Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Sadie Woodrow: Finished.
    In Character

    Full Name: Sarah Elizabeth Lee.

    Nicknames: She is known almost exclusively by her alias, Sadie Woodrow. So much so that she responds to it most of the time so Lauren doesn't have to remember but also because Sadie is a childhood nickname.

    Birthdate: 13th April, 1853.

    Current Age: Thirty-four.

    Occupation: Lady’s Maid to Ursula Black.

    Reputation: Four. In reality Sarah is a single mother who was unrepentant about being in a relationship with her employer but she is using an assumed name these days to work respectably. Still, other LC might recognise her and mutter amongst themselves.

    Residence: Elsewhere.

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin.

    Wand: Ash. 11 inches. Kneazle whisker core. Temperamental. She is left handed.

    Blood Status: Half-blood.

    Social Class: Lower class.

    Simon Lee | Father | 1826-
    Rayne Lee | Mother | 1828-
    Cynthia Applewood nee Lee | Sister | 1844-1886
    -Gerald Applewood | Nephew | 1876-
    Amos Lee | Brother | 1848-
    Luke Lee | Brother | 1849-
    Stella Lee | Sister | 1854-
    Morgan Lee | Sister | 1857-
    Peter Lee | Brother | 1864-

    Woodrow Turner | Lover | 1842-1884
    -Vivian Turner | The Other Woman | 1846-1883
    -Benjamin Turner | #awkwardrelationship | 1870-

    Benji Lee | Son | 1871

    Appearance: 5’4. Long, slightly shaggy dark blonde hair that is decidedly unkempt when she lets it hang freely. Blue eyes that she shares with her son. not literally Slender but well-nourished, she is not a waif like some women in the Slums, fortunately for her as it gives her a look of someone much more respectable. She dresses as well as a lady’s maid is allowed to in public though in private she covets the clothes her employer wears all the time, sometimes sneakily trying them on as they are much the same size.

    1853: Sarah Elizabeth Lee is born the fourth child and second daughter of respectable lower class parents. With her the money is beginning to stretch slightly but the family is never destitute. #Weasleywealth

    1854: Stella is born. Despite losing touch periodically over the years she is probably Sarah’s favourite sister to be around.

    1857: Morgan is born. Sarah never takes to her quite as much. Probably because she’s the only other blonde sibling. Later that year Sarah displays magic for the first time when she nearly falls to her death out of a window but instead levitates to the ground safely. Win.

    1864: In the same year that her final sibling is born Sarah receives her Hogwarts letter and like her other siblings is able to attend with second hand items. To begin with it doesn’t bother her unduly but after a while in Slytherin she begins to covet her classmates’ newer, shinier belongings.

    1865: In her second year she begins to surreptitiously steal things here and there, getting away with it admirably, largely because she goes mostly unnoticed with her skinny frame and dull looks, but also because she is clever enough to only take things at the beginning and end of term when everyone is packing and a missing article will not be noted.

    1868: Like the rest of her siblings Sarah is only able to complete a few years at school and leaves after her fourth year without obtaining any OWLS. She almost immediately finds herself employment in the home of a middle class man called Woodrow Turner and almost as quickly falls deeply in love with him. The fact he has a wife is bothersome but incidental to Sarah as she is not in the best of health so all things being well she’ll probably be dead soon.

    December 1870: Vivian proves slightly stronger than Sarah had expected when she is delivered of a son whilst Sarah is six months pregnant. Neither she nor Woodrow truly expected his wife to carry to full term and Sarah sees Benjamin as an annoying obstacle, though she doesn’t hate him with the same vehemence Vivian will hate Benji, and is never harsh enough to wish him dead.

    March 1871: Benji is born and Sarah adores him immensely, not evening minding that his father gives him the same name as his natural son in case he needs to act as a replacement if Benjamin proves as sickly as his mother. Sarah isn’t necessary hoping for that to happen – she wouldn’t wish death on a child – but she isn’t against it either. Ideally she would prefer if it Vivian were to succumb and Benjamin prove to be a squib.

    1875: Though her own son showed signs a full year before it is somehow more of a monumental even for Sarah when Benjamin shows signs of magic. Not a squib then. Bugger.

    1877: The whole family relocate to Hogsmeade and because Vivian is mostly encumbered by various ailments Sarah gets to set up the household more or less as she pleases. This does not endear her to the other servants though they do prefer Sarah to the actual lady of the house as she is not too proud to actually do her chores and muck in with the rest.

    1882: The boys receive their Hogwarts letters and Viv makes a show of herself whilst they are wand shopping, an incident that Sarah and Aunt Hope – who tolerates her with remarkable dignity – consider to be much worse than usual. Benjamin and Benji go off to school and for the first time Sarah is without the pleasant distraction of her son. She attempts to talk Woodrow into the possibility of another child, largely to solidify her own claim, but another son would be useless and a daughter would just be troublesome so she lets it go.

    Vivian grows worse throughout the boys’ absence though and by Christmas she is committed to an Asylum. Despite herself, Sarah does slightly miss her adversary though she is thrilled to have Woodrow all to herself!

    1883: Vivian managed to be even more annoying after death than she was before by sticking around as a ghost after breaking her neck.

    1884: Sarah’s world changes completely and her happiest years are over when Woodrow dies of the laughing plague. She is utterly distraught and doubly so when Aunt Hope is rejected as a guardian for the boys (and by extension, Sarah herself) and instead Luthor takes charge. He immediately throws Sarah and Benji out and, with little other option, Sarah takes them both to live with her brother Amos, who might not approve of her but would never see either of them starve.

    Benji soon acquires a place in the Pettigrew household, which Sarah would be impressed by if she weren’t so upset to see him leaving her again, this time for something much less enjoyable than Hogwarts. At least he’s slightly closer these days – the Pettigrews living in Wellingtonshire.

    1884-1886: Sarah struggles to find employment due to reputation, being turned away from position after position in better households and not even able to find steady work in shops. Really she needs to get away from Hogsmeade entirely but she is reluctant to be so far from her son and without references she wouldn’t find anything anyway.

    However, when Mr Pettigrew moves his entirely household to his country estate permanently Sarah cannot stand living off her brother’s bounty anymore so she forges references, sure at every stage she is going to be found out, and much to her surprise manages to secure a position working for Ursula Black.

    1887: As of now Sarah is living under an assumed name, Sadie Woodrow, and finds Mrs Black to her taste, despite the nagging sense that Mrs Black is no better than she is underneath her finery, though she is yet to prove anything.

    Personality: Despite knowing rationally that her lover would never have left her if he had been given the choice Sadie is still slightly embittered about going from being essentially a kept mistress in a comfortable household to a fallen woman with no prospects. As such she in unrepentant about forging her references and assuming a new identity though she is not nearly stupid enough to let it slip to her family. Kind, though she tries to cover it, and loyal to a fault once she loves somebody, Sarah has an excellent poker face for the world, though underneath she is often suffering.

    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tumblr_mwl84kcwfj1rvcjd7o1_500.gif?w=640]

    Out of Character
    Name: Lauren.
    Age: 27.
    glorious pretties by Nolan <3
    [Image: SadieSig_zpsg1fpxy6w.jpg]

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    set by the unparalleled lady

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