Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Seneca Lestrange
    In Character
    Full Name: Seneca Bellona Lestrange
    Nicknames: Sen
    Birthdate: 1st of January, 1873
    Current Age: 12
    Occupation: Student
    Residence: Elsewhere; London
    Hogwarts House: Slytherin
    Wand: Solid, 8½”, ivy and boggart skin Lost to a potions accident.
    Seneca now yields a family heirloom, the wand of Auguste le Strange: A long (13 inches) crooked wand made out of hawthorne that has thorns on its surface. In its core there is acromantula web. It suits Seneca well, but it does make her spells a bit more agressive.
    Blood Status: Pureblood
    Social Class: Upper Class
    Lucius Lestrange • 1827 • father
    Sen adores her father. She exclusively calls him ‘Papa’ and she’ll continue to do so until she’s old and gray.

    Alexandria Lestrange née Rosier • 1839-1884 • mother
    Sen was the child to physically resemble Alexandria most, but that’s only as far as their similarities go. Alexandria was a vapid woman who ended up accidentally impaling herself to death.

    Claudius Lestrange • 1859 • brother
    Claude is constantly contending with Cash for Seneca’s favourite sibling spot. They’re really close despite their age difference and have annual solo outings on Seneca’s birthday.

    Valeria Greengrass née Lestrange • 1865 • sister
    As a child, Sen looked up to Valeria. Nowadays, she cares little about her oldest sister.

    • Theseus Greengrass, 1856, brother-in-law
    • Tobin Greengrass, 1884, nephew

    Cassius Lestrange •  1866 • brother
    Sen adores Cash, though she'd never openly take his side in a disagreement between him and their father. She actually thinks that he ought to mature more and find a better job.

    Cornelia “Tullia” Pendergast née Lestrange • 1870 • sister
    Sen and Tullia always had a sort of antagonistic relationship, though they actually get along quite well when they’re not on each other’s throats. She married their first cousin William in January 1884.

    • William Pendergast, 1864, brother-in-law/cousin
    • Tacitus Pendergast, 1885-1885, nephew

    Belphoebe Lestrange née Trimble • 1850 • step-mother
    She married Lucius in 1886. Seneca likes Belle, but she dislikes her position in the family.

    //Seneca is also related to various notable pureblooded families. First cousins include: The (Philip) Pendergasts; The Macnairs; The Selwyns.

    Messalina, pet
    Seneca's looks favour those of her late mother's, rather than her father's. Other than the similar facial shape and the distribution of her characteristics upon it, the most striking similarity to Alexandria is her blonde hair. Only her eyes aren't like her mother's - they're hazel, like her father's. She uses her right hand to write and yield her wand. At present, she stands at five feet one, though she has room to get taller by the time she's done growing.

    It should also be noted that Seneca is a metamorphmagus, though she rarely does any dramatic changes to her appearance.

    Seneca loves pastels, with lavender being her favourite colour for clothes.
    1873: Seneca is born. She's the youngest child of the Lestrange family. Her hair would change into various shades of blonde, but since they were similar to her own and because she's just another girl and nobody cares about them, nobody makes much notice on it.

    1875: Seneca's governess at the time is convinced that Seneca's eyes had changed to brown. Since hazel could pass for brown under certain lights, everyone assumes that the governess is overreacting.

    1878: Seneca shows her first sign of magic by changing the colour of a dress she disliked. She receives a new dress and a doll as a present for being a confirmned witch.

    1879: The Lestrange family finally finds out that Seneca is a metamorphomagus after she turns her hair from blonde to green. After she is made to willingly change anything she likes to her appearance and Seneca changes her eye colour to one similar to her brother Cassius', it is confirmed.

    1880 - 1882: Seneca has more and more tutors to teach her how to be a proper lady. She starts to make some friends, among the upper class, though her parents do not allow her to talk with any muggleborn child. Seneca starts to become a little blood purist, even if she doesn't really understand why she should dislike muggleborns.

    February of 1883: While she is enjoying one of her usual boat rides at Padmore Park, Seneca, among others, is attacked by a shark. Later, it is discovered that the shark was in fact an animagus with very murderous tendencies.

    July of 1883: Seneca, along with her cousin Gretchen Lestrange are kidnapped at Honeyduke's Sweet Shop when her governess is not paying too much attention. Their kidnapper is a man called Kevin Trailor, a muggleborn member of the middle class who was in desperate enough need for money to kidnap two Lestranges. When he lets them write to their father, Seneca and Gretchen manage to sneak in their location in their letters so their fathers manage to find them, kill the man and bring them back to safety. The whole ordeal makes Seneca a bit more jumpy for a few of weeks.

    December of 1883: Valeria marries Mr. Theseus Greengrass in a lavish wedding.

    January 18th, 1884: Much earlier than expected, Tullia marries their cousin William Pendergast. Seneca is secretly quite pleased to have both of her sisters out of the way.

    February of 1884: Seneca is shocked when she is informed that her mother passed away by accidentally impaling herself with a fire poker. But oh well, at least it wasn't Papa!

    May 29th, 1884: While she and her sister Tullia were enjoying an afternoon in the park, they are approached by a particularly odd looking man. After he speaks to them vulgarly, he reveals himself to the girls which rather traumatizes innocent Seneca. Luckily, he is driven away by Tullia, who uses her wand to do so. The accident causes for the sisters to bond a bit, even if Sen would hate to admit it.

    July 23rd, 1884: Seneca's cat, Iris, is killed by an adder. She is very upset.

    September of 1884: Later than usual, due to the plague/quarantine shit, Seneca goes to Hogwarts. She (rather rudely) asks the Sorting Hat to put her in Slytherin. She's pleased when the girl she befriended on the boat to Hogwarts, Isotta Ellesborough, is also sorted into Slytherin.
    • Ambitious
    • Cautious
    • Charming
    • Clever
    • Competitive
    • Disciplined
    • Loyal
    • Prudent

    — Seneca is an ISTJ.
    — Her patronus when she is able to produce one, will be a dragonfly.
    — Seneca’s boggart is her father dying.
    — Seneca’s Amortentia smells like “home”, which to her is Lucius’, Claude’s and Cash’s colognes/soaps/odour idek.
    Out of Character
    Name: Soph
    Age: 19
    Contact: AIM & PM
    Other Characters: Check Casterly Rock
    How did you hear about us?: RPG-D
    Last update was on December 18th, 2014
    Seneca is a metamorphmagus. Your character might be aware of that.
    [Image: KYXmPwK.jpg]
    set by mj

    check out this awesome moodboard by tiff!
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