Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Still A Better Love Story Than Twilight
    Private Thread 
    Elmer had been tasked with the delivery of a donation at Crowdy Memorial Library. They had a large library at Lunarbridge Castle and, at times, they donated any books that they might not need. Usually, those were the ones they bought, didn't enjoy and thus didn't have a reason to keep around. Sometimes, they also donated super old books that were probably published in the early 1700s but were too dull or unimportant to be considered an artefact.

    Today's donation would have been a mix of those. I saw would, because Elmer took the super old books, intending to resell them at Tomes & Scrolls. They had a bit of a reputation of selling old books that weren't that easy to find in the more mainstream bookshops.

    At the library, he was directed to a young employee. Elmer set down a magical bag and started removing books out of it.

    "I have four cookbooks-" Cooking had been the hobby of a great aunt."-This book about hunting. Two latin dictionaries. And this terrible piece of writing." He set down a book which he assumed to have belonged to his mother. He'd never read it, but it was one of those books. The overly sappy sort where everyone ended up happily married in the end. Or so Elmer assumed.

    @Hannah Pettigrew @Gwyneth Banges
    [Image: ElmerSigL.png]
    Sorting through the donations was one of the more thankless jobs at the library, in Gwyneth's opinion. Half of the books were so abused and worn that they couldn't lend them out for fear of them falling apart, and the other half were such rubbish that she can't fathom anyone wanting to borrow them, much less pay money for them in the first place. She watched as the young man emptied the contents of his bag, fairly impressed that the offerings seemed both useful and in decent condition.

    Until, of course, he took out her book.

    "Goodness, how harsh," she quipped as she picked up Purity and eyed its cover. It looked like new, which meant either this man's family were not great readers or they were very particular about their library. "It's not all that bad. I happen to quite like it." Not to toot her own horn, but she was allowed a bit of self-promotion, wasn't she?
    Elmer wasn't surprised that the library girl liked it. She couldn't be older than twenty-one. She fit the book's demographic. Yes, Elmer was totally that kind of intellectual snob. He believed that books intended for young women tended not to be of the best quality. They all had the same theme - some plain, unfortunate girl had a series of dull misadventures and then she got married.

    "I've not read it," Elmer confessed. "But the premise sounded so overdone. A muggleborn tries to marry a pureblood. Bo-ring." It was the muggle version of 'rags to riches'. And who knows, maybe that book had that theme also. "And it's such an unrealistic concept too. Whoever wrote it is obviously not a pureblood. We're obsessed with our bloodlines. We'd know if someone was lying about their blood status because we'd be able to figure out how they're not already related to us." The Macmillans weren't staunch blood purists and they were related to a bunch of pureblooded families. The Pendergasts, the Lovegoods, the Selwyns...
    [Image: ElmerSigL.png]