Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Open Thread 
    Let the bodies hit the floor
    There was so much blood. Casper wasn't sure where hers ended and his began. It had been horrific. Reinforcements had arrived to deal with the mess, but he had hobbled off for St. Mungo's on his own.

    A young girl had magicked herself into a floating bubble by accident and her governess couldn't get her back down. Being that it was an accidental magic issue in a muggle park, Casper took the job himself and obliviators would apparently follow soon. He tried to coax the girl down with words, had tried to magic the bubble down, but to little effect. It had happened at the same time as he was just about to try summoning the bubble, that it suddenly popped. Casper watched in horror, too slow to do anything, as the girl fell squealing from the sky and landed, impaled, on the wrought iron railings enclosing the park. He had run to her but she wasn't moving. Her governess was shrieking blue murder. In shock, Casper had tried to do something but he hadn't wanted to make the injuries worse in case she somehow wasn't dead, but then he'd gotten blood all over himself. He had then vomited a few times and after finishing that, got a face full of the governess' purse. She had been very strong and very persistent in her battery of his face.

    Bleeding and bloodied and very dazed, he entered the reception of the hospital. There were tears mixed in with the blood on his face and it was with a pathetic sort of sobbing whimper that he collapsed on the floor. Rather than be unconscious there, however, he started to cry softly to himself.
    APRIL 21, 1887 | @''
    As observant as the former Ravenclaw was, she was still not expecting the amount of blood (it wasn't much, but still) that had dripped in the reception of her place of employment. The Healer stood still as her eyes traced the path to a larger man, and slowly Cora approached. Her heels clicked softly on the floor, but that was the only sound she made. She circled as if not to startle him. "Sir," she started, trying to get his attention without making him take up the defensive. 

    "Sir, is everything alright? I am a Healer, perhaps I can help. Are you injured?" Cora had to get some answers before the man fainted or grew unresponsive. Determining what kind of medical attention to provide was at the forefront of her mind.
    [Image: It5vrJ.png]
    "I deserve it, I deserve it!" he whimpered pathetically. Tears were streaming down the side of his face and snot was starting to drip from his nose. He was so distraught that he hadn't even registered that he was being address by a woman, nor that in any other situation this would have made him incredibly nervous. There were no nerves now, only shock, horror, and regret. Bitter regret. "I let her die!" he wailed at no one in particular.
    APRIL 21, 1887 | @Cora Ashby
    Cora stood a few paces away, unable to console or provide the slightest bit of support as a medical practitioner of the correct variety would have been able to. But she could help clean him up so that the maintenance employees could remove the blood and grime and return the marble floors to their pristine shine.

    Had she known the man she would have shown a gesture of support. She thought he needed a more intimate or delicate touch at the moment so Cora was quite content to veer away from that direction into the more cold, professional touch. "Sir, shall we get you cleaned up? I am sure you did everything you could for her. Whomever she is."
    [Image: It5vrJ.png]
    Reluctantly, very reluctantly, Casper hoisted himself up into a kneeling position and looked up at the young woman addressing him for the first time, tears blurring his vision. "She was just a child," he squeaked. She'd always be a child now. He decided to get up then which wasn't quite so easy as it might normally have been but he did manage it. "I'm all right, really, j-just... bruised. I think." He had a split lip and a few small cuts, the worst of it was his bloody nose, but other than that it was mostly superficial. Or so he assumed, anyway.
    APRIL 21, 1887 | @Cora Ashby
    "Who was just a child?" Cora asked, moving to look him in the face. "What happened? Let's get you looked after then we can sort everything out."

    She gestured to the hallway to take him to a room where everything could get cleaned up. "I can fetch a male Healer and he can take care of you."

    Part of her felt that her assurances and ideas were falling on deaf ears, but Cora knew she had to keep trying. Passersby were starting to stare.
    [Image: It5vrJ.png]
    He suddenly didn't know why he'd come. Casper wasn't accustomed to injuries; he wasn't an auror, he didn't pick fights, and he tended to play things safe so accidents as a result of careless or thrill-seeking weren't really a problem either. He'd come to the hospital because the only logical thought he had had was that he was hurt and hospitals were supposed to fix that. Now, however, he felt incredibly selfish coming to a hospital for care when a girl had just died. She couldn't be fixed up by a healer.

    Still, he didn't have the will or the energy to run out of the hospital now, he had made his bed and he would have to lie in it.

    "I don't deserve such kindness, Miss," he whined, wobbling his way to his feet. He clasped a hand over his eyes and sobbed some more. "I  let a little girl d-die!"
    APRIL 21, 1887 | @Cora Ashby
    Cora felt her heart skip a beat and a frog appeared in her throat. She was not prepared truly to listen to the confession in such a public place. She cleared her throat as quietly as she could. "Sir, you did your best; I am sure."

    She gave a weak smile though she saw him cover her eyes. She was starting to become frustrated, though she tried to keep her cool. Cora thought to herself that she'd endeavor in some sort of stress relief as soon as the man was being treated for his mental health. She thought that calling a mediwizard might be necessary at this point. Perhaps a short stay at the Ivana Memorial Asylum would be appropriate.

    But Cora wouldn't voice this to the man as he was breaking down in the lobby. "Is there someone you would like to see? Or perhaps talk to? I could send for them. But let us get you out of the lobby. It is rather unbecoming for a man to cry in public."
    [Image: It5vrJ.png]
    He heard her words but could find no response to give her but sobs. He didn't know who he needed to see or what he should be doing, he knew what he wanted to do, however, but that involved curling up in a dark hole and never reemerging from it. He was quite prepared to be steered out of the room where he could begin to make less of a scene, not that he was really aware that was what he was doing.

    APRIL 21, 1887 | @Cora Ashby