Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Battering Ram
    March had brought about a pleasant change in the weather, though it was warmest now, in the afternoon sun that Eva felt most comfortable venturing out of her little hideout in the zoo. Not that she was hiding, but even after living her for over two years she still wasn't used to the bitter cold that came with winters in Scotland.

    Today was her day off though, and she didn't feel like wandering London. Bastien needed to get some exercise too. He was far too used to having run of the zoo to be stuck inside the house in London all day. So Eva had tucked Lucy inside a picnic basket with a few snack and Bastien under  arm, holding tight as she apparated out of the house to Padmore Park. It was her favorite place, aside from the zoo of course, to wander and just relax.

    Recently she kept thinking about moving to Hogsmeade, just for the ease of having the creatures, but she would fell guilty leaving Erin in London. Then again, now that Una and Tierney were in Irvingly she could even see if they had a room for her there. Now that would be convenient. Even though the diricawls couldn't openly run around there either, at least they were close enough to the zoo that she could probably leave them there. It was something to consider at least. She didn't want to think about anything related to work today. Today she was determined to enjoy the sunshine, albeit briefly, and let the birds get their energy out.

    She didn't wander far into the park, sticking to the open air near the lake, setting up her little blanket on a patch of grass, keeping an eye on Bastien and Lucy as she did so. Eva knew she should have brought her chaperon with her today, but honestly slipping out of the house by herself was far too easy and appealing for her to actually put any stock behind that thought. Besides, she had Bastien, was close enough. Speaking of- just as she was about to sit down, Lucy hovering nearby as always, Bastien was nowhere to be seen.

    It was then she heard a shout and she jumped up from her half-sitting position to look around. If he was causing trouble again, he was going to get it!

    @Emmeline Woodcroft
    @Fletcher Peverell
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Fletcher didn't often take Tink to Padmore Park, it was just easier to walk her about in London. Every once in awhile, however, he'd stop in at Hogsmeade Hospital to see how things were there and he brought Tink with him often enough on such excursions. The pup allowed him to not get stuck at the hospital actually working.

    The man and pup duo had just stopped along one of the main paths to take a small break. Tink sat quite primly at the base of a bench as Fletcher sat on said bench and stooped over to tie the laces on his shoes. They'd managed to come undone at some point during their walk and it annoyed him to leave them otherwise. His fingers paused on the laces as he heard Tink begin to growl, something quite out of the norm for the terrier.

    "What is it girl?" he asked, blue eyes shifted up in that moment to look to her before turning to look and see what it was that had her hackles raised. In those brief moments of his hands being stilled, a diricawl seemed to appear out of nowhere and attacked his foot almost savagely. It caused the man to shout out incoherently, mainly because he was caught by surprise.
    Nolan is amazing!
    [Image: Asu3sFj.jpg]
    From her perfect spot, Eavan looked around the park quickly scanning everything around her trying to locate her diricawl. The problem with the little bugger was that he could be invisible when he wanted to be! Oh he was in for it when she hunted him down. "Bastien!" She called once, waiting to see if his fat little butt would waddle over her way, but no such luck. They'd have to work on his listening or it would be a leash for him.

    Eavan started to wander in the direction she thought she'd seen him go last only to hear a shout from the opposite direction. Picking up her skirts probably a little higher than was proper, Eva turned on her heel and sped off toward the source of the shout. Up and over a little hill nearby and she could see him attacking some poor gentleman's shoelaces! What was it with that crazy bird? His manners really were getting pretty miserable, he had a terrible habit of attacking men in the park! First Mr. Sterling, then Mr. Fisk and now... Mr. Peverell.

    Balking when she realized who it was her dodo was accosting, Eva flushed just the tiniest bit of pink. She'd made a damn fool of herself last time she'd seen him and had specifically avoiding those memories for one reason or another. Apparently today was just not her day as here was her bird attacking his shoes! "Bastien! You stop that right now!" She ordered, feeling like that was his catch phrase sometimes.  Eva dove for the squirmy little bird as he flitted about, still pulling at Mr. Peverell's shoes. It took her a solid minute to even get close to snatching him up and when finally she managed to get her hands on him he put up a real fight to actually let go!
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    It was perhaps a good thing Fletcher had already been sitting on the bench or he surely would have wound up on his behind on the ground. The sudden flurry of skirts and feathers caused him to stare on in shock but before he knew it his foot was being raised into the air as Miss MacKay lifted the creature into the hair who seemed quite keen on not letting go of his laces.

    "Afternoon Miss MacKay," he said instead, grinning his usual lopsided grin at her as if he hadn't a care in the world with his foot in the air and a diricawl hanging onto his laces in its beak. Tink, however, wasn't so keen on the whole thing and was yapping rather loudly in response to all the commotion though didn't move from her spot now under the bench.
    Nolan is amazing!
    [Image: Asu3sFj.jpg]
    By the time Eva had managed to actually pry Bastien from Mr. Peverell's shoelaces, she had toppled backwards on her tush into the grass, skirts and limps flying in a rather unladylike fashion. Eva righted herself as her diricawl squawked in response to his pup's barks. Clearly Bastien hadn't seen the dog or he likely wouldn't have bothered! The bird scrambled loose from her grasp and moved behind her as she sat now, peering around her like a shy child. "Serves you right, you hellion." She scowled, looking over her shoulder at the beast as he sulked.

    "Afternoon, Mr. Peverell." Eva greeted, somewhat slowly, for she'd gone and embarrassed herself again in his presence. What was with that anyway? She eyed him carefully, cheeks hot from her memories of their last encounter and now with her annoyance at Bastien. "I do apologize, he has absolutely no manners and is never leaving the zoo ever again." She cast another look at her pet for good measure. At least he had the sense to look ashamed. He really was going to start staying at the aviary if this is how he was going to act in public! "And I'm sorry he startled you sweet girl." Eva smiled more warmly at Mr. Peverell's dog, hoping they hadn't scared the pup too badly!
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Fletcher couldn't help the widening of his grin once Miss MacKay had managed to loose the creature from his shoes and wound up on her behind on the ground. Her chastisement of the creature, however, was perhaps the most entertaining of the bit. Especially once the "hellion" skulked behind her.

    He put a calming hand down to Tink, gently rubbing the canine behind the ears. It calmed her enough to where she quit barking but she continued to hide behind his leg and peek out at the woman and her bird warily. "Boys will be boys," he said simply with a shrug, "And she'll be fine. She likes to think she's rather protective of me but her bark is far worse than her bite."

    Blue eyes glanced down to his precious pup as she seemed to be a bit more interested in the woman before them on the ground though still hesitant to go much closer because of the diricawl. He watched as Tink took a few steps in front of where he sat before sitting down herself and regarded Miss MacKay with a titled head, nose wiggling as she sniffed the air between them. "Miss MacKay, meet Tink," he said, clearly gazing fondly down at the pup.
    Nolan is amazing!
    [Image: Asu3sFj.jpg]
    Eva passed Bastien another look, but now he was too concerned with Tink now to be paying attention to much else. "He's rude is what he is." Bastien was just so fresh! Oh she hated being embarrassed! It was too late now to worry much about it. And since she was already down on the ground, which was not entirely unusual for her in any way, shape or form, she may as well make friends with Mr. Peverell's pup!

    "Hello darling girl," Eavan held out a hand toward the pup to get a sniff if she liked. Seeing no immediate need to get up, though she probably looked a little odd sitting on the ground, Eva arranged her legs and skirts a little more appropriately. She was perfectly comfortable, no need to move. "Aren't you adorable?" While Eavan was letting Tink come in her own time, she passed a smile at Mr. Peverell. "What breed is she? I'm afraid I'm not terribly familiar with dogs." She knew quite a few, but certainly wasn't an expert!
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]
    Fletcher continued to watch Tink, though was sure to glance at Miss MacKay from time to time. Tink was typically a rather reserved pup when they went out and about but she certainly wasn't one to turn down a pat from someone. It was odd watching her be so hesitant with the woman seated on the ground though but he was sure it was because of the bird that had frightened her earlier. It wasn't long, however, before the little pup was inching forward and sniffing at the offered hand before giving a tentative lick to the outstretched fingers. He couldn't help but to chuckle lightly as the little stub of a tail tried to wag but with being seated resulted in a strange wiggling of the pup's entire body.

    "Yorkshire terrier, I believe," he said in response to Miss MacKay's question, looking to her more than his pup now that Tink seemed to be warming up a little more even if she did continue to watch for the diricawl. "I found her in an alley one evening while on my way home from work. Poor thing was tiny. Nearly frozen and certainly starving," he added, a touch of sorrow mixed with anger to his voice at the thought of how he'd found her, "It took some work but I was able to bring her back to full health. My mother and sister joke that she'll be the only woman I'll have in my life."
    Nolan is amazing!
    [Image: Asu3sFj.jpg]
    Despite asking about the breed, Eva didn't really know much one way or another about what a Yorkshire terrier was supposed to look like, but the darling creature was every so adorable! "I'm not sure I've ever seen such a wee little dog." It would be rude to say the little fluffball reminded her of a rat, so she refrained, especially since Mr. Peverell was being so forgiving at the moment.

    Not to mention she softened immediately when he told her about how he rescued Tink. Eavan was clearly a softy when it came to any kind of animals and people who took the time to be kind to them also held a special place in her heart... not that she associated Mr. Peverell with anything to do with her heart, but well, she was thinking in tangents now. "A dog's loyalty is unyielding after all." She teased, though perhaps felt she had overstepped, just a little. Eavan was inexplicably a bit of a mess where Mr. Peverell was concerned. "Though I think you've earned it." She added more sincerely.

    By now Eavan had been allowed to pet the pup and was trying to make up for scaring her by copious amounts of ear scratches.
    [Image: m2t8qO.png]
    [Image: 35i9d13.jpg] [Image: j98sw5.gif]