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December 3rd, 1888 - Potts Residence, Thimblewit Turn, Hogsmeade
It had come as quite the shock when Daffy's already large Beatrix started to get larger. What was even more of a surprise was when they realized why the Maine Coon was getting larger. The cat had never really been one to wander, at least not as far as Zinnia knew. Apparently she had been wandering though. Or another cat had been loitering around because it had quickly become apparent that her sister's cat was pregnant. Fast forward a couple of months and a few days, and Beatrix had given birth to two decently sized kittens. It was a surprise that so few were born but as they started to grow at an almost rapid pace, it became obvious why there were only the two.

Now several weeks old, the kittens had been all but banished to the greenhouse and other areas outside despite the cold. No long dependent on their mother, the pair had gotten rather rambunctious and large in a quick amount of time. Not to mention how smart they were. They had learned quickly but that didn't exactly pair well with kitten like behavior.

Zinnia had been painting in the greenhouse earlier in the morning before dipping off into the house with news she had a visitor. She was greeted by her friend Gemma and the two had happily chatted inside the house for a few brief moments as they did up their own cups of tea before deciding to head back to the greenhouse. She'd wanted to show her friend the latest flower hybrid one of her sisters had been working on and the resulting painting she had been working on. Joke was on them, however, when they entered the greenhouse to utter chaos.

The paints that Zinnia had carefully mixed together to make just the right shades of colors she'd needed were scattered all about the ground with kitten prints leading every which way. Her easel was knocked over, the painting utterly ruined by even more feline paw prints all over it. In the midst of it all laid two equally colorful kittens fast asleep on her stool. The once light grey tabby colored cats with their darker markings, one with an almost entirely black face, were now brightly colored and clearly worn out from all the mess they'd gotten into and made in the greenhouse.

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Gemma was, by nature, a social creature. Graduation had impeded her ability to keep up with friends as well as she would have liked, but between her apprenticeship and the fact that her friends were not readily available to her within the same building, they had all had to try and remember to make plans. Gemma was not good at remembering to make plans ahead of time. Fortunately Zinnia was alright with her randomly stopping by when she did remember, and Gemma found herself in for a relaxing foray into visiting and greenhouses. What more could she ask for really?

New plants were always of keen interest to the fledgling herbologist and so when Zin mentioned that one of her older sisters was working on a hybrid, Gemma's interest was clearly piqued. Unfortunately, the greenhouse was a disaster and Zinnia was just as surprised as she was!

Apparently they had kittens!

Large kittens, judging by the footprints dotting the floor in brightly colored paints. "Oh goodness!" Gemma squealed, delighted, though her friend may have not been. "Messy little trouble makers, you've got there." She chuckled as she surveyed the damage for a moment before moving to help clean up.

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Zinnia was certainly annoyed and frustrated by the sight before her. The damnable kittens clearly had had quite a bit of fun in the greenhouse when she'd gone to greet Gemma. But despite feeling such, she couldn't help the small smile tugging at her features. The little hellions were rather adorable, even being multicolored at the expense of her own paints.

"You can say that again," she responded with a slightly exasperated sigh, "Daffy's cat had them a few weeks ago. They've been terrors since they were able to open their eyes and have been all but banished to the outside and greenhouse." There were far too many items that had already been broken as a result.

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"They’re massive!" Gemma laughed at the pair snoozing on the stool. She knew that Zin’s sister had a rather large cat, but these two looked positively giant. "Are you keeping them?" She was curious, if they were such terrors of the Potts family would find them new homes.

Casting a glance over at her friend, Gemma righted pots and picked up brushes, pulling her wand from her pocket to start in on the spilled paint the easy way, she noticed the little buggers were watching them now, very intently. The looked like trouble and Gem was chuckling all over again. "The beasts have awoken," She laughed as they stretched and continued to watch the clean up.

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Zinnia nodded simply at the assessment of the kittens being massive. They were nearing their mother's size already and weren't even that old. She was afraid to think of just how large they were going to end up being. She responded with a shrug on whether they were going to be kept though. "I don't know that we'd survive with the both of them," she answered honestly as she milled about picking things up.

She glanced to them when Gemma pointed out that the beasts had awoken. She laughed at that and wagged a finger at them. "You two really are beasts, you know," she said to them as they regarded the girls from their perch. Neither kitten seemed to move but it was rather uncanny how it felt that they were indeed watching them and knew what it was they had done. "Do you want one?" she asked then, a bit bluntly, as Zin turned her attentions to her friend.

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Gemma knelt down, careful of the paint on the floor, when the large multicolored one jumped from his perch and came toward her, purring like a fiend. He had to have stood close to her knees already. "You think they're part kneazle? I remember seeing some mixed breeds that got larger than usual in Care of Magical Creatures." Though she thought this particular breed of cat was already large, add in some kneazle and that would certainly explain their size.

Loving on the handsome boy, Gem laughed when he laid down and let her rub his belly. "You little sir, are covered in paint, but still so handsome." She cooed at him, looking at his purple paws while she pet him with both hands.

Zin's question caught her off guard completely and at first she couldn't tell if her friend was kidding or not. "Really?"  

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