Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Elle Lassey nee Moody
    In Character
    Full Name: Elfrida Audrey Lassey nee Moody (named after Elfrida Clagg, Warlock’s Council Chieftaness)
    Nicknames: Elle; her mother is the only one who ever called her Elfrida, though she still uses the full thing to this day.
    Birthdate: 26 December 1859
    Current Age: 27 Years
    Occupation: Wife of Edgar Lassey
    Reputation: 5.
    Residence: London
    Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
    Wand: 10" hornbeam and unicorn hair, swishy.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Middle Class
    Family:/links will appear here later
    Father | Horace Moody [1825 - 1884]
    Mother | ___ Moody nee Diggory [1835 - Present]
    Sister | Circe Astoria Podmore nee Moody  [1857 - Present] and family
    Sister | Josephina (Josie) Agathe Moody [1860 - Present]
    Brother | Merwyn (Wyn) Moody [1862  - Present]
    Sister | Hortensia (Tensy) Arlene Moody [1867 - Present]
    Sister | Ottaline (Tilly) Artemisia Moody [1869 - Present]

    Husband | Edgar Maksim Lassey [1849 - Present]

    Father in Law | George Lassey
    Mother in Law | Kseniya Lassey nee _____
    Sister in Law | Rosaline Bennett nee Lassey [1852 - Present] and family
    Sister in Law | Harriett Sasha ____ nee Lassey [1857 - Present] and family

    Paternal Relations | The Moodys
    Maternal Relations | The Diggorys
    Elle has never been conventionally pretty, and she's well aware of that. When she was a child she used to have freckles every summer, which would clear up when the sun disappeared in the fall, but after trying and failing to jinx them off while in Hogwarts, she now sports them year round. She has sandy blond hair which she tends not to take care of, leading to it often being coarse and, if she hasn't had it done prior to some event, frequently messy. She prefers to have it hang down, but only does this at home, and only when they don't have company (or it's only one of her siblings over). Her eyes are on the greener side of hazel. She inherited them from her father and they're her favorite feature.

    Elle has a habit of idly chewing on things when she's thinking, which can sometimes leave her with bits of ink or other such detritus on her full lips. When she doesn't have something to chew on she'll settle for the inside edge of her lower lip, which makes them perhaps pinker than they might otherwise be. When listening intently to someone, she tends to let her mouth hang just slightly open, a habit which her mother detests and has tried unsuccessfully to break her of.

    A perfectly average height at 5 ft 3 in, Elle is curvaceous, though not in a way that might be immediately apparent through her layers of clothing. She prefers simple dresses in light colors. Well, she actually prefers wizards robes, but her mother has impressed upon her that this sort of clothing is neither flattering nor appropriate for a well-bred young lady, so she never wears them outside the house. She is left handed but has been trained to use her right, and often clumsy.

    Childhood: 1859 - 1870

    Elfrida Audrey Moody joins the family the day after Christmas, after a longer than usual pregnancy (almost a full ten months!) Her father used to jokingly say that Elle was Mrs. Moody's Christmas gift to him. Mrs. Moody was just relieved that she finally did opt for being born. With two girls now and still trying for a son, her mother falls pregnant again several months later and gives birth to Josephina late in 1860. The very small age difference between the two girls ensured that from the youngest of ages Elle and Josie were the best of friends. The toddlers are rather indifferent to the arrival of their first and only brother in 1862, though it does relieve some stress from their mother, who was anxious for a son. It is quite some time before the Moodys try for any more children.

    As the proprietor of an import/export business, her father travels frequently, which leaves the raising of the children up to almost the sole discretion of her mother. While they're young, Elle has no objections to this, though whether that is because their mother was more reasonable in those days, or whether she just didn't have the right frame of reference to realize she was being unreasonable, she couldn't now say. She does know that she always looked forward to her father's returns, because he would never show up empty handed. He usually came back with some small trinket or toy for her and her siblings, and always with a myriad of wonderful stories. Elle and Josie were very much daddy's girls, and when he was away they would relive his latest stories, play-acting as elephants or matadors or other exotic things. Circe pretended to be too old and mature for such babyish games.

    When Elle was seven, her mother became pregnant again, giving birth to Tensy in 1867. Circe left for Hogwarts in fall of 1868, which was something of a relief, since she continued her habit of trying to spoil Elle and Josie's fun whenever possible. The birth of Tilly in 1869 marks the completion of the Moody family; now in her mid-thirties, their mother does not expect to conceive again and their father doesn't seem to have much inclination to argue the point.

    Hogwarts: 1871 - 1878

    Elle has to wait until several months after her eleventh birthday to finally get her Hogwarts letter, and though she's sad to be leaving Josie behind, she can't wait for Hogwarts. She is sorted into Hufflepuff and quickly makes friends with her schoolmates. She does passably in her classes, but can be at times rather easily distracted. Her strengths are Herbology and Astronomy, but her passion is for her art class, and particularly for painting.

    Josie joins her the following year, but goes to Ravenclaw. Elle enjoys showing her younger sister around, but after the first half of the year the two mainly stick to their different friend groups. In her third year, she adds Care of Magical Creatures, Divination, and Muggle Studies. Divination really connects with her and becomes her best class very quickly. She doesn't have the sort of Sight that involves visions, but undoubtedly has a talent for things like Tarot cards, crystal balls, and tea leaves.

    What she decidedly does not have a talent for is charms. During spring of her third year, someone teases her about her freckles, and Elle attempts to hex them off. This backfires in the worst way; her freckles turn purple and start swimming around her skin in a dizzying fashion. They also seem to be growing larger. The nurse is able to sort her back out for the most part, but the freckles she is left with, instead of being gone, are now a permanent feature, regardless of sun exposure. Her mother is quietly furious.

    Fifth year does not see her named prefect; her mother seems rather afflicted by this for some reason. Marcella Weasley was really a much better choice than her, and Elle could not fathom why anyone would have given her mother the impression that Elle was even in contention for the spot. Anyway, Mrs. Moody makes her disappointment felt. Elle focuses on her OWLs. She scores an Outstanding in Divination, to no one's surprise, and also in Muggle Studies, to most people's surprise, including hers.  

    She had read in her cards that there would be some sort of calamity on a particular day of testing, and was not disappointed--first, in the practical portion of her D.A.D.A exam, she is rather distracted by wondering what will go wrong and ends up casting a too-large shield charm; this has the unintended consequence of causing spells being cast elsewhere in the hall to rebound when they oughtn't have, and ends with two of her yearmates being carted off to the Hospital Wing. Although her theory is quite sound, her poor execution earns her a Dreadful in the subject. Thinking that this was the calamity and that it had now passed, Elle continued to her next OWL, Charms. When asked to perform a simple cheering charm, she botched the wand work and unintentionally caused the test giver to plunge into a very deep depression. He confessed to a few skeletons from his past involving a married woman of society and quit the proctoring position on the spot, which was rather scandalous, and caused a good deal of scrambling on behalf of the Department of Education. Everyone agreed that her spell had been quite the opposite of a success, and since the proctor had to be placed on a suicide-watch for several days while they eased him out of the spell, she was awarded a grade of Troll.

    The rest of her OWLs were rather less eventful.
    AstronomyExceeds Expectations
    Care of Magical CreaturesExceeds Expectations
    Defense Against the Dark Arts Dreadful
    HerbologyExceeds Expectations
    History of MagicAcceptable
    Muggle StudiesOutstanding

    Elle returns for her sixth year with Astronomy, C.o.M.C, Divination, and Herbology, in addition to Art and Music. She doesn't have any talent for Music, but her mother insists that all properly bred young women should be able to sing and play, so she keeps it up to try and make her mother happy. Also notably, this year a spot opens up on the Hufflepuff Quidditch team as a chaser, which Elle tries out for. This sends her mother into a rather dramatic snit, and after some argument, Elle contacts the Captain of the team to say she wouldn't like to play, after all. There is nothing objectionable in the next two years at school, and Elle graduates with good NEWTs for her chosen subjects.

    AstronomyExceeds Expectations
    Care of Magical CreaturesAcceptable
    HerbologyExceeds Expectations

    Society: 1878 - 1885

    Elle debuts through the Hogwarts Coming Out ball, then gets to spend the rest of the summer wading around in her mother and older sister's wake, feeling rather out of place. It is quite a relief to have the entire thing over and done with, particularly since the summer of 1879 sees Josie debut as well, which relieves much of the pressure of her mother's overwhelming attention. Elle feels as though she hardly ever sees Josie for her entire first season; her namesake, Josephina Flint, had taken an interest in her societal debut and whisked her off to all sorts of things so that she never had a quiet moment. Elle's namesake, Elfrida Clagg, had been dead for two hundred years and was in no position to whisk Elle away anywhere.

    Her mother was primarily occupied with accompanying Josie around everywhere, partly, Elle thought, to catch every opportunity of ingratiating herself to Mrs. Flint. Whatever the case, this leaves Elle primarily with Circe, who was rather unhelpful in the department of helping Elle find a husband. She does have a few hopefuls during the season of 1880, but their interest seemed to cool over the winter, and she was quite alone again by the time the 1881 season started. Thankfully, this was when she met Edgar Lassey.

    He was not the sort of man to immediately attract attention, and not the sort of man any woman would find herself suddenly and hopelessly in love with, but he was pleasant and interesting and talked about all sorts of things that Elle had never thought about before. In short, she didn't find him at all objectionable, though her mother did. It was all well and good to marry a halfblood when he was a rich one (like Circe's husband, Mr. Podmore), but it was quite another thing entirely to marry a halfblood of the same class. Her thinking had, perhaps, been influenced by the intensity of her acquaintance with Mrs. Flint of late, but Mr. Moody didn't seem to have any objections to Edgar, and so Elle didn't, either.

    Her mother, sensing that she had been defeated, took pains to involve herself in Elle's social life a good deal more than she had been before, and found a man she considered to be the ideal gentleman: upper class, pureblooded, and single. The only problem was that Mr. Aldous Crouch wasn't much interested in Elle, and no matter how many times they were forced together, or what tricks her mother told her to employ, he did not gain any interest in Elle. He was perfectly polite, but every time she talked to him after the first few encounters she had the sensation that he was looking for a way to escape it as quickly as possible, and that did not seem, to Elle, like a very good way to execute a marriage. Her mother apparently thought it would do just fine, and berated Elle constantly for her impracticality.

    Edgar asked Mr. Moody for permission to court her in 1882, which her father gave without reserve. This brought her forced meetings with Mr. Crouch down significantly, but not entirely--her mother held out hope that perhaps she would see the light and set her sights on ensnaring Mr. Crouch until Edgar proposed in summer of 1883, at which point she gave up and turned her attentions to Josie. Elle couldn't pay much attention to her younger sister, as she was so taken with the business of planning her wedding, and meeting Edgar's family and all of the other accoutrements. Their wedding was planned for autumn of 1884, except that the summer disrupted everything. Her poor, dear father fell victim to the plague, and did not recover.

    Edgar was very considerate about her mourning period, and the wedding was postponed an entire year. She and Josie both took the mourning period very seriously, being very much grieved by the loss of their father--more so, it seemed to Elle, than their mother was. Josie's complete isolation drove away any potential suitors she may have had, and caused Mrs. Flint to lose interest in her. Elle went through much the same thing, but luckily had Edgar waiting for her on the other side. The two were married in a rather simple ceremony in autumn of 1885.

    Marriage: 1886 - 1887

    Elle returns from her honeymoon in early 1886, and becomes immediately involved in establishing and running her household, which she honestly had not put much thought into at all. She becomes pregnant in spring of 1886, but miscarries only a month after she had realized it herself, and so other than Edgar, no one else is aware of the loss. Elle takes it poorly, and Edgar looks for some way to cheer her. He eventually decides that the room in the house that had been set aside as the nursery for their future children ought to be hers until they conceive again, to use as a painting studio. This serves, if nothing else, as an excellent distraction, and as the months roll on, the two both move past the unexpected loss.

    Elle had noticed, during her conversations with Josie, that her sister seemed a little off; distracted and perhaps a little frantic, though she was clearly trying not to show it. She never asked her about it, though, with everything else going on, and it wasn't until her sudden disappearance that fall that Elle had any idea what was actually the matter. Unbeknownst to her, Mrs. Moody had laid out an ultimatum for her daughter: find someone to marry, or leave society forever. When she had failed, during the season, to secure any prospects, Mrs. Moody obliviated her and deposited her in a nunnery. She then called all of her daughters together for tea, to tell them about this, as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

    Elle, obviously, thought her mother had gone batshit insane. She was in a bind, though, because she didn't think telling anyone what had happened to Josie would benefit anyone--not Josie, since she was already obliviated, and certainly not Tilly or Tensy, whose reputation could suffer quite fiercely from the resulting scandal. She had little choice but to accept the news with quiet fuming--and then much less quiet fuming, and then outright yelling. In any case, it didn't bring Josie back.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn
    Elle's doting husband is up for grabs!


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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.

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