Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Vampiric Shenanigans
    Private Thread 
    @Maiken Thyradatter
    Dominic was a vampire that was quite used to being self-proficient. If you wanted something done right, you had to do it yourself was a proverb that he had always quite believed in. This went down to mending his own clothes which was a skill he had only cultivated sometime after he had began going into solitude. It had taken some time but he'd mastered the trick of it. He liked his clothing to look good.

    Today though, he had meant to mend one of his favorite cloaks and came to find that he was out of dark thread. It would look much too tacky to use a white thread and he liked his clothes to look professionally created.

    After some moment of mulling things over, Dominic recalled that there was a vampire that worked as a seamstress. Folding up his cloak, he tucked it into his rucksack and went in search of her.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    Sorting and folding fabric took time, especially when one was as particular about them as Maiken was. Her fabrics were sorted into her drawers in two ways - first by type, then by color. Her threads were exactly the same way, and she always overstocked on black thread. Black was the most constantly used thread in her collection, after all.

    It wasn't exactly odd, per se, for someone to come looking for her. It happened more often than not; but that didn't stop Maiken from being startled every time someone came to her cave seeking her.

    "Well, fancy that," she commented as she stood, hands planting to her hips. "Never thought you'd come to my cavern." She smiled, a good-natured grin, and approached at a measured pace. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your arrival?"

    @Dominic Adair
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    "Does my reputation really paint me as that much of a recluse?" Dominic asked in amusement. For the past seven years, he had merely taken comfort in knowing there were others of his kind around whilst also staying apart from them aside from the occasional socialization. He'd spent his fledgling years in a large coven so he was used to being among his own kind but deep in his born nature, he was - more or less -  a loner.

    The vampire caverns suited his needs perfectly. There were others of his kind around to talk to when he had the urge but he had his own space to be left alone in. Sometimes, people even stumbled across him such as that tiny, young vampire that didn't hunt and fed off of bloodbags.

    "As for why I'm here, I have a cloak that needs mending but I'm all out of the thread that matches its shade," Dominic said as he pulled it out of his rucksack. "And to seek your company, of course." This would fill his need for socialization for quite some time though he had been feeling restless more and more often lately.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    A mending job. Maiken should have known. There was always a need for mending work around here, after all. Living in the forest tended to lead to a few more tears than humans had to deal with. Stray branches, rocks, the occasional encounter with an entity that wasn't precisely friendly to their cursed kind.

    She reached out a pale hand, taking the garment and splaying it across her bed to survey the damage. "I don't believe you to truly be a recluse. Our nature lends itself well to solitude, even among our own kind." Maiken laughed gently, as one finger gingerly hooked into the tear in the fabric. "If you're willing to say, how did the cloak come to need mending? It's always good to know what came in contact with the fabric before I begin."

    The question had two specific reasons. First, she needed to know the sort of stitch to use, to ensure it looked as if nothing had happened. Second, she liked to have a story to go with the tear. Even if the story given wasn't exactly as it had happened.
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    Dominic let the shorter vampire take the garment from him and watched as she splayed it across her bed. "You keep a bed?" Dominic asked in amusement. After all, they didn't need to sleep, though he knew most vampires liked having one for other activities or for simple leisurely reading. Dominic personally had a rather comfortable chaise for that purpose and it took up less room than a bed would in his cave.

    "I left it in a tree whilst I was hunting. I am assuming the wind moved it about and snagged it roughly on the more thorny of the branches." It wasn't the most exciting story nor was it fully the truth but he respected those that didn't hunt as he did enough not to go into all the gory, delicious details.

    At least, he was assuming that she was one of those sorts considering how closely she worked with humans.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    "I like to lie down and pretend every now and again," she said politely, as she turned away from the bed to the dresser where she stored her fabric, thread, and other supplies. "Pretend I can sleep, at least. I do miss some parts of being human. Dreaming was quite nice."

    She smiled over at him, even as she pulled a spool of thread so dark, it could have been spun of pure shadows (if that were possible), and a fine silvery needle. Making quick work of threading the eye, she turned back, gently folded the cloak half-over on itself, sat on the open space of the bed, and began to work. "You don't have to lie, you know," she commented. "I did live in a similar fashion for several decades. My maker didn't exactly teach me restraint - I had to find it for myself."

    And she smiled up at him again, a genuine smile of kindness and sympathy, with a touch of regret in her eyes. "I'll always be repenting those sins, though."
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    "At least we are still able to daydream," Dominic commiserated despite not personally thinking much on the sleeping part of being human. He sometimes missed it, especially when the hours bore on but he tended to keep himself busy well enough. The main thing that he had missed about human life was the comfort and luxury that his familial wealth had provided him.

    Dominic watched the female vampire idly as she worked her magic. Ah - that was another part of human life that he missed - being able to cast magic. "I think I miss magic the most. A shame we lose that ability when we're turned."

    Dominic smiled as she said that he didn't have to lie. "I lived with my maker for a long while." As for the comment about repenting - he definitely didn't do any of that. He enjoyed those things but he was not ungentlemanly enough to state as much. Not that he would go wild, like some fledgling, of course! Those vampire hunters in Hogsmeade would kill them all in an instant. No, he was not so reckless. Especially not when all their lives would be endangered. "I don't repent. I am what I am but I would not endanger the rest of you by being too reckless or careless."
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    "Ja, there is that," Maiken said, easily letting slip the accent she had picked up upon reaching this village. Though it had softened considerably, her natural Norwegian accent still presented, and she even slipped words she had grown up speaking into the conversation without batting an eyelash.

    Pausing in her stitch, Maiken lifted her eyes to the other vampire, offering him a rueful smile. "Be grateful that you ever had it," she said, "min mor and I, we...never did. And she died when I was small. Never found the creature that did it."

    She said nothing against his choice to continue in the natural way for creatures such as they, though she did give a chuckle on his comment of living with his maker. "You lived with more vampyrer than just your maker, if what I have heard is correct," she said, before turning her gaze back to the cloak and her proceeding stitchwork. "I make no judgements. You are free to speak with me if you choose. After all, we must eat, too, right?"

    Italicized words are Norwegian. Min mor is my mother, vampyrer is vampires.
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    Dominic smiled as the female vampire slipped into what he assumed was her natural accent. "Ah, you were muggles?" He asked. He had to wonder how she had adjusted to not only a vampire life but also learning about a whole new world that she had never known existed.

    "Aye, I did. We were a coven and after them, I moved with a new coven," he said, wondering who she had even heard those things from. Then again, he had shared at least that much with people since it wasn't entirely uncommon. The only thing that people would definitely not know about him was anything involving his birth family, especially his antics involving his brother.

    Those were his own secrets as he was sure every vampire held. Not that he felt guilty, he just didn't think it was really anyones business. "Yes, we must. It's not like we go entirely out of control in the mere presence of a human." The only thing that might make him frenzied was if a person was bleeding profusely and not anything less.
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       Maiken Thyradatter
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    "Ja, we were muggles," Maiken said kindly, going back to the stitching. "Demeas eased me into the whole magi, veivisere, jegere world. I think I was twenty-three when I saw my first spell coming at me." She laughed gently. "Lucky girl. Managed to fend us off without a scratch. I wonder what became of her."

    Maiken had heard of his history in passing - to be honest, she couldn't quite remember where. Yet she knew the information, which was just enough to get by. It wasn't long before she was finishing up the seam, however. She didn't put away the needle just yet, hands sliding over the fabric, searching for any other potential flaws. "What was it like, to have a coven? Andre til å forholde seg til?"

    She didn't comment further about the blood frenzy, though she knew quite well that the way she lived now posed something of its own threat. The longer she passed over fresh blood, the more appealing its scent and taste became. There was a base, fundamental difference between living and stored blood, one that was very noticeable.

    magi, veivisere, jegere = magic, wizards, hunters
    Andre til å forholde seg til? = Others to relate to?
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    "I don't think I ever met a muggle before I was turned," Dominic mused. His family had been purebloods though he had long ago shed any purist ideologies he might have held. Truth be told, he couldn't even remember if he had ever ascribed to the entire purist notion. It obviously had not been of much importance.

    "With guts like that, she probably became someone's formidable grandmama," he said in mild amusement. It was somewhat melancholic to try to imagine himself as someones grandfather. He'd never really had an interest in starting his own family but it did sting a bit that he couldn't even if he ever wanted to.

    "It was quite good when the coven was getting along well enough. Taking care of one another, having friends around you, having other people to share in the work. In the end though, I've proven to be a fairly solitary sort." That was why the caverns suited him. He had the benefit of the company of his own kind if he felt like it; at the very least, he could feel their presence which was enough for him.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    "It was always just my mama and myself, then it became myself and my maker," Maiken commented, even as she now stood, shaking out the cloak and holding it out to him. "That ought to do it - strong and impossible to notice unless you know what you're looking for." She smiled then, holding the article out to him easily.

    If there was one thing Maiken knew about wizarding culture, it was that it was extremely elitist. They always held something that couldn't be controlled against each other, always, endlessly. Oh, your mother's a whore, your father's a bastard, your blood is impure! The excuses ran the gamut, and it was one of the few things that made Maiken feel properly sick. Even they, as vampires, were treated as pariahs...though there was a reason for that one. A vampire could easily kill you - a whore's child, on the other hand, was only deadly when growing up under such ridicule.

    "I'm not quite solitary," she said, "but I don't do too well in large groups. I think the most I could handle would be four traveling companions at most. I can get a bit greedy, if you know my meaning."
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    "Whatever happened to your maker?" Dominic asked in curiosity as he took the cloak from the woman as she held it out to him. He inspected her work a moment before nodding in approval. Her work was quite exceptional and he could see himself asking for assistance again in the future though her company was also surprisingly pleasant. It tended to take him a long while to warm up to people but Miss Thyradatter was quickly becoming an exception.

    Dominic chuckled in response to the female vampires words. "I think I do, Miss. I can understand that feeling all too well." The business he had come to conduct was done with but Dominic felt a hesitation to actually make his leave.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]

    Maiken laughed gently, moving to lean against the wall of her cavern. "My maker and I parted ways...I haven't heard from him in years, now, and I doubt I'd hear if he was killed." She shuffled with the folds of her skirt, smoothing out the fabric with one hand even as she pulled it aside with the other. Being as skilled a seamstress as she was, it wasn't all that uncommon for the other residents of the caverns to come to her for a new outfit, or a mending, or what-have-you, given that she hardly ever charged them unless she needed to buy the fabric. Such a talent tended to mean business-like conversations about fit, cut, detail, and color, but never anything about her own life unless she initiated the conversation. Which didn't happen often.

    "You know...perhaps, one day, I might just break my streak," she said, smirking slightly. "Maybe that could lead to a...working together situation?" She wasn't being flirtatious, though it might sound that way to those who didn't know her at all. It was an honest suggestion that, should she ever decide to be what vampires were supposed to be again, she would welcome the company.
    [Image: i4KSdIM.png]
    [Image: SyhaleZ.jpg]
    [Image: A8FRqbU.png][Image: 33wtjwi.jpg][Image: 5ioZnCk.jpg]
    Dominic's eyes followed her as she moved to lean against the wall of her cavern. He nodded in understanding when she said that she hadn't heard from him in years. That seemed to often be the case once they left their fledgling years where they felt reliant on their makers.

    "Perhaps," he mused thoughtfully when the other vampire suggested working together should she ever decide to go on a hunt. "I am quite careful not to hunt close to home, though." He rarely preyed on the residents of Hogsmeade. They were all too quick with their figurative pitchforks.
    [Image: 71lqhw.jpg]