Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Another Life
    Private Thread 
    If he fought against every single instinct he possessed Orlando could just about manage to endure the gatherings that seemed to be a necessity of their society with reasonable aplomb and without having to rely too heavily on the much more charismatic ease of his little brother to impress upon others that their whole family were not in fact hopeless. He had managed to marry once of course but since Louisa had died the mere thought of having to confide in another woman about…well, that, was enough to make his entire insides feel frozen.

    Instead he stood on the side-lines and was more than happy to stay there for the foreseeable future. He had two children, whom he adored, and more than enough wards to be going on with thank you very much, so remarrying was far from high on his list of priorities. In fact Orlando wasn’t sure that it ever would be again unless it became a necessity and he could scarcely imagine why he would be so obliged again. No woman would match Louisa really. Except he couldn’t help but be drawn to them without even intending to be: a young lady had drawn his attention outside and rather than being filled with the gaiety and joy that other young ladies were she seemed rather sad. Orlando did so hate to see such sorrow.

    “Are you quite alright?” He asked politely of the only other person that seemed to be avoiding the general gathering as much as he was, stood outside and enjoying the calm, however his newfound companion seemed to be crying quietly now he got a better look and loathe though he was to interrupt someone’s personal moment he did so hate to stand by and see a young lady so upset.

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    It had been only last month that Witch Weekly had made an unfounded target of her (and she had proceeded to make a scene of sobbing in the bookshop), but after that Prunella had begun to hope that she had overreacted, had gotten carried away imagining far worse outcomes than any effects that would actually permeate out into society.

    The young gentleman at this gathering had dared to make her smile at first, had seemed to be perfectly cordial, engaging her in conversation and waiting patiently for her to formulate an answer. And then, of course, he had gone and dropped in a comment about the same rumours he had quite clearly been fed, Prunella’s flush in response ostensibly for the entertainment of a pair of young ladies with him. She ought never have fallen for it, she knew, but she was such a terribly foolish girl and she had been told it plenty of times, and her mother would happily repeat it for her again were Prunella to trail off to her side and hide in her shadow. So instead she had turned on her heel and fled, taking pride in the fact that at least her tears had not begun to leak out until she was outside and sheltered from the rest of the guests.

    She hadn’t a handkerchief in this dress, though, and the fingertips of her gloves were already damp from brushing away the tears, so instead Prunella let them be, deciding she may as well linger out here for as long as possible uninterrupted, merely sniffling quietly and looking blankly at the scenery.

    She started at the question, hearing first merely a man’s voice and expecting it to be the rude gentleman from before, having followed her to goad her further. Her gaze darted up to double-check: she felt a spark of relief that in fact, it was not him. Still, Prunella averted her eyes as hastily as possible from the gentleman in the dim hope that he had not noticed her tear-tracked face. Oh, dear. She could not help but receive the question with a little lingering wounded suspicion, and she bit her lip before she replied, “V-very well, thank you.” Her shuddering breath had not, unfortunately, made it sound very convincing. If she could just feign a little composure until he got bored and left, perhaps she wouldn’t have to be made fun of again -
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    Though he was far from convinced Orlando felt a momentary conundrum as he considered his next action. The young lady was certainly aggrieved by something or other and may not want any interference from outside parties, which he could certainly understand given his own introverted nature, but his better angels compelled him to find out the source of her distress and try to alleviate it in any way. He did so hate to see such misery in young ladies, even ones he did not know.

    “I think we both know that is not the whole truth,” he said kindly, casting a glance over his shoulder to ensure they weren’t in imminent danger of being interrupted. He had confidence in his own ability to be sympathetic but many of the men he considered peers he knew to be somewhat lacking when it came to consideration for the fairer sex. In fact many of them seemed to be devoted to being quite the opposite and Orlando was already more than considering the notion that a fellow gentleman was the source of the young lady’s distress.

    “I promise I won’t breathe a word if you would care to unburden yourself?”
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    The man had not left her be, though - Prunella observed with some relief - neither was he being too pressing.

    Oh, she ought not to say a word, lest she encourage yet more rumours about her - founded ones this time, about whining to strangers! But perhaps it would be better to explain herself, so that he would know she at least had cause for being in such a state. Moreover - and she was trying to fortify herself against being so gullible, she truly was - she could not detect anything in this man’s demeanour that seemed less than kind. He had already spoken of keeping her confidence, had bothered in the first place to test her false reply (which she suspected was more than many would have done): that was enough for her. The offer had already been framed in a such rare way; her mother would already be exasperated with her, without a single sympathetic word.

    “You’re very kind, sir,” Prunella managed, fighting one last sniffle before she tried to pull herself together. “Much more so than some of the guests today -” she would not call them out by name, Merlin, no - “who are... are quite h-happy to indulge in the falsest gossip, and make sport of others’ feelings for their friends.” There! She had explained it, vaguely; their taunts were not worth repeating, else the man would think her silly, and she might set herself off again when she was attempting to be composed.

    “Though I suppose I should not be so sensitive,” she reasoned before the gentleman could advise her so himself, blinking back the persistent moisture in her eyes. “And perhaps they did not mean to be hurtful.”  
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    Perfect set by Nolan!
    From Orlando’s experience of society he was quite sure that whoever had being cutting enough to render an amiable young lady in this state had almost definitely meant to injure her feelings precisely as they had. He had been the subject of rumours himself – thankfully, they had missed the truth and assumed him to be an unorthodox celibate – and he knew how hurtful the whispering could be, even when the utterances were false.

    This then, he assumed, must be Miss Vaisey. She had been described to him in terms that Orlando had found distasteful and were now proven to be grossly unjust to her. Being unmarried was far from a crime after all and she was not so very old as far as he could tell.

    “I had always believed that having a sensitive soul means one possesses a full and good heart, and I certainly do not think it unseemly in young ladies,” he said with a reassuring smile as he pulled handkerchief from his pocket and offered it up. Her need was clearly greater than his although he considered it quite a triumph that it had been some time since he had found cause to use it.

    “And I find gossip the lowest form of conversation which no one with any sense takes a single bit of notice of.”
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    wonderful set by Bee
    She had been steeling herself for his laugh, for his dismissal, that a defence of her sensitivity was a breath of fresh air to her lungs, and she inhaled a large breath in general surprise.  

    Prunella might have borne gossip or teasing better, she thought, if she could come home to a family who were as reassuring as this, to a mother who would soothe her by saying such things. Of course, if Wilfrieda Vaisey believed what this gentleman said about the quality of sensitivity, she had never once declared it, and if Prunella came crying she mostly reckoned upon getting further chastising for being a crybaby. Perhaps this man was singular among society, but she rather hoped there were other people that felt that way in the world.

    He seemed nothing less than sincere, and so she took the handkerchief gratefully, dabbing at her eyes and finding the tears had been mostly quelled.

    Once her eyes were a little clearer - though probably quite red around the rims - she glanced back up at him. “Thank you,” she murmured, her smile stretching a little wider than she had expected it to. She was quite sure she was only embarrassing herself further, but for some reason she was feeling much better. “I do hope they don’t,” Prunella agreed at his pronouncement on gossip, but just as she was thinking that he seemed a beacon of good sense and morals, himself, she was struck by the fact that in addition to that, he was also startlingly handsome.

    She’d forgotten what she was going to say.

    “And I hope - you’re quite alright, too?” Prunella felt awkward returning the first question he’d put to her - he certainly seemed calm enough; and composed too, miles away from her sniffling state - but he was out here by himself, off at the edge of the evening, separated from the party.
    @Orlando Lovegood
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    Perfect set by Nolan!