Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    In Character

    Full Name: Victoria Filch.

    Nicknames: She goes exclusively by Queenie.

    Birthdate: 26th May, 1862.

    Current Age: 26.

    Occupation: Prostitute.

    Reputation: 1.

    Residence: The attic of The Horned Serpent, London.

    Hogwarts House: FML.

    Wand: FML.

    Blood Status: Halfblood. Squib.

    Social Class: Lower.

    Mr. William "Bill" Filch | Father | 1842-
    Ms. Matilda "Matty" Filch | Mother | 1847-

    Mr. William "Billy" Filch | Brother, or half-brother, or half-cousin…who knows | 1864-
    Mr. John "Jack" Filch | Brother | 1865-1865
    Mr. James "Jimmy" Filch | Brother | 1866-
    Ms. Elizabeth "Lizzie" Filch | Sister | 1868-1871
    Mr. Charles "Charlie" Filch | Brother | 1869-
    Ms. Anne "Annie" Filch | Sister | 1870-

    Since 1883 Queenie has not seen a single member of her family and they have not sought her out.

    Appearance: 5’3. Slender build but since she had her daughter she has filled out considerably, which fortunately is quite useful at work, though she could do without the faint tiger stripes. Honey blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back. Though she would never pass for a proper lady if she dresses respectably and wears her hair up Queenie can just about pass for being a decent member of society amongst those that don’t know her. If she had been able to use magic she would have used her right hand.


    1862: Victoria Anne is born the first child of Bill and Matty Filch, pureblood cousins who fell in love and live as man and wife in Lant Street, London, where they live amongst muggles to enjoy the ability to take advantage of them in times of hardship. Though her parents are mostly within the law, barring a few incidents of holding goods for others as “favours” (and never encountering the police due to the occasional use of confundus charms), they are otherwise surrounded by a rookery of thieves, prostitutes and forgers. Victoria, called Queenie by all since she was about a week old, only sees the occasional treats they bring for her and enjoys the attention of being a pretty child in the area – never wondering why some might be especially interested in her development.

    1864: William is born and named for their father.

    1865: John is born in the summer and several months later is dead. Most people, including Bill, consider the sad event to simply be one of those things and attempt to move on, however Matty, who dabbles in dark magic on the side and is about as good as it as her husband is at keeping a job, has accidentally killed him. #fail.

    1866: James is born. Queenie has no recollection of either of these things but she does notice when her mother suddenly doesn’t have as much time for her and the meals get smaller.

    1868: Elizabeth is born and Queenie is thrilled to finally have a sister amongst her siblings.

    1869: Charles is born. By now Queenie is old enough to know that something is happening and to be frightened when the midwife deems her old enough to help in the birthing room and at the tender age of seven she witnesses her first birth. It will be far from the last.

    1869: Annie is born. She is in the room for this one too though feels less shaken afterwards, having known what to expect this time, and she is much happier to have another sister than more brothers. Her happy mood is spoiled entirely though when Billy displays magic for the first time and her father notices that she probably should have done so too. The worry that she might be a squib begins to set it.

    1871: Lizzie dies under circumstances that are a too similar to John’s for them to go entirely unnoticed by the rest of the family. On the other hand every member of the Filch family is slightly too afraid of Matty to even contemplate confronting her on the matter. Things go from bad to worse when there is a raid on the house next door and suddenly the criminals that surround them become a great deal less inclined to involve neighbours that won’t take the same risks but want to profit from the rewards. Unable to cast anything nearly as powerful as an imperius curse – frankly his memory charms are often dangerous for the victim – Queenie’s father is unable to find money to support their family. The thought of getting work never enters his mind and despite her mother’s best efforts to take in washing and – though Queenie will never know it – supplement that money with some casual prostitution the family soon becomes destitute and have no choice but to enter into the workhouse.

    For Queenie the initial separation from the rest of her family is devastating. She is sent to the girl’s ward and cries herself to sleep at night for weeks and it is especially hard to think that Lizzie could have been with her, though things begin to look up slightly for her when, as per the law, the children are given some small form of education. For the first time in her life Queenie discovers how to read and write, albeit in a very crude form for her age, and she adds it to her repository of skills, along with needlework, pickpocketing and taking the hallmarks off metal so it can be sold on.

    1873: The summer after she turns eleven Queenie has more or less forgotten to expect her Hogwarts letter at all. She has several friends amongst the other young girls and though their life is hard she enjoys her lessons and being no better or worse than anyone else around her. They all blend in together and she is fed and doesn’t feel the eyes of the local men on her growing figure so doesn’t feel the instinctive fear she used to, so it is not all bad. By now Annie has been moved to the girl’s ward and Queenie feels a slight spiteful pleasure that her mother is now the one that’s entirely cut off from the family.

    1875: Queenie has been trained up as a spinner and by the age of thirteen she has half a hope of getting out of the workhouse soon and being able to earn her own living. Her parents forfeited the right to their children when they entered the workhouse and Queenie knows it – soon she might be able to live her own life and be respectable and get away from people who look down on her for not having any magic, as her parents certainly did and her brothers were learning to. She has not seen them properly in years of course but she is sure they won’t have changed.

    She is proved right when one day a disturbance is heard in the boys ward and she soon learns that an owl has been hovering around all morning. Her stomach sinks. Billy is going to Hogwarts. Her parents discharge the whole family and they take a squalid dwelling in Marshalsea Road, right by where they lived before and the eyes of the men she grew up in front of find Queenie’s thirteen year old body quickly. Suffice to say her mother does precisely nothing about it and Queenie begins to plot her escape when their hands begin to get grabby.

    On more than one occasion she cannot slip away quickly enough. She learns that sex is not always about feeling and she is quite able to leave her body if need be. Frankly she is amazed it has taken them this long to begin picking on such an easy target.

    1877: Her parents, giving essentially no thought to her whatsoever, decide to move the family to Hogsmeade when the muggles find out about magic. Suddenly her father's life of lazy exploitation will be harder so they move. Queenie can enter the village but being surrounded by magic at every turn is incredibly disheartening and the opportunities to use the skills she learnt in the workhouse are few and far between, rural Scotland not being overburdened with industrial factories and all. With no other option Queenie instead becomes a scullery maid and resents every second of the next dreary few years as one by one her siblings go to Hogwarts.

    Her only consolation is that at least she doesn't have to live with her mother anymore, though she is happy to spare the time to visit her father, considering him weak and foolish but not cruel by nature.

    1881: Queenie moves into the household of Justice Longbottom, a bachelor of the upper class who is far from ugly and arouses in Queenie the first interest in the opposite sex that she has ever truly experienced. He is kind and considerate to his staff and treats her as being "more" than she has ever considered herself in her whole life. She quickly develops feelings for him and they are, sort of, reciprocated. At the very least he finds her attractive and is willing to indulge her flights of fantasy about a future for them that will never be. In doing so he is perhaps crueler than any other man she has ever met before.

    1882: Inevitably, Queenie falls pregnant. She does not know it at the time but Justice and his family are already making plans for how to deal with the child when it comes.

    1883: A daughter is born than Queenie names Alexandra after the Princess of Wales, continuing her mother's tradition of giving her children royal names. A week later the child is taken from her, renamed and she is forced at wand point to make the Unbreakable Vow to say she will never contact her child again or speak of her parentage to anybody. Hysterical with betrayal and grief she leaves Justice's house immediately and returns to her family, where she is shunned by her mother and older two brothers whilst their younger siblings are away at school and her father is out.

    She leaves Hogsmeade for good that very night, determined to have nothing to do with any of them again. She heads to London grudgingly, she has no great love for the city but she knows nowhere else well enough to survive. Queenie uses the money the Longbottom's threw at her feet to rent a room at the Leaky Cauldron, something that she soon realises will cost a lot more than it's more salacious counterpart in Knockturn Alley. Queenie is mostly numb to her surroundings anyway and is no stranger to the shittier parts of the city so she quickly moves.

    And with nothing else to sell and no one else to turn to Queenie takes an offer from the landlord of the The Horned Serpent. She can work behind his bar and live in the attic room as long as she uses the latter to entertain gentleman and pay him a cut. Her reluctance is overcome when she meets the Missus, who immediately chastises her for looking slovenly and purses her lips when she learns what role Queenie is to take up: on the other hand, whether she knows it or not, she places her body between Queenie's and the eyes of the landlord, the first time anybody has ever offered her even the slightest hint of protection.

    Queenie joins the staff.

    1887-: By now she is once again surrounded by criminals, con-men and forgers though Queenie finds it grimly ironic that she is now the prostitute amongst the band of rogues. She still leaves her body almost every time she is at work but the crime bosses lover, Sawyer, is not such a bad man and they get along well enough. If she were stupid she would be inclined to fall in love again but she has long since learnt her lesson in that respect. He'll do for company though and sometimes she even forgets to charge him.

    Personality: Cynical and hardened Queenie is a bitter young woman with little optimism left in her heart. She is cleverer than she looks but she is also fully aware that no one expects anything at all from her in the brain department so any intelligence she possesses at all would surprise those around her. She has taken to the drink somewhat over the last few years as a coping mechanism so her residence is ideal, as is the fact that her landlord is more than happy to provide her with potions that will prevent her ever having to endure the loss of a child again. When she has imbibed she is good company, largely because she has half-forgotten her own sorry story. Queenie has embraced the lessons of her upbringing and combined with her newfound attitude she cares very little for what the gang are up to and would help if there was anything in it for her.

    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: thenug-mheZl5GtwK.gif]

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Age: Old.
    [Image: queenie11c548.png]
    perfect set by MJ <3

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