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Adam Rose
Full Name: Adam Corin Rose
Nicknames: Monsieur Rose
Birthdate: February 23, 1861
Current Age: 27
Occupation: Hogwarts Art Instructor
Reputation: 8
A bit of an eccentric sort, he definitely raises questions in regards to his preferences in life.
Residence: Hogwarts and/or Bartonburg
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Wand: Sycamore, 12", bendy, Fairy Wings
Blood Status: Halfblood
Social Class: Middle
Dorian Rose father, Art collector and aficionado [1831]
Brielle Rose neé Danvers mother, Socialite [1840]
Ethan Rose brother [1863]
Nathan Rose brother [1865]
Alan Rose brother [1866]
Allison Rose sister [1869]
Appearance: Broad of chest and shoulder, Adam cuts a rather impressive figure standing at five foot seven. He has a stockier sort of build but dresses it impeccably well. He is very particular about his clothing and always dresses in the height of fashion, often wearing suits that most would assume to be above his station and wealth. And, as a man that puts appearances above everything else, he maintains quite the presence. His light brown hair is always styled immaculately, kept cut short along the sides and a bit longer along the top so that it can be styled just right. He’s rarely seen with stubble on his face and always seems to be smiling and flashing those pearly whites. His eyes are a bright blue and very expressive in all things that he does. Despite being an artist in his own right, he is never seen with paint splatter on his hands or any of his clothing. He’s ambidextrous when it comes to writing, painting and wad work. He also tends to talk a great deal with his hands and is none to send a brush or wand flying on accident as a result.
Pre-birth: Dorian and Brielle met at Brielle’s coming out, Dorian having been in London for an art exhibition. The two had hit it off rather well and remained in contact via letter when Dorian went away to travel for another art exhibit. For nearly two years their only contact was via letter. It wasn’t until mention of another gentleman came into the picture that Dorian realized he’d really rather not see her with anyone but him. On the night of Brielle’s twentieth birthday, he showed up at her family’s estate outside of London and saw to a rather abrupt but extravagant proposal. With her father’s permission having been given prior, the two were set to wed at the start of the season just a few weeks after. It came as quite the surprise to some but there was no doubt that love had been found between the two.
1861: Almost ten months later, Adam was born. He was a smiling and happy little boy from the start and the Rose family quickly took to the little boy.
1863: Another boy is born and Adam surprises his parents by actually being quite interested with the new baby. Having been the center of their world for those previous years, Dorian and Brielle were a bit concerned with how he would react. All is well, though, and it looks as though the two will be quite the partners in crime from the start.
1865: Yet another boy is born. A now four year old Adam quickly takes to his newest little brother as well and dotes on him just like he had with his first brother.
1866: Brielle delivers another son not quite a full year after her last. It ends up being a bit of a scary ordeal, both mother and child almost being lost but both luckily pulling through.
1869: The last Rose child is born and finally Brielle has a daughter! With four big brothers, she’s likely to be coddled and protected at all costs. This is the same year Adam finally shows his signs of magic. Not liking the purple outfit his little sister is put in, the ensuing anger sees the little girl in a dress of bright and vivid fuschia instead. It begins the start of his interest in all things art like his father as well as a healthy dose of interest in fashion.
1872: Adam sees his way off to Hogwarts. He’s quickly sorted into Hufflepuff and finds many a friend in the house. Art is a class added to his schedule from the start, one he’ll see through his entire time at Hogwarts.
1874: Starting his third year of school, Adam decides to add Muggle Studies (to further learn about fashion, he hopes) as well as Divination.
1877: Adam sits his OWLs and does decently enough but some classes stand out far more than others. He opts to keep Charms, DADA, Muggle Studies, Potions, and Transfiguration. That summer, the great migration to Hogsmeade happens. His family becomes of the ones to move to Hogsmeade and quickly settle into a new home in Bartonburg. Dorian also opens up a bit of a studio on the main floor of their home and hosts many an event there featuring his own art as well as other up and coming artists. One of Adam’s own pieces even ends up on display.
1879: Adam finishes his schooling at Hogwarts, once more with decent test scores, but promptly finds himself wanting to go off to France. He does so with the approval from his father and finds himself living with family from his father’s side. He delves right into the world of art and fashion and even finds himself being featured in an exhibition or two as he continues to progress as an artist. His work proves to be a bit more on the abstract side be he has some obvious influences from nature as well as fashion in his works.
1883: Adam finds himself back in Hogsmeade around the time of the Quidditch World Cup. After a few years of travelling about selling his art, designing clothing on the side, and simply just living life to the fullest in the most artistic and fashionable of areas, he finds he actually quite enjoys the homeliness of what Hogsmeade and even Irvingly have to offer. A brief fling is had with a rather pleasant young woman but both part ways rather amicably at the end of that summer and Adam goes off for another bout of travelling.
1884: After nearly losing his father in the plague, Adam finds himself returning back to Hogsmeade once again but this time it will be to stay. The near loss makes him realize he needs to spend more time with his family while he has the chance. He stays with them for a time before finding his own small, but nice, home in Bartonburg. That summer, he applies to become the Art Instructor at Hogwarts. He begins working there that fall and quickly falls in love with the position. It isn’t long before he becomes rather well known with the student body as the one to go to for gossip, relationship advice and even fashion advice. He’s quick to become the Art Club Advisor and takes said position just as seriously as his actual Instructor position.
1885: Adam quite enjoys the Pan Magical Games and thrives even with all the different cultures around him. It’s this year that he starts his usually biweekly tea times in the Art Room for anyone interested in coming. It proves to be a great way for the students to get the chance of getting to know their foreign peers better. And when the CoB is cancelled, he’s just as upset as the students that don’t get to partake. It really is quite the travesty after all.
1887: The World Market comes to town and Adam couldn’t be more excited. Having started to grow just a bit stir crazy since he no longer does much travelling, he quite enjoys the fair. He’s just lucky to have not been there the day the tigers went wild. The same can’t be said for one of his brothers, however, and the family is once more threatened with a potential loss of life. Luckily, however, he survives but will have the scars to show for it for the remainder of his life.
1888: Whispers and rumors finally seem to reach Adam that his effemate and somewhat flamboyant personality is due to the fact that he’s a homosexual man. He hardly pays it any mind as he’s fully aware he isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but he does indeed enjoy the company of a woman from time to time. He simply is a creative and artistic sort that tends to be a bit flashy from time to time. He does little to dissuade any rumors though, not really caring all that much what others think of his sexual status so long as they see him for the Fashionable Artist that he is. Of course, when the fog hits, it leads to far more issues and gossip to be focused on so he feels relatively out of the clear for the time being. He spends the majority of his summer working on new paintings and other designs to help further his savings. He’s grateful when the fog lifts and looks forward to starting his fifth year of teaching.
Personality: Eccentric. Flamboyant. Creative. Artistic. Fashionable. Gossipy. Flighty. Jovial. Charming.
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