Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Topaz was ready for the term to be over. It wasn't that she was tired of her classes--she'd always loved school, even at the beginning when she'd been nearly too nervous to leave her room except for the scheduled classes. After the Easter holiday, however, getting a chance to go home and see her entire family instead of just the handful of siblings she had with her here at Hogwarts, Azzie was more than ready to be home.

    That being said, it wouldn't do to slack off and day dream her way through the last month and a half of school, particularly not if she wanted them to start looking at her next year as a potential prefect. She wasn't sure she'd be able to pull it off, since she was known to be so quiet, but maybe if her behavior was exemplary in every other way, she could make do? She hadn't talked to the other girls in her year about whether either of them even wanted to be prefects--but Holliday, she imagined, would make a good one, whether she wanted the job or not. So Topaz had to be better than Holliday! A little friendly rivalry wouldn't hurt--even though she had no intention of telling her friend that they were rivals.

    They were in the free block in between the last class and the beginning of dinner, and Topaz had already ticked through most of the homework on her list during the last twenty minutes in the library. She still had time to kill before she could eat, and the only thing left on her list was a group project, something she'd been assigned with Miss Tilney for Herbology. They hadn't started it yet, but there wasn't a rush--it wasn't due for another week.

    She bit her tongue, trying to decide whether it was worth it to go find the other girl. She didn't want Miss Tilney to think that she was some sort of infuriating bookworm if she asked to get started on the project before the Slytherin had even started thinking about it, but she wanted to have it off her list before the deadline approached, so that they'd be sure to have a good project to turn in. Seeing the other girl at another table in the library decided her, and Topaz gathered up her books and approached.

    "Hi," she said, a bit awkwardly. "You, uhm, aren't busy, are you?" she asked, glancing vague at what the Slytherin was doing while trying not to look like she was snooping.

    @Evelyn Tilney

    Evie had decided to take her reading elsewhere, the common room at the moment felt stifling and she felt like some of the girls there were whispering behind her back, so she left to the relative safety that the library provided. The young slytherin wasn't quite sure if the protection there was afforded because of the librarian, or because the other students there were genuinely focusing on their studies, not gossip. In any event it lent her the slight security she desired.

    Evelyn had been seated, a potions book open, for a short while when someone brought her out of the book. She looked up, a bit startled, and saw her partner from Herbology......Topaz Urquart, if she remembered correctly. She was positive she did, even though she had been very nervous when their teacher paired them and could hardly bear to look at her new partner, let alone remember her name, but she did.

    "No, I was just going over some potions stuff. You're here about the Herbology project right?"
    She asked the Ravenclaw quietly, briefly making eye contact before turning her attention back to the book, which she closed, but fingered the leather cover nervously.
    [Image: TGFDCvO.jpg]
    Gorgeous set from MJ!!
    Evelyn is taking COMC and Ghoul Studies
    Topaz bit her lip, startled to have been found out so quickly. It wasn't exactly surprising--the two girls had never been friends before this, so it was really only logical that Topaz was here about the Herbology project. That being said, she didn't like the idea that she was being obvious about it. She'd hate to think that something about her attitude or her tone or the way she'd approached had given the other girl the impression that Azzie was only talking to her because of the project, even if that was true. It wasn't as if she was haughty and thought there was only one reason that anyone would be interested in talking to her, or anything!

    But she was letting her imagination get the best of her, she figured. While the other girl did look a little nervous, she probably wasn't imagining that Topaz was some sort of popular diva who had only deigned to speak to her because of the project. "Uhm, yeah," she admitted, clutching her books tightly to her chest like they were some sort of lifeline. "If you have time to work on it, I mean. I'm all caught up otherwise, but if you have something else you need to do, we can just set up a time to talk about it later."

    That probably should have been what they'd done in the first place. Then Topaz wouldn't have to feel like she was interrupting anything, and spend the first few minutes of the conversation wondering with paranoid intensity whether Miss Tilney was really thinking about the project or whether she was just trying to think of the first polite excuse to get rid of Topaz or whether she was also being paranoid and thinking that Topaz didn't really want to be talking to her. Why hadn't she thought of that when they'd been assigned together in class? An appointed meeting would have solved all of this, but it was too late for that now.

    Evelyn shifted about a little bit in her chair as Miss Urquart agreed that was indeed why she came over. Evie managed a small smile in her direction, which faltered a bit when the Ravenclaw left her an opening to decline. She inhaled, letting her anxious mind calm a bit before she opened her mouth. "No no! It's quite alright, the sooner we finish it, the sooner we can be on our way." The young Slytherin screwed her eyes shut as she realized how that sounded, like she couldn't wait to be done with her. "I uh, mean, the sooner we can time, instead of dreary work." She offered a smile, hoping it looked sincere, and not crazy.

    For the first time Evelyn got a good look at her partner, she was pretty but Evelyn could now see that she seemed shy, the way she held her book, how it appeared that a lot of internal dialogue probably coursed through her head, making situations worse, much like her own did. She smiled brighter this time and motioned for her to sit, then something struck her. "Urquart...Sebastian is your little brother, correct?" Evelyn briefly remembered the sorting ceremony and the young boy being clapped into Slytherin, she did not interact too much in the common room, but she had a fine memory.
    [Image: TGFDCvO.jpg]
    Gorgeous set from MJ!!
    Evelyn is taking COMC and Ghoul Studies
    Topaz took the seat that was indicated quickly, not wanting to seem rude by hesitating. She laid her books down on the table, but then had nothing to do with her arms. After a hesitant half-second, she placed her hands in her lap and clenched them tightly together to keep herself from fidgeting.

    She blinked at the mention of Bash. "Yes, that's right," she said with a nod, her eyes full of sudden curiosity. She knew that Miss Tilney and her brother shared a house, but had no notion that they would have had much occasion to interact other than that. "Do you know him well?"

    Evie had been momentarily happy that she was able to touch upon a subject that was well known to her partner, until she asked if she knew him well, to which the answer was not at all. Now she felt a bit silly at having brought it up, seeing as how the shared conversation point would end there. "Not really, no. But he seems like a charming young man." Evelyn was quiet for a few seconds, her eyes looking around before she spoke again. "So, uh what were you thinking about for the project? Or did you just want to lay the foundation before digging in?"
    [Image: TGFDCvO.jpg]
    Gorgeous set from MJ!!
    Evelyn is taking COMC and Ghoul Studies
    Topaz blinked at the other girl. Charming was not an adjective she might have used to describe her brother, but then, she'd grown up with him. If she'd just met him at school, would she find him charming? No, try as she might to imagine it, she still couldn't see it. She wondered if perhaps Miss Tilney liked Bash, but that was rather ridiculous, too--she was older than him, anyway, and he could be something of a brat.

    The change of topic to their project was a welcome one. it wasn't that she didn't like talking about her family, but she just didn't know how to respond to the idea of Bash being charming. She turned her attention to her herbology book, which she had to dig out of the bottom of the small pile, chewing her lip. It took her a few seconds for the actual words the other girl had used to sink in, and when they did, Topaz found herself giggling slightly.

    "Did you do that on purpose?" she asked, looking over at the girl with a shy smile. "Foundations and digging in. I liked that, it was clever," she said sincerely. "You're amusing, Miss Tilney."

    Evelyn reddened slightly, her pulse speeding up a bit as she heard the young Ravenclaw giggling at her. Was her hair messed up? Did she open her eyes too much, making them bulge? Over the sound of her rushing blood, she heard Miss Urquart and her pulse lightened. Clever? Amusing She smiled, it had not been her intention, she knew as she said foundation that she was going to finish with digging, and her mind made the association but didn't think past whether or not it would produce an effect.

    Evie was completely delighted to be getting along so well with someone, and to not have to be worried if they were being nice-but often icy-to her face, then giggling and gossiping when her back was turned. She felt like Topaz was not that kind of person and she relaxed a little, her tone changing from quiet and stunted to a more confident lilt. "Do you like Herbology? I don't mind it, I find some of the plants fascinating, especially how they work as ingredients in potions, but other than that....well some of it is boring, and some plants are quite ghastly."
    [Image: TGFDCvO.jpg]
    Gorgeous set from MJ!!
    Evelyn is taking COMC and Ghoul Studies
    Topaz's smile faltered slightly at Miss Tilney's question. It wasn't that she didn't like herbology, not at all--but she had gotten rather nervous about actually working with the plants in the greenhouse after her mother's death. She still did it, just a little more gingerly and with far less gusto than she had in her first year. Something about reaching into the shadows beneath dark leaves, into the unknown, just made her squirm. That being said, she did think it was rather interesting, particularly when she didn't have to get into the literal weeds on any particular plant.

    "I like it," she said, after a moment's thought. "Though I don't always like getting dirty. I think it's better when Professor Skeeter gives us some warning about it." With a slight shrug, she dug her book out and opened it up to the latest chapter they'd been assigned. "Did you have any ideas for the project?" she asked, turning her attention to the book. "I thought maybe puffapod spores, but if you have something else you'd rather research we can do that, instead."

    Evelyn would have preferred working with something that was more central to potions, with more power added to them, like Lovage, but that would always be her preference. She knew puffapod spores were added to some potions, as a sort of energizer, but to her that just made it seem more like adding an ingredient for flavor instead of a bigger effect. Potion ingredients were supremely fascinating to her, but puffapod spores might be more practical in this instance, and she also wanted Topaz to continue liking her. So far everything had been going smoothly and she didn't want to upset it any way. "Puffapod spores should be fine."

    (Do you want to end here after your post? Then we can start a new one for them in May, their friendship having bloomed a bit in the month?)
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       Topaz Urquart
    [Image: TGFDCvO.jpg]
    Gorgeous set from MJ!!
    Evelyn is taking COMC and Ghoul Studies
    Talking to Miss Tilney had turned out to be much less frightening than Topaz had imagined. Now that they had a topic, she was actually sort of enjoying working on this project with her.

    "Great," she said with a slight smile. "They're on page one-hundred and thirty-four in the main textbook..."

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