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Orinda Ruskin
Full Name: Orinda Countess Ruskin
Nicknames: If you’re going to use a nickname, it’s Ori. She will not respond to anything other than Orinda or Ori.
Birthdate: November 10, 1874
Current Age: 14
Occupation: Daring Second Year
Reputation: 7
The woes of being half vampire include a less than stellar reputation.
Residence: Hogsmeade
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Wand: Maple, 10⅔", whippy, phoenix feather core
Blood Status: Half (half-vampire)
Social Class: Middle
Father: Martin Ruskin
Mother: Lisa Fairbairn

Sister: Acacia Ruskin
Sister: Chrysanta Ruskin
Brother: Dunstan Ruskin
Appearance: A proud brunette, Orinda stands four feet, eleven inches in height, with dark blue eyes and pale skin, often sporting a hint of pinkish-red sunburn. She’s just barely started showing any womanly curves, mostly in the hips, and has recently started progressing into corsets. She is right-handed, in both wandwork and writing, and prefers lighter colors in her clothing, thinking her school robes depressing. Like other half-vampires, Orinda has exaggerated canine teeth and a mild attraction to blood.
1874: Orinda is born. As a third child and yet another daughter, she is in some respects no more than expected. She is a quiet child, only crying when hungered.
1876: Dunstan is born, and then Mama leaves after almost killing Papa. Orinda, being still a toddler, doesn’t fully understand what happened - all she knows is Mama’s gone.
1877: Orinda and the rest of the family are moved to Hogsmeade in the wake of the chaos in London. In a form of defiance of the transition, Orinda takes to sitting in the sun for extended periods of time.
1881: On a warm summer night, Orinda displays her first sign of magic, freezing her blankets over to keep herself cool. This isn’t noticed until morning, when her blankets and sheets are covered in half-melted frost, and a puddle of water has surrounded her bed. Shortly after, she begins to rebel against her elder sisters - they aren’t her mother, and so cannot tell her what to do. She still listens to Papa and the nanny, but Acacia and Chrysanta? Nah.
1883: One day on a walk, Orinda hears wonderful music. For the first time, she runs from the nanny, stepping into the room with a young woman playing a cello. It isn’t long before she’s begging and pleading with Papa for lessons and an instrument. When Papa refuses, she turns to Grandpapa, who obliges her. She thrives in her lessons, and seems to fancy the idea of becoming a great concert cellist.
1886: Orinda begins her Hogwarts career, sorting into the same house as her eldest sister - Ravenclaw. She enjoys her classes, but it’s not home. Home, to this first year, is Hogsmeade. She still delights in frustrating her older sisters, especially Acacia, but she obeys the school faculty.
1887: The half-breed ban rocks Orinda’s life to the core. How can an institute of magical learning turn away those with perhaps the greatest need of any of its students? She’s angry, enraged, upset - there are many words for how it feels to be cast aside. Overlooked. Treated as vermin. If nothing else, this makes her even more rebellious, to the point where she outright tells Papa “no” for the first time. She apologizes for it later that evening - though she is not sorry she didn’t do as he told her. She is only sorry that it was him. It only gets worse when Dunstan is killed over the summer. For several weeks, she didn’t even speak. Instead, she sat in her bed most of the day and did nothing but read. She didn’t even speak to Acacia or Chrysanta.
1888: The year begins with the half-breed ban lifting - only for those deprived of a short few months of learning to be shoved into classes they’ve already completed. Meaning Orinda returns to Hogwarts as a first year, and prolonging her attendance period to mean she won't complete her education until she's nineteen. To put it simply, Orinda is not happy about that. But she is content to continue her education. The whole debacle has made her think, though. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad to work in the Ministry. Make a difference. Prove that half vampires are people once and for all. No different than any ordinary witch. Even if that means having as normal a school life as possible.
ENTP-T - the Debater

Orinda is a very high-energy, creative, and flexible individual. She tends to think out loud, trust what she knows is right, and state the honest truth. Sometimes this works to her detriment - she can be easily distracted by the abstract, speak too bluntly, work in short bursts of high energy, and worse - have a hard time making the necessary decision. However, she is a self-starter who keeps fairness and what could be in mind at all times.
  • Orinda cannot currently cast a patronus
  • When confronted with Amortentia, Orinda currently smells only the overpowering scent of rosin.
  • A boggart in Orinda’s presence takes the form of her father telling her that she was the child he liked the least.
  • Her hobbies are the cello, reading, and doing the opposite of what her sisters tell her to.
  • Orinda’s western zodiac is Scorpio; on the eastern end of the spectrum, she lands quite neatly in the year of the Dog.
  • If Orinda could have any animal for a pet at all, she would rather like a hippogriff, if she had somewhere to house such a wonderful creature.
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Age: 25
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Other Characters: Adelina North, Naeva Lécuyer, Kiva Kenny

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