Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Otávio Caldiera
    In Character
    Full Name: Otávio Ademir Raposo de Caldiera
    Nicknames: As a young man he was called Tavi or Tav. Due to recent events, those names are no longer allowable. He’s toyed with introducing himself as ‘Otto’ while in Britain because he thinks it sounds English, but often forgets to answer to it. Sebastiano used to call him Viejo (Spanish for "Old Man") but it's been a very long time since that happened.
    Birthdate: November 20th 1830
    Current Age: 56 Years
    Occupation: Owner of Especialidades do Novo Mundo, Amateur Alchemist
    Reputation: 5.
    Residence: Wellingtonshire, as a guest of Olivia Pendergast London, for now.
    Hogwarts House: Attended Castelobruxo
    Wand: 11” palm and Caipora bone, rigid.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Family: /deep breath
    Father | Ademir Ovidio Rocha del Caldiera | [1748 – 1867]
    Mother | Apolônia Raposa da Costa | [1800 – Present]

    Brother | Verissimo Raposo de Caldiera | [1820 – 1854]
    ---Sister-In-Law | Elinor Goyle | [1827 – Present] (See below)
    ------Nephew | João Otávio Goyle de Caldiera | [1850 – 1856]
    ------Niece | Lygia Goyle de Caldiera | [1854 – Present]
    ---------and family

    Sister | Izabel Apolonia Raposa Caldiera | [1836 – Present]
    ---Brother-In-Law | Luiz Verdigo Silva | [1806 – 1880]
    ------Niece | Thaís Raposa Verdigo| [1859 – Present]
    ---------and family
    ------Nephew | Tristao Gaspar Raposo Verdigo| [1862 – Present]
    ------Niece | Marciane Raposa Verdigo | [1864 – Present]
    ---------and husband

    Wife | Elinor Goyle | [1827 – Present] Through grandfather Westley Goyle, Elinor is cousin to certain branches of the Goyles, McGonagalls, Urquarts, Travers, Macnairs, Lestranges, Pendergasts, Selwyns, Carrows, Potters, Yaxleys, Bainbridges, Asperhands, Rowles, Etheriums, and Mulcibers.
    ---Daughter | Doroteia Otávia Goyle de Caldiera | [1858 – Present]
    ------Son-In-Law | João Gouteneale d’Santos | [1843 – Present]
    ---------Grandson | João Caldiera d’Santos | [1877 – Present]
    ---------Granddaughter | Larissa Andreia Caldiera d’Santos | [1880 – Present]
    ---------Granddaughter | Eneida Aline Caldiera d’Santos | [1883 – Present]
    ---Son | Verissimo Altair Goyle de Caldiera | [1860 – Present]
    ---Son | Thiago Goyle de Caldiera | [1864 – Present]
    ---Daughter | Efigénia Talita Goyle de Caldiera | [1869 – Present]
    ---Son | Sergio Goyle de Caldiera | [1875 – Present]

    Otavio has always been a handsome man, though he’s taken it for granted most of his life. He has strong facial features, expressive, heavy eyebrows, and dark eyes that are typically hard to read. His hair was dark for most of his life but has started going a peppered grey over the past two or three years. He is tall at 5’10”, and has a larger frame that could easily lead him to look intimidating if his stance wasn’t generally so unassuming. As it is, the way he carries himself is only half a gesture away from a permanent shrug, and his lips are often curved into a slight smile, though he rarely explains what he’s smiling about. That happens somewhat less frequently since last fall, but it still happens.

    Otavio prefers suits over robes, since they have more pockets, and he likes to pocket interesting things he finds if he’s walking out of doors. His wardrobe has a bit more color to it than typical British gentleman’s might, though nothing flamboyant; muted green-browns, steely blues, or perhaps a dusty rust color instead of mere black. If he isn’t in a place where he has to be conscious of his wardrobe he often removes his jacket and rolls up his shirt sleeves, revealing a large burn on his left forearm from when he was a child. He is right-handed.

    ► Family History ◄
    The earliest branches of the Caldiera family were middle class potioneers in 15th century Portugal. Sensing the rising tensions of the Spanish Inquisition right next door, they were among the first wizards to leave the country for the new colony of Brazil in the first half of the 16th century. After some exploration the modest potioneers discovered and catalogued a wealth of new potion ingredients which were available in the new world, and first made their fortune harvesting and exporting these ingredients. Over time, they became one of the most respected and established families in Brazil, and in addition to their thriving export business began to branch in to experimental potioneering and alchemy. They have been considered purebloods since the middle of the 17th century. Ademir Rocha del Caldiera went abroad shortly after the birth of his first son in 1820 to severe ties as amicably as possible with the Portuguese magical government, concurrent with the Brazilian war of Independence. He did not return until the conclusion of the war in 1825, and was then for some years instrumental in establishing the earliest Brazilian independent magical government.

    ► Early Life ◄
    Otavio Ademir is born in 1830, following one stillborn daughter and one miscarriage in the previous three years, and joins his brother Verissimo, ten years his senior. Although potion ingredient export is still the family business, his father has very little to do with it, being more engrossed in the growing political scene. With his older brother off to school before he is even old enough to walk, Otavio spends most of his time alone, using his father’s large office and warehouse complex as a playground while his father is mostly away from the company. He was always fascinated by the strange things being brought in and out, and would ask ceaseless questions of the workers, and occasionally steal little snippets of things he thought particularly interesting. One of these things, a twisted bit of vine, comes alive in the night during 1841 and attempts to strangle him, and his first sign of magic is to make it catch fire. Between the flames and his screaming the adults soon come and free him from the plant, but he is left with a lasting burn on his forearm, where the thing was when it caught fire. His sister Izabel was born in 1836 but proved to be of little use in the way of company. His brother graduates in 1837, but immediately goes abroad for several years, to continue his studies. Otavio was rather excited to get out of the house by the time his invitation to Castelobruxo arrived in 1842, when he was almost twelve (due to his late birthday).

    ► Adolescence ◄
    Going to school changes everything. Otavio had never really been around children his own age and immediately makes very tight friends at school. He excels in Herbology, Magizoology, and Potioneering. He is fascinated by Alchemy but makes a much slower start at it, and to this day does not feel he has mastered the subject the way he would have liked to. His interests are rather perfectly suited to the family business, but by this point Verissimo has already taken over the daily management of it from their father, who remains political. Verissimo has more in common with their father on that front, and very little interest in potions or their ingredients. He was, however, a very charismatic man with a head for business, and the export business was flourishing under his hand. Otavio has vague plans to ask his brother to fund a research trip after graduation, to go scout out new exports around the South American continent, but has very little ‘career’ plans beyond that.

    School is also where he first meets Sebastiano. The younger boy starts school in 1846, and despite the age gap, they become friendly. Sebastiano is an artist. Otavio likes that.

    After receiving very good marks, Otavio graduates in 1849, the same year that his older brother announces his intention to marry. His bride is an English girl that he met on the continent, while there on a lengthy business trip; she was vacationing in Italy. Miss Elinor Goyle, when she finally arrives in Brazil following her honeymoon, seems like a perfectly lovely girl, but Otavio worries she may not have been entirely prepared for life on the edge of a rain forest.

    ► Young Adulthood ◄
    Following graduation Otavio spent two years doing very little of anything; he worked a menial job his father had gotten him in the law department, but didn’t enjoy it much. He continued researching alchemy and its various offshoot studies in his free time. He gives up on floating the idea of a research trip to Verissimo, due to a lack of any real direction. His brother’s wife produces an heir, João, in 1850.

    In 1852, Sebastiano leaves school to pursue painting full time. The young men had kept in touch via infrequent letters during the younger’s continued education, but now they become nearly inseparable once again and suddenly the research trip seems less directionless. He proposes it to his brother, who agrees to fund it, and the two spend the next two years traveling the continent, Otavio doing alchemy research and Sebastiano keeping a sketch-journal of everything they come across and painting jungle landscapes, which they lug back to present in a formal exhibition in Europe in 1854. Sebastiano is a celebrated success, and is swept into the world of European artists. The two tour Europe, Otavio now serving very little purpose except to trudge around in Sebastiano’s shadow.

    Otavio’s travels are cut abruptly short when he receives news in 1855 that his brother had died the previous year in a sudden accident. The news had taken several months to reach him on his sporadic journey through Europe, but he returns home immediately. His brother’s widow has two children, now, having given birth to a daughter a few months before Verissimo died. Otavio’s father is still alive, but has no interest in running the company; although it is the birthright of young João, he will clearly not be qualified to make any decisions about it for a good long while. It is decided that Otavio ought to take over the management until João is of age, and Otavio is secretly a little pleased. Though the circumstances might have been better, he had been feeling a little inferior following around the very successful Sebastiano, and is relieved to have some sort of purpose of his own. He does miss his friend, though, and is delighted when the man pays him a visit in late 1856. It is during this visit that Otavio in Orange is painted; his first formal portrait, although Sebastiano had sketched him many times during their travels. He cherishes the painting.

    Sebastiano’s visit is cut short by the unexpected illness of Otavio’s nephew, young João. The boy does not recover and dies, and what had been a rather pleasant visit ends with Sebastiano more or less stealing back to Europe like a thief in the night.

    The death of the Caldiera heir puts Elinor’s status very much in question. Otavio can’t help but feel very sorry for her, alone and all but friendless in a foreign country and with an infant daughter to think of. As it stands, she may have to return to England with nothing. What starts as a sympathetic conversation about what her future may hold becomes something else entirely, and, rather to his surprise, Otavio finds himself soon engaged to be married to his brother’s widow. Their marriage takes place in summer of 1857, the haste being necessary because Elinor discovered quite unexpectedly that she was pregnant following their lengthy conversation which ended with their being engaged. Otavio assumes that news of this reaches Sebtastiano. It is many years before he speaks to the artist again.

    ► Married Life ◄
    His first child, a daughter, is born in early 1858. It takes Otavio a while to settle in to married life, particularly since most of his interests lie with the export business and his continued research into potion and alchemy fundamentals. What time he has left for Elinor is clearly not what she was used to with Verissimo. She responds by becoming more and more engaged in Brazilian wizarding society, using her connection to his sister Izabel and the position of her in-laws to climb her way into a position of some prestige among the society women of South America. When their next child is born in 1860, it is only because Elinor had decided she needed another child to keep up appearances. That becomes more or less the pattern of their marriage. They are amiable, but no more than that, until Elinor decides she needs another child. After their son, who is christened Verissimo after his late uncle, it is several years before she requires another; Thiago joins them in 1864.

    The two girls, his step-daughter/niece Lygia and his firstborn daughter Doroteia, depart for school in the coming years. Between their departures his father, at this point a very old and somewhat senile old man, dies. When both of the girls are away at school Elinor gets restless and requests another; Efigenia is born in 1869.

    ► Later Life ◄
    The graduation of Elinor’s daughter in 1871 sets in motion a whirlwind of activity in their home. Up until this point, Tav had been relatively unmolested by Elinor’s various functions and events, but now that there is a daughter to be presented it seems he cannot get a moment’s rest anywhere. It is quite a relief when she becomes engaged after her second season, but this does not prove to be the respite he anticipated; there is the wedding to be planned for, and by the time that it finished, it is Doroteia’s time to “come out.”

    A quiet suggestion that perhaps things do not need to be quite so grand results in the most dramatic fight of their marriage, and a tearful, screaming fit from Elinor, which no one who was present in the house at the time will ever forget. The fight leads to his getting very drunk, and his getting very drunk leads, somehow, to the conception of Sergio. They are both rather surprised and attempt to feign happiness, but neither had planned on having any more children. That being said, Elinor must be getting sentimental in her old age, because after she gives birth in 1875, she grows incredibly protective of Sergio.

    Two seasons after debuting, like clockwork, Doroteia is getting married, and a year later she is pregnant, which brings the arrival of his first grandchild in 1877. Meanwhile, his sons are at Castelobruxo, all except the youngest, and doing rather well. Verissimo graduates in 1877 but this proves far less exciting for Elinor. She begins taking long journeys to the continent when the social season is not in full swing, bringing Sergio with her.

    Verissimo has, it turns out, very little in common with his father and very little interest in the export business. When Thiago graduates in 1881 it becomes clear to everyone that he is clearly Otavio’s favorite son, although he does feel a little chuffed that Thiago is obviously a better alchemist than him, despite his young age. More grandchildren arrive, and Elinor spends more time abroad. In 1886, Sergio must depart her side for school, but she is compensated by the graduation several months earlier of Efigenia, who becomes her most ambitious debut yet. There are several offers of courtship within the first few months, two of which Otavio and Elinor give their blessing to (it really has much more to do with Elinor than him, at any rate), but upon meeting with Efigenia both men find their advances stubbornly rebuffed, and even tells the second that she is already promised to someone else!

    ► Say What? ◄
    This is the beginning of calamity. It takes surprisingly little prodding before Efigenia confesses her secret. Elinor suspects the worst, but as it turns out even her wildest nightmares could not fathom what was about to be revealed: Efigenia was in love with a portrait. Specifically, Otavio in Orange, which hung prominently in the parlor of their town home and had long had a habit of flirtatiously grinning at guests both male and female alike, but until this point had seemed rather innocuous (at least to Otavio; his wife had always thought the portrait in poor taste, but had eventually stopped complaining about it when he made his attachment to the thing clear).

    As if Otavio had something to do with his portrait’s flirtatious misbehavior, Elinor refuses to speak to her husband except in the tersest sentences. She struggles to get Efigenia out into society once again, but rumors are already spreading about Efigenia’s “secret engagement” after her latest suitor was turned away, and Efigenia herself is entirely unwilling. Elinor eventually retreats into her bedroom for days. It is clear that if Efigenia is to marry, she will have to go somewhere beyond South America, as the very tight-knit group of wizarding society have already all but ostracized the Caldieras.

    Elinor writes impassioned letters to her distant relations in England, and eventually finds a second-cousin willing to present the girl in British society (though said relative knows nothing about Elinor’s reasoning for sending the girl away from Brazil, and it is impressed very heavily on Otavio that she must not be allowed to find out). Since Elinor cannot be in the same room with Efigenia for more than a few minutes without bursting into frantic tears, she says that Otavio must accompany her—now that Efigenia has proved such a heartbreak, Elinor has begun referring to her as your daughter every time the subject comes up, as if everything is his fault.

    The painting is sold at an auction house.

    The last roadblock in Elinor’s plan is Efigenia herself; after being parted from the portrait, she is inconsolable and will not permit anyone to even drag her from her bedroom. When Otavio tries to talk to Elinor about it, she replies that this is his problem, and she has done enough to remedy it. After some contemplation, Otavio enlists the help of his son Thiago, who brews some “medicine” to keep his sister docile and agreeable—if in something of a permanent fog. In this admittedly very sorry state, the three of them head off to England, Thiago coming to brew his sister’s daily potions, and Otavio to try and see her quietly married as quickly as possible--and both of them trying to ensure Efigenia does not begin talking of her engagement to a portrait again.
    Although buoyant and charming in his adolescence, years with Elinor have somewhat cowed Otavio; although he still flourishes in small groups or private parties he has come to regard any large social functions as something of her world, and feels appropriately out of place and a little staged when he is forced to partake in them. He has particular tastes and interests, and does not care to waste his time with things that do not interest him. Otavio is an avid reader in certain subjects and well read on principles of alchemy and potion-brewing, though somewhat less keen in practice. He is a storehouse of old knowledge and often breaks out trivia about horticultural or magizoological minutiae. Sometimes he also breaks out horticultural or magizoological minutiae itself, being a bit of a collector who is often found with rather odd things in his pockets for no apparent reason.

    Otavio is generally easy to get along with, in part because he’s rather quiet when others are dominant or agitated. That being said, it’s not really his true nature to be reserved or soft-spoken, merely a defense tactic of sorts, and among his friends he is known for having very well-structured but passionate arguments about his opinions.
    Out of Character
    Name: Lynn
    [Image: xdtlwi.jpg]


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