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    04.29 Submit your summer banners!
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    See Inside... Thread 
    22 March 1887, @Katherine Midford + open to other Ravens nearby.

    Something had to be done about this transfiguration situation. Professor Wiltingham hadn't pulled her aside and scolded her yet, nor had she asked her to stay behind to inquire as to what was the matter, which was honestly somewhat amazing. Topaz was dreading either scenario--and she honestly didn't know which one would be worse, to be lectured and chastised for something that she didn't really see as her fault, or to have to try and actually explain to Professor Wiltingham why she was struggling so much with transfiguration in class, when she could perform it flawlessly on her own.

    Azzie had never been good at performing magic in front of others. The pressure made her so nervous, and her spells suffered tremendously as a result. Up until this school year, though, she'd always been able to at least make something happen. Even after her mother died, she hadn't been quite this useless! Maybe it was the nature of the magic that was proving slightly more challenging, and therefore more nerve-wracking, or maybe it was that she'd gotten a new partner this year upon joining the OWL level class, and Mr. Macnair was anything but supportive and encouraging. Why, oh why could she not have had Holliday or Citrine or even Ruby as a partner?

    She'd been agonizing over it in her dorm room when she'd had a pleasant revelation: Miss Midford was in the transifiguration club, wasn't she? That would tend to imply that she was very good at it--and at the very least that she didn't have any trouble with the basic transfiguration and animation spells that the third years were currently trying to tackle. Topaz had always had rather pleasant conversations with the older girl before--typically in or around book club. Despite this rather limited scope of past conversations, she thought Miss Midford probably wouldn't mind talking to her outside of the club, so she set off towards the common room to see if the blond was anywhere to be found.

    Fortuitously, she was already there when Topaz entered the room. Feeling emboldened by her good luck, the third year approached the older girl with a shy half-smile. "Are you busy?" she asked, trying to see what Miss Midford was working on, but while still avoiding appearing nosy. "I had a question I wanted to ask you."
    [Image: TopazSig2_zpsuoqjqlou.jpg]

    Her attention was focused on the transfiguration book when a familiar voice called for her attention. She looked up from what she was reading as recognized the girl as Miss Topaz Urquart from the book club and one of the many children of the Minister of Magic. She closed the book and placed it on her lap and smiled.

    “Hello, Miss Urquart. Not at all, I was just doing some advance reading.” The ravenclaw was quite curious as to what the Minister’s daughter would need from her outside of book club. She shouldn’t be that surprised though since students approached her for all sorts of things because of her position as prefect.

    “What seems to be the problem?” Kat asked in a soft and motherly tone.  From what she had observed from her previous conversation with the girl, Topaz was intelligent and a pleasant person to talk with but also a bit meek and shy. Which oddly reminded herself when she was the same age.
    Exquisite Set Made by Lady[Image: PyEXvHA_zpsmdypllih.jpg]

    Clubs: Book-Transfiguration-Art-Astronomy
    Classes: Ancient Runes - Ancient Studies - Astronomy - Charms - DADA - History - Transfiguration
    Miss Midford had been the most logical choice for her to look for aid, being both a prefect and skilled at transfiguration--and, unlike some of the other female Ravenclaw prefects, Topaz had actually talked to her before this. They were hardly bosom companions, however, and so Azzie still found herself struggling to overcome a wave of nervousness as she tentatively went to the nearest empty chair. The chair was much bigger than she was, and her legs dangled as she sat down in it, not quite reaching the floor, which made her feel even younger than she was.

    "You're in the transfiguration club," she said; not a question but a statement. She paid attention to things most people didn't. "I--I've been having some trouble in class."

    Topaz didn't know if Miss Midford was the sort who paid attention to things other people didn't--if she wasn't, she probably wouldn't know anything at all about Topaz, because she was really rather forgettable. Most people knew her as 'the quiet Urquart twin,' which seemed to imply that if it weren't for the existence of Ruby they would have forgotten she existed at all. If Miss Midford was observant, though, she probably would have known that for Topaz to be having trouble in any of her classes was rather unusual and perhaps even a bit suspicious. With a nervous flush, Topaz clarified quietly, "With the--uhm, practical side."
    [Image: TopazSig2_zpsuoqjqlou.jpg]

    “I’d be happy to help you!” Katherine exclaimed happily. She was slightly embarrassed at how enthusiastic she sounded.  She did not find it suspicious nor odd that Topaz was having difficulty in her lessons. She was a believer that there were things that even the most intelligent can not do but she was aware that the professors have noticed the decline of her class participation after the death of her mother.

    If she was going to tutor Miss Uquart, she needed to know how much help she needed. Some sort of assessment, perhaps. “We could start right now if you don’t have anything planned,” As excited as she was with teaching the Minister’s daughter, she was hardly going to be pushy “but we could meet up whenever you prefer.”
    Exquisite Set Made by Lady[Image: PyEXvHA_zpsmdypllih.jpg]

    Clubs: Book-Transfiguration-Art-Astronomy
    Classes: Ancient Runes - Ancient Studies - Astronomy - Charms - DADA - History - Transfiguration
    Miss Midford's quick agreement was almost overwhelming, and for a moment Topaz found herself paralyzed, not sure how to respond. She was glad, of course, but Miss Midford had been almost too quick to agree. Topaz hadn't even properly asked her yet! Was she just that type of person, generous and eager to help without having to be asked? Or had she been expecting this, maybe? Had word of Topaz's struggles in Transfiguration reached her through some other means? She was in the Transfiguration club; what if the professor had talked to her directly and asked her to look out for Topaz and try and help her along? Oh, how embarrassing!

    Her cheeks flushed, but she couldn't dwell on something that she didn't know was actually the case. Maybe Miss Midford was just too nice. "Uhm, that would be nice," she said, a little shyly. She didn't have anything planned, but she couldn't help but glance nervously at the few other inhabitants of the common room. They weren't paying any attention to her, so it shouldn't make a difference, but of course it did.

    Shifting around in her chair, Topaz ended up sitting on her hands before she looked back up at Miss Midford, adding nervously, "I--I'm not very good at using magic around people," she admitted. "I didn't do it at all until I was eleven. Some people used to think I was a squib." This last was very quiet, and there was a distinct flush to her cheeks. Topaz didn't like to talk much about that.
    [Image: TopazSig2_zpsuoqjqlou.jpg]