Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Cow Goes Moo
    PROMPT: A wayward (and thus, illegal!) spell has turned one of our heroes into a large bovine!
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    avatar art by jenny
    Out and about for some early morning shopping, Adaline supposed she had expected it to be a fairly uneventful day.

    It wasn't long before she was remedied of that delusion. Arms laden down with groceries in brown paper bags, she was just quitting the shop when she was struck in the back by - something - ? There wasn't time to do more than blink against the beam of light, and then it was gone, and then her groceries had gone rolling out of her grasp, spilling out of the door, and suddenly she was on all fours and could barely fit out the door -

    Having been a muggle all her life, Adaline had never experienced anything quite so odd as transfiguration. And, given her body was now so strangely disproportioned - her jaw bigger and broader, her vision angled awkwardly sideways, her body heavier, clunkier, udders hanging down near her back legs, a tail flicking behind her - she wasn't in exactly the state of mind to recall the concept of transfiguration. (It was not, either, as though she had the capacity to do the slightest thing about it.)    

    In her shock and general dumbfoundedness - her gasp of confusion hadn't come out as anything remotely human - Adaline could feel panic overcoming her. She was - well, trapped was a word for it - and something was wrong and her throat was tight and, once her front legs stopped wobbling so, she went barging forwards out of the shop, kicking down a display stand or two in the process. It was a difficult task to navigate quite out of the door - her hips were so far apart she could scarcely believe it - but she shuffled out, and once she was free, shot forwards in a furious trot.

    Once she had done a few frenzied circles of the square, her head swinging this way and that as she tried to understand the stares of strange passersby, she had gotten out of breath and had no choice but to slow down to a more comfortable amble, picking her way back to the Shoppe's storefront and looking forlornly at the remainders of her groceries strewn across the ground.

    It was then that she caught sight of herself in the glass. Herself! She peered at her reflection, wide and cow-eyed. Cow-eyed. Adaline watched as her ears flicked sideways in distress. Well, there it was! She was a cow! She started backing away from her reflection in a daze, swaying a little on her four legs, and kept going until her hindquarters startled her by bumping into someone.
    ack sorry that got so long! Hope this is okay, guys xD
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    [Image: It5Y3j.png]
    Tipper had become familiar with the small town of Irvingly over the time he lived there and even more so now that he had new contacts with the butcher and several odd shops. He enjoyed seeing his small butter and cheese creations displayed upon an assortment of shelves and the looks they received by passers by. He had most recently peddled his wares at the local cafe as well and avoided its storefront to not cause any unneeded drama.

    On his path away from Chance L'Amour, the dairy farmer stumbled into something completely unprecedented - a beautiful cow staring at its reflection. Tipper couldn't help but to adorn his face with an excited expression as he neared the bovine's rear, however was startled when it began backing up and bumped right into his front. "Oh, excuse me ma'am!" He gently called to the beast as his right hand stroked its back. His affinity for cows was unlike any feeling he had before, bar for his wife or children, so he felt awfully comfortable in approaching the cow without any hesitation.
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    [Image: Inwym5.png]
    She tried to wheel around to see just who she had managed to back into, but - oh, heavens, it was harder to turn about on four legs, and swinging her head sideways did not help her too much. Finally, she shuffled around so that she had a side-view of him, the man, who didn't seem the slightest bit perturbed by the presence of a cow. For a moment, in fact, Adaline was convinced that perhaps it was only some delusion set upon her, that she thought she was a cow, and still looked utterly normal... he had addressed her so politely, as ma'am, after all!

    But then he had reached out to stroke her. Her ears drooped despairingly. He must just be fond of animals. Dear, oh dear. "Excuse me!" Adaline cried out - or at least tried to. "Can you help me?" The words sounded straightforward in her head, but they were forced from her throat in what she could hear was plainly mooing. Mooing.

    Well, now what was she to do?! What if she were to be stuck like this forever? She might have tried to pull herself up onto her hind legs to seem a little more human, but she did not seem physically able to manage it, so instead Adaline settled for turning until her - this - whole body was facing him directly (although now she had to angle her head sideways to see him properly), and merely looked at him very hard.

    She hoped she might communicate something - anything - through that. She also rather wished her tail would stop swishing of its own accord.
    [Image: It5Y3j.png]
    Apologies for the lateness!
    The distressed sounds coming from the beast echoed in the wizard's ears. He had often heard these noises during the milking process, or if one had been in search of a mate, which drew the conclusion in his mind that the cow must have wandered this far after spotting a handsome bull. A quick glance around showed no signs of such an animal, though his timely intrusion could have potentially scared the male away, to his displeasure.

    "You must have traveled far now, girl," he replied, in a way, "and I bet you miss home." A steady hand continued tracing the animal's short fur as it carefully turned to face him with eyes of a desperate nature. Tipper was somewhat alarmed with little fright, but still developed a deepened concern for the origins of the spotted bovine and ultimately questioned how anyone could leave such a beautiful specimen to the hands of varied muggle fools. Perhaps she just needed to use the restroom and feared doing so in public, or figured he had a few leafy vegetables to munch on. Even still, that would have been awfully odd behavior with little explanation, and he surely wasn't going to obtain a coherent synopsis of the events leading up to her isolation by questioning her himself.

    So, deciding to take matters into his own hands, he revealed several cheese figurines; one shaped as a man to resemble himself, another as a cow, and the third as a barn. He gestured to the cow with a finger, signaling his task would take but a moment to set up, and proceeded to act out him taking the cow back to where she had once resided. During the reenactment, Tipper mooed several times in hopes of speaking her language, or at least to catch her attention, and nodded thereafter to see if she understood what he was trying to say.
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    [Image: Inwym5.png]
    Travelled far - well, not so far. Miss home - yes, she supposed. But that was not the problem, for Adaline reminded herself she was perfectly capable of taking herself home, if not quite so capable of opening the door herself without opposable thumbs.

    He was being rather forward, with his hands on her, Adaline had considered, before she remembered what it was to live on a farm, how easy and comfortable it had been to pat the sheep and goats and - oh, cows. She wondered how ordinary cows tended to take this gentleman's manner.

    The man looked suitably disconcerted at her mooing, at least, and turned away to do... something. Of anything Adaline had expected, the little models made of - cheese? - were not it, not at all. But still! This might be an opportunity! He seemed interested in her story. Adaline, however, wasn't so keen on the idea of being led away to a barn! What if she were cooped up in a cowshed -how would she ever be found again? (Would real cows understand her mooing?)

    Pushing forwards a little, Adaline interrupted his re-enactment - well-meant, she was mercifully sure - and knocked the barn figurine over with the full force of her cow-face. Then, quite deliberately, she trampled the cheese barn with her cow-hooves. There. No barn. She didn't belong in a barn!

    Instead, she began to nose at the man-figurine.
    [Image: It5Y3j.png]