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November 29, 1888 - Hogwarts Castle Grounds
The days were going by fast this year. It didn't feel as if she had to hide any more. Handsome was gone from Hogwarts, bad feelings were behind her and her sisters for the most part, and the girls who had been harassing her last year had given up this year. It was nice to not worry about everything this year. Still, most of her days was spent studying, classes, and working on homework. Working on things kept her mind busy, helping to stop her from really overthinking the current situation of her living arrangements.

Today was a day for rest besides classes and homework. It was always a good idea to give her mind a break. Days off from class were to focus on studying. Class days were easier on her mind to allow herself some time off after her homework was done. She didn't have much time before the sun was to go down, but it was enough time for some fresh air. Feeling a soft wind flow through her hair, it was nice. Sometimes studying in the fresh air was also nice. She had done so a few times this winter. Though it was easier to focus in the library sometimes.

As always, Sweetie was stuck in her mind. Gazing over at the Black Lake, she wondered what the creatures that lurked inside were up to. What was it like to live the way they did? Was it more freeing? Or were there certain rules of their own that were like a cage to them? She hadn't even realized that she had stopped walking until she sensed another person walking towards her. "What do you think it would be like to be a creature of the Black Lake?" She mused thoughtfully. It didn't really matter to her as to who she was speaking to. As long as it wasn't someone that was hoping to upset her.

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Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Tilly had intended on taking a walk across the grounds before the sun set, ostensibly to get some air, but really to make sure none of her cubs were outside making trouble. She spotted a lone figure by the black lake, blonde hair blowing in the breeze, and thought she recognized her. Tilly was nearly certain she was a Slytherin, but thought she ought to check up on the girl anyways.

When she approached, she realized it was in fact Sweetie Whitledge - Tilly made a point to know every student by name, regardless of house - who was standing all alone, and before she had a chance to say something or leave, the young girl spoke. Tilly could hear the wistful tone in the girl's voice and paused before answering. "Wet, I'd imagine, Miss Whitledge." She smiled at her own joke, wrapping her scarf more tightly around her neck to protect from the damp Scottish winds. "And unless you're a merperson, quite lonely. They're not much for society down there, I shouldn't think."
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she's tall, she's strict, and she looks like your lesbian aunt (because she is)
While she hadn't always been pleasant to students during her years at Hogwarts, Sweetie had always been respectful to those of authority. Not counting Handsome, as she didn't feel that he head earned such authority. But the Hogwarts staff certainly had earned theirs. There were plenty of students that were actually troublesome that the poor staff of Hogwarts had to deal with. Not the so called 'terror' that her brother made her out to be. Real troubled students, ones that actually caused real trouble. And she admired the staff for being able to keep things under control... for the most part. Though she did feel that they also had a bit of a failure of judgement when it came to picking prefects. They did vote in favor of Handsome after all.

Still, even with her troubled first four years of Hogwarts, she had grown more quiet in the last year or so. After Chrystanta had been banned from school with the rest of the halfbreeds, she had hidden away in her studies and the common room. The summer before that had been a disaster anyway. But Chrysanta was back, and both were quiet now. For the most part Sweetie had avoided her brother and the conflict that he brought with him in his last year of Hogwarts, and now he was gone. Off playing quidditch of all things. Really, did he ever think of doing something more productive?

Even with him gone, she was still hiding in her studies. Both her school studies and the studying to become an animagus. Hopefully she would be able to make an actual attempt at the spell once she graduated. With any luck, it would work and she would feel as though she had achieved something. Smiling a bit at the response to her thoughtful musings, she glanced over to see Miss Potts, Gryffindor's house matron. Though she wasn't a big fan of the Gryffindor house for personal reasons, she knew not to instantly judge a person. That was what her brother was best at. "Very true. Perhaps the giant squid gets lonely." To her knowledge, it was the only one in the lake. What a lonely existence that would be. Something that she could certainly sympathize with.

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Myrtle knew that Miss Whitledge had lost both of her parents, and wondered if this was the cause of the girl's existential wondering, or if she was just in a mood. Myrtle didn't know much about Sweetie, aside from that - she could only keep tabs on so many students, and she had her Gryffindors to look after.

She stared out at the lake and thought that Miss Whitledge might be right about the squid. She'd never paid much attention to the lake as a student, and hadn't learned much more as a staff member. She don't even know how the squid has gotten there in the first place. "I think you're right, Miss Whitledge. I think I would be lonely, if I was alone like that." Myrtle wondered briefly if she should be sharing so openly with a student, but shrugged it off. It wasn't like she was spilling her innermost secrets.
Even if Handsome was head boy, she was sure that he did gossip about her. Whether that was actually true was another matter entirely. She had a very negative view on the former Gryffindor. But other Gryffindors were normally fine. Cupcake wasn't bad, and she was sure there were other nice Gryffindors that were far more chivalrous than Handsome.

Loneliness seemed to be becoming her specialty. Easily noticed, all the more upsetting. But she was getting better at trying to keep her face as neutral as possible under stress. "Indeed." She mumbled. It wasn't really a deep subject. An interesting one, maybe.

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Myrtle could see the sun begin to set and knew she had to usher the girl inside. "It's growing dark, Miss Whitledge. I believe we should both retire indoors." Myrtle disliked having to tear the girl away from her thoughts. Miss Whitledge was an adult by all rights, and Myrtle would have chafed at a curfew in her position. As it was, however, Myrtle knew she had a responsibility to look after Sweetie's safety - and her reputation, for that matter.

she's tall, she's strict, and she looks like your lesbian aunt (because she is)
Looking briefly at the sky, she nodded lightly. "Yes, that would be best." She agreed respectfully. It wasn't as though she was one to disrespect authority she did not consider Handsome an authority figure. Still, it was sad to go inside so soon. Was it really so late already?

Sweetie prefers to go by the more proper name of Rachel, and your character may know this.

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Myrtle glanced around, and seeing no one on the grounds, decided on a riskier course of action. She was a Gryffindor, after all. "Of course, I am ever so old, and I must of course take shelter sooner from this wretched cold. I'm sure you can see yourself inside, Miss Whitledge."

She turned and walked away, and when she was almost out of earshot, called over her shoulder. "The doors don't lock for an hour!" Smiling to herself, she trekked back across the grounds.

she's tall, she's strict, and she looks like your lesbian aunt (because she is)

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