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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Private Thread 
    April 26th, 1887
    @Ursula Black's 30th Birthday

    All things considered, Hannah thought she and Thom had been doing a decent job of putting their best feet forward. They'd smiled and entered the party together arm-in-arm, as if nothing unpleasant had passed between them since their marriage, and they were as happy as newlyweds should be. For the most part, it was even true. Though she couldn't help feeling a little bit anxious when he was away from home too late or seemed less chatty than usual, he seemed more like himself than he had in months, and that was all she could really ask for.

    They still had to convince everybody else they didn't despise each other's presence, though, and to that end Hannah was on a mission to track down her errant husband and rope him into a dance. They'd split up a little while ago to greet their separate friends, but three glasses of champagne later he still hadn't returned, and Hannah had decided that was beyond long enough for the men to say hello. What on earth did they have to talk about, anyway? Most men were so dull, incapable of discussing anything but themselves.

    She might also have been a little bit tipsy.

    The dress she'd had made for the occasion was sufficiently opulent, but insufficiently mobile, and navigating though the crowd was proving to be more of a chore than Hannah had anticipated. The champagne probably hadn't helped, but it was too late for regrets on that front. Besides, feeling buzzed was better than obsessing over every little look the other partygoers gave her. Her voluminous skirt tangled in her legs as she walked, and Hannah tipped forward, reaching out blindly to steady herself on some bystander.

    "Oh, Merlin, excuse me," she giggled, then realized she'd nearly tripped over the woman of the hour. Hannah flashed a smile at the older woman as she straightened herself. "I do hope you're having a wonderful birthday, Mrs. Black! It seems an age since we've seen each other, doesn't it?"

    Not that Hannah was particularly torn up over that fact, but it was the woman's birthday. She could be pleasant for just one night.
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    Ursula wasn't sure how long she had been gone but she did know that as she returned to the party she felt far better. Her eyes were still a little red and puffy but the look of abject misery was gone and replaced with a tranquil smile. She decided that she very much wanted to dance, she wanted to be whirled around the ballroom in her pretty dress and be admired. Where was Phineas and why wasn't he asking her to dance? Better still where was Th- Oh, no she didn't want him. Anyone but him.

    Ursula felt as though she were almost prancing through the room when really she was only walking at a slightly faster than usual pace which was really quite an achievement considering the dress. She did this with the intention of finding someone handsome and familiar to bat her eyelashes at until she got an offer to dance. Instead, however, she found herself being used as a balance by someone with probably just as poor coordination as she currently had. Ursula swayed dangerously.

    "Oh, it's you!" she exclaimed by way of greeting, sounding amused by this though underlying her amusement was something far less positive as far emotions went. "Little Mrs. Pettigrew," she laughed. She meant 'little' really by age rather than height because the blonde had at least an inch on her. Then she finally noticed what she was wearing. Ursula blinked hard and looked down at herself. Was she... hallucinating? It was quite possible considering what sort of substances were currently providing her with the confidence to show her face again. "What's that?" she lightly slurred, looking down at the other woman's dress with a bemused look on her face. Were her eyes deceiving her or was Mrs. Pettigrew actually wearing the same dress as her?
    APRIL 26TH, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Hannah Pettigrew
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    Hannah bristled. She wasn't at all keen on being referred to as little; not by a woman who was theoretically her peer, now, and certainly not with that stupid grin accompanying it. Honestly. Hannah knew she'd had a fair amount of champagne this evening, but it seemed Mrs. Black had outstripped her, judging from the vacant look in her eyes. Well, surely that would make it easier for her to get away quickly --

    Oh, Merlin, had she spilled something on her gown? Hannah followed Mrs. Black's gaze down to her skirt, and was puzzled to find that it was pristine.

    "I'm afraid I don't know what you..." she started, but trailed off as the realization finally dawned on her. Her eyes flicked between her own gown and the woman of the hour's.

    Oh, for fuck's sake. How was this possible?

    "Great minds think alike, I suppose," she managed brightly, mustering a smile despite her internal horror.
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       Ursula Black
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    "No." It was a fairly blunt response and softened only by her current state. It was hard to be truly abrupt when one was in a terribly inarticulate condition. "Where did you get that from?" she drawled, trying to sound accusatory, but again the effect was somewhat compromised. What was it with this yellow-haired harlot that she thought she could have everything that was hers? She had taken her man and now she had taken her dress too. Well no, Thom wasn't her man she didn't want Thom, to hell with Thom! Thom could have this trollop all he liked, he deserved the little brat who was obviously so unoriginal as to copy her dress.

    It was very embarrassing and Ursula would certainly feel fully embarrassed once she sobered up. For now, she was simply going through the motions, knowing she should be furious. "You simply can't be seen wearing the same dress as me!" Her words collided into one another a little and she lifted her hand up to elbow level to take a sip of her drink but found no glass in her hand. Where had it gone? What mischief was this?
    APRIL 26TH, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Hannah Pettigrew
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    Though Hannah had been determined to try to play this off as gracefully as possible, Mrs. Black was obviously entertaining no such notion. That she'd been duped into wearing the same dress as the hostess was bad enough; now the hag had the audacity to all but insult her in front of the entire party! It was positively beastly, and she could feel the eyes of those nearby turning on the pair of them, and by Merlin Hannah was done being cast as the pariah.

    "Come now, there's no need for dramatics," Hannah replied sweetly, though the words were laced with venom. "I'm sure everyone will tell you it looks better on you. It's your birthday, after all."
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    Ursula, high or not, did not care for the girl's tone. To illustrate this, she sneered and thrust her chin upwards. It was a little difficult to look down at someone who was taller but she was making a decent attempt. "You'll have to change." The harshness she would have affected if she were sober was gone, but what she lacked in coldness she was making up for in supercilious, slurry condescension. "Or leave." She wanted to add that of course people would think she looked better because she did, not because it was her birthday, but she was struggling to think of how to articulate it effectively.
    APRIL 26TH, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Hannah Pettigrew
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    She couldn't say whether it was the champagne she'd drunk or the older woman's slurred speech, but the whole spectacle was suddenly terribly funny to Hannah. Though once she looked back on it in the morning she would no doubt be appropriately mortified, she had to smother a laugh at Mrs. Black's garbled threat. What was she going to do, drag her bodily from the house? Their husbands were fast friends even if they weren't; surely Headmaster Black would not suffer the embarrassment of having Thom escorted out of the party all because of a dress.

    "Of course," she smirked. "Please excuse me, I do believe my husband is looking for me." There had been a dark haired man that caught her eye in the distance, though she couldn't say for sure whether it was really Thom or not. It seemed as good an excuse as any to get away from the scene, though, before Mrs. Black further embarrassed herself -- and Hannah.
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    She seemed very mirthful, Ursula thought, rather than embarrassed. She ought to be mortified and apologetic! What was going on? Ursula was quite perplexed.

    At the mention of Thom, however, she was suddenly fearful and wary. Her eyes darted about after the blonde but feared they would find their quarry and so she looked away before she could find him. Unsettled and confused, Ursula could think of nothing else to do but walk off in the opposite direction looking very unsure of herself.
    APRIL 26TH, 1887 | OUTFIT | @Hannah Pettigrew
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