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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Sad Violinist and his Puppet Wife
    At school? That was boring, but how else could they possibly have met? Macmillan was boring, so it was only fitting. It wasn't as though he was the sort to even go to any parties, where he might have talked or danced with Nova. If he did go to parties, it was probably just to sulk around the edges and fret over not having the courage to dance with anyone.

    "School," he repeated with a nonchalant shrug, ignoring Macmillan's question about the music. He didn't find it heart-wrenching, but he doubted the other man was looking for his opinion. With a glance over at the blond two seats down, Ben muttered, "Haven't seen each other in years, but you were still the first person he thought of when he got tickets to the Puppet Violinist, eh? Lucky us," he said with an exaggerated grin and half an eye roll. The remark was meant entirely for Miss Wells, and Ben was entirely oblivious to any meaning Nova might read or imply in it.
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       Ellory Pendergast, November Malfoy


    Oh, that silence singin', singing to me...
    "Quite," she agreed softly. While it wasn't the music that had her looking downcast as Mr. Macmillan seemed to believe, the sorrowful music did serve as the perfect accompaniment to her inner dismay. She had lifted her eyes to meet his, but upon her brother's remark, she couldn't help but to look anxiously his way. She blushed ever so slightly and wondered what he was trying to imply. Was he even trying to suggest anything or was it a guilty conscience?

    "Mr. Macmillan is very thoughtful," she said by way of explanation, the pink in her cheeks growing more visible as she spoke. She was inclined to add something about his good taste, but her brother seemed not to share their enthusiasm and so she held her tongue on that count. Instead, she turned her face back towards Elmer and gave him a small, bashful smile. Was she trying to communicate that she regretted her brother's cynicism and mainstream tastes, or was she trying to silently communicate her appreciation? She honestly wasn't sure.
    @Elmer Macmillan @Reuben Crouch | OUTFIT | APRIL 15TH, 1887
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       Elmer Macmillan

    It was really hard to enjoy the play with Reuben Crouch being a smartass all the time. He had no regard for art and he was trying to sabotage his "date" with November. Why couldn't he just let them be? What did he care if they attended a play a not? It wasn't like he didn't have any married female friends. Elmer had no way of proving it, but he could make assumptions. Reuben Crouch seemed the sort to do worse things with married woman than simply invite them to plays.

    Elmer inhaled deeply. He wasn't going to let him ruin his fun.

    "It warms my heart to know you think so kindly of me, Mrs. Malfoy," Elmer commented and gave November a smile. "Your kindness gives me hope, in this dark, cruel world. You are a moonbeam - the purest light - in this neverending darkness that is the cruelty of human existance."
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    [Image: ZZHTy9J.png]
    elmer's moody af set was made by bee <3
    Ben wasn't trying to pay rapt attention to what Nova and this Macmillan fellow were talking about, but he couldn't help but overhear the rather ridiculous epithet the other man bestowed on his sister. Reuben snorted with laughter, but cut it short and turned his attention to his drink, not wanting to get involved with whatever nonsense was going on between the two of them.
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    Oh, that silence singin', singing to me...
    Nova was touched deeply by Mr. Macmillan's words although she was very self-conscious of them in the presence of her brother, she wasn't sure she could put to voice her similar feelings and so she was in the midst of gazing at him in a mournful, yet longing way, when her brother's laughter spoiled the moment. Elmer was going to think her brother uncouth and he wouldn't want to see her again and the very thought was enough to make Nova forget that she shouldn't want to see him again.

    "Brother, please," she whined softly in his direction, placing a hand lightly on his arm for a moment. She looked back to Elmer with an apologetic look. Ordinarily she considered all of her brothers beyond reproach and this was easy even in Reuben's case for she had a habit of forgiving them easily and almost always at once.
    @Elmer Macmillan @Reuben Crouch | OUTFIT | APRIL 15TH, 1887

    Elmer was aware that his demeanour sometimes caused others' amusement, but it was the first time he'd felt so openly ridiculed. It suddenly made him very self-consious about the words he'd bestowed to November. It wasn't like he spoke like that to everyone person he met. Mrs. Malfoy was a kindred spirit, someone who could appreciate him for what he was.

    It was satisfactory when she picked his side over her brother's, but Elmer still felt slightly gutted about the whole thing. He gave her a sad smile and then commented: "Let us all enjoy this beautiful and sad piece of art in silence."
    [Image: ZZHTy9J.png]
    elmer's moody af set was made by bee <3
    Ben shot his sister a look of startled innocence--who, me? what?--when she spoke to him. MacMillan said something about sitting silently through the rest of it, and Reuben turned his attention back down to his drink. He was glad they'd decided not to talk, because he suspected if he laughed again he'd be in trouble with Nova--but he could hardly help laughing when they were being so ridiculous. He would have preferred if he were sitting next to that blond, and the two of them could talk through the performance, such as it was, but sitting in silence was probably the next best thing, if he was to be spared any more sappy poetry. Hopefully he didn't end up having to fart at one of the quiet points in the show.
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    Oh, that silence singin', singing to me...
    Nova felt conflicted between sibling loyalty and fear that Mr. Macmillan was terribly wounded by her brother's outburst. How could she apologize for it without offending her brother? She stole a furtive glance at Reuben and found him inattentive enough that she felt courageous enough to edge her hand out towards Mr. Macmillan and rest the last two fingers of her hand on top of his. It was possibly the most presumptuous thing she had ever done in her entire life and this realization showed itself in the glow of her cheeks.

    She withdrew her hand a couple seconds later and followed it up with a meek glance in his direction in the hopes of finding something reassuring in his expression.
    @Elmer Macmillan @Reuben Crouch | OUTFIT | APRIL 15TH, 1887
    [-] The following 1 user Likes November Malfoy's post:
       Elmer Macmillan

    Elmer was trying to pay attention to the play but it was hard to do so when Reuben Crouch had ruined it for him. Out of all of the brothers November could have brought along! He was to annoyed to consider that Reuben Crouch was the brother who best fit his interests, seeing that both Aldous and Roman Crouch were too proper to approve of this 'date'.

    He'd been very aware of his surroundings, so he noticed the movement from Nova's side. He tried not to glance her way, until he felt his fingers on his hands. That shot an electric sort of feeling to his heart and seconds after that the rush headed downwards.

    Elmer crossed his hands on top of his crotch in the most sneaky way possible and returned November's glance with the meekest of smiles.
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    [Image: ZZHTy9J.png]
    elmer's moody af set was made by bee <3

    Oh, that silence singin', singing to me...
    Nova noticed his movements but didn't for a second even dream why he was making them. It was probably a very good thing too. Anyway, she was too wrapped up in her relief at his smile. It meant that he wasn't too offended by Reuben, or at least didn't hold it against her, that's how she chose to interpret it anyhow.

    She looked back to the stage and admired the melancholy in the violin playing. As much as she liked to revel in gloom and sorrow, she rarely cried, but the violin was hitting her in such a way that she thought she might be close to it. "Does he really have a puppet wife or is it a metaphor, do you think?" She meant this for Elmer even if she didn't look his way when she said it, giving the false impression that she might be addressing everyone present.
    @Elmer Macmillan @Reuben Crouch | OUTFIT | APRIL 15TH, 1887
    [-] The following 1 user Likes November Malfoy's post:
       Ellory Pendergast

    Reuben really could have cared less whether the 'puppet wife' was meant to be taken literally or allegorically, so he didn't bother to put much thought into Nova's question. Instead, he took another drink and muttered, "Aren't puppets for children? Children and churches, I think," he remarked. It seemed as though he'd occasionally seen some religious types acting out stories from the bible, or the miracles of the saints, with puppets, since they didn't have magic to make the miracles and they were much more believable on a tiny, inhuman scale.

    @November Malfoy @Elmer Macmillan

    Elmer might have been annoyed by Reuben Crouch's remarks hadn't it been for his hormonal outburst.

    In a dramatic, Elmer-y way, fitting to put an end to this thread, Elmer said, but only to November because fuck Reuben Crouch: "Isn't everything in life a metaphor?"
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       Reuben Crouch, Ursula Black
    [Image: ZZHTy9J.png]
    elmer's moody af set was made by bee <3