zoo for guests to participate in traditional May Day festivities.

    Noon saw Miss Una Walsh showing off the zoo's new young Erumpent, Oscar.

    The day kicked off true celebrations with the unveiling of the first exhibit, an immature erumpent affectionately named Oscar. The young erumpent was rescued in Africa after the loss of both of his parents to protect him from poachers. Erumpent horns are valued for the explosive liquid inside and is used in potions. The orphan, despite being through a lot was a little shy, but seemed to have warmed up to his surroundings.

    "It's good to see the zoo expanding again, these creatures need special care and a suitable home after being through what some of them have." Said Mr. Sydney Podmore of London, cousin to Mr. Zachary Podmore, who runs the zoo itself. "I'm sure my cousin would take them all in if he could!" He added with an amused chuckle.
    Miss Eavan MacKay, the zoo's avian magizoologist announced the second exhibit as the moon rose over the zoo; mooncalves.

    Though she doesn't traditionally work outside the aviary, Miss MacKay said she was, "Thrilled to be given the opportunity to step outside of her comfort zone after a contact in her native Ireland reached out to her." The young mooncalves were abandoned and subsequently rescued from being traded into less-than-ideal circumstances. Mooncalves perform an intricate dance on its hind legs as the moon rises which can cause geometric patterns in fields that often confuse muggles. They are harmless and quite docile, though rarely seen outside of the full moon.

    With the summer season coming up and school letting out, he zoo will continue to see an increase in visitors, not only to see its new creatures, but to see some old favorites like the zoo's winged tiger, elephants and camels.

    Miss MacKay made sure to add, "You never know what we'll find next! Remember these creatures often make poor pets, so make proper choices when considering adding an animal to your house! And if you find yourself with an extra diricawl or two, we'll be happy to give them a home!"

    Discover Your May Horoscope!

    Only you can control your destiny. Be cautious of letting anyone make decisions for you, especially Leo. They're sure to muck it up.
    Some call it stalking, you call it love. This is your month to let the object of you affections know exactly how you feel. If they don't recognize you this month, you will have lost them forever!
    This is the month that all your dreams come true. A chance encounter with a beast, being, or spirit will spark a chain of events which reveal your ultimate destiny.
    Find a new hobby to start this month. Don't worry about abandoning your old one; you weren't any good. Also all the people you used to do it with don't really like you.
    This will be a challenging month for you. If you're feeling intimidated by the unknown, you might do well to just stay inside all month. We are not exaggerating. May will be difficult for you.

    The rest of your life may hinge on how well you entertain this month. Make the absolute most of your social calender, or risk becoming a pariah by June!
    Go out of your way to show others you care. You can never be too clear about your affections and support. Scorpio in particular needs a friend this month!
    It's time to give back and do something for someone else. Capricorn could use your help--try taking over some small task from them this month! They'll probably be embarrassed to admit it, so do it without asking first.
    You are beautiful, but not yet perfect. This is an ideal month to try and change your least favorite trait or feature. Try some new magic or potions. Reach for the stars!
    You may have set your hopes on someone out of reach. Unless you are prepared to pine for them forever as a spinster, lower your expectations and be realistic. You aren't that much of a catch.

    If someone starts being suddenly friendly to you this month, or tries to get closer to you, be very wary of them. It is almost certainly a trap.
    You're used to looking on the bright side, but some times your closest friends need to hear the truth. Sometimes there isn't a bright side. Be brutally honest this month, and you'll find your true friends.
    [Image: ad_5_6_87_by_chi_yoko-db8ddwp.png]