Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Drusilla R. Travers {DONE}
    I hear the board ratios cry.
    In Character
    Full Name: Drusilla Renata Travers (née Burke)
    Nicknames: Dru (used by select people)
    Birthdate: 18th October 1858
    Current Age: 28
    Occupation: Socialite
    Reputation: 5
    Residence: London, England
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor Alumna
    Wand: Pinewood, 11 ¾", Dragon Heartstring, Rigid
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper
    Zachariah Travers, Husband (b. 1850)
    Thaddeus Travers, Son (1883-1883); stillborn
    Domenic Travers, Son (1886-1886); survived first 3 mos.

    Charles Burke, Father (b. 1826)
    Augusta Burke (née Cattermole), Mother (b. 1830)
    Kingsley Burke, Brother (b. 1848)
    ---- Eleanore Burke (née Goyle), Sister-in-law (b. 1856)
    ---- Herbert "Harry" Burke, Nephew (b. 1876)
    ---- Peter Burke, Nephew (b. 1878)
    ---- Camilla Burke, Niece (b. 1881)
    ---- Annabel Burke, Niece (b. 1886)
    Helena Burke, Sister (1852-1852); died at birth
    Daniel Burke, Brother (b. 1863)
    @Cordelia Burke, Sister (b. 1866)

    Lawrence Cattermole, Grandfather (1802-1882)
    Cassandra Cattermole (née ------), Grandmother (b. 1810)
    Alexander Cattermole, Uncle (b. 1834)
    ---- Leonora Cattermole (née Holbrook), Aunt (1842-1884)
    ---- Horace Cattermole, 1st Cousin (1862-1884)
    ---- Grace Cattermole, 1st Cousin (b. 1863)
    ---- Claire ------ (née Cattermole), 1st Cousin (b. 1865)
    ---- Emma Cattermole, 1st Cousin (b. 1867)
    Reginald Cattermole, Uncle (b. 1837); M.I.A since 1881
    ---- Wilhelmina Cattermole (née Whitledge), Aunt (1844-1875)
    ---- Franklin Cattermole, 1st Cousin (b. 1864)
    ---- @Coraline Cattermole, 1st Cousin (b. 1868)
    ---- Archibald Cattermole, 1st Cousin (b. 1872)

    • Stands at a height of 5'4".
    • Thick, blonde hair that falls just a little below the nape of her neck.
    • Her build is slim and toned, both from frequent exercise and general activeness.
    • Her face is oval-shaped, paired with baby blue eyes and full, pink lips.
    • She dresses appropriately for the era, and though no less expensive or refined than the usual upper class wardrobe, her style tends to lean towards the more simple, elegant variety.
    • Drusilla is ambidextrous. When she was younger, she was taught to wield a wand and write with her right hand as opposed to her left (dominant hand). However, after finding that her spells were stronger executed when cast with her left hand, she now wields a wand in that manner - much to her mother's chagrin, who believes in the silly superstition that the left hand is associated with evil.
    AUTUMN OF 1858 | Drusilla Renata is born to third-time parents, Charles and Augusta Burke. While her sex had been a bit of a disappointment, she was at least proof that Mrs. Burke could still conceive after the six long years since their second child's death, and it renewed Charles' hope for a another son.

    YEARS 1859 - 1862 | Drusilla grew up in a sprawling family estate in Bath, England. Much like most children of her station, she had spent the early days of her childhood mostly confined to the nursery, under the watchful eye of a diligent nanny. By many, she was said to be a rather pretty child, what with her bouncing blonde curls and curious bright blue eyes, but where she looked playful, her temperament leaned towards a more serious nature, which often put her at odds with other children her age. If anything, she'd have been referred to as a "mini-adult", for all that she used her intelligence as well as her keen sense of observation to mimic a more mature air, wanting to be taken seriously rather than just some silly little girl.

    Though much too young to remember it, Kingsley went off to Hogwarts in 1859, where he was sorted into -----.

    YEAR OF 1863 | Charles' wish for a second son was granted when Daniel Burke was born in the spring of 1863. Drusilla had initially not cared about this one way or another, her only issue having been that she had to share her nursery, but after noticing how much her father seemed to favor Daniel over her, she had naturally felt a bit slighted by this this and thought that if she applied herself to her studies (which began in the fall the previous year), then she could prove that she was just as worthy of attention as her younger brother and Kingsley were.

    Pre-Hogwarts Academics
    Music - piano/violin/singing
    Foreign languages - French, Italian, Latin
    AUTUMN OF 1865 | Drusilla's efforts in her lessons pay off when, as a birthday present, she was given an Andalusian pony and a private riding instructor. Generally active, the activity provided Drusilla the opportunity to burn off some energy, and she discovered that she rather had an affinity for it, causing her to spend much more time outdoors as a result.

    (LATE) WINTER OF 1866 | Drusilla's position as the only surviving Burke daughter was usurped by the arrival of Cordelia in the new year. At eight, Drusilla was more occupied with her studies and horse riding lessons than in an infant, but she had to admit to a certain jealousy in no longer being the sole girl of her generation.

    Kingsley graduates at the end of May that year. He and and their father went on a short trip abroad for the summer before he had settled into a respectable occupation.

    SPRING OF 1867 | Both she and her parents were relieved when Drusilla finally displayed her first act of magic. A late bloomer at nine (much to her frustration), there was concerning speculation that she could be a Squib, but fortunately, this proved not to be the case when, during a ride gone awry, Dru was suddenly bucked from her horse. Unprepared for this reaction, she went flying, and would have most likely ended up in serious injury had not her bout of magic kicked in, and instead of landing hard on the gravel, she had felt herself float steadily to the ground, injury-free. 

    Relieved that she was alright, but mostly pleased that she'd proved herself a witch, Charles had given her a small British Shorthair kitten that she named Cato.

    SUMMER OF 1868 | While normally passive, a not so subtle dig at her family - her mother, in particular - during a children's tea party saw Drusilla fiercely come to her defense, much to the surprise of the others in attendance. Perhaps it was the mindless chatter that was beginning to get to her, or maybe she was just simply in a foul mood - whatever the reason was, it was safe to say that she'd made her point across, and after making the other girl cry (and, just her luck, it was the "hostess" of said tea party), she'd been excused from the party.

    Though out of character for their daughter, she was still given a firm talking to by her parents about proper representation and upholding the family name, and was given extra etiquette lessons in social manners as punishment. She was also bade to apologize to Miss ------, and return the invitation of tea in the future. 

    AUTUMN OF 1869 | With rain keeping her indoors and her governess let off for the day, Drusilla had turned to reading in the library as a form of entertainment. She'd chosen a book on Defense Against the Dark Arts, and was immediately intrigued with the theoretical aspect of it - particularly where spell creation was concerned. It fascinated how an inventor could take an intended function of a spell, codify and break it down, and then manage to create an entirely new spell. It was no surprise that she'd picked up a book on Magic Theory next.

    SUMMER OF 1870 | After years of anticipation, Drusilla finally received her Hogwarts acceptance letter in July. Excited by the prospect of going off to school, she and her mother ventured into Diagon Alley not long after, acquiring books and other various required supplies, though Dru's favorite part by far had been getting her wand. Sleek and simple with a curled handle, her Pine wand was made with Dragon Heartstring and was 11 3/4" long, and a pleasant warmth had spread all throughout her body as it had accepted her as its owner.

    SEPTEMBER 1870 - MAY 1871 | Having believed that she would have been sorted into Slytherin, or perhaps into Ravenclaw for all that she enjoyed accumulating more knowledge, Dru was pleasantly surprised when she didn't go to either house, but to Gryffindor instead. This decision had not made a lick of sense to her at first, until she began to interact with others in her year. Largely sheltered for her entire childhood, Drusilla's social circle had been terribly limited to the children of her parents' family connections (which was to say, they were upper class, pureblooded, and thought themselves superior to others who weren't the same), so it was interesting to socialize with others of a different caliber, her eyes opened to the fact of just how priviledged her family was, and it had definitely challenged her way - or rather, her parents' way - of viewing the world. Which needed a little help.

    As far as academics went, Drusilla did unsurprisingly well in her classes. She excelled in Defense Against the Dark Arts, Charms, and Transfiguration, with Magic Theory coming in as one of her favorite subjects. She had also joined the following clubs of Defense, History, and Leisure Sports. 

    SEPTEMBER 1871 - MAY 1872 | Dru's second year saw her befriend a student in the year below her, whom couldn't read or write. She was somewhat shocked by this, and had tried to help them along as best as she could, but the end of the Christmas holidays saw the students return to Hogwarts one student less. She thinks that this is grievously unfair, that illiterate students were put at a disadvantage because Hogwarts didn't provide them with the help they needed to succeed, but she also knew that there was little to be done for it.

    SEPTEMBER 1872 - MAY 1873 | Drusilla adds Ancient Studies and Arithmancy to her class list. While fond of history - and intrigued by the elective subject - she found Arithmancy to be her favorite of the two. It was fascinating how one could predict the future using numerology and the magical properties of numbers; compared to Divination, which had always seemed a bit whimsical for her tastes, Arithmancy was at least more tangible where results were concerned.

    SEPTEMBER 1873 - MAY 1874 | Drusilla took up tutoring other students in subjects they need assistance in. Still a little indignant about the friend she had lost two years prior, she takes particular interest in helping those with little to no literacy, so that they might have a chance of passing their classes. She is a firm believer that everyone was entitled to an education, and all the benefits that came with it.

    SUMMER OF 1874 | At nearly sixteen, Drusilla began her monthly courses. She wasn't quite sure what to make of this, though had no choice but to accept it. 

    SEPTEMBER 1874 - MAY 1875 | Drusilla was quite pleased to have been made female Prefect for Gryffindor during her fifth year. She naturally takes to the position (even if it pained her to take points from her own house), and took the appointment quite seriously - for they had trusted her to be a leader - and that, combined with her studies, tutoring sessions, and club duties made for a particularly busy year.

    Her eldest brother married Miss Eleanore Goyle in an elegantly lavish ceremony in November of 1874. Dru was allowed to leave school premises for it, where she had been one of bridesmaids.

    OWL Scores
    Ancient Studies - O
    Arithmancy - O
    Astronomy - A
    Charms - O
    Defense Against the Dark Arts - E
    Herbology - A
    History of Magic - O
    Potions - P
    Transfiguration - O

    SEPTEMBER 1875 - MAY 1876 Though a little disheartened by her Potions OWL, Drusilla continued her NEWT studies with Ancient Studies, Arithmancy, Charms, DADA, History of Magic, and Transfiguration. 

    SUMMER OF 1876 | In a move that she now deems as rather foolish, Dru let slip to her eldest brother in confidence that she rather wouldn't mind having a career. A little concerned, Kingsley had relayed this information to their parents, and it went as well as one might expect. Needless to say, the only that kept her from being withdrawn from Hogwarts and sent to a finishing school was the arrival of her Head Girl badge at the end of July, and her relationship with Kingsley - what little of it there was - soured as a result.

    Drusilla's nephew, Herbert - "Harry", for short - was also born in the summer of that year. While she had viewed the name as terribly common and unoriginal, she was very pleased by the news nonetheless, and had given her sister-in-law a care package as a congratulation gift. 

    SEPTEMBER 1876 - MAY 1877 | The fact that she could have potentially been withdrawn from school caused Drusilla to enjoy every moment of her final year at Hogwarts. While not very superstitious, she had viewed her appointment as Head Girl as somewhat of a positive omen, and she'd tried to do the position justice. Dru came out at the end of the year as one of the very first to be presented, leading her fellow female yearmates down the steps to womanhood.

    NEWT Scores
    Ancient Studies - O
    Arithmancy - E
    Charms - O
    DADA - O
    History of Magic - E
    Transfiguration - O

    YEARS 1877 - 1878 | While at times she found little stimulation in attending the Season, Drusilla was nothing if not a good actor and she had managed well enough. Albeit somewhat restlessly, though she tried to balance it with volunteering her time and services at a local wizarding school to help promote literacy, conducting further research on magic theory, and participating in various ladylike sports. However, she could never quite shake the feeling that there was something missing in her life, and the longer time went on, the more her resentment of Kingsley deepened because of it.

    SUMMER OF 1878 | Another son, named Peter, is born to Kingsley and Eleanore. She still cannot not understand why they would go for something so unoriginal, but it also wasn't a pressing enough concern for her to bring it up. They could name their child whatever they wanted.

    SPRING OF 1879 | Two years had come and gone before anything happened for Dru on the marriage front. Oh certainly, there had been other suitors who had taken interest - one of whom her mother had been most disappointed that she had not encouraged, and she hadn't spoken to Dru for nearly a month because of it! - but Drusilla reasoned that if she was going to marry anyone, it wouldn't be to some man she barely connected with because she was so desperate to be married off. 

    So, enter Zachariah Travers, a gentleman eight years her senior whose profession in international relations required him to travel constantly for work. A fact which had immediately been a mark against him in her parents' book, but that they could easily forgive since he hailed from a good, pureblooded family and was a first son. Which was a good thing, for with their similar interests and like-minded views on most things, Mr. Travers was the first man Dru had ever seen herself being happily attached to - and it seemed that he felt likewise, for they kept "bumping" into each other at functions during the Season, and kept a steady correspondence of letters in which allowed them to truly get to know one another without the eyes of society watching.

    WINTER OF 1879 | December saw Mr. Travers, after he'd gotten back from a month or two abroad, approach Charles for permission to court Drusilla. Permission that, after a nerve-wracking forty-five minutes in which Dru and her mother sat in breathless anticipation, was granted, and Dru found herself very excited for the months ahead.

    SUMMER OF 1880 | After perhaps the best six months of her short life, Zach - a nickname he requested she call him - proposes, and Drusilla didn't hesitate to accept him.

    WINTER OF 1880 | Drusilla became Mrs. Zachariah Travers in December, exactly a year after Zach asked to court her. They spent a few weeks in Italy for their honeymoon before settling into the recently established village of Hogsmeade. Dru wasn't sure that she had particularly liked it there, but she did enjoy their house, which they had created together during the months of their engagement. She was sad to leave it behind when she had followed her husband to France a few months later for work.

    YEARS 1881 - PRESENT | honestly, I will expand later on when it's not midnight. xD

    • Drusilla spends the next couple of years following her husband around for his international work, and assisting him in making connections with other notable figures to help further his career. This makes her an international Socialite of sorts. Her social events, while charitable in all areas, are mainly geared towards trying to improve education.
    • While abroad, they rent homes as opposed to buying, though they own residences in both the English countryside and in London. They used to have a home in Hogsmeade, but it had perished in the fire in 1884; luckily, the Travers' were spending the summer with Dru's parents in Bath at the time.
    • They have always had trouble conceiving, though what children they did have did not survive infancy. Their first son, Thaddeus, was born four months premature in 1883, and their second, Domenic, she had managed to carry to term in 1886, but he was born sickly and it had even been miracle that he had lasted as long as he had. The older she gets, the less hope she has of ever having a living child.
    • After the death of her second child back in November, Dru had fallen into a bit of a depression, and she and Zach had spent the winter months at their countryside residence. She's barely seen in society at this time. 
    • Though still saddened, Drusilla now feels strong enough emotionally to reappear in good society, and for the first time since the beginning of their marriage, she opts out on joining Zach on his trip to Germany at the beginning of April. On the day that he leaves, Dru makes the transition to the London house by herself, and it's there that she stays.
    ESTJ - while her passive nature may cause her to come across as an introvert, Drusilla is stimulated by interactions with others and enjoys conversations that challenge her way of thinking. Open-minded. Exhibits a quiet courage. She is affectionate to those whom she believes deserves her love - her husband is one such person, her best friend another. Efficient. A soft blood purist. Loyal. Intelligent. Rational. A stratgeic thinker. Organized. Self-confident. Active. Stubborn. Can be outspoken, but generally thinks before she speaks. Strong-willed (to an extent). Socially-conscious. Passionate. Observant. Dedicated. On the surface, Dru is everything a respectable, well-brought up woman should be, but there are layers to her personality that she gradually reveals the more comfortable she becomes with someone, or when she sees that they share the same beliefs and ideals.
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