Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    A Wandering
    @Constance Sykes @Helena MacMillan

    Alé was wandering the dungeon hallways near the Slytherin Common room. She hadn't been down here in all the time she'd been working at Hogwarts and since the library closed soon after dinner, she had thought to take a stroll around her old stomping grounds. She was walking along leisurely, breathing in the slightly damp air of the halls under the lake, and realized she'd wandered near the Slytherin common room entrance. She smiled wryly, remembering the times she'd been denied entrance because no one liked her enough to give her the new password.

    She turned down another corridor, this one headed towards what she believed was the potions rooms, when she heard footsteps nearby and turned to look.
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    Bumping into any member of staff outside of their usual domain was hardly a novelty, but after living under the reign of Mrs Aesalon since she had arrived Connie had never expected to see a Hogwarts Librarian so far from her stomping ground. Then again she had also never expected that Mrs Aesalon would have left behind the opportunity to have so many students to terrorise so here they were.

    “Miss Salcedo,” she greeted with a smile as she came out of the private entrance to her rooms adjacent to the common room and strode down the chilly corridor, already preferring this woman to the previous incumbent considerably merely because she wasn’t glaring at her for daring to speak. “What brings you down here?”
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    Alé was admittedly unsurprised to find Slytherin's matron down in the dungeons, given that Alé had wandered her way down near the common room. She was, however, pleased to be running into a teacher and not a student. She returned Constance's smile warmly, if impersonally.

    "A bit of nostalgia, I think, Miss Sykes" Alé admitted. She got the feeling Constance was a tad surprised to see her. "I've not been down here for many years. It's every bit as chilly as I remember." Alé wrapped her shawl a touch tighter around herself; she was always prone to the cold.
     photo 6dc5aca3-02e8-49f5-b078-c9e65c46f091_zpskgyhjjns.jpg
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    “Ah, another survivor of the coldest common room in the castle I see,” Connie said with a friendly smile as she too wrapped her cloak tighter around herself. She had become accustomed to the chill for the most part but she did find that at night the cold stone did have a tendency to seep through to one’s bones and no amount of years spent roaming these corridors could banish that instinct.

    “Would you care to join me in my rooms? They’re a great deal warmer and I have recently received a bottle of very agreeable wine for my birthday that I’m told is an excellent tonic to the cold nights.”
    [Image: BvNLBUv.png]
    MJ made this and it is GORGEOUS<3 <3
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    Alé allowed herself a small chuckle at Connie's quip, barely more than a delicate huff of breath. She did so dislike her real laugh. She was quite pleased when the matron asked her to her rooms; Alé had yet to make many friends here at the castle.

    "I'd quite enjoy that, Miss Sykes." She brushed a bothersome loose strand of hair out of her face before speaking again. "That is of course if I'm not intruding."
     photo 6dc5aca3-02e8-49f5-b078-c9e65c46f091_zpskgyhjjns.jpg
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    “Oh certainly not,” Connie said with a pleasant smile. She had been hoping to get to know some of the new influx of staff a little better, now that Cora seemed to have become distant in a way that worried Connie as much as it upset her. On the one hand she missed her friend’s heightened presence but on the other there was the possibility that Cora, far from being a dense woman, had begun to notice things.

    “And please do call me Connie if you’d like,” she added as she gestured back towards her rooms, already thinking about the warmth within. She had been heading for a general stretch of her legs, her duties long since performed for the night in theory – though in practice she was always on call so to speak – and her solitary rooms beginning to become claustrophobic. Company was just the tonic. “I feel as though I’ve barely spoken to you since you arrived here.”
    [Image: BvNLBUv.png]
    MJ made this and it is GORGEOUS<3 <3
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    Alé smiled a little brighter and followed the matron. "Alright, Connie, but you must call me Alé." She was silent for a moment. She'd never been very good at casual conversation, and she was starting to feel awkward, even if it was all in her head. "I've been a bit cooped up, I think. The last librarian, bless her heart, never quite got the charms right. The catalogue was a bit of a disaster."

    Alé was going to say more, but her foot caught on a loose flagstone, so common in the old, dark corridors under the castle. She only stumbled a little, but she let out a most unladylike curse under her breath and shot a hand out to steady herself. It just so happened that her hand caught the matron's robes and she felt what was probably the other woman's arm under her hand. She blushed when she realized what she'd said and how she'd made a fool of herself.

    (wow thats so much neater)
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    The combination of the new librarian’s lyrical accent and unusual name brought a smile to Connie’s lips that she could hardly explain the cause of to the younger woman. It was odd, sometimes, how situations could be seen in two entirely different ways and though Connie knew her view was not the correct one she couldn’t help but wonder sometimes whether she was as alone as she felt in the world. It had been so long since Lavinia. She had almost forgotten that there were others like her.

    Still, that certainly wasn’t on the cards this evening. Instead she dedicated herself to making a new friend amongst the staff – company went a long way towards easing the solitude she knew would ever be hers to bear.

    “If I were you I would never, ever say that to Mrs Aesalon’s face should you have the misfortune of meeting her. She was rather formidable. Even the headmaster always left her to her own devices most of the time.”

    And for once she didn’t blame him. There had always been an air about her – as though she would sooner kill you than admit you to her presence.

    “Careful!” She said instinctively as the other woman grabbed her and swore. It was rather charming how she blushed really. “Are you alright? Nothing broken I trust,” she said with a sympathetic smile, immediately feeling a kinship with somebody who was as clumsy as she was.
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    MJ made this and it is GORGEOUS<3 <3
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