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    Drunk Logic
    Open Thread 
    After parting ways with Miss Ellory Pendergast, Thom was a little bit drunk. Miss Ellory Pendergast was more than a little bit drunk, but that was none of his concern. He'd known what he was doing when he kept waving down the waiters and asking them to bring out different types of liquors for her to sample, but he'd kept at it, half because it was distracting and Thom didn't really want to be at this party, and half because it was fun. Now that he was pleasantly buzzed, though, he was enjoying it all a bit more--the music seemed better, more fluid, the colors and the lights in the room more vivid. His outfit was comfortable, too, so loose--it was almost as though he was wearing night clothes instead of proper ball attire.

    Now that he was having fun, and somewhat more uninhibited, he was on a mission to find Hannah--but before he did, he saw Ellory Pendergast again, dancing with someone--or more appropriately, hanging on someone as she emptied her stomach all over the front of his shirt.

    Thom turned on a dime, putting his back to that particular scene. He might not have been too concerned with getting Miss Pendergast drunk before, but now that she was making a spectacle of herself, he was rather conscious of being dragged into it. That was the last thing he needed, after the Witch Weekly article, for him to become known as a drunkard and a corrupter of young women. He had an empty tumbler in his hand, but immediately found a conversation to insert himself into and reached out for the other parties' glass, swapping it with his own without so much as a casual how do you do.

    "Sorry," Thom said with an apologetic shrug as through his behavior ought to have been expected and really could not be helped. "I need to look busy, and nothing looks less busy than having an empty glass."

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    Hannah was about to be scandalized that someone could be so rude as to snatch a fresh drink right out of her hand, until she recognized the culprit.

    "Oh?" she replied teasingly, one eyebrow arched and a smirk tugging at the corner of her lips. "Pray tell, why? You can't possibly have gotten into too much trouble in the last ten minutes." Unless he had, in which case Hannah would find it all much less amusing. She was feeling generous enough not to assume the worst today, though. For all she suspected neither of them particularly wanted to come to this party tonight, she was fond of her dress, and Thom did look rather dashing, like some kind of pirate adventurer. It was probably a good thing her back was turned to the spectacle of Ellory Pendergast at that moment.
    #sorrynotsorry I can't sleep and I thought it would be funny. lmao
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    It was perhaps telling that he hadn't realized he was talking to his wife until she'd spoken. Maybe he was a little more drunk than he'd thought--though certainly not as drunk as Ellory Pendergast was at that exact moment. That being said, he wasn't sure why she was throwing out the term ten minutes, either. Had he seen Hannah ten minutes ago and just forgotten that he'd spoken to her since parting ways with Miss Pendergast? How embarrassing. He'd certainly spent a lot longer than ten minuets getting Miss Pendergast unspeakably drunk, though, so that was the only explanation. Thom hoped he hadn't wandered off from a conversation with Hannah in order to go look for Hannah, that would mean he was unspeakably intoxicated, and he didn't feel nearly drunk enough for that.

    "Trouble, me?" he said with a sly smile, taking a sip of her drink. "You offend me greatly, my dear, so little faith. You're looking very pretty tonight, by the way," he rambled. "Did I already tell you you looked pretty? You're very pretty."

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    "Once or twice," she replied lightly, handing off Thom's empty glass to a passing servant, "though it never hurts to hear it again to be sure."

    Clearly he'd been enjoying the Lukesons' drink selection a bit too much, though at least tonight he was a cheerful drunk rather than a sullen one. Hannah couldn't berate him for it here in front of the whole party, but half the point of them coming out tonight had been to disprove the swirling rumors, not encourage them!

    "Anyway, you can't very well be offended while you're holding my drink," she teased pointedly, reaching out to reclaim it. "Surely there's been plenty to go around without resorting to robbing your poor wife?" Which was to say, of course, you've had plenty.
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    Thom didn't enjoy her taking her drink back, but he gave it up easily enough. He was hardly going to wrestle it back out of her hand when she reached for it, partly because that would be undignified, and partly because it would almost certainly result in the contents of the drink being spilled on either him or her, and that would make a scene. That being said, though, he was just the tiniest bit resentful at having his hands freed once again. Hadn't he already explained the reason why he needed a drink in his hand?

    "Well, yours was a girly drink anyway," he said with a shrug, turning to try and get a waiter's attention so that he could get one of his own. In the momentary banter with his wife he'd forgotten what exactly he was trying to distract himself from, but the waiters, notably, had not, and every attendant in the vicinity seemed to either be staring motionless at the dance floor where Ellory Pendergast was being led off into a corner, or else moving as subtly as possible to try and clean up the floor where she had once been standing. None remained to fetch him more scotch.

    "Oh, dear," Thom muttered with a frown. This looked very much like it was going to become a scene, even if the gentleman dancing with the redhead--one of Aldous Crouch's younger brothers, if he wasn't mistaken, though he could never remember which was which--seemed to be trying to downplay everything as much as possible.

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    Hannah rolled her eyes and was about to inform Thom that her girly drink was delicious and intoxicating, thank you very much, but was distracted by the commotion on the dance floor. Turning and craning her neck to get a better look, she saw a redhead being ushered along leaving quite the mess in her wake -- wait, was that Ellory Pendergast?

    "Merlin," she murmured as she watched the attendants attempt to vanish the evidence with as little fanfare as possible. "What do you suppose happened there?"

    Hannah couldn't help but feel a little bit of schadenfreude as she took in the scene. Surely after that spectacle, the Pettigrews would be the least appealing gossip fodder of the evening!
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    Thom watched his wife's reaction keenly, dreading to be found out. It wasn't as though there was really anything for her to be particularly suspicious about, but he was more than a little paranoid, which was doubtless what lead him to respond, a bit defensively, "I don't suppose anything about it." The lack of drink in his hand was felt very keenly, but he didn't know how he could get another without wandering away from his wife, which would probably be even more suspicious. "I didn't have anything to do with Miss Pendergast," he added, rather superfluously. "So I don't suppose anything at all."

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    Hannah hadn't been particularly concerned until Thom's rather defensive response. After all, what was Miss Pendergast to him but another society girl in the crowd? Now, however, she wasn't sure about that at all, and she turned to her husband, one eyebrow arched in questioning.

    "I don't believe I suggested you did, darling," she said evenly, keenly watching his response.
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    "Right," Thom agreed. What were they talking about again? Miss Ellory Pendergast, who was currently making a spectacle of herself on the dance floor. Right. That. Thom, at least, was not making a spectacle of himself, at least not yet, so he was doing rather well so far.

    "Right," he said again. He found himself reaching for her glass again. "Here, give me that, please?" he said, almost a little pleadingly.

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    "You've had quite enough," she said quietly, then finished off what was left in her glass. She suspected she would need it far more than he did at the end of the night, at this rate. Hannah had not forgotten all the nights he'd come home sloshed, and while he maybe wasn't quite that bad off yet, it still had her on edge. Regardless, she couldn't have it out with him here.

    "If you want to look busy, you could dance with your wife," she added, a little petulantly, as she abandoned the empty glass on a side table. "Miss Pendergast is certainly preoccupied for the time being."
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    There was an edge of ice in Hannah's voice, but Thom was rather oblivious to it in his present state. He was, however, not deaf to her proposal. He cast a furtive glance towards the dance floor. He didn't want to decline, but he didn't think that going and dancing would be a good idea at the moment. That would involve getting close to Miss Pendergast and risking becoming part of the spectacle.

    "Is she?" he said, distractedly. "Perhaps we could go home. It's gotten rather... dull, don't you think?"

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    Hannah clenched her jaw. She didn't really want to leave yet, but this whole exchange had rather ruined her evening; and besides, Mrs. Lukeson had a rather strange idea of what constituted acceptable party guests. She'd really only agreed to go because of Thom's friendship with Mr. Lukeson. First the birthday party, and now this. Merlin.

    "Fine," she sighed. "Fine. We'll go home."
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