Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Tiberius did not care a wit about gardens, garden parties, or anything of the kind. It was, however, something that he had been invited to--as, it seemed, had the majority of the wealthy men in the Ministry--and something which Antigone could not attend, given how dramatically the last ball had gone for her. Her collapse on the dance floor, and the subsequent scene that had caused, had decided him that she had been out and about rather too long into her pregnancy already, and now she needed to stay home as often as possible--or at the very least to choose her outings carefully and not go to anything that would cause too much excitement.

    The fact that he wasn't inclined to take Antigone anywhere meant that he could bring Tatiana, instead. Tatiana was, in truth, the only reason he was here at all; he could find much more pleasant ways to spend an afternoon than making small talk with Ministry men and eating very small quartered sandwiches off of tea trays, but given the guest list, it was an excellent opportunity for his sister to meet the right sorts of men. If only the host had also restricted it based on blood, then perhaps he might have been able to just set her loose in the party and see what she came up with, but unfortunately the guest list was a little mixed in that regard, and he was finding that he had to pick and choose the people he cared to introduce her to carefully.

    Tatiana was much better at the whole 'conversation' thing than he tended to be, which meant that so far, aside from making introductions, he'd done little except look ridiculous holding a tiny tea cup in one hand and offer occasional comments as he observed her working her magic. The two had just extricated themselves from some perfectly polite but rather boring gentleman from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures when Tiberius espied Mr. Crouch.

    "Here," he muttered confidentially to Tatiana, nodding in the direction of Mr. Crouch. "I think you'll like him." Approaching--and finding a table in the mean time to dispose of the ridiculous tea cup on--Tiberius greeted the other man warmly, "Mr. Crouch! What a pleasure to see you again. I don't believe you've had the good fortune to meet my sister yet, have you? Miss Tatiana Lestrange," he introduced.

    This was his part all but done. Now to sit back and see if it worked.

    @Roman Crouch @Tatiana Lestrange @Tuesday Hatchitt @Odira Potter
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    Had Tiberius not invited her, Tatiana would not have gone—largely because, she thought bitterly, she had not been invited in her own right. In spite of this, she had her public smile in place, allowing only her brother to suspect that anything might possibly be amiss, for while she could lie to him, Tatiana Lestrange had never seen any cause to. Despite her mild annoyance, she was privately tickled that she was here because Antigone was incapable, proving herself superior to her sister-in-law once again. Playing the role of wife to her brother without the status came as naturally as breathing, and before long, the debutante had even forgotten her earlier annoyance.

    Midway through the afternoon, her brother quite literally pointed her in the direction of a gentleman she recognized as Mr. Roman Crouch, for all that they had never been formally introduced. Given that Tatiana herself had done much of the greeting since their arrival, that Tiberius so promptly introduced the pair was all the evidence she needed to know that he approved of the gentleman, and so the witch gave a polite curtsey in greeting.

    “A pleasure, Mr. Crouch,” she offered in turn, casting a fleeting glance in her brother’s direction. “My brother speaks highly of you—” or had a moment ago, in suggesting Tatiana would get along with him “—so am happy to now have a face to match to the name.”
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       Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    As with all parties, Roman Crouch had made the necessary appearance and made small talk with all interested parties of the day. If he were honest he rather enjoyed these more down-to-earth affairs such as tea, at least he did more that costume parties and the like. Something always seemed to go wrong at those, but at least here was calm. That he could handle, especially after events of late.

    He was starting to think that everyone was finished talking with him for the afternoon when he heard a slightly familiar voice. Turning to see Mr. Lestrange, he put on a smile.

    "Nice to see you again, Mr. Lestrange," he greeted, shaking the man's hand first. He then turned to his sister, taking her hand and bowing politely. "Unfortunately I have not had the pleasure. It is wonderful to meet you, Miss Lestrange, although I am surprised to hear I have the honor of being the topic of discussion! I wasn't certain that I'd made such an impression..."
    [Image: eye-candy-rafael-lazzini-5_zpsg0jvvj43.jpg]
    Tiberius was not particularly planning on following the conversation any more than he really had to, but it was early enough that he had not had the chance to mentally disengage just yet. This turned out to be a boon, since he found that he was being called upon--more or less, anyways--to offer an explanation. Rightly so, he thought; there had been nothing quite so remarkable about his conversation with Roman Crouch, and had their positions been reversed, Tiberius would also have been quite surprised, if not outright suspicious, to hear that such a minor acquaintance had ever been the subject of conversation.

    It would probably have been easier to explain such a thing if it were true, but Tiberius had never spoken of Mr. Crouch to Tatiana before, and was having some degree of difficulty coming up with a reason why he might. He understood his sister's lie, as a conversational device, and he wouldn't begrudge her such a small fib, but it did make his response rather tricky.

    "Oh, I consult my sister about most things," Tiberius said, in a tone of genuine affection. That itself was not, perhaps, a lie--she had been in on the problem of Antigone's disappearance, and the resulting Unbreakable Vow, among a great many other things that he hadn't mentioned to anyone else. "I've always found her advice remarkably sound--more so than most of her sex, I daresay, at least if the reputation of women is at all accurate."
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       Tatiana Lestrange
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    A more contrary woman might have taken Tiberius’ words as an insult to her sex, but Tatiana was practically beaming at what was instead intended—and interpreted—as a compliment.

    “My brother flatters me so,” she teased the men, “and I am now left to wonder if he might have been flattering you, Mr. Crouch, when we spoke of the matter! He is often quite restrained in his praises otherwise, though I have always thought him to be a splendid judge of character.”
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Tatiana Lestrange's post:
       Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    "Well, some women are certainly a step above the rest," Roman replied to Tiberius. He felt similarly about his own sister, for she seemed to have more of a level head than most that he met. It was a shame that not all women were like that, logical instead of allowing their emotions to rule them. But it was just a simple fact of biology, was it not?

    He smiled, however, at Tatiana's comment. "I can hope it's not simple flattery," he chuckled. "If it is as you say, then having your brother's praise must be an honor, no?" He found that he liked Mr. Lestrange, even if his conversations with the man had been rather brief. Nevertheless, he believed the man at least had a good head on his shoulders, as a proper gentleman should. At least he didn't have to worry about ridiculous shenanigans with men of his kind. 

    "Are you enjoying the party?" he questioned of them politely, changing the subject from himself to something more along the lines of small talk, but something that seemed required to discuss, if even briefly. "The host has done an excellent job with everything."
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Roman Crouch's post:
       Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: eye-candy-rafael-lazzini-5_zpsg0jvvj43.jpg]
    Tiberius approved of the direction of the conversation so far. Praise from him was something to be coveted, truly. Not that Roman Crouch had actually earned himself any, just yet, but he wasn't about to disabuse him of that notion if he believed he had. Tiberius was less keen on the subject of the party they were at, but of course it was a necessary evil. One could hardly have small talk at a party without some obligatory compliments about the host or hostess' talents and tastes.

    As far as parties went, things could certainly be worse. Tiberius wasn't one for social events in general, but this was far less silly than some; the fact that mostly Ministry employees had been invited meant that the guests were at least intelligent enough, by and large, to hold reasonable conversations. The women, too, were less ridiculous; mostly it was wives in attendence, though there were a few sisters or daughters lingering around. The atmosphere, however, was not one of frantic debutantes trying desperately to hold gentlemen's attention. The few unmarried women who were here were either putting aside their own social pursuits for the afternoon or, like Tatiana, sensible enough to be more circumspect and less obvious about their interest.

    Why couldn't Tiberius have married a sensible girl? Antigone left so much to be desired, in terms of what he might expect from a wife.

    But they were talking about the party. "Oh, yes, it's lovely," he said, a little dryly. "I prefer smaller gatherings like this to large parties," he admitted. "An abundance of young women at any event seems to make things ridiculous sooner rather than later."
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    Some women, yes, but very few indeed—Tatiana could count on one hand the women whom she considered to have transcended the masculine ideal of her sex. Even her own relations were not immune to the constraints of mediocrity—one had only to look at Rosalind or Ellory or Valeria to see that!

    “It is not a bad party by any stretch,” the debutante allowed graciously enough, though there was the faintest hint of bite to her words, “though not the most remarkable I have attended of late. Perfectly adequate—and improving quickly,” Tatiana added with a coy smile at Mr. Crouch. If Tiberius had taken the time to introduce them, the least his sister could do was make some effort.

    “And I do hope,” she added, swatting playfully—an act, however close the siblings might have been—at her brother, “that you will not take Mr. Lestrange too seriously. He forgets that it is women who breathe life into social gatherings, regardless of how high they might rest in his esteem.”
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Tatiana Lestrange's post:
       Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    Roman nodded appreciatively at Tiberius' statement. Ministry parties were certainly a lot less of an ordeal than others and he could appreciate the lack of silly young women ready to throw themselves at any man who was not yet wed! At least here there was the potential for an intellectual conversation.

    He smiled at Tatiana's comment, however. "Yes, of course they do," he replied. "Otherwise we'd likely just have a group of men who show up, say hello, have a drink and depart, leaving the event quite dead!" It was certainly true, for if the Lestranges, for instance, had not approached him now, he would likely be leaving. But he did not mind staying to speak with them.

    "Did you attend Hogwarts, Miss Lestrange?" he questioned, just to start a conversation and interested in what subjects the woman might have studied.
    [Image: eye-candy-rafael-lazzini-5_zpsg0jvvj43.jpg]
    Tiberius was rather glad to find that the conversation was now progressing as he had hoped, which was to say, it seemed likely that Tatiana and Mr. Crouch would be able to carry it without much intervention from him. He sipped his drink and settled quite easily into the background of the discussion.

    I'll keep an eye out but no need to wait for me if the conversation isn't directly addressing Tib!
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Tiberius Lestrange's post:
       Tatiana Lestrange
    [Image: 1e8a5z.png]

    “The world will surely be ending if a Lestrange child does not attend Hogwarts!” Tatiana laughed. “I spent the full seven years in Slytherin, though I did attend my aunt’s finishing school afterwards to ensure my womanly education would be as thorough as my magical one.”

    There had been talk of her leaving school after her fifth year—talk between her uncle and her then-betrothed, not anyone whose opinion she truly valued!—but mercifully, her aunt had ensured it did not come to pass. Tatiana did not think that particularly prudent to mention, however; it was generally not advisable to talk about broken betrothals to new masculine acquaintances.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Tatiana Lestrange's post:
       Tiberius Lestrange
    [Image: odM84nr.jpg]
    pretties by MJ <3
    "Ah, we were in the same house then," Roman replied. He assumed that Miss Lestrange was quite a bit younger than him, for he didn't ever remember her during school in the common room.

    Even so, he was pleased to meet a fellow Slytherin today, for he of course thought it was the best house. He had always enjoyed his years in school, despite some of the stress that came with his need to succeed and impress their father in those years. But Roman loved academics and magic in theory, so of course that was where the conversation went next.

    "What did you take as your N.E.W.T. courses?" he questioned, assuming Tatiana had finished the full seven years at Hogwarts considering she had also gone to a finishing school.
    [Image: eye-candy-rafael-lazzini-5_zpsg0jvvj43.jpg]

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