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Venus Surrenders to Ministry [AND MORE!]
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Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
December 3rd, 1888

Venus surrenders to ministry
Mystery Cupid Apprehended at Last

The figure behind the hundreds of amortentia-affected love letters sent at September’s end is at last in custody. Miss Victoria Tait turned herself in Saturday after, as she explains it, “wrestling with her conscience for a fortnight”.

Miss Tait delivered herself to Ministry headquarters and has remained in custody there since. She has obtained legal counsel, who state that her motivation was driven by compassion for her fellow wizard, rather than malice.

“Miss Tait has cooperated fully with law enforcement officials, and as we speak is compiling a full record of individuals to whom she sent the well-intentioned, if ill-considered, letters,” explained solicitor Enoch Latimer at a press conference yesterday afternoon.

“It is a relief to finally put the matter to bed,” said Miss Maeve Connolly, the auror leading the investigation and one of numerous individuals affected by Miss Tait’s efforts.

There is no word yet on what sort of punishments the prosecution will be aiming for, but sources say that Miss Tait can expect to go before the Wizengamot shortly after the new year.
Archie Skeeter
Written by Kayte

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— The —
Daily Prophet
Price One Knut
December 3rd, 1888

Fisk To Marry Mediwitch
Engagement Between Ari Fisk & Dionisia Tweedy Announced

Mr. Ari Fisk, 37, announced his engagement to mediwitch Miss Dionisia Tweedy, 20, over the weekend. To those who follow society ongoings, the match is an unexpected — and one, many say, is an unbalanced one.

Whereas Mr. Fisk possesses numerous connections both as a Hogsmeade Hospital healer-in-charge and the brother-in-law of the Minister for Magic, Miss Tweedy is a mere orphan who sources say spent a number of summers between Hogwarts years at the Fisk residence.

It is not unreasonable to believe Mr. Fisk may have grown to foster an affection for the young woman who would go on to work alongside him at Hogsmeade Hospital, but the circumstances surrounding the engagement are less apparent.

The pair is said to have been engaged since mid-November, but no courtship was officially made known to the world. Furthermore, the pair is set to marry on December 27th in Ottery St. Catchpole — less than two months after the engagement! Not much as been said about the actual wedding other than that it's expected to be a quiet affair.
Fidelia Spinner
Written by Bree

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