Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Cassius Cicero Lestrange
    This app was last updated on August 29th, 2014.
    In Character
    [Image: a_01ba23e3.jpg]

    Full Name: Cassius Cicero Lestrange

    Nicknames: Cash, primarily

    Birthdate: May 25th 1866

    Current Age: 18 years

    Occupation: Fifth Year Student, Ravenclaw Seeker Chudley Cannons First String Seeker

    Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

    Wand:10 3/4", slightly springy, holly, Gryffin feather

    Blood Status: Pure

    Social Class: Upper

    Lucius Lestrange | Father

    Alexandria Lestrange | Mother

    Claudius Lestrange| Brother

    Valeria Lestrange Greengrass | Sister
      Theseus Greengrass | Brother-in-law

    Cornelia Lestrange Pendergast | Sister
      William Pendergast | Brother-in-law (also cousin)

    Seneca Lestrange | Sister

    Also noteworthy is Tiberius Lestrange, Cash's cousin, nemesis, and housemate, and Ellory Pendergast, Cash's favorite cousin.

    The Lucius Lestranges are related to most of pureblooded Hogsmeade, including: the Lestranges (obviously), the Potters in varying and loose capacities, the (Philip) Pendergasts, the (Eustace) Macnairs, the (Edric) Selwyns, the (William) Fawleys, the (Aiden) Callaghans, the (Julius) Thicknesses, the (Leonardo) Pettigrews, the (Septimus) Yaxleys, a handful of Turnbulls, very, very loosely to the Malfoys, the (Maxwell) Yaxleys, the Rosiers, and various familial bastards.
    Appearance:Cassius has black hair and blue eyes. He is 5'5" and therefor quite frustratingly more than an inch shorter than most of his male relatives. Cash is slight in build, but muscular rather than angular. He is right-handed, has very messy hair, and tends to bounce on the balls of his feet when he's bored or excited.

    History: 1866: Cassius was born the third and middle child to Lucius Lestrange and his wife. He is a generally pleasant child, although he does have a temper and is prone to occasionally throwing massive fits.
    1870: Cornelia Lestrange is born. Half a year later when Cash displays his first bout of magic by accidentally levitating himself off the ground.

    1874: Cassius mostly masters reading and writing by eight, and can then be found spending a lot of his time in the library. Cassius is reading epic novels, books on quidditch, and, most notably, mystery novels. He has no more than a very slight curiosity in the Dark Arts, and that's only because the rest of the family is interested in them.

    1875:When Cash is nine, his cousin Tiberius comes to live with them because his father - as Cassius so eloquently puts it to anyone who asks now - went crazy and killed a bunch of people. Tiberius is everything Cassius is not; emotionless, academic, etc. Cash doesn't like him and tries to keep him away from Valeria, when he can be bothered.

    1877-1878: Cassius receives his Hogwarts letter on his eleventh birthday, and goes to Hogsmeade to buy his supplies. He purchases them along with a black cat he names Aelius. He is pretty much in a constant state of excitement for the next months, when he goes to Hogwarts.

    Cassius is called up to the Sorting Hat and sits under it fully expecting to be put in Slytherin like his cousin and the majority of the family. The Sorting Hat has other ideas, though, and debates. Cash is fiercely loyal to his own, which is a Slytherin thing, but he's not particularly ambitious or cunning. He has a strong interest in mystery solving and a generally curious natureand after a minute the sorting hat sends him off to Ravenclaw.

    Cash shows up to Ravenclaw tower and almost immediately reveals a giant stack of mystery books in his bag. He shoves his suitcase under the bed, and is generally on the pampered/privileged side - and Eli Swan, lower-class halfblood, makes friends with him anyways.

    Despite Slytherin being the best house in the eyes of most Lestranges, Cash is actually pretty fine with being a Ravenclaw. While he is now 98% certain that his father prefers Tiberius to him, he has been convinced of this for a while now anyways. Cash flourishes defense against the dark arts, and is just above average in most of his other classes. He receives a broomstick for his twelth birthday, although it remains at home until his second year.

    1878-1879: In his second year Cassius joins the Ravenclaw quidditch team as seeker, which fits his slight build and athletic temperament. Between quidditch practice, his studies, and reading mystery novels, Cash grows into a rivalry (perhaps only on his side) with Tiberius; and spends a tad more of his time trying to keep him away from Valeria.

    1879-1880: In third year Cassius takes up arithmancy as his elective. He would have nabbed something else as well, but care of magical creatures sounds boring, divination sounds stupid, and he's fairly certain his father would have a stroke if he started taking Muggle Studies.

    1881: At the start of Cash's fifth year girls are banned from the quidditch teams. As Ravenclaw has no girls, this leaves them in an excellent position to win the quidditch cup this year.

    1882: Valeria has always been a bit of a brat, in Cash's opinion, but sending her brother a letter telling him how awful he is is a bit petty, even for her. A stressed Cash lashes out at his best friend - and is left distraught when he and Eli aren't friends for weeks. After making peace with Valeria, he makes peace with Eli - well, to some extent. Things aren't quite the same.

    It's not until Cash hears his friend talking in his sleep that Cash realizes same-sex attraction is a thing, and it's not until Eli summarily denies it that Cash realizes he's gay. An ill-advised kiss reveals that Eli feels the same way - and after a summer of mostly avoiding one another, Cash and Eli fall into a sort-of relationship.

    Cash finds out in July that he has been betrothed to one Miss Kayline Prewett. He is generally awkward and unimpressed about this - especially since she's just as awkward.

    In September of that year, Cash becomes friends with Angie Sinnet. And in December, Tiberius - who knows of Cash's feelings for Eli after using legilimency - obliviates Eli, kidnaps him, and dumps him in Singapore.

    1883: Cash is left utterly adrift without Eli. It's only Angie's company that keeps him from losing it completely - Angie's company and the discovery, through some snooping, that Eli isn't dead, just in Singapore. A portkey adventure has him and Angie rescuing Eli and after Eli is re-admitted to Hogwarts, Cash and Eli spend months miscommunicating and generally fucking things up.

    Finally, after Cash's cat dies, they fall back into a sort-of relationship - with the eventual caveat that Eli is leaving when Cash gets married.

    1884: In February, Alexandria Lestrange accidentally impales himself. Cash is left with the sinking feeling that he is a terrible son. After a spectacular season, he manages to get hired on as the first-string seeker for the Chudley Cannons.

    In July, Miss Prewett dies. Cash, stuck at Fort Lestrange with his family (ugh) for the duration of the laughing sickness, bonds with his sister Seneca over the summer.

    Personality: Cash has very bad impulse control. He is bad at keeping still and worse at being bored. He likes mysteries and puzzles probably more than he should, particularly those of the murderous variety.

    Cash is strongly dependent emotionally on those he considers his friends. He is also very bad at caring about people he doesn't like very much; he doesn't often learn names. He can be very spiteful about those he doesn't like.

    Paranoid occasionally, particularly where his cousin Tiberius is concerned.

    Sample Roleplay Post: [derp]

    Out of Character
    Name: Beanie

    Age: almost 15

    Contact: ask for my aim


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