Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Myrna Morrow
    In Character
    Full Name: Myrna Morrow née Sawyer
    Nicknames: [If any]
    Birthdate: March 15th, 1836
    Current Age: 51 years
    Occupation: Doomsayer
    Reputation: 2
    Residence: London
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: 12 3⁄4" silver lime & thestral hair  
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Lower Class
    Thanatos Sawyer – Illegitimate Son – 1858 - Present
    Tenebrae "Rae" Morrow – Daughter – 18?? - Present
    Appearance: Myrna might have been taller had she not spent the first ten years of her life malnourished to some degree, that said, she eventually reached a fairly respectable 5'1"; very nearly average height. Her short stature is not obvious unless one is stood next to her as she is well proportioned and slender. Her hair is a handsome copper color and compliments her pasty complexion, although she would much rather have dark hair. Most noticeable when she speaks are her poor teeth which are very crooked and stained.

    Myrna likes the finer things in life but cannot afford them, this is evident in some of her clothing which has the occasional touch of indulgence underneath a few years of hard wear and grime. She prefers wearing darker colors which wash her out, giving her a more ominous look which she's quite happy to sport. She is right handed.

    1836 | Myrna is born in Ireland to an incredibly poor wizarding family. The financial situation might not have been so dire had they not had so many children. Myrna was the eleventh* child born to her parents and she wouldn't be the last.
    *This does account for siblings who died before her arrival.

    1840 | There are now fifteen living Sawyer children, but not for much longer. One of Myrna's older siblings breaks his neck after falling off the roof of the cottage during a particularly ambitious game of hide and seek. This is her first experience of death that she can remember. It is shortly after this time that she begins having nightmares full of family death and pestilence.

    1841 | Over a year of nightmares and finally one of them comes true. Myrna had a dream that her younger sister falls down a well and drowns. She informs her mother who brushes her off. Later that day her nightmare becomes a reality.

    1844 | Having had recurring and very graphic nightmares for four years, she has grown somewhat numb to them. However, a puzzling dream comes to her that winter. Rather than dreaming of death and despair, she dreams about potatoes. The potatoes turn rotten, shrivel up and become dust in her dream.

    1845 | Myrna has the potato dream again. Weeks later, it turns out the potato season has been exceptionally bad. The family being as poor as it is, this affects them greatly. Myrna dreams that the very youngest of her siblings starve to death and weeks later, they do. By this stage it's generally acknowledge that Myrna has the Sight but no one is particularly pleased about it, she could at least foresee something helpful rather than death!

    1846 | Everyone is dying. Seriously. It's starvation for some of them, and then the cholera hits. Myrna's life becomes an unrelenting déjà vu for weeks. All of her death dreams come true around her as siblings succumb to malnutrition and cholera. Myrna herself is suffering from malnutrition, the only reason she doesn't die is because the death of others meant the little food they still had could be spread about with a little more generosity. Myrna's mother suffers a fatal miscarriage during this period and after 7 weeks of quarantine and death, things finally start to look up. Myrna just about recovers but she loses twelve siblings and her mother. Broke in more ways than one, Myrna's father overcomes his pride and seeks the help of his sister living in England. She's not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination but she has a sane number of children and a fairly comfortable existence for a member of the lower class. She offers to take in one of his children and spare him one more mouth to feed. As the least popular surviving family member, Myrna is chosen and is sent to live with her aunt.

    1847 | A Hogwarts letter arrives. There is some debate as to whether she ought to attend as her aunt and uncle hardly have disposable income and they have their own children to consider. In the end they decide to send her for her first year of school only. Her non-Sight related magical outbursts have been fairly destructive in nature (think tiny fires and broken pots) and they hope a year of schooling will help her control it. That September she goes off to school and ends up in Slytherin.

    1848 | When she returns home from school for the summer, she is sternly reminded that she shan't be returning. Having enjoyed her year at Hogwarts and been happy for the first time in her life, she is distraught. Rather than throw a tantrum, however, she spends the first few weeks of summer being incredibly morbid and telling everyone in the family how she has apparently seen them die in her dreams. Knowing that she has some Seeing ability, they find this incredibly disturbing and don't know whether she's being truthful or not.

    September eventually rolls around again and Myra's aunt and uncle are true to their word.

    1849 | As a twelve year old who spends most of her time sulking and brooding, she is hardly popular among her adoptive family. One day, her uncle finds an opportunity to get rid of her once and for all and - he is ashamed to admit - sells her to an old Seer as an apprentice or maid, really whatever the old lady wants to do with her. Little does her uncle know but he's just done Myrna a rather good turn. Under the guardianship of the old Seer, Myrna does indeed keep house for her, but she also learns magic. It's chiefly divination, but she's taught useful spells every so often.

    1854 | Myrna has a vision of the old woman's gruesome murder. It is her first proper vision rather than the future glimpsed in a dream or vague intuition while awake. She does all she can to try and circumvent the future she has seen but it inevitably comes true. Truly alone in the world for the first time, Myrna doesn't really know what to do with herself. She gets a few jobs working in various shops in magical London, but she keeps getting fired for various things - stealing, predicting customer's deaths out of boredom, indiscreet flirting with a customer... Eventually she ends up working as a maid in a Knockturn Alley shop and the low standards plus lack of customer interaction give her the opportunity to keep a job longer than a couple months.

    1855 | While slacking on the job she meets Tybalt Lestrange, a handsome and wealthy young man who might entrance a humble young maid for those reasons alone, but it is the prickling on the back of her neck that initially has Myrna paying attention to him. Sensing an abnormal amount of unnatural death in his future, she is intrigued and cannot let him leave unaccosted. One thing leads to another and, well, Myrna never turns up for work again. Not because she's dead though, she just decides she's suddenly above cleaning a grimy shop floor. Who wants to be cleaning shop floors when you could be chilling with a murderer?

    1856 | Life is grand when you're banging a Lestrange. Except it's not because she stupidly ditched her job and he's stingy. Her new method of supporting herself mainly involves haunting pubs and telling fortunes in exchange for money. She falls pregnant and shortly after realizing this, has a dream where it dies and consequently she keeps it to herself. She miscarries a couple weeks later.

    1858 | Myrna is expecting again but this time has no prophetic dreams before she breaks the news. To her disgust and humiliation, he severs all communication with her. She has a dream the child dies but it turns out to be wishful thinking for a son is born that September. She morbidly names him Thanatos after the Ancient Greek equivalent of the Grim Reaper. Life is suddenly a lot harder and starvation and homelessness seem to be a constant and very real threat.

    1859 | Odd jobs for little pay, begging, and working the people at inns and pubs while her child stays behind in whatever space they're currently calling home very much unattended.

    1863 | Old enough to be useful, Thanatos starts earning his keep.

    1864 | Somehow, she manages to ensnare the attention of a woodworker by the name of Robert Morrow. Tired of having to work so hard for so little reward, she sees an opportunity and takes it. Later that year, he makes an honest woman out of her. Ish.

    1865 | A daughter is born. Myrna insists on naming her Tenebrae. She quickly earns the nickname "Rae". Unbeknownst to her, Tenebrae would be her last child although there would be the odd miscarriage. Not being a terribly maternal woman, this isn't something she'd be cut up about.

    1867 | Myrna convinces her husband to buy her a new wand she spotted in a shop in Knockturn Alley with a thestral hair core. It's expensive for that very reason but with a lot of coercion (and probably sex) she got her way.

    1870 | Thanatos' (she still refuses to call him anything else) Hogwarts letter doesn't arrive and Myrna is displeased by this. It's a passing bee in her bonnet, however, for she's more concerned about how tedious her damn marriage is.

    1871 | Robert dies. Myrna takes the opportunity to adopt full on permanent mourning. Also she totally put the poison in his dinner after a dream about putting poison in his dinner. Was it the Sight or was it just inspiration in her sleep? We may never know for sure.

    1875 | Tybalt Lestrange makes the papers after killing a whole bunch of people. Myrna gets a real thrill out of this for a number of reasons ranging from satisfaction to morbid interest.

    1877 | Her daughter's Hogwarts letter arrives. Myrna begrudgingly allows her to go, she doesn't really want to spend the money on the girl's education preferring to spend it on herself, but having another magically able person around seems like a good thing.

    1882 | Tenebrae leaves Hogwarts with her OWLs.

    1887 | Myrna's still up to her old antics: death fortunes, foretelling everyone's alleged deaths, general reveling in death. It has become an obsession and the main constant in her life she can cling to.

    Personality: Brazen. Pessimistic. Gloomy. Dramatic.
    Sample Roleplay Post: [Image: tenor.gif]
    Out of Character
    Name: Olive
    Age: No.
    Contact: PM/Skype

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    if I could marry Bee I would but I can't so I ship our characters instead.