Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #125 - A Look into the Life of a Spinster
    [Image: XzHFDH0.png]
    Who Wore It Best?
    “The rarest things in the world, next to a spirit of discernment, are diamonds and pearls,” according to French philosopher Jean de la Bruyere, who wrote nearly two hundred years ago. These gems are timeless and excellent for any occasion--and it seems more than one lady at a recent event happened to think so, as two were seen sporting near identical necklaces!

    Debutante Miss Rowena Holwick pairs a lovely necklace with matching earrings.

    The first young lady spotted with the necklace in question was young French debutante Miss Rowena Holwick, who wore a set of small matching pearl cluster earrings. These were accentuated by her monochrome dress, with a very plainly cut neckline. The dress itself was lovely, but there was nothing at all eye-grabbing about the collar, which left no competition for her jewelry. Miss Holwick wore her hair in an elaborate updo, which further focused attention on the necklace in question and allowed for a few escaping curls only at the back. This hairstyle also had the benefit of showing off her very fine facial features from nearly every angle.
    Mrs. Emma Macmillian wore a very similar necklace with dangling earrings shortly thereafter.

    Socialite and young mother Emma Macmillian attempted a rather more adventurous look, overall. Her hair was mostly styled up, but left loose ringlets of curls framing her face. The dress was a much more modern style than Miss Holwick's and included a rather wide neckline, leaving her necklace resting entirely on bare skin. She chose to complete the outfit with matching earrings as well, but unlike Miss Holwick's subtle clusters, Mrs. Macmillan chose long, elegant strings.

    Both ladies looked lovely, but Mrs. Macmillan's outfit was decidedly focused elsewhere, while Miss Holwick's celebrated the elegant jewelry through her expert choice of hairstyle and dress. In our fashion columnists' opinions, Miss Holwick was indeed the more elegant wearer on this occasion.

    Do you agree? Tell us who you think wore it best by writing us a letter! We at Witch Weekly are always thrilled to hear from our readers!
    Which Magical Creature Should Be Your Companion?
    With spring in full swing and Easter just gone, animals and their new young are all around us! Spring is often the perfect time to find your next animal companion, but which creature would best suit you? Those fortunate enough to be able to cast a corporal patronus are likely to have some idea which animal suits their personality best, but one's patronus is not necessarily the sort of creature one should keep as a pet. We certainly would not recommend the distinguished witch or wizard with a dragon patronus to keep theirs as a household pet!

    1. Which house were you sorted in at Hogwarts or, for those who did not attend Hogwarts, which of the four houses do you feel you share the most traits with?
      a. Gryffindor
      b. Slytherin
      c. Ravenclaw
      d. Hufflepuff

    2. Upon noticing dust on the banister of a friend's staircase, would you:
      a. Ignore it
      b. Politely inform your friend so they may scold the negligent maid
      c. Quietly mention it to the butler on your way out
      d. Discreetly vanish it with magic

    3. Your preferred mode of travel is:
      a. Floo Powder
      b. Portkey
      c. Broomstick or Flying Carpet
      d. Apparation

    4. What are you most afraid of?
      a. Vampires
      b. Werewolves
      c. Dementors
      d. Hags
    5. Finally, where do you live?
      a. The countryside
      b. Hogsmeade
      c. London
      d. Irvingly

    Mostly A's: You should buy a kneazle. Very intelligent and full of personality, your kneazle is also very independent which makes it a very low maintenance pet that will take care of itself but will also enjoy being spoiled from time to time. These leonine companions can be aggressive at times but will also defend your home as well as any dog. Perhaps even better.

    Mostly B's: A jarvey. Not your typical pet and perhaps not the sort you want to drag out in front of the ladies at your typical tea party. That said, a tamed jarvey can be a lively pet that can provide plenty of entertainment in the right company – it is highly recommended that pet jarveys are kept well away from one's mother-in-law! Besides being soft and fond of being pet, the jarvey can also help keep your garden free of gnomes.

    Mostly C's: You are most suited to an owl. Owls are wise and resourceful creatures, capable of being not only graceful companions, but of providing a reliable postal service. While not the best pet for cuddling, the owl has a soft down all of its own and most tamed owls sold to wizards enjoy a good pet on the head and a treat as much as any cat or dog. Their inclination to feed themselves also makes them a very easy to care for pet.

    Mostly D's: A crup. You want something loyal, trainable, endlessly devoted, and nothing can give you such devotion! Whether it's a lap dog or a guard dog, you will find a crup companion the most rewarding of all, though you may wish to dock his tail and keep him away from the muggle neighbors.
    A Look Into The Life of a Spinster
    The season is almost upon us and with it brings much excitement and worry into the fresh spring air. We are doubtful that any young lady wants to fear that her days as an elder will be spent alone and repressed, so we hope this article best represents what it may be like for you to enter spinsterhood and, hopefully, will prevent you from doing so. Reporters at Witch Weekly have taken the time to sit down with an older, unmarried woman within Hogsmeade who hadn't any events to tend to, so that she may grant our readers with tales of unfortunate scenarios that led her to her fate.

    A spinster with a rather saddened expression--why could this be?
    Ms. Gatsen, the lady in question, appeared to uphold her general stature as if she were fifteen years younger. Her body was adorned with a large gown and atop her head lay a festive hat while her hand gripped the handle of a beautiful purple parasol. Once seated and pleasantries were exchanged, she was asked if she could return to her days as a debutante, what she would change. She answered as follows.

    "Opportunity. I was raised not as fortunate as some of the other girls presented and had to rely on my family to handle matters. Needless to say, their job was not so adequately completely. I do, however, think the lack of prospective suitors that met my mother's--the late Mrs. Gatsen's--criteria aided this outcome; she was a very, very particular woman." Ms. Gatsen did value her mother's choices, as she later went on to say, and figured if this was the life she was destined towards, she wouldn't try to protest it. "She had also passed just a few days short of my seventeenth birthday, resulting in a lack of guidance on my part and a slowly decreasing social circle to prolong her initiated efforts."
    It was said this spinster was attending her cat's funeral.
    Delving further, Ms. Gatsen was asked how her life was currently and what she would suggest to our readers that may have daughters debuting soon or young ladies doing so themselves. Here is what she had to say.

    "In a matter of words, I could say it to be drear or suggest it to be miserable. I've not a child to write to, a husband to greet upon his return home, or much of a productive hobby to occupy myself. Of all the talents I assumed, of all the languages I could speak... Truly the only one thing I kept all these years was knowledge of this failure without a proper way of rectifying it. This disappointment of course remains in the confines of the townhouse and dissipates when around the few friends I have managed to collect. Some may say it's not too late to begin trying, but it is equally as difficult to do so as to wrap your mind around that concept. Otherwise, I would provide to the young ladies out there that you must try your very best to make yourself as presentable as can be. Allow your family ample time to show you off to suitors, but not too much time of course, and schedule your season from the very start."

    Fair advice from Ms. Gatsen, if we were to comment, and surely enough information to dissuade another from entering a similar lifestyle. Make sure your daughters--as well as yourself--are prepared for the events yet to unfold and hope a suitor fits well to your wishes. We here at Witch Weekly stand with you in this journey and want to hear your own stories of success or troublesome times, so please write to us so we may respond!
    Rely on Witch Weekly for your monthly horroscopes and the key advice you need to get through the month! .Monthly Horroscopes!
    You could also be the lucky recipient of a financial windfall. Someone who owes you money might suddenly pay you back. This should definitely be a good day for money!  If they don’t offer the repayment, be sure to remind them.  

    Your generous gifts to the inmates of Hogsmeade asylum will go unappreciated as you fail to realise that  mittens are of little use to those in straight jackets

    Mundane and perhaps boring tasks could take up much of your morning, avoid this by hiring more servants, or not being poor

    A potion mistake will lead to some unintended physical results, your hair or eyes will change colour and it will be more fashionable than at present.

    Your new interest in taxidermy will result in damage to your favourite dress getting ripped in a fight with an almost dead dragon

    Your moustache is the envy of many a young gentleman – but the disdain of any gentleman suitor.

    An accident with your bonnet will enable you to start an unexpected fashion trend, be sure to play it off as a purposeful and capitalise on your new trend setting status.

    Your collection of fine porcelain puffskiens will be considered the best in Hogsmeade, until you attempt one handed broom riding in your day dress

    You will have the opportunity to take a financhial advantage of a muggle, or a squib, you should take the opportunity when it comes, and enjoy your rise in class that results.

    This is a good day to advance any relationships that involve mutual intellectual interests. Expect to spend much of your time in bookstores with your gentleman friend! Feigning interest is easier if you draw your eyebrows  a little higher on your forehead.  

    Your guilt over past mis-deeds will play on your mind, be sure to take a forget me potion in the morning and be clear minded all day.  
    [Image: mn8UciQ.png]

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