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With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Eye Don't Believe It!
    Open Thread 

    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
    Pet was functioning on just three hours sleep and it showed. Somehow she had made it through to dinner time, but she was so tired that she didn't really have much of an appetite. In front of her she had a textbook propped open and a bowl of soup that she was absently stirring with her spoon. Her eye was burning from sleep deprivation and her mind was not as sharp as it usually was, again thanks to lack of sleep, but she was doing her best to read through the chapter.

    Propping up her face with one hand, she sat this way for several minutes until her eyelids started to droop. She was dozing for only a few seconds when she jolted back into consciousness. There would be no need for her to worry that she'd start falling asleep again, for as she awoke, her glass eye popped out of the socket and with a 'splash' landed in her soup.

    Up until now, her glass eye had been a miraculous thing, she felt almost normal again with it even if her sight wasn't what it used to be. This was the first time it had become a source of embarrassment. Her face had turned red and she found herself trying to scoop it up with her spoon but it wasn't cooperating. She then tried to resort to the less polite and less subtle method of trying to fish it out with her fingers but it was slippery. She finally caught it but she grasped it too tight and it slid out of her grasp and across the table.
    MARCH 9TH, 1887 | @'' | 270 WORDS


    Only two months stood between Benjamin Turner and his OWLs, and the fifth year’s attentions had turned sharply from his interests to the areas he had long been neglecting. As such, it had grown increasingly uncommon to see the boy without an astronomy or charms textbook in hand, and it would seem that today, at least, that was a good thing.

    The prefect looked up from his pages in surprise as a soft tap hit the hard cover of his book, which had been propped up in wall-like fashion in front of his bowl of stew. Had it not been so placed, Ben would later realize, he would have had a spoonful of glass orb, rather than lamb.

    Curious and confused, he moved his book in time to see a small glass ball now rolling across the table, stopping with a soft clink against the plate of the housemate across from him.

    This is a Téble

    [Image: e1kQPQm.png]
    set by te
    Topaz wasn't paying much attention to the housemates around her. While she typically tried to find some of her yearmates to huddle together with for lunch and dinner, she seldom sat with her friends during breakfast, because she always had a new copy of The Daily Prophet to read, which tended to make her even less social than she normally was. Today, however, one of her friends had had a Minor Emergency which had required everyone's sympathy during breakfast, and she'd had to fold the paper up to save for later. The next free time she'd had happened to be dinner, so she now sat with the paper folded in one hand, her fork absently in her other. She had her attention on one of the articles, her brow furrowed as she tried to wrap her mind around it--it was something dense and political regarding Africa, and while it would probably never affect her life at all, Topaz always tried extra hard to follow anything political in the Prophet. It made her feel so adult when she knew what her father was talking about when he mentioned anything about work, and so while Britain wasn't yet involved in this African business (at least, that the article said), Topaz was trying her best to absorb it as potentially useful backstory for some future point.

    An odd clink drew her attention down to her plate, still mostly covered in her barely-touched meal. Topaz frowned as she tried to identify the source of the noise, and her eyes eventually came to rest on a milky-colored glass orb, like a rather large marble. She didn't immediately realize what it was, so she reached down to move her plate away from it--which caused it to roll and the actual eye part to come into view. With a sudden shriek, Topaz shoved her plate back towards it to halt the progress of the eye (which, it had seemed in a moment of horror, was rolling towards her as though coming after her with malicious purpose, as if possessed). The sudden collision caused the eye to go shooting across the table--and her green beans and cut pieces of ham to splay out behind it like some sort of edible wake.
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    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
    Pet watched in one-eyed distress as her eyeball made a journey of self-discovery down the Ravenclaw table, startling several of her housemates. With one hand, she feverishly searched herself for her wand so she might summon it back to her before it caused any more of a disturbance. After some fumbling, she brandished her wand and took aim. Not wanting to bring further attention to herself by muttering the incantation aloud, she tried to do it silently. This was a bad decision for a couple reasons. Firstly, Pet's vision was compromised including her depth perception, secondly, non verbal spells were always likely to be less effective than their verbal counterpart. As such, she accidentally summoned a housemate's plate across the table and had to duck, except with her vision more compromised than she was now used to, she easily lost her balance and toppled backwards off the bench.

    Ouch. Flagstones did not feel good on the back of one's head, thankfully her bun had taken the brunt of it and it was only hairpins that had dug into her head. Thoroughly humiliated, the Head Girl flailed for a moment and then decided to stay put, her left hand still cupped over her eye socket protectively.
    MARCH 9TH, 1887 | @Benjamin Turner @Topaz Urquart | 206 WORDS
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       Topaz Urquart


    This had escalated quickly. At once, the prefect was on his feet, practically tripping over his legs in his efforts to get to the felled prefect.

    Not practically.

    He was.

    Ben joined her on the floor.

    This is a Téble

    [Image: e1kQPQm.png]
    set by te
    Topaz was still focused on the eye rolling away from her plate when the head girl used a summoning spell and nearly hit herself in the face with a plate full of dinner. Since they were on the same bench, Topaz was forced to stand as Miss Sleptova fell backwards, lest she go careening to the floor, as well. It wasn't until this moment, when she was forced to stand and looked over and recognized the Head Girl, that she actually realized where the eye must have come from, and she suddenly felt quite sheepish for having screamed--if she'd been more sensible, perhaps none of this would have happened, and Mr. Turner wouldn't have been on the floor, either!

    She looked back to see where the eye had gone, just in time to see it roll off the edge of the table and on to the floor beyond. She ducked, fitting quite neatly under the table, and tried to spot where it had come out on the floor. Was it broken? Oh, she'd feel awful if it was broken!

    Spying something that glinted in the light, Topaz assumed it must have been the eye and started crawling towards it, eager to redeem herself in the eyes of the older students and quite oblivious to the feet of her classmates as she pushed her way towards it. As it turned out, however, the thing she grabbed at was only a bent spoon someone had dropped before.

    Topaz looked around for it again, but was distracted by one of her housemates' knees connecting rather painfully with her stomach, which knocked the air out of her.

    Hudson had noticed the eye debacle, drawn to it by Miss Urquart's scream. He didn't do anything beyond watching awkwardly. Poor Miss Sleptova! He'd thought that when he'd first heard of her accident, when he'd first seen her with a glass eye for the first time and now, he thought so again. It wouldn't have been such a tragedy if she was a boy, Hudson thought. Boys could survive without an eye, but for girls... it had to be horrible, when such a big part of their worth was placed on their physical appearance. An eyeless debutante was hardly what you'd call a catch.

    At some point he moved his legs underneath the table and he was rather startled when he felt himself kicking something. "What the?" Hudson said and looked underneath the table. It was dark and difficult to see, but it was hard to mistake Miss Topaz Urquart for someone else. "Oh God, I am so sorry!" Hudson felt awful for having caused her pain, even if it was unintentional. Good men never hurt women, even if it was accidental!
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    [Image: 353cglw.gif]

    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure.
    It was a disaster, everything was a disaster! She was blushing furiously and struggling to hold back anguished tears. She was the Head Girl, where was the dignity such an office demanded of her? Where was the capability? With her wand in one hand and the other covering her empty eye socket, Pet was left with the dilemma of figuring out what she had to let go of in order to haul herself up off the floor. In the end she decided she could scrunch her one eyelid shut and use that hand to use the table as an anchor point with which to drag herself back into a sitting position on the bench. Flailing around until she had her legs free of the bench and then standing up seemed like a far less dignified way of getting off the floor.

    Perhaps it was, perhaps it wasn't. Pet struggled to lift herself high enough to get her bottom back on the bench and consequently fell back again. At least she had company now. That was a small comfort, if a comfort at all. "I don't suppose anyone knows where my- my eye has gotten to?" she inquired, not quite loud enough to draw attention well. Chaos seemed to have broken out and as Head Girl, she felt an obligation to smooth it out but she was back to clapping a hand over her left eye socket and generally felt very powerless and embarrassed.
    MARCH 9TH, 1887 | @Benjamin Turner @Topaz Urquart

    Topaz tried to tell Mr. Pine she was not much offended by his accidentally having kicked her, but when she opened her mouth there wasn't any sound that came out. She was still attempting to get her breath. She had somewhat recovered by the time Miss Sleptova asked about her eye--very boldly, Topaz thought, because if it had been her who was in search of a rogue body part that had gotten loose at the dinner table, she was sure she wouldn't have been keen to advertise it so openly. Of course, the spectacle they were all making of themselves had probably already bungled any chance of subtlety.

    "Oh!" she called out from beneath the table, having just spotted it rolling past Mr. Pine's feet and into the open air of the aisle once again. "There!" Topaz pointed, but then realized no one would be able to see her. She didn't think she could reach it from here, and she didn't want to try as that would involve getting much more intimately acquainted with Mr. Pine's legs than she already had been. She didn't think she could manage to squeeze below the bench, either. Reaching up to grab Mr. Pine's trouser leg, she pulled insistently and said, "It's behind you! Get the Head Girl's eye!"
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    Hudson jumped up a bit when Miss Urquart touched his legs. He'd never had his legs touched like that, especially by a girl! "R-right!" he responded and turned around. At first he saw no eye, then he spotted the glass orb. He made to stand from the bench, then figured that using magic would make this task easier.

    A few seconds later and he cast "Accio!", pointing his wand at the glass eye. It flew to his grasp. It was covered in sauce and dirt and some hairs. He couldn't help the wrinkle to his nose.

    "It's here!" he informed.
    [Image: 353cglw.gif]