Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    November 1887
    Calla Potts
    In Character
    Full Name: Calla Mesa Potts
    Nicknames: Cal, Callie, Lala 
    Birthdate: November 12, 1875
    Current Age: 11 Years 
    Occupation: Incoming Firstie
    Reputation: 4
    Residence: Thimblewhit Turn, Hogsmeade
    Hogwarts House: unknown
    Wand: dogwood, 9.33", swishy, unicorn hair 
    Blood Status: Halfblood 
    Social Class: Middle class
    Basil Potts father, marine biologist b.1834
    Laurel Potts neé Phillips mother, owner The Florist Potts b.1842
    -Amaryllis --- neé Potts sister, healer b.1862 and family
    -Senna Potts sister, florist b.1863
    -Thistle Potts sister, florist b.1865
    -Zinnia Potts sister, florist b.1868
    -Daffodil Potts sister, student b.1870
    -Dahlia Potts sister, student b.1873

    Myrtle Potts aunt, spinster b.1838-d.1884

    Jane Tilbury née Potts aunt, b.1841
    Ezra Tilbury uncle, b.1824
    -Valeria Tilbury cousin, b.1860
    -Asphodel Tilbury cousin, b.1862
    -Dittany Tilbury cousin, shopgirl b.1866
    -Rowan Tilbury cousin, student b.1870
    -Katniss Tilbury cousin, student b.1871

    Cecil Potts, uncle [1836]
    Elizabeth Potts, aunt [1841]
    - Edmund Potts,  cousin [1863]
    - Dorothea Potts, cousin [1866]
    - Fletcher Potts, cousin [1873]
    - Gabriella Potts, cousin [1875]
    A small girl, Calla Lily Potts is slightly smaller than your average girl her age, standing at four foot and five inches, a bit underweight from her active lifestyle (64 pounds), but not particularly unhealthy, though she might gain a bit of weight once she starts Hogwarts. Her height to weight ratio though is rather balanced, even if it is slightly less than it should be. For such a boyish little girl, she tends to be quite fond of her hair, already having grown it down to her hips when straight, a light brown color with a few flecks of highlights though for the most part, it tends to be a solid color. Gray eyes are tacked along with her tanned skin and hollow face. She tends to prefer simple clothing and would be quite fine dressing in boy's clothes if it were acceptable, and when confronted tends to prefer solid colors and simple patterns, though she does not mind having her hair done up fancy. Makeup, however, tends to be a nuisance and is rarely worn. Always tucked away in her right sleeve is the wand she uses with her left. 
    1875 | Calla was born as the seventh daughter/child of Basil and Laurel Potts and the youngest of the family, continuing the tradition of nature-themed names and burying Basil's dream of ever having a son. At this point, her two oldest sisters are already at Hogwarts along with Asphodel and Valeria. Right off the bat, she proves herself to be louder than her sisters were.

    1876 | One more sister goes off to school, Thistle, leaving the house down to the four youngest siblings.

    1877 | During the founding of Hogsmeade, the Potts family uproots and moves to the new wizards only town. Their lands are slightly smaller, but they open a new store in the main area. Three-year-old Calla is just happy to have something new to explore. She is rarely where she is told to be and with the new places, almost always coated in mud and dirt and often brings home a treat or two when she wanders off, charming those she meets.

    1880 | Her oldest sister and Asphodel both graduate Hogwarts this year. This year, Calla turns five. She still proves to always be underfoot, loud, and cheerful, but no one seems to mind. She knows what plants to keep her hands off and that is all that matters, until one day her father knocks a ladder over that falls to crush her, until Daffodil accidentally levitates the ladder, saving her. Amaryllis takes a job at Hogsmeade Hospital and Zinnia starts Hogwarts, leaving the house not too quiet, even with the smaller number of sisters.

    1881 | This year Daffodil is off to Hogwarts while her second oldest sister, Senna graduates and Calla is finally old enough to be jealous and wish to follow her sisters as well. Not shockingly the young girl's first acts of magic come earlyish and come in a slightly dramatic and bold way that surprise no one. A set of firey sparks were set off when the young girl is fed up of being told to wait and that she would see Hogwarts soon enough.

    1882 | Thistle graduates, coming home and Calla is happy to finally have time to get to know her sister better than over summer.

    1884 | Eight-year-old Calla's Aunt Myrtle is lost to the laughing fever, leaving the air depressing and gloomy though they are thankfully unaffected. Calla tries hard to cheer her family up. Dahlia joins Hogwarts, leaving Calla they only one to yet have gone and without company, as the only other relative not yet at Hogwarts is cousin Katniss who lives elsewhere and is slightly older than Calla, meaning Katniss will be joining the rest of the family the next year, leaving Calla alone anyways.

    1885 | Katniss attends Hogwarts.

    1887 | Zeinnia is to graduate at the end of the year, and in the upcoming fall, Calla will finally join Hogwarts, leaving home to join Daffodil, Dahlia, Rowan, and Katniss, Fletcher along with her other first-year cousin, Gabriella, while Zeinna is home with Thistle, Senna, and Amaryills who is now married.

    1887 - 1888 | Calla is off to Hogwarts for her first year and is sorted into Hufflepuff - something she isn't too excited about but also not that disappointed about. Determined to make a name for herself and not just be yet another Potts sister, she tries out for her house Quidditch team and to her surprise, she makes it as a chaser. She quickly settles in with herbology as her favorite class and flying and potions as close seconds.

    The first thing anyone notices about the young girl is just how loud she tends to be. Always talking, she isn't anything like your expected lady, rather she acts more like the boy her father wanted. An innate ability to be underfoot, the young child is rarely gentle in her actions, rather going about them in a rough and energetic way. Her general strangeness is likely accepted solely due to the strange family she has. Whether her strange behavior is caused by who she grew up with, maybe it is simply being the youngest of seven, who knows, but like most in her family, there is one thing she tends to put a bit more effort into and cares a lot about, plants, and slightly more an individualistic interest rest in animals - everything is cute and fluffy to her, even when it is clearly not. She would be the one to love even the creepy crawlies of the plant and animal world.
    last updated: October 22, 2017
    Out of Character
    Name: Nichole
    Age: 17
    Other Characters: N/A; first
    How did you hear about us? From a friend on another site
    [Image: oadORX.png]
    thank you, bee, for the amazing set!!

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    set by the unparalleled lady

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