Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    If You Go Down to the Woods Today
    Private Thread 
    7th May, 1887.

    The first night of the full moon was, Morwenna knew, the second night one could expect to hear rumours of wolves lurking in the shadowy dark and it was no different this month. It had been no different almost every month since she had joined the Beasts Division in her youth and worked her way up to her current position – for whatever reason people were fascinated by the creatures – but this month the rumour had sounded rather more substantial than usual. The signs were there, she was sure of it, but being able to prove it was another thing.

    Mr Flint had dismissed the suggestion of course and Morwenna, after she had finished seething and throwing things at the department secretary – poor Miss Tennison had been very understanding – had hatched a plan. If she ever intended to climb up the ladder at the Ministry then she needed a win in her corner and this was going to be it: and so it was that bundled up in her darkest cloak and with her wand ready and waiting Morwenna found herself in the Forbidden Forest, listening carefully for any disturbance.

    It was possibly the most reckless action she had ever taken in her life and Morwenna was riddled with tension as she waited, reconsidering her decision roughly once every few seconds. She should have insisted that the Werewolf Capture Unit be involved, should have at least told somebody where she was going or brought somebody along with her. Mr Podmore might be a pain but at least he would be a reassuring presence in the dark!

    @Ryder Lukeson
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       Lupus Jameshill
    Ryder found himself in the Forbidden Forest, tonight would be the second night he transformed here, the first time he did so because he was on a trip in Hogsmeade, looking at an old book. He had lost track of time and had to scramble to find somewhere to safely complete the change, ending up in the Forest. He had considered it a safe alternative, the children were not allowed to wander around it, and most of the locals stayed out, the whispers of all sorts of creatures living in the woods kept them away. He was already in position, having safely stashed his wand and clothes in a run down hut that he could apparate to once done. He sat at the base of an enormous tree, he could feel a burning and accepted the transformation as it consumed his body.

    Running....Running....Smelling... His snout caught a scent, it's furry muzzle twitching as he took it in....It was familiar and enticing. He followed it, brushing past trees, the smell growing stronger and stronger until it was everywhere. He slowed down, cautiously looking for the source. There. He sank his body lower, watching the creature, his mouth curled back, baring teeth. Watching, waiting....
    [Image: BnhDD7l.gif]
    Dreadfully lovely mourning set from Elaine! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Any cracks of branches set Morwenna’s already temperamental nerves on edge and she questioned her decision over and over in her mind, but her heart – oh that treacherously brave that Martha always mentioned with a twist of her lips – her heart always got her into trouble. And her heart wanted so much to rise through the ranks and take the top stop in her department. She had seen Mrs Parkinson and Mrs Lestrange rise to such heights, though she had a highly cynical opinion why and she was determined to achieve that herself.

    She also wanted Mason to be proud of her. For him to be able to brag about his mother at the dining table and shut the headmaster down utterly. She had imagined him a thousand times being condescending about her son’s connections – though really, she didn’t know at all what the miserable carcass of a man was like in the flesh – and at least her elevation might help him. Certainly his father’s never would.

    With that thought in mind she resolved to stay. She could catch this beast. She had been monitoring them all her life so who better than she?

    Another branch cracked and she gripped the hilt of her wand so hard it dug into her skin painfully. There was someone there.

    No, not someone. Something.
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       Lupus Jameshill
    The smell coming from this one was intoxicating, he needed to taste it, to tear his teeth into flesh and sate his hunger. But he felt the need to be cautious, something preternatural warning him to carefully watch and wait. Clinging to the shadows he moved from tree to tree, as he did a twig snapped and his eyes shot up, his prey had heard the noise and was now alerted to his presence. Oh well. His instinct to lunge and tear was overtaking him by the minute, as he watched, moonlight bathed her and he couldn't resist. He lunged from the trees at breakneck speed, his hunger hurtling his furry body towards her.

    In seconds he was upon her, muzzle snapping as he tried to bite down, claws tangling in clothing and hair, smells and emotions overpowering him, tossing him further into a state of frenzy as his actions became less controlled and coordinating. The only thing that mattered was tasting and eating.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ryder Lukeson's post:
       Morwenna Skeeter
    [Image: BnhDD7l.gif]
    Dreadfully lovely mourning set from Elaine! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    The pain hit long before any awareness of what was happening did. Every muscle in her body had tensed instinctively upon the initial blow and Morwenna’s shocked brain had her convinced she must have been hit with a petrifying spell of some kind – then the spiraling, burning agony in her leg banished any other possible thought from her mind.

    It was like nothing she had ever felt before. A mountainous pain that easily outstripped the various bump and bruises of youth and had the edge on labour if only because she had been helped then – she had known what was happening, what would happen next, that millions had done this before her and would after her – but this, this felt like death. Survival was one thing, living afterwards, she knew all too well, was a different matter.

    Still, instinct was a more powerful beast than the one on top of her and Morwenna scrambled for her wand desperately, fingernails coming back with nothing but dirt as she groped in the dark wildly.

    (OOC: so sorry this took ages!)
    He was so close as he sought out a point to rip into, his teeth finding purchase in a leg. His claws dug in to find better hold as he tore into the flesh, warm blood matting his fur as he tore away. He needed more.
    [Image: BnhDD7l.gif]
    Dreadfully lovely mourning set from Elaine! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Pain shot through her like a whip as she felt sharp, unyielding teeth in her leg and Morwenna cried out into the dark night, knowing that despite the best efforts of her lungs no one was listening. No one else was stupid enough to be out here knowing a wolf was on the loose! What on earth had she been thinking?!

    She wasn’t thinking. She couldn’t. All she could think of was the pain and reaching out to grab at her wand until finally, finally her fingers clasped around the wood and she rolled as best she could underneath her attacker.

    “Bombarda!” She cast desperately, thinking of the first thing she could to fling him from her.
    Her taste was beyond description as he heartily dug in, but his happiness would be short lived as an explosion blasted him from his prey, his teeth pulling out flesh as he went flying, hitting a nearby tree with loud thump. He cried out in pain, his ears were ringing as he fell to the dirt. He opened one eye, but everything seemed hazy. He thought he could still smell her, but the pain in his chest was overwhelming. He managed to get up, he wanted more but now he knew she was just as dangerous and he wouldn't be killed by prey. He bolted away into the night.
    [-] The following 1 user Likes Ryder Lukeson's post:
       Morwenna Skeeter
    [Image: BnhDD7l.gif]
    Dreadfully lovely mourning set from Elaine! Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Shaking violently Morwenna knew it was pure adrenaline keeping her from passing out there and then and probably being carried away by the centaurs given her luck tonight! The worst of it was she was in doubt what the consequence of this would be: she had spent her life studying the effects of wolf bites and like an abject fool she was going to find out first hand.

    No one could know of course. It would ruin her, it would ruin Mason. Thoughts of her son alone spurred her into action and as she gripped her wand with the last of her strength she apparated away before she even realised the wolf had run off into the night.

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