Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    If It Quacks Like A Duck...
    Open Thread 
    Ophelia's father had been a magizoologist--though one of very little consequence or fame, up until the moment of his rather gory death, which had made him somewhat notorious among people who paid much mind to that sort of thing. Whether he had been a professional master or not, however, he had certainly been very passionate, which had given Ophelia and all of her siblings (while she had still had siblings) a higher than average appreciation for the world of beasts and beings, and quite a lot of knowledge on the subject of various magical animals. For all of her knowledge, both practical and theoretical, however, she had never seen something quite like that.

    "Is it some kind of experiment?" she asked in awe, pressing her hand up against the glass as she leaned in. She was in the exhibition hall, and not even the magical one, which made her discovery of this creature all the more wondrous. Nathalie was here somewhere, but Ophelia had gotten separated from her when they'd been a part of the crowd at the unveiling of the erumpant not long ago, so she was more or less addressing the general flow of onlookers at large, and not any one of them in particular.

    The animal in question looked something like a beaver that someone had attempted to transfigure into a duck, with very middling success. The mouth was a large, flat bill, like a duck's but larger, and it had webbed feet, like a duck--but there were four of them, like most mammals that walked on land. The rest of it was nothing but fur--Ophelia couldn't even tell if the thing had any eyes or ears hidden in there, though it did have quite a pridigious tail.

    "Oughtn't it to be in the magical exhibition hall?" she inquired of the person next to her.
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    This was Atticus's first big event as exhibit manager, and he thought it was going quite well, all things considered. He'd only taken the job a week or so ago, but his work in the Ministry had required him to be familiar with all the regulations, anyhow -- he'd even written a few of them himself. No doubt that was part of the reason he'd even been hired, despite his long absence from Hogsmeade.

    Regardless, he was beyond pleased with his new post, not in the least because he actually got to spend time with creatures, instead of just regulating them.

    "It is rather odd-looking, isn't it?" Atticus replied, a trace of amusement in his voice. "It is, in fact, non-magical. The muggles call it a platypus."
    [Image: lLNjshK.png]
    pretties by MJ
    It took some effort for Ophelia to tear her eyes off of the creature beyond the glass, but when someone spoke to her she decided it was probably only polite to do so. The man in question was tall, and reasonably handsome, though not, she thought, in the traditional way. Mr. Devine was handsome by any standard, with his classical features and neat dark hair, but this man had a more of subdued sort of appeal. At the moment he looked quite ordinary, but something about his features suggested some impishness, as if he was prone to large grins, and she imagined that if she were to coax one such expression out it might rather transform his features and make him very handsome indeed. He also looked vaguely but unplaceably familiar.

    "A platy-what?" Ophelia asked, with a skeptical glance back at the creature. "Did you say puss, like a cat? Why on earth would they call it that?"
    [Image: mrd8vm.jpg]
    [Image: j98sw5.gif]

    Célian had been wondering around the Zoological gardens for some time. Keenly inspecting some of the exhibits and stopping every once in awhile to briefly listen to a presentation. The french wizard wasn't really there to enjoy himself though, it was just something he was doing. His cousin was coming with his wife and their only child, so it was only courteous for them to give him an invite, and for him to accept. So, here he was, having meandered into the exhibition hall. He was looking through the glass at a creature he had seen before, but did not know it's name. He briefly remembered a travelling zoo that had stopped at the Orchard, and this was one of their animals, the rough sketch he had done of it when he was 8 was probably still around the hall somewhere..... Lost in thought a woman's voice brought him out of it.

    She was off to the side, and Célian turned his head slightly to get a look at her. She was pretty, but not in a conventional sense, certainly not like the mostly fair haired french girls back home. He admired the curve of her neck and how well dressed she was. He was about to say something when the voice of someone else interjected, giving the name of the creature. He shifted a little closer as the woman spoke.
    "Why indeed? Although," He said, staring at the animal for a brief second before turning to the dark haired witch, "It's rather fitting. A funny name for a funny looking animal." He smiled at her before looking towards the man, extending a slightly roughened hand. "Hello sir. I will take it that you work here?" Here he turned to look back the witch. "Either that or your husband has an overt fondness for creatures?"

    Célian was hoping they would not be attached, so this would be the most polite and tactful way of finding out. If she was committed to someone he would rather find out now, before he wasted his time on something he couldn't have.
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