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This boy, then. He wasn't new. Wasn't one of the worst people in the common room, those rotten rich boys - like Mr. Jailkeeper - who could not fathom a world beyond their own farts. Was a good working class lad, so he'd heard. Had a bit of a weird looking face, and a bit of a weird thing for preaching. Still.Aubrey Davis in The Under-Sofa
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Hide and Seek
December 8th, 1888 - Irvingly Market, Salem Square
Raymond should have known better. Should have known that Coleman would get himself lost somewhere or with someone doing who knows what. It seemed to be becoming an almost frequent thing. At least, from what Ray could tell. He couldn't be absolutely sure though. He had been working a lot more what with the holidays coming up and it seemed that the fighting ring was expanding and getting busier. If he wasn't at the Beak, he was fighting. And if he wasn't doing one of those two things, he was sleeping off the draining but exhilarating experience of having his blood drank right in front of him.

And then there were the days he had to spend searching out his errant brother when he didn't return home and another brother thought to tell him. This time the last they'd heard was that he was going to the First Friday shindig held at the Irvingly Arms. That was all they had to go on, though, so there was really no knowing where his brother could have gotten off to.

Luckily, with a day off and not having to be a human blood bank, Ray had been able to head into Irvingly the following day. What he didn't know, however, was that there was some sort of market held at the square on Saturdays. That could be a bit of a hindrance. It meant a lot of people were milling about and the scruffy looking man was not at all pleased to have to pick his way through a bunch of strangers.

Huddling within his worn and less than find jacket, he all but growled as he was jostled by a group of pretty young ladies all tittering about whatever it was ladies tittered about. It was annoying. The jostling lead him to turn on his heel in an attempt to get away from the giggles and whatnot before it grated on his nerves any further. Problem was, in a crowded market, there was little room to turn in such a way. Instead of making a clean get away, he found himself face to face with a woman. Normally he'd have simply dismissed her but there was a familiarity to her. His eyes widened somewhat as his snarl shifted into a bit of a smirk. "Hello again," he said, tone with a touch of humor to it as he gave her a good looking over. He may have been in a bit of an altered state of mind during their last meeting but he could still appreciate an attractive woman when she was before him. "Surprised you're not down an alley," he added, the smirk widening at the memory of what had almost transpired between them the last time.

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There was very little in the world Temperance valued more than solitude and the opportunity for quiet contemplation, or at least it felt that way the very moment she was forced amongst the always slightly surprising amount of people that seemed to appear in Salem Square the moment she had an errand to run that would have been much less of a bother if she had been able to do it quickly, and in relative silence. Unfortunately, as was ever His want, the Lord had decided to test her again by making the overspill from the market sufficient enough that Temperance was forced to speak to people if only to politely demand they remove themselves from her path, rather than pushing through them all.

There were some true reprobates amongst the crowd, she noticed with very little surprise, having expected it anyway. But one ought to expect that on a Saturday really, when the majority of people had gone nearly a full week without the benefit of the church’s teachings, if they even bothered to go at all. They’d had six full days to accumulate new sins to feel mildly guilty about before they went about their week thoughtless of their eternal souls. At this moment they thought of nothing but their own pleasures and she could hear the noise from the Arms before she so much as saw the building. It was abominable.

But it paled in comparison to the less anticipated assault on her senses. It was him.

Entirely out of surprise she reached out and placed a hand on his chest and for a moment froze. Had she meant to do that? Yes, she decided, as she pushed him hard, heedless the crowd, to the nearest alcove that was decidedly not an alley, but did mean she couldn’t be overheard. Or seen, god willing. London was bad enough, but people knew her here.

“Watch your mouth,” she snarled, all traces of politeness vanishing from her so quickly she could have easily been under another potion. This man had done something to her, of that she was sure. She had convinced herself, moments after she’d escaped from that godawful May Day celebration that he had been the lone instigator of their little…moment…and that he alone was responsible for whatever she may or may not have felt: which was not a compliment, but rather a charge she had never thought to have the opportunity to levy against him. But what did she say? What could one say to a man you had very nearly…

She was definitely being tested.
Whatever Ray had been texting it hadn't been that. His lips were still quirked into a smirk as she even proceeded to push him away into an alcove that was decidedly more private than the middle of the market. It was definitely no alley though and there was hardly as much room. That was alright though, he could make due in any amount of space. He was a man used to accommodating in any circumstance.

However, that smirk was quick to fade as the words were snarled from her mouth. His eyes widened with a bit of shock, jaw even dropping just a bit as a result. Well, he hadn't expected that either. He was used to having a bit more fun when being pushed away by this very lady. Apparently her change of heart back in May had been a serious one. That was a shame, really. She was really quite the attractive lady if not a bit on the older side of things. He couldn't help but to wonder if she'd ever been touched or kissed in such a way until him. Poor thing didn't know what she was missing.

"I much rather enjoy watching yours," he said, smirk coming back. She may hate him for whatever reason but he wasn't about to let a chance at fun go to waste, even if it wasn't the kind of fun he'd been anticipating initially with their departure into the alcove. "Miss me?" he added, giving a much slower and obvious looking over of her frame another chance.

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Temperance choked on her words the moment he replied, not having expected the outrage to sear through her body quite so violently. It was intolerable – whatever he had done to her before he was doing it again! Was she to spend the rest of her life avoiding public spaces on the off-chance she bumped into this man and he…well, she didn’t even know what he was doing only that she certainly did not appreciate the feeling of losing her hard-won control over herself.

She felt warmth against her palm and realised, belatedly and embarrassingly, she had not removed her hand. She snatched it away, wrapping her cloak tighter about her person in an attempt to dissuade his all too obviously roaming eye, feeling her body flush under his scrutiny and putting the sensation entirely down to indignation. Indiganti0n that was turning her stomach over and creating a crimson stain on her neck that continued underneath her dress though, thankfully, he couldn’t see that far. Temperance scarcely knew what it was herself, being utterly unfamiliar with this particular kind of flush.

Though, if she was being honest, it wasn’t dissimilar to a feeling she’d had in May.

“You have no business speaking to me like that. Whatever you did to me before was horribly sinful,” she hissed at him in a low voice that it took all of her control to keep steady. “But if we both offer the Lord our humblest apologies he may offer us mercy.”
Ray continued to watch her, continued to grin as she withdrew her hand from his chest as if she'd been burnt and curled up into herself. Despite her protests, it was clear he had some sort of effect on her. The flush of crimson only made him smirk even if he was confused by her accusations.

He hadn't done anything to her she hadn't wanted. They'd both clearly been in need of some sort of release back in May even if it'd been ended far to abruptly for his liking. But whatever had happened between them that time was at no fault of his. He hadn't done anything to her to get her in such a position, much like he wasn't doing in that moment. He may not be the most respectable of men and clearly didn't give a shit about that but he'd be damned if he ever forced a woman to do anything.

All that was quickly forgotten, however, when the woman started talking about offering the Lord humble apologies. He shouldn't have done it, but he did.

He laughed. Loud and hard. Enough so that he had to wipe moisture from the corners of his eyes all while shaking his head. "Hate to say it," he said, still chuckling as he spoke, "But the Lord's got nothing to do with it and he'd likely die all over again if he heard me talking to him."

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It came as little surprise to Temperance that he possessed an abominable disrespect for the Lord and his lessons – what else could one expect from somebody who was clearly more concerned with his own base, carnal pleasures and delighted in taunting her with them? And seemed to possess a wicked ability to tempt her towards her own long-buried desires, like her very own Satan sent to break her long-held belief that she was above such crudeness.

“The Lord died for your sins,” and for hers but his were definitely more pertinent at the moment and no doubt much more numerous. “You mock him at your peril,” she snapped, risking a glance over her shoulder to make sure they were not being watched. She didn’t trust him enough to not keep her eyes on him at all times…entirely for safety of course.

“But rest assured even if He forgives, I will not.”
Ray laughed again, a harsh bark sort of laughter that showed just how absurd he thought she was. She could lecture and prattle on about God all she wanted but he was having none of it. Frankly, he had little faith that there was truly anything out there that did whatever it was she thought they did. If there was, he wouldn't have killed his mother in birth and left them with a drunk as a father that eventually drank himself to death as well. It was a ridiculous notion and she was just as ridiculous if she thought she'd change his way of thought.

"The Lord would cringe if he knew half the things I did," he said with a shrug before adding, "And miss, your forgiveness will hardly make me lose a wink of sleep." He was now, slowly, beginning to regret his running into her as it was growing increasingly clear that there would be no amount of a repeat of what their first meeting had been.
Temperance most certainly did not want to think about the things he did but, no matter how much she tried to will it away, the thoughts popped into her head and she swallowed heavily. Her skin felt warm, her throat tight, this was surely the same hex she had been so abused by in May, unleashed once again on her and in his presence...which meant only one thing.

“What are you doing to me?” She hissed. She glanced around to make sure no one was looking - nobody was, nobody was ever looking at her - and turned back, fire in her eyes. “I have done nothing to deserve this...this…torture.”

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