Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Lakeside Chats
    On the grass just beyond the banks of the lake, Violet had laid herself out a purple and green plaid blanket, stocked with all sorts of treats, including her pet bulldog, Cuthbert. He'd been sedated by a heavy sleeping potion mishap (oftentimes the elderly Professor found herself struggling to get to bed at night, and unfortunately the stout dog managed to find himself a biscuit laced with a draught of living death). 

    So she sat there, Professor Wiltingham, in all her Irish glory. Stern faced and her nose buried deep into the belly of a romance novel, she enjoyed the fresh spring day. Nearby she could hear the chatter of students; the lake seemed to be a popular habitat for children. They'd dip into the lake, despite the ominous presence of a large squid, or lay out blankets and do their studying.

    All seemed quite well and enjoyable to Wiltingham until, of course, she felt the thud against her shoulder, making her jolt with exasperation. She'd screeched a bit, in her haggy-voice, and turned with an imperious look. A bird made from parchment was crumpled behind her.

    @Daffodil Potts
    [Image: v3ZJla9.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a Slytherin alumnus who walks with a flamingo-head cane and
    will gladly boost your grade for a bag of pumpkin-flavoured jellybeans.
    [Image: PZhHuoY.png]

    Oh that spring sunshine was so glorious! Daffy could feel the warmth on her cheeks, causing a wide smile and a soft sight to grace her lips. Daffy was a creature of the outdoors, she lived for sunshine and grass and a lazy afternoon by the lake or in the garden; she would be sure to utilize such a pleasant day!

    After passing a few moments chatting with a year mate, Daffy gathered her sketch book and her skirts and pushed off toward the lake. She didn't make it far before something else caught her attention and she paused to watch the small paper bird float around. Laughing at the creativity, she looked around to see who was casting the spell, but couldn't find the source after a quick glance.

    She watched it duck and dive and fly right into Professor Wiltingham by the lake! Oh dear! Daffy was certain that it hadn't hurt, but she also assumed nobody was going to fess up to having created it either! "I daresay, perhaps it wanted some of your delicious spread, Professor!" Daffy mused aloud with a light laugh as she paused by the professor's blanket for a moment.
    [Image: INgazQ.png]
    Miffed and moreso ready to magick a flock of twig-made geese at whoever had assaulted her, she turned and settled her rather bulgy eyes upon a young girl. She shimmied her shoulders as if to prepare for battle but instead shouted: 

    "You there!" she hooted like a rather angry bird, "come here, this instant!"

    The Professor blinked at her once, listening to the airy kindness of the young girl's voice. She recognised her as a young Miss Potts, though it took her a rather long time to recall it. Her eyes swivelled in their ancient— and more than likely dust-filled— sockets to glance at the spread of treats she'd nearly forgotten about. 

    "And was it you who conjured this— this malfeasance?" she said in her usual Wiltingham-tone, or in other words, a cry of exasperation and irritation.
    [Image: v3ZJla9.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a Slytherin alumnus who walks with a flamingo-head cane and
    will gladly boost your grade for a bag of pumpkin-flavoured jellybeans.
    [Image: PZhHuoY.png]

    Daffy hadn't meant to interrupt Professor Wiltingham, but at the sharp request to come back, the brunette automatically turned her wide blue eyes on the professor and turned around.

    "Oh no Professor," Daffy answered the question with the same airy manner that she had used with her first statement, unaware of an the accusatory tone being tossed her way. "I'm afraid I wouldn't even begin to know how! It's so very creative." Transfiguration hadn't been her best subject at the OWL level and she hadn't been able to continue on at with it as a NEWT class.

    Shifting her grip on her sketching materials, she peered at Professor Wiltingham curiously. "Are you alright, though?" Daffy had assumed the paper creature couldn't cause any damage, but perhaps she'd been wrong!
    [Image: INgazQ.png]
    Professor Wiltingham mayn't have been the most patient of people; while she was evidently ruffled by the sudden attack upon her person by such a horrendous creation of childish niavety, she was mostly irritated by the demeanour of the girl. She'd never had much time for daydreamers, let alone someone with such an airy voice; she preferred stern and steely. 

    "Creative?" Violet squawked, her head rising much like a duck's would when it quacked, though it sunk back into the wrinkled folds of her neck. She eyed it cautiously, raising a brow, "I wouldn't quite call it that," the old woman said almost under her breath. Adjusting herself she stammered: "Wait, my dear, are— are you trying to tell me you haven't the imagination or you haven't the skill to create something as childish as this?" It was a rather simple task to transfigure and enchant a piece of parchment to fly, and she'd hoped a girl of her age could accomplish it. 

    "Why of course I'm alright," Wiltingham frowned, her eyelids fluttering with annoyance, "just a tad irritated, dear. Not every day is one so unexpectedly assaulted by a piece of parchment.
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       Elsie Beauregard
    [Image: v3ZJla9.png]
    Professor Wiltingham is a Slytherin alumnus who walks with a flamingo-head cane and
    will gladly boost your grade for a bag of pumpkin-flavoured jellybeans.
    [Image: PZhHuoY.png]

    Daffy pondered Professor Wiltingham's question rather seriously. "It is rather intricate," She started, scooping the crumpled bird from the ground beside the professor. Crushed as it was, it was still very clearly a bird and the folds in the paper we very clearly created by someone who knew what they were doing. "If I could make something like this either physically or magically, getting it to fly would be the easy part!" So it wasn't that she lacked the imagination really, or the skill, but it was more the know-how to make something so delicate by hand.

    "I wonder if it was folded from a pattern, it's very detailed!" Daffy was curiously inspecting the bird when it started to flap a little again. She squeaked in surprise and nearly dropped it, holding onto it rather tightly to compensate for the reaction, which ended up crushing it even further. "So very clever!" She gasped, releasing her fingers again to watch it. It was almost as if it were alive!
    [Image: INgazQ.png]