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    Little 'Minion' Meets Little Sister, This Shall Be Sweet
    Private Thread 
    Tag: @Constance Huntingtower @Honey Whitledge | 298 Words | March 21, 1887

    A typical day of the Sweetie life. At the moment, the girl was sitting next her 'pet' firstie, ranting on about the fact that her green dresses from her brother were in no way her style, both before and after the hair change. The only difference now was, it didn't match her hair at all!! At least her normal golden attire still matched, and now was even better, making her love her new hair more. Maybe she was actually truly destined to be a blonde?
    She had grown very fond of this little firstie, and the whole thing just gave her more of an excuse to avoid her siblings and cousins, and was glad to do so. Thoughts of her youngest sister drifted farther from her mind. She enjoyed the time she spent with this girl.
    Every now and then, she would spot a couple of housemates giggling and whispering as they looked at her firstie. She would stop her talking completely and full on glare at them, a dangerous, terrifying, warning in her eyes. It had become a habit of hers, as she protected her young, and kind, friend. They would shut up at once at the sight of murder in her eyes. After all, who would dare face the wrath of Sweetie? She had grown protective of her firstie, not letting anyone treat her poorly.
    Then, she would go back to chatting normally, as though nothing at all happened. After all, when she actually cared about someone, she was quite pleasant to be around. She just hated almost everyone. Was that so bad? The only time when it was worse, was when she was truly angry at someone. Then, that was when someone should truly be afraid, at least, they would be if they were smart.
    Constance hadn't really adapted fully to having a protector. It was the strangest thing. She was used to her parents, to her nanny, being her protectors. But a relative stranger? She picked at her food - she hadn't really eaten a full meal here in the Great Hall since the beginning of October, if she did come to the Hall at all. When she had, it was exceptionally early, and she would grab a biscuit or something else easily carried and run back off to prepare fully for the day.

    She spoke very quietly, still, as if uncertain whether or not she'd be better off or worse. But now and again there was a genuine little smile at something Sweetie said.

    "What's it like?" she asked quietly. "Growing up with it?"
    [Image: C5QvZJ7.png]
    Spring set courtesy of Lady!
    Last night, Darling and Honey had thought out a brilliant idea for the next Hogmeade trip. The two planned to gather all of their siblings and dine at The Three Broomsticks. The younger hufflepuff had rarely seen her older siblings except for Darling who she frequently asked for help if Knight wasn’t available. Handsome, being the responsible eldest, tried to check up on all of them when he had time along with Cupcake. And Sweetie… Well she stopped talking to her after being sorted in Hufflepuff.  

    The two sisters split up the work and Hun Bun was in-charge of informing Knight and Sweetie. During breakfast she searched the snake’s table for her sister but she couldn’t seem to find her. Luckily, Miss Lynch –the younger and slytherin one- had told her where. At first she was confused, that wasn’t her sister. But she followed her anyway, Miss Lynch didn't looked like she was joking when she told her that was Sweetie.

    As she walked closer to where her sister’s roommate pointed, she gasped. Those facial features…that was definitely Sweetie! With Blonde hair!? “Hello, Sister--” The brunette greeted with a puzzled expression. Why was she blonde? She might be a forgetful girl but she surely wouldn’t forget that she only had one sister with golden locks. She sat down on the empty seat in front of them. "Miss Huntingtower, I hope you don't mind if I join in." Before she had approached them the two of them where talking and that oddly did not settle well with her.
    @Constance Huntingtower @Sweetie Whitledge
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Sweetie was shocked by the firsties question. Then she remembered, this was a girl with no magical parents. She really didn't know. Still, Sweetie shrugged, as though bored. "Not too interesting, really. We're not aloud to use magic outside of school anyway." She said, a light and lazy tone to her voice. But, she did perk up when a thought came to mind. "However, I've been told that my first sign of magic was turning all off my sibling's hair their least favorite color, and that was hilarious." She said happily. Her sentence had ended right before her sister had said anything, and she hadn't noticed her sister until the Hufflepuff had spoken.
    When her sister did speak, however, she frowned in annoyance, and looked at her. "What do you want, badger?" She said, and as she said the word badger, it was with pure distaste and venom laced in her voice. It was true, Sweetie hadn't spoken to her traitor of a sister since Honey had abandoned her. Honestly, she was avoiding her. It could be understandable, right? After all, they had been so close to greatness, when it had all fallen apart. Along with that, she had a new 'sister' to interact with, and to give her full attention to. One that was not a house traitor.
    "That's funny," Constance commented quietly, "mine was making little explosions on the floor whenever I didn't get what I wanted. And I did it often."

    Looking nervously between Sweetie and the Hufflepuff first year who called her sister, her eyebrows furrowed for a moment. "I don't mind," the young blonde said quietly. "Anything for more friends." That was all Constance Huntingtower wanted - friends. She was lonely, out of her element and yet in it, surrounded by vipers, eagles, lions, and badgers, yet herself little more than a common garden snake. Not dangerous and always threatened, unless she hid her simple colors to blend with the rest.

    She did know that aligning herself with Sweetie could be a bit of a poor choice, as well. Especially with the way she snapped at her own sister. "Isn't it...normal, for siblings to not be the same?" she asked, quiet as a mouse. "To not be identical to one another, especially in personality? And doesn't the Sorting Hat look into your personality at its core?"

    [Image: C5QvZJ7.png]
    Spring set courtesy of Lady!
    It always bewildered the young first year on how Sweetie had turned out like this. She was such a sweetheart back at home, mostly to her and Cupcake. But now, she was not used to being treated like this especially with the reason being a mere switch of house. Her sister acted like a spoiled blood purist that hated hufflepuff for some reason.

    If Sweetie really knew her, she should have noticed how she stuck out like a sore thumb in Slytherin. The two sisters truly weren’t as close as they originally thought they were.

    Honey released a sigh with an apologetic glance to her year mate for her sister’s attitude. “Well Sweetie, I think it’s a bit obvious that I have something to tell you.” She answered dryly with an emphasis to the name. Miss Huntingtower at least welcomed her appearance and even wanted to be friends with her. The tiny muggleborn (which Honey sometimes suspects might have a part-goblin ancestor)’s invitation was warmly accepted which she responded with a wide grin.

    Although her new friend’s voice was almost silent she heard most of it. Honey watched her sister with curious eyes as to how Sweetie will respond to Constance. Will she calmly agree or disagree or give the girl the same treatment as she had received.
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Sweetie could tell when her pet firstie had gotten tensed up. It was entirely possible that it was do to the tension between the sisters. She, herself, was displeased even further by this. Honey had no right. Sweetie and her fellow Slytherin had been having a lovely talk, and this Hufflepuff was ruining it. How could she? No. How dare she.
    Sweetie was about to speak her mind, her eyes clearly showing the anger in her soul, when she heard a soft and familiar voice pipe up. Her eyebrows raised, her eyes widened. She looked to her 'minion' in disbelief. Was she really saying this to her? To her? This was none of her business! And after all the good that Sweetie had done for her, and she is spoken to like this?! The nerve! And it was hardly Miss Huntingtower's business! She wasn't family anyway!
    She looked between the two girls, hatred and betrayal in her eyes. She got up, stepping away from them both. "The nerve of you both. And youMiss Huntingtower, have no right to speak of my family's business. As for you, traitor, I have no desire to hear anything from you, of any subject. Now, maybe I should be glad you ended up in the weak house, as you are of no sister to me!" She said angrily, saying the name with such venom, and the 'descriptions' of her sister with such hatred, then stormed off.
    She didn't quite yell, at least not loud enough to cause a scene, but her voice had risen in the end to make it quite clear that she was in no way pleased, and was indeed in a pure rage. She had left the Great Hall, not even having finished her food, though she couldn't be bothered. She was too emotional to be near either of the first years, and she was going some place private so that no one would see her actually show just how hurt and betrayed she felt.

    (OOC- Can't help but wonder what the two firsties will do after that. Hm....)
    Honey was shocked at how Sweetie reacted, sort of. Her word however deeply wounded her and her temper showed up briefly. “I don't have a sister who looks like a prostitute!” The hufflepuff shouted back as her sister left the hall but it didn’t seem like Sweetie cared and her volume certainly earned odd looks from the other students. Well, she doesn’t care for Sweetie! She can live without Sweetie in her life. She had two other sisters who were much better and lovelier than the fake blond plus her brothers whom she adored so much. Sweetie was the traitor here not her, she was the one betraying all their memories together over some decision made by a hat.

    Realizing that her violent side was showing she took a few breaths to calm herself. She needed Carter or Darlie or Handsome or Knightly. Honey needed to cry but she wasn’t going to show weakness in front of a girl she barely knew. Instead she showed how mature she was than Sweetie, “I-I’m really sorry about Sweetie,” She apologized with a shaky voice as her eyes started to water. “She’s just like that and I’m sorry too.” The firstie hoped that Miss Huntingtower wasn’t angry at her though her classmate probably was.
    @Constance Huntingtower
    [Image: 3u4dMIm.jpg]Lilypie Angel and Memorial tickers
    Constance's main emotion was shock. First at the other girl saying that Sweetie, the first person to even show her a hint of kindness, looked like a prostitute bcause of a spell she, Constance, had cast with exceptional inaccuracy, and second at being apologized to for the older girl. Yes, there was a bit of frustration, more at her comment being treated like a criminal offence than anything else, though. She'd just been trying to help!

    "Don't...don't be sorry," she said softly, smiling at the first year Hufflepuff. "She had not been so to me previously, so I did not realize she had quite so severe a temper. Though it should be far from a surprise to me." She laughed quietly. "Me, the girl whose anger manifests as crackling explosions at my feet. I do hope that a bit of education and focus will curb those little outbursts at home."

    Constance picked at her food a little with her fork, a shade hesitant now. Worried that she might've fully lost her appetite.
    [Image: C5QvZJ7.png]
    Spring set courtesy of Lady!

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