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    November 1887
    Such Great Heights
    Open Thread 
    Reuben had done his fair share of traveling, so the somewhat stereotypical illusions in most of the places around Europe and North America held little interest for him. He'd instead headed straight to the ballroom area in Siberia, but after one dance he'd decided to do a little more exploring before returning to the dance floor. It was still relatively early in the night, and the snowy dance floor was rather sparse. While he had spent most of his adult life outside of Britain, Ben had very little experience with any place in Asia, really, except one brief cursebreaking trip to India.

    Moving south from Russia, the first thing Ben came across was the Great Wall of China. Most of the terrain features around the globe were merely painted onto the floor, but this one had dimension--though he imagined the actual Great Wall of China was probably higher than three and a half feet, which was about the extent of this one. It was just tall enough that Ben could hop up onto it, which gave him a view of all Asia stretching out beyond him. Enjoying the view, Reuben settled onto the wall, his feet hanging down towards China. The ballroom dance music was barely audible behind him--he must have been just at the edge of some charm that kept the music contained in the designated area, he realized. He leaned forward and the tone changed into something vaguely metallic sounding. A large dragon puppet appeared, another of the illusions, and waded past him, its human legs taking steps in time to the music.

    Reuben laughed, leaning back--the dragon vanishing as he did so. Apparently he'd just left China. Well, then. He took a glance to his left and right and couldn't see anyone else atop the wall, so he decided to take a stroll. Being just on the border between two competing illusions was fascinating, and as Reuben walked along the edge of the Great Wall (teetering on one foot the entire time), he leaned to either his left or right, catching glimpses of the parades and fireworks in China or getting snowed on in Siberia.

    Of course, the Wall was just a charm and wasn't really meant to be walked on by a full grown man, holding his arms out straight on either side of him for balance, and it was only a matter of time before he began to waver. "Wo--ah," he said, managing to regain his balance at the last minute--but sticking his foot through one upturned stone and sending it scattering away from the wall. "Oh," he said, as he climbed down into a sitting position and shielded his eyes with one hand, peering out to see where the stone had gotten off to. "Sorry!" he called to the person by whom it had come to a stop, wondering if he ought to try and put it back. He'd sort of ruined part of the illusion, but... well, it wasn't like this was the real Great Wall of China.

    Ginny wanted to see the world, it just infuriated her that, as a woman she would be required to live a much more limited life than her brother, or any man that she might call her husband. She wanted to visit every country on the globe and live with every culture, experience everything she could before she was too old to enjoy it. However, the stupendous age of Mister Dippet seemed to imply that she didn’t quiet need to worry about senility yet.

    She stood in China, imagining how different it must be to live there, how beautiful the colours were, and how fine the buildings. When a young man, who was clambering on the imitation of the great wall somehow managed to break the illusion. The wall seemed to crumble, the large block which formed the ramparts went tumbling down around her ears, and Ginny threw her arms up to protect her head and shoulders from the raining bricks, not that it would offer much protection from such large boulders. However, it was just an illusion, and instead of the solid thud of stones she felt the gentle patter of grains of sand that spilled over her head and face, and caught in the creases of her jade green dress.

    As her momentary panic abated Ginny started to laugh, not at the predicament but at the ridiculousness of the situation, and the abashed young man who was suddenly looking rather sheepish infront of the ruined wall. ’I do hope you are pleased with yourself’ Ginevra smiled, ’Now all China will succumb to the Mongol hordes.’ she indicated the wall, and mimicked the tone her Nanny had used when her brother had ruined something with childish games. ’Us poor damsels living in the great Chinese empire will surely perish!’ she added dramatically. Anyone that knew Ginny would fain call her a damsal. She was one of those annoyingly independent women that mothers warned first born sons about, her own mother was sure that it was only a matter of time before she began to wear trousers.
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    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    His eyes had widened slightly at the sight of firey red hair--but no, it wasn't Una. The girl standing in the shadow of the wall (or what was left of it) looked roughly around Una's height, but she was paler, and nicely dressed. Not that Una wasn't capable of dressing well, but it wasn't how he pictured her, after their time on her family's farm. This girl did look somewhat familiar, but he couldn't place her right away. Maybe it was just from gatherings like this, or maybe she was a friend of his sister's. She was about the right age, it seemed.

    In any case, she was witty, and Ben liked that. He tilted his head and smiled at her, legs dangling down from the wall. "Quite pleased!" he responded gaily. "I may not look it, my dear--I know my dashingly debonaire appearance can be quite deceiving--but I am, in fact, a mongol spy," he said, raising and wiggling his eyebrows playfully. Tensing his arms, Ben launched himself off of the wall, landing on his feet a yard or so into China and making a dramatic movement with his arms. He was actually trying to keep his balance, but he kept his composure throughout the movement and hoped that it came across looking like a fantastic flourish.

    "I'm sorry to say you will almost certainly perish," he said, crossing to her with a playful smirk. "Unless you've something you can offer in exchange for your life, Miss Chinese damsel."

    He maintained his attitude as he jumped off the wall, and into ‘China’. He was only a few inches taller than herself, but he had a warm teasing smile, and eyes that implied a puckish sense of humour. One that she was sure would be able to tolerate the cheeky sense of humour that she tended to have to keep very well hidden.

    Ginny’s lips quirked into a smile, pursing her lips, as she tried to suppress the smile, and maintain the look of mock outrage on her face, as she lazily fanned her face with the ebony wood and jade green fan that matched her dress. Her eyes flicked to the left, as though thinking very deeply, then suddenly snapped her fan shut and made an exasperated gesture with her arms and shoulders. ”Well Sir” her tone full of mock resignation, ”It appears you have given me no choice, we damsels of China are full bested by you Mongol spies.”. She gave a low curtsey, in acquiescence of his superiority, but continued to look up at him through her lashes as she did so.

    On straightening, she flicked her red hair over her shoulder, arranging it over one shoulder in a shower of red curls. ”So what would the Mongol hordes accept in tribute?” she raised her hands to indicate that other than her fan, and dance card, she wasn’t holding anything else.
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    Reuben was glad she was playing along; this was rather fun, compared to the conversations one normally had at balls. That being said, this was far from a typical ball, between the adventurous setting, the comprehensive decorations, and the more diverse guest list. It seemed destined to be a more interesting night than the ones he sometimes had at those dull events in the season. He grinned wolfishly at the redhead, but when she showed her hands his expression turned mock-sour, and he shook his head solemnly from side to side.

    "Tsk Tsk, Chinese maiden, what a poor showing," he chided playfully. "I can see that you were wholly unprepared for invasion tonight. I suppose I'll have to take your dance card," he said with what was meant to be a sigh of resignation. The dance floor, however, was on the other side of the Great Wall, and he hardly intended to make her leap over it in her dress, so they had a few moment's walk before them if they were going to go that route. There was music here in China, but if it was the sort you could dance to, Ben had no idea how. Besides, they'd make a spectacle of themselves, dancing all on their lonesome twenty feet south of the edge of the dance floor.

    Turning, Ben offered the girl his arm. With his other hand he made a vague gesture over to the west, where the wall eventually ended. "Shall we? Though I warn you, unless you're an excellent dancer it's a very poor tribute. If we pass by any wandering waiters, I'll expect tributes of liquor and food, too," he teased.

    Ginevra’s lips pinched as she struggled not to laugh as he solemnly declared that a dance was the forfeit for the Mongol invasion, and she was not at all put out by the request. She was however, rather pleased that he choose to walk them to the main dance floor. Ginny was often accused of caring too little for the good opinion of others, mostly by her mother, and while she enjoyed Quidditch she had little desire to be a complete social pariah. This evening, however, she was feeling particularly daring, an argument with her brother before she had left for the party, had left her feeling rather defiant.

    She realised she didn’t know this young mans name but then there was something rather exciting in that – it was a little improper, they should have at least been introduced, but then at events such as these the exacting requirements of propriety could be assumed to be a little lack – after all there were a myriad of attendees that it would generally be considered improper for her to consort with – and yet her mother had actively encouraged her attendance. As had, apparently, every mother in the country. He jested at the extent of his required tributes, and Ginny feigned being overwrought.

    As they neared the dance floor, situation across the magically created European continant she added ’What other roll is a woman to play sir other than to provide sustenance.’ she jested with an obvious and joking eye roll, but still, as a waiter passed with a tray of sweet champagne, half strawberries floating in the glasses, she procured two and offered one to the gentleman. ’As to my dancing – well I do generally find it improves after a glass of champagne’ she raised the glass, offering her to clink against his own companionably. ’To the conquering of China?’ she smiled her toast, before taking a drink of the ice cold liquid.
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    Ben was, as far as rich, pureblooded gentlemen went, incredibly progressive. This was a consequence, mostly, of his having done a great deal of traveling with essentially no supervision, in which he had talked to, listened to, and stolen ideas from a large variety of people that most rich, pureblooded English gentleman were never so fortunate as to meet. He was in favor of women's suffrage, he had discovered, and a good deal of other things regarding the rights of the so-called fairer sex, and if he had supposed that the redhead he was walking with had been at all serious in any of her claims, he would have been rather put-out. Since she obviously found such notions as ridiculous as he did, however, he was able to smile along with her little commentary.

    "To the conquering of China!" Reuben agreed with a wide grin, taking a sip of the champagne. The strawberry seemed to greatly improve its flavor, or perhaps this was better champagne that he typically came across. That seemed altogether possible; the host seemed to have spared no expense tonight, despite the rather mixed group invited. Ben liked the party on both accounts; he greatly enjoyed expensive things, and he greatly enjoyed people who had no expensive things.

    "Am I to assume," he said after the toast, "That you are typically not an excellent dancer? Mostly when people claim that drinking improves their dancing it tends to have something to do with confidence," he said with a shrug, "But I certainly haven't found you lacking in that respect."

    ’Let us simply say that I do better with my feet off the ground’ she had meant it in reference to her flying, but as she said it she realised how terribly like a bad innuendo it sounded and erupted into laughter, not a coquettish giggle but a full clear laugh at her own foolishness. ’Oh dear that was rather at odds to my meaning.’ she insisted, and placed her glass of champagne down on a nearby table. ’I think I might have had enough champagne for one evening’ it was only her second glass, but still her tongue was too free at the best of times, she really didn’t need to make it worse.

    Ginny cleared her throat, her lips pursed in amusement, ’My dancing is tolerable sir,’ she clarified, ’however, I find that most people, unless very affected in their manners, dance with better gusto after a strong drink.’. She indicated the dance floor, her general preference at balls was to people watch, and she had the measure of this crowd rather well. She gestured to a debutante, a very young girl, perhaps a little too young to be out in society, but she was dancing with such vigour and with such coquettish manners that the gentleman with her was having a hard time keeping up, with the sprightliness of her jumps and spins, and then indicated an older woman, with all the bearing of a dowager, or stately widow, who somehow made the same dance look like a funeral march as she trudged through the movements with little grace and almost no enthusiasm.

    ’No sir, I regret my tribute shall be only tolerable in it’s execution, but I do hope the repartee shall make up for it.’

    @Reuben Crouch
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    Ben's eyebrows shot about a mile higher at her comment. He may have been quite progressive, but he was still a man, and when a woman made a comment about having her feet in the air, his first thought was definitely not Quidditch. Even when she clarified that she hadn't meant that, he still didn't think of Quidditch. He didn't really know what to think, truth be told, but he did have a second to reflect that she was clearly no naive debutante--not only had she recognized the connotations of her statement (which a good many young women would not have), she'd laughed about it instead of blushing about it. Intriguing.

    He glanced over at the dancing figures she was pointing out to him, but his gaze kept slipping back to the redhead herself, wondering who she was. Her clothing seemed to imply she was well-connected, but her mannerisms told much the opposite story. That laugh, full and loud, was something one expected to hear in a well-to-do garden party, or something of the sort. Although he'd only been here under an hour he had noticed that there were some poorer folks in attendance--respectable, for the most part, it seemed, but poorer all the same--and the size of the guest list gave this redhead an air of perfect anonymity. She could have been anyone, and although prior to this moment they'd been engaging in nothing more than harmless flirting--the sort of thing Ben probably would forget about ten minutes after it was over--he was now seized by a desire to find out who she was, this 'Chinese maiden.'

    "Well," he said, with a genuine if somewhat distracted grin, "I'll be the judge of that. But it's poor form for me to dance with you before I know your--" name, was what he was going to say, but just the song that had been playing ended, and he realized that if they sat here talking, they were going to miss the first half a minute of the next one. Finishing his champagne in a quick gulp, Ben turned to find a waiter to deposit the empty glass with. Finding none, he frowned and set it down on the floor instead, hoping that it wouldn't become anyone's downfall before one of the staff recovered it, and then turned and took a step towards the dance floor. He reached out and took the redhead's hand hastily, pulling her along until they were in a suitable position at the edge of the dance floor.

    "Poor form, I suppose," he lamented as he let go of her hand and assumed the stance for beginning a dance. "Now you can't tell me. If I never know, it's desperately romantic, like a novel," he pointed out. "If I find out your name after we start dancing, then I'm just a bore with no manners."

    Ginny was not a shrinking violet, she knew her future was secure, that regardless of whether she found husband or not she would never need to be concerned for her security. If she ended a spinster she would be wealthy and free, and so she had no real care for the good opinion of others. If they liked her, they liked her, if they didn’t….well, no great loss. As far as she was concerned she would marry for love or not at all – her mother’s machinations be damned. The result of this relative freedom was Ginny was often rather too free with her mouth in general, and her opinions in particular. It was of particular concern to her brother who really wanted her married and out of his hair as quickly as possible.

    She was still rather pleased however, when the gentlemen continued in his request for a dance, despite her demurement. He jested about not yet knowing her name and Ginny broke into a wide and genuine smile. ‘Better Romantic than a bore’ she observed, the general liberties that both were taking with decorum, without either taking offense, was rather pleasing and Ginevra had to admit she was enjoying it immensely. ‘Given sir, that I am 2 full years out in society and we have never been introduced, I would say that our chances of meeting again are rather remote.’ she moved through the steps of the dance, speaking when they got close and ceasing when the movement of the steps parted them. ‘and as such, I suggest to both of us, in the cause of romance, and for romantic novelists everywhere, that we forego names, and when this evening ends, as end it shall, you shall remain the Mongol general forever.’ she took the opportunity of a break in the movements to place a dramatic hand on her forehead, rather assuming that after this curious ball of Mister Dippets that she would never see this young man again.
    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!
    Ben was a little surprised to hear the lady mention that she'd been out for two seasons. He did try and go to parties as often as he could, working around his cursebreaking schedule obviously, but he couldn't recall having met her before, and she clearly didn't remember him, either. They probably hadn't met, he figured, because he liked to think he was quite a memorable fellow, who she wouldn't have forgotten if they had. Two year meant that she would have debuted in--what, '85? Or was she going into her third season, meaning she'd debuted in '84? Either way, it was understandable that Ben might not have remembered her arrival on the social scene. He had been in America for the Hogwarts Coming Out Ball in 1884 (though on his way back to England, frantically making plans so that Aldous wouldn't be too angry with him when he arrived), and then in 1885--well, he'd gone, but a friend from Excalibur had convinced him it was a good idea to do some pre-ball drinking, and Ben didn't really remember much else from the night. He managed not to make a spectacle of himself (in fact, if the attitudes of the ladies he'd re-encountered later were any indication, he'd been perfectly charming, if a little suggestively bold), but he'd woken up the next morning not even entirely sure how he'd made it home.

    "Well," Ben said with an agreeable chuckle, "I don't know any budding romantic novelists, so I'm afraid our little story will go untold, unless you have someone to relay it to. If you do have a friend to write it all down, though, you must promise to describe my rugged good looks in excellent detail," he teased.

    ’I am sure they shall’ she remarked in relation to his looks, ’and of course your dagger wit.’ her tongue poked between her teeth in a puckish expression, as the pair moved their way through the last movement of the song. As the band finished with a flourish, and the assembled crowd turned to offer a polite applause to the conductor and his troop, Ginny turned to face her companion instead. ’thank you for the dance ‘General’’ she offered with a polite nod of the head. She knew she needed to walk away from this, the gent was far too engaging by far and she would risk her mothers notions, and the companys gossip, if she spent rather too long talking to one particular gentleman

    As she moved a few steps away, she stopped and turned back to him, her face solemn, ’perhaps when I am a spinster authoress, I will write one of those three volume novels that tell the story of a brave, and handsome Mongol General’ Ginny said, and her voice low, as though she was talking about some great universal truth, ’Yes a brave Mongol General…. who conquered China, for a dance. ’ At last she could contain her smile, she offered a quick curtsey and excused herself from the party. She had quiet enough excitement for one evening.

    (If you want to wrap it up?)
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    Ginevra has just been the first woman to fly around the world solo - you may be aware of this

    [Image: 9yupVVd.jpg]
    Beauty by MJ!