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    See Inside... Thread 
    @Sadie Woodrow @Suzanne Lee April 8th

    Benji sometimes forgot what a large family he had. Growing up, he'd barely seen his mother's siblings--or his father's, for that matter. He hadn't met his paternal uncle until the day that he'd thrown them out of the Turner household. Aunt Hope had been the only member of the extended family who had seemed to have any sort of object permanence, and that was only because she happened to live with them. Even after he'd left the middle class home where he'd been raised, it had been much the same--it had only been a few months before he'd been ushered off to an entirely strange household, so he hadn't really gotten to know anyone that well. He knew Uncle Amos a bit better than the rest, because he'd lived with him, and because it was always to Uncle Amos' house that they came for things like this--and then Aunt Morgan, because it was impossible, after meeting Aunt Morgan, to feel as though she was a stranger. She just had that sort of personality.

    Anyway, coming "home" for holidays or get-togethers or what have you always left Benji feeling strangely out of place, as though he'd been asked to walk out onto a stage and he didn't know any of the lines and was only vaguely sure he was in the right costume. He'd towed Gerald along, who, he suspected, felt similarly, and then had surrendered him in sacrifice when Uncle Luke wanted to start pontificating on snuff. Benji suspected that as a footman he should probably have more opinions on snuff than he currently did, but he didn't like it and never had. It made him sneeze.

    Abandoning Gerald, then, Benji moved around to the back of the house, hands in his pockets. His mother was on the back stoop--it was sort of like a patio but calling it that after he'd been exposed to Mr. Pettigrew's patio felt perposterous--with one of his aunts, but it didn't seem like he was interrupting anything important.

    "I saw a girl from school yesterday," he said conversationally, though this was perhaps not the safest topic to start in on with his mother. "At Padmore Park. I guess she was there for the picnic."
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    It was rare for Suzanne to be allowed out of the Dawlish home to see her family. She spent her entire day fussing after Mrs. Glory Dawlish. After the elderly Mrs. Smith, Glory Dawlish was a great improvement - Suzanne truly came to care for her former employer, but she had been an old lady. At times, being her personal maid hadn't been so fun. Glory Dawlish, on the other hand, was a young woman still, who smelled nice and didn't need any additional help in certain areas.

    Coming home reminded Suzanne that, even for a domestic servant, she was lucky. Lady's Maids were high end servants, so she had a nice room back at the Dawlish home. She shared it with the housekeeper, but it was better than what some of the lower end servants got. Than what her nephew got, probably.

    She didn't mind his interrupting her and Sadie's catching up. Suzanne had always liked children when they grew old enough to be intelligent - particularly boys. With boys, she could talk about dueling and Quidditch. If she ever had children, Suzanne wanted them to be sons. And if they were daughters, she'd try her best for them to grow tough - not the girly sort.

    "Is that so?" Suzanne commented in a friendly tone and she turned in her seat to have a better look at her nephew. "Is she someone you like?" She gave her nephew that kind of smile that most fathers gave, when they suspected their sons might have made a step closer to becoming men.
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    set by Lynn <3
    Sadie did not mind her employer. In fact, as a lady of the house she was a considerable improvement from Vivian Turner had been, even if Mrs Black did come fully equipped with melodrama and a truly creepy in-law that never seemed to be very far from her lady, scalpel in hand. Having heard audible signs of the older woman doing Merlin only knew what late into the night Sadie already had a healthy fear for her life in the Black household that left her feeling rather unsettled.

    Unsettled was good though. The last time she had been settled it had blown up in her face quite spectacularly and Sadie was determined that she would never be in that terrible position again. All she had to do was keep her head down and pray Mrs Black never had any cause to look into her references with any depth – from everything she had seen it didn’t seem like Mrs Black did anything with depth so she was relatively content for the time being.

    She did miss Benji though and had relished the opportunity to join him and Suzanne on one of their rare shared days off. It was a shame that home felt nothing like home anymore but Amos had never been the most outgoing of people and the sort of joy she had grown to love in the Turner house was distinctly amiss here. Still, her son was here and that made up for a lot. As did her sister though mostly Sadie enjoyed seeing others recoil from Suzanne’s eye as though the opaque iris could see into their souls.

    “What kind of girl would that be?” She asked with a flicker of a smile, already feeling the deep twisting concern that Benji would be as bad as she was when it came to losing one’s heart, shooting her sister a look to warn her not to encourage him.
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    [Image: SadieSig_zpsg1fpxy6w.jpg]
    Benji's cheeks flushed at Aunt Suzanne's suggestion that he might like Miss Mohr. If either of them knew the girl he was talking about, he thought they'd probably react a little differently. She was obviously the prettiest girl in the whole world, and she was obviously far, far out of his league. He didn't think even his aunt would be so encouraging if she knew everything, but he was quite content for them to not know who he was talking about. He wasn't even sure why he'd brought it up at all, but it really was the only remarkable or interesting thing that had happened to him in at least the past few weeks. The off-season in Lancashire wasn't terribly exciting for a footman.

    "No," he said to Aunt Suzanne, but his response was muffled and it was, he feared, painfully obvious that he was lying. "She's just a girl I knew at school. She was in my year and house. She didn't recognize me, though." Turning his eyes to his mother, he frowned at her question. "She's--a rich girl. I don't know. I guess I wasn't surprised that she didn't remember me."
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    Suzanne caught her sister's look and she got the message. Besides, from what her nephew was telling, this girl was nobody worth talking about. She didn't sound pleasant at all. She reminded Suzanne of the snobbish, stuck up rich girls from her own Hogwarts years. As well as some upper class ladies she'd worked with at the Ministry. They thought they were such rebels for working, when they were no better than their 'proper' peers!

    "It's her loss, not yours, dear," Suzanne commented. If her nephew wasn't a child, she might have used more colourful ways to describe this female classmate. "I'll share you a secret, that your Ma knows too and it is that those folks are the unhappiest because they are lonely and have no meaningful human relationships. And they drown themselves in cheering potions because their husbands don't love them and their friends aren't actually their friends."
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    set by Lynn <3
    Biting her fingernails in a nervous habit as she sister spoke Sarah nodded along in agreement. Mrs Black was a fairly changeable sort of woman in Sarah's experience but she had never seen her with a cheering potion once so she and Suzanne’s ladies were clearly of a different mettle. Then again, so were she and her sister so it made a sort of sense.

    “Rich girls don’t know what they want until they can’t have it either, so once she’s married off to somebody dull and horrible she’ll probably be back,” she said with a fond smile for her son, secretly rather glad he had managed to develop a crush, for that was what it surely was, on a girl who was unlikely to lead him into trouble. Whoever this chit was she had more to lose than Benji did and having his head turned by a pretty face wouldn’t do him any harm assuming he kept his wits about him.

    “Come here then,” she said, getting to her feet and wrapping her arms around her son tightly. “Let me have a look at you? Are you eating enough? Mr Pettigrew still treating you alright?”
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    [Image: SadieSig_zpsg1fpxy6w.jpg]
    Benji wasn't sure what he thought about his encounter with Miss Mohr the other day, but he couldn't help but frown at the abrupt dismissal by Aunt Suzanne and his mother. He may not have been willing to take off her stockings for her, like she'd asked, but that didn't mean he wanted to see her miserable and drowning in cheering potions because her dull and horrible husband didn't love her. He also wasn't sure he liked his mother's suggestion that she might 'be back' when she had achieved this state of hyperbolic misery. First of all, he wasn't sure what that really insinuated, but it probably wasn't anything he was supposed to be doing. Secondly, whatever it was implying, he didn't want to be doing it with Miss Mohr if she was only doing it because she was miserable!

    They had moved on, though, to the more usual questions. Benji rolled his eyes as he plodded over to his mother. He was sixteen, after all--next year he'd be able to use magic wherever he wanted!--and these were, in his opinion, baby questions. "I eat fine," he replied. "An' Mister Pettigrew is fine. I hardly ever see him. Or Missus Pettigrew--the new one. Some of the other servants don't like her but I don't see why, she hardly ever does anything so there s'not much to hate I don't think." He shrugged diffidently. "Maybe when they start throwing parties again, it'll be different. Having a Missus Pettigrew, I mean."

    But really, how different could it be, for a footman? He'd wander around at parties passing out drinks to rich people, same as he always did. It didn't make any difference to him who was planning it. Mrs. Pettigrew didn't seem to involve herself too much in the way the house ran on a day-to-day (which was, in fact, one of the things some other servants held against her), but that didn't both Benji. It was just the same as it had been before there had been a Mrs. Pettigrew.
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    "Her Pa was a slaver," Suzanne informed her nephew. Benji had to have been a student still when that scandal broke out, so he likely didn't know of it. To anyone else, however, the former Miss Echelon was a tainted woman. She might have been unaware of her father's criminal deeds, but she still benefited from them. With what money did her Papa buy her dresses and trinkets and things, after all?

    "I would stay away from drama," she continued. "Don't take any sides. It can be tempting, but it'll hurt you." They didn't want for him to end up blamed for something he didn't do because he took either side on whether to like Mrs. Pettigrew or not.

    "Just you wait until I can teach you some proper magic," Suzanne told her nephew with a wink. "You don't even need OWLs to become a freelance curse breaker and that's way more fun that carrying trays around." Suzanne would much rather be a cursebreaker than a lady's maid. She'd tried to find work as one, but all the employers insisted that a cursebreaker short of an eye was a waste of money. So here she was, helping Mrs. Dawlish get dressed.

    ///sorryyyy for the wait, I suck. xD
    [Image: sdn403.jpg]
    set by Lynn <3
    Benji was grateful when the conversation turned from gossip (which was hardly his favorite subject) to magic (which definitely was). He grinned at his aunt, but spared his mother a brief glance to make sure that she wasn't going to get naggy or worried about what they were talking about. As far as overprotective mothers went, she certainly wasn't the worst--she had been a Gryffindor, too, so she understood--but she was still a mother.

    "What do freelance cursebreakers do?" he asked, moving to sit next to his aunt on the stair.
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    Suzanne was aware that her sister wouldn't be pleased by her planting ideas in her son's head. Sadie, like most mothers, had a major flaw: she was overprotecting. She'd rather her son withered away as a servant than have some thrill in his life! What was the point of living a long life if it was boring and safe? Suzanne wouldn't mind dying young, if it meant that she'd get to properly live her life. She felt deader now that she had to work as a Lady's Maid. It was a boring job. It killed her inside. At least, as a Hit Witch, she felt alive.

    "They get to travel all over the world," Suzanne started. "And they go to temples and castles and there they look for lost treasure, which is always guarded by a ton of spells and curses and magical creatures. It's sort of like breaking into Gringott's for a living, except it's not technically illegal because those places don't really belong to anyone. King Tut can't come and demand you stay off his private property." She gave her nephew a wink. Come think of it, curse breakers were glorified thieves.
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    Benji's eyes went a little wider at his aunt's description of what cursebreakers did. That sounded amazing, like such an adventure! It felt like worlds away, however, from Benji's life right now. He couldn't even use magic. Could he really ever compensate for everything he hadn't learned at Hogwarts? Would he be able to learn all of this and try it out while he was still working for Mr. Pettigrew? He'd have to, because it wasn't like he could just stop working and study full time again. That was something that only wealthy kids got to do. His mother didn't even live in a place where he could come and move back in with her, anymore, if he were to quit at Mr. Pettigrew's. He supposed Uncle Amos would probably take him in, but even for Uncle Amos, an extra mouth to feed (and a non-contributing mouth, at that) would be a huge strain on his finances.

    On the other hand, he could just see how angry the butler would get if he spent his free time at Mr. Pettigrew's off in the woods, practicing combat magic. Benji smiled; it would almost be worth it to learn all of that stuff just to make him mad.

    "Are you sure he can't? I thought mummies could chase people!" he said. He'd heard that somewhere, he thought, but he'd been out of Hogwarts so long that he couldn't recall whether it had been at Hogwarts, or just something someone had said since then. Maybe even one of the Muggles who lived around the Pettigrew estate--sometimes the Butler or the Cook would send him into the little town to pick things up, when they couldn't be bothered to Floo out for it.
    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    "They can, but they're also bandaged corpses so there's really no reason to be afraid of them," Suzanne replied. Only muggles and children could reasonably be terrified of a mummy. They were harmless and, frankly, rather vapid creatures.

    "I could give you some of my old textbooks for a start," the aunt offered. She'd had to study to keep being good at her job, back when she had been a hit witch. Dark wizards came up with new battle tactics every day. "And I could start training you next year, when you're of age."

    Her nephew deserved better than to be a footman.
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    "Could you?" Benji asked eagerly, his eyes widening. He wanted to practice magic so badly, but there wasn't anything he could do to make himself get older faster. Reading, though, was fair game--not even the butler could stop him from reading in his spare time. Maybe, if he was very careful about it, he could even try out a spell or two when no one was paying attention. There were plenty of people who could use magic at the Pettigrew house--why would anyone at the Ministry suspect that it had been him doing some innocuous spell?

    "Thank you, Aunt Suzanne!" he gushed, nearly bouncing from excitement. "I'd love that!"
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    Benji has family and friends for adoption!

    Suzanne was pleased to see that her nephew had more ambition than the rest of his relatives. Being a domestic servant was more honourable than being a thief, she supposed, but it was also a job that wasted someone's life. You were given one life and you were supposed to live it to the fullest. It was selfish, Suzanne thought, to waste it cleaning someone else's house for decades before you died.

    With her aid, young Benjamin would do something with his life. He could become a cursebreaker, or a mercenary. This could also end with him dying in his thirties, but at least he would have lived until then.
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