Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Valeria Lestrange
    In Character
    Full Name: Valeria Aquilina Greengrass nee Lestrange

    Nicknames: None she approves of

    Birthdate: July 1st, 1865

    Current Age: Twenty-one Years

    Occupation: Wife

    Hogwarts House: Slytherin

    Wand: Rosewood, 10 inches, Augurey Tail Feather, Bendy

    Blood Status: Pureblood

    Social Class: Upper

    • Lucius Lestrange, father, 57

      Alexandria nee Rosier, deceased 1884

      Claudius Lestrange, older brother, 26

      Cassius Lestrange, younger brother, 19

      Cornelia Lestrange, younger sister, 16

      Seneca Lestrange, younger sister, 12

      Tybalt Lestrange, uncle

      Permelia Lestrange, aunt

      Tiberius Lestrange, cousin

      Tatiana Lestrange, cousin

      full tree

    • At five foot two inches tall, Valeria is rather average by Victorian standards. Preferring to wear rather richly designed dresses that are fresh on the fashion scene at the drop of a hat, Valeria enjoys wearing corsets and creating her womanly shape. Her brown hair falls in gentle waves after it is worn loose about her shoulders, but Valeria uses a straightening potion to even her hair to make it smooth as she wears it in tight updo's. Her bright brown eyes fill with emotion and darken when Valeria is angered. Her skin is fair and upholds an even complexion. She keeps her eyebrows shaped and her poofy pale lips slightly reddened to give them an even more striking definition. She is right handed.

    • Born sixteen years ago as the second child to Lucius and his wife, Valeria Aquilina Lestrange was the first girl child born into that branch of the family. Valeria was spoiled as a child and with the addition of future children, Cassius, Cornelia, and Seneca, Valeria grew exceptionally jealous and had her created her magical abilities to spawn at a young age.

      Her magical abilities showed with spouting fire and red sparks in cupboards or anywhere near her younger siblings � her younger sisters especially � in violent reactions that were designed to intimidate them and make the two other girls very submissive. Valeria enjoyed the brief time she had with her older brother Claudius, six years her senior. Despite the age difference, Valeria respects her brother and loves him as one. She missed her brother terribly when he left for Hogwarts.

      But when her uncle Tybalt was sent to Azkaban and her cousin Tiberius came to live with her family in their country estate in 1875 Valeria's world was turned upside down. Valeria did not how to react well with the new addition of the boy one year her senior. She left him alone, but only just. The ten year old left Tiberius alone and she was glad that he returned the favor.

      The following year in 1876, Valeria received her acceptance letter shortly after her eleventh birthday. Smiling to herself upon receiving the envelope, Valeria was excited to become a full time student and not receive lessons on how to sew, read, write, and play piano and other necessities on how to be a lady. She got all of her supplies in Diagon Alley in its last year before it closed and all the shops moved to Hogsmeade Village. Nothing seemed unusual or extraordinary in her experience, but Valeria bought a cat for her companion in her dorm. As the summer drew on, however, Valeria Aquilina grew bored and the eleven year old just wanted to depart for Hogwarts. She really just wanted to celebrate her acceptance into the prestigious school.

      When September first came around, the eleven year old was excited, but fought to keep control over all her emotions. She had to remain in control and flaunt her upper class airs as she was wealthier than a good majority of the population. Old pureblood money was as it was described to her by her father and mother. The spoiled child hoped she was not placed in the Hufflepuff or Gryffindor houses for she heard her parents talk down upon the two. Apparently, Lestranges and other purebloods of her family's caliber must stay in Ravenclaw or Slytherin. So as she took the ceremonial trip up to the castle, the eleven year old was shaking with excitement. As she stood in a line listening to an old floppy hat sing a song, Valeria could not stop shifting around. She was reprimanding herself in her head, but she was just so excited. When her name was finally called, Valeria had to remain calm as she walked up the steps and sat (quite lady-like) on the stool. When the Sorting Hat was placed upon her head, Valeria grabbed on to every word the hat spoke. There was a brief contemplation between either Ravenclaw or Slytherin, and Valeria mentally wrinkled her nose. The old hat finally decided Slytherin, and Valeria walked with superior airs and a calm stride to the applauding Slytherin table.

      As the years past, Valeria did well in Charms, Ancient Runes, and Divination. Valeria was also taking music at the request of her mother so she could better her piano and harpsichord skills. Having only achieved a mediocre level of mastery, Valeria never truly applied herself preferring to instead write poetry. In the summer before her second year, the entire family packed up to move to Hogsmeade to escape persecution in London and surrounding areas. After her OWLs last year, however, Valeria was surprised to see that she did not receive any failing scores in any subject and subsequently decided to drop Herbology, Music, and Transfiguration. Jealousy also plagued her mind as she grew closer to Tiberius and a crush started to form. Despite the fact that he was her cousin, Valeria would have done anything to him, for him, and the like. Valeria kept her feelings secret from everyone in attempt to deny and forget and hopefully stop liking him in that romantic way but she has failed in the past seven years since Tiberius moved in.

      Now, in the year 1882, Valeria is still hiding her secret crush on her cousin, and still continues to attend Hogwarts. Valeria tries to hide her dark, inappropriate, often provocative thoughts. Valeria also has no desire to be married fresh out of Hogwarts. Valeria is taking her education to the next level as she stares at her diary and Tiberius.

      In her last year at Hogwarts she had sex with Tib. On December 17, 1883 she got married to Theseus Greengrass. October 1, 1884, Tobin Cannon Greengrass is born. An illegitimate son of Tiberius and Valeria, the pair keep the true paternity a secret. Tiberius is married on July 15th, 1885 to Antigone Baudelaire. Valeria dislikes her very much. #tiberiaspawndosincoming1886

    • On the outside, Valeria has two personality variations. To those lower in class than she, the sixteen year old treats them as if they were dirt. Valeria has no care for what they go through on a day-by-day basis and does not care about anyone other than herself. To those of the upper class, however, Valeria is warm and personable. She likes to converse on topics such as fashion and literature, but rarely much else.

      On the inside, Valeria is a confused sixteen year old girl who wants to be an academic and be well known. A romantic for sure, Valeria withholds feelings for her cousin whom she feels the strongest for. She admits she is easily embarrassed and hates being mocked, but this Slytherin also does the mocking. She wants to feel as though she is powerful and has control over those of a weaker mind, but Valeria is so insecure on the inside, it proves difficult to convince her that she does have certain characteristics that prove to be admirable.

      Lacking confidence in her intelligence level, ambitious nature, and cunning, Valeria built up her wall to protect her with bricks made of a snot-nosed attitude, arrogance, and a highly judgmental tendency as the sealant. Valeria knows she should feel pride for being a Slytherin and a member of the pureblooded Lestrange family, but her crush on Tiberius holds her back in fear of not being socially accepted.

    Sample Roleplay Post: Last update: 13/10/2015
    Out of Character
    Name: Tiff

    Age: 20

    Contact: Ask.

    Other Characters: Tons.

    How did you hear about us?: RPGC
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