Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Topaz Urquart
    In Character
    Full Name: Topaz Temperance Urquart
    Nicknames: In her inner monologues she calls herself ‘Azzie,’ but has never vocalized this and no one else calls her anything but Topaz.
    Birthdate: 25 May 1873
    Current Age: 13 Years
    Occupation: Third Year
    Reputation: 5.
    Residence: Swallowbury, Irvingly.
    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
    Wand: 10" beech and unicorn hair, solid.
    Blood Status: Halfblood
    Social Class: Middle
    @Balthazar Urquart, Father [1845]
    Mary Urquart née Adams, Mother [1853]
    @Delight Urquart, Sister [1871]
    @Ruby Urquart, Twin [1873]
    @Sebastian Urquart, Brother [1875]
    James Urquart, Brother [1884]
    Adam Urquart, Brother [1884]

    Gaylord Urquart, Grandfather [1802-1879], estranged
    Iphigenia Urquart nee Goyle, Grandmother [1821], estranged
    Melchior Urquart, Uncle [1840-1884], estranged
    — Jacqueline Urquart nee Wilde, Aunt [1852-1884], estranged
    — @Elijah Urquart, Cousin [1874], estranged
    — Gabriel Urquart, Cousin [1880], estranged
    @Caspar Urquart, Uncle [1843], formerly estranged and now super awkward
    — Olivia Urquart nee Burke, Aunt [1855-1873], estranged
    @Evelyn McGonagall, Aunt [1854]
    — Matthew McGonagall, Uncle [1844]
    — @Demelza McGonagall, Cousin [1873]
    — Timothy McGonagall, Cousin [1873]
    — Ethan McGonagall, Cousin [1875]
    — Edward McGonagall, Cousin [1880]
    Appearance: Identical to her twin, Topaz has dark hair, skin, and eyes. Her wide lips are often drawn tight, the sign that she is thinking about something, and when she does offer facial expressions they are rather muted; shy smiles and the merest hint of a frown. Her dark hair falls to her mid-back when anyone can get it to behave, but it curls violently at even the slightest hint of moisture, which means it is usually much shorter and more of an orb behind her head than the usual shape. She dresses simply, but with great care, and seldom has any item out of place. She is right-handed and tends to walk confidently, with her shoulders back and a wide stride, which often surprises people given how quiet she is.

    1873 - 1875

    The twins arrive in the world to their recently married parents (though Topaz is never made aware of this). From the earliest days her twin is her best friend and only real confidante, even though she sometimes feels overshadowed by Ruby. For once instance, her twin displays a sign of magic almost as soon as she’s able to walk--though they’re both too young to properly remember this, and in later years Topaz would wonder whether perhaps it wasn’t just a silly story. Couldn’t Ruby have just found a tiny ruby and picked it up because it sparkled? It’s not like she’s some sort of prodigy.

    Ruby and Topaz are often found playing with their twin cousins, Timothy and Demelza, and (when she’s not busy being too grown up), their older sister Delight, and so Topaz doesn’t even really notice the addition of two babies in 1875--one, Sebastian, her brother, and one, Ethan, her cousin. Babies can’t play, anyway, so there’s no use having an opinion on them.

    1876 - 1879

    As the two boys grow old enough to join the play group, Topaz’ role as something of a spectator becomes cemented. She is usually seen following her twin around rather than leading and is rather quiet--though she does tend to give her sister a lot of advice when she feels she needs it. Topaz is very intelligent and a good problem-solver, and she feels sheepish about bothering the adults, so she tries to keep Ruby from bothering them, too, with somewhat mixed success.

    When Delight shows her first sign of magic in 1878, Topaz begins to suspect that perhaps Ruby’s wasn’t legitimate--she couldn’t have gone before Delight, after all, because Delight is older! She had feeling a little anxious about not having shown signs herself, but is somewhat soothed--that is, until Delight starts taking every opportunity to show off, which just makes Topaz ten times as self conscious.

    1880 - 1883

    The family moves from London to Hogsmeade. Ruby seems enthusiastic about all the new friends they will meet, but Topaz is less sure; she liked their old home. She doesn’t voice her concerns, and gradually acclimates to their new town. In 1882, Delight goes to Hogwarts, and Ruby throws a tantrum--which really isn’t very mature, in Topaz’ opinion. She can’t bother herself with Ruby, though, because she suddenly has problems of her own: Bash has started teasing her about not showing magic, and says that he’s already done loads. Topaz doubts this very much since she’s never seen any evidence of it, but keeps her doubts and fears to herself. Life passes quietly (too quietly--still no sign of magic!) for the next year.


    Topaz has been dreading, rather than looking forward to, the year in which she will turn eleven. She’s so distraught over the lack of magic--and particularly the possibility of being abandoned by Ruby come September--that she isn’t able to muster much joy when two more siblings are added to her family. No one seems to notice her melancholy, however, mistaking it for her usual quietness. She gets people to take her to the library whenever possible, so that she can trying to figure out what to do about the lack of magic--but it’s hard to manage, because everyone is always too busy to take her anywhere, and when she does go to the library it’s difficult to sneak away from her guardian long enough to do any real research--and of course she can’t check the books out. Topaz would rather die than admit to her parents how worried she is about this!

    Even if she had wanted to talk about it, there is soon no time to do so; after the death of the Minister of Magic (which Topaz isn’t told much about), her father starts a campaign and this takes up all of his time, and most of her mother’s.

    Topaz has vague memories of Delight getting her Hogwarts letter on her eleventh birthday--while this may not be exactly true, Delight has a summer birthday so it isn’t really that off. In any case, Topaz assumes that if the 25th of May passes uneventfully it will mean she is going to be left behind. She spends most of her and Ruby’s shared birthday party wistfully looking out the window until she spots an owl. Knowing that it must be for her, Topaz squeals in rather uncharacteristic delight--and accidentally throws open every cabinet and drawer in the room. Although the owl merely passes by the window on its way to someone else’s house, Topaz has successfully displayed her magical potential--finally!--and she has a large grin on her face the rest of the day. While everyone is happy for her, she feels that everyone moves on rather quickly, considering she’d worried about this for years. But her father has a campaign to run.

    The summer is split between campaigning and preparing for Hogwarts, which is more activity than Topaz has been a part of for, probably, her entire life. In June her father is elected, but this, apparently, does not mean that he has more free time--he actually seems to be out of the house even more, leaving her mother to prepare her and Ruby for their first year.

    1884 - 1885

    Having spent far more time dreading being left behind than dreaming about Hogwarts, Topaz has no idea what to expect, and finds her arrival at school rather overwhelming. She falls into her old childhood habit of following Ruby like a shadow, at least until the sorting hat separates them! While she would much rather share a house with her sister, Topaz can’t argue with the Hat’s decision; she feels right at home in Ravenclaw, and settles into the school year well. From the start she is very devoted to her classes, though she is very nervous about having to perform magic in front of others--for this reason she tends to do poorly on any in-class assignments, but comes up with nearly perfect homework in every case.

    After Christmas vacation, someone tells Topaz that her father is dead! It turns out not to be true, but Topaz isn’t keen on the idea of learning about this sort of thing second-hand, so she decides to start reading the paper every day, even if she doesn’t understand most of it.

    1885 - 1886

    Only a month into her second year, Topaz receives news--not through the paper, but via a professor--that her mother has died from a snake bite. Not even a magical snake, either, just the normal sort! It’s incomprehensible to Topaz, but at least they get to go to the funeral. Topaz starts to think that perhaps she might like to become a healer--though her sudden reluctance regarding Herbology (because there might be snakes in the plants) will doubtless be a rather large hurdle. She has always been a somewhat pensive child, but becomes even quieter following her mother’s death. She primarily talks to Ruby and her Ravenclaw roommates, and her professors notice that she even stops raising her hand in classes, though her homework assignments are still some of the best in her year.

    1886 - 1887

    For Topaz’s third year, she adds Arithmancy, Ancient Studies, and Ghoul Studies. She knows Care of Magical Creatures would be a better choice for a future career as a healer, but she can’t bear to think about having to handle snakes (or other serpentine creatures)--she’s barely managing to avoid nervous breakdowns when she has to reach into the roots of plants in Herbology, and she’s never even seen a snake in the greenhouse. This is also Bash’s first year in school, though he’s sorted into Slytherin, so Topaz doesn’t see him much.

    By the end of the school year, things have started to take a turn for the worst. First, her father starts courting some blond woman everyone universally hates - mostly, in Topaz's case, because they found out about the arrangement from Witch Weekly instead of from their father. Never particularly secure in her self-esteem, Topaz thinks that their father is clearly trying to replace them and grows increasingly distant from both him and her siblings with the exception of Ruby. Papa proposes to her, but the marriage is not to be - Miss Lovegood leaves him at the alter!

    The sheer embarrassment she feels for Papa is enough to get her quite solidly in her father's camp again, which leads to increased tensions with her twin who is less easy to win over. Feeling increasingly alienated, Topaz decides to go home from a slumber party at her cousin's early, walking the very short distance between the two houses after dark. On any other night this might have been ill-advised but harmless, but the night she made the trek was a full moon, and fate had other plans for her.

    Her father managed to find her in time to save her life and scare the beast who had attacked her away, but Topaz had been bitten by the werewolf and was doomed to share his curse. To make matters infinitely worse, this somehow becomes public knowledge when the paper reports it less than a week later. In the storm of debate following the announcement her father is more or less forced to resign his position as Minister of Magic.

    Her siblings all return to Hogwarts, but Topaz is left behind to forge something of a new life. She has to learn how to deal with her new condition and with the public's knowledge of it. Always one to keep up with current affairs, she also takes an interest in politics during the ensuing election - and is filled with a sort of righteous fury by several candidates' refusal to actually address the issues that are important to her. She also starts studying books she received from Mrs. Riley at the Irvingly Infirmary, her interest in healing having been undiminished by recent events, even if she can't ever become a proper healer now.
    Personality: Topaz is a keen observer of her surroundings and a very intelligent girl, but has always been quiet--and the loss of her mother two years ago has only made her more so. When she does speak, it is the result of a long internal thought process, and she’s very confident about what she has to say, which makes her seem wise beyond her years. She often offers advice--but only for those she cares deeply about. She also has some anxiety issues revolving around public demonstrations of magic--and so avoids it whenever possible. She also has a fear of snakes and will go to great lengths to avoid any possibility of running into them. Topaz often feels as though what others are doing is more important than anything that is bothering her, and has therefore become very independent. She adores libraries and would spend weeks doing her own research in the library before she would ask anyone else for help.  
    Out of Character
    Name: It’s a secret ;) jk it’s Lynn


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