Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Open Thread 
    February 14, 1887
    Open to any male
    The more shenanigans, the better

    Stasia didn't often frequent High Street with her office being located in London but when a repeat customer asks for a house call, one simply can't deny such. Besides, the elderly woman in question was one of Stasia's favorites as she was always wanting more elaborate and eccentric designs. As such, she quite enjoyed the visits knowing that Mrs. Willerton didn't like traveling to London.

    With the visit taken care of, Stasia had decided to peruse High Street and check out the small shops along the way. It was far different, really, from what she was used to in London. At least, along High Street one could actually smell the delicious treats and bright florals offered by some of the shops. And with it being Valentine's Day, well, the streets were full of even more delicious scents!

    Stepping out of a candy shop with a fresh batch of fudge, hopefully untainted, she began to make her way down the road to further see what there was to offer. She stopped to peer into a little boutique's window when she suddenly felt a jolt of pain in her shoulder. She frowned and winced from the pain as she turned her back slightly toward the window to be able to see what it was that hit her. Her brow furrowed more at the sight of the arrow sticking out of her shoulder. "Oh dear," she said in quite the calm tone for someone to have just been struck by an arrow.
    Awesome set thanks to Nolan![Image: IM9YNQ.png]
    Hogsmeade wasn't one of Howl's usual haunts but he did sometimes venture into it and Valentine's Day had been one of those days. High street smelled pretty nice today with the smell of chocolate being prominent among the scents wafting from the different shops.

    Howell was minding his own business as he wandered down high street. He'd seen cupids flying about and hitting people with arrows but they always dissolved after making contact and didn't seem painful so he had figured they were some elaborate charm work. If the people hit behaved oddly afterwards then Howell didn't really take full notice of it.

    Howell was just in time to notice a woman get hit by one of the arrows. "Don't worry, I think they dissolve after a bit," he said when she noticed it. It was a little weird that she had felt pain, the cherub must have hit her from too close of a distance.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    Stasia could hardly believe what she was hearing. The man's voice was so smooth and dreamy. It was what had her hooked well before she even saw him. And even when she did see him, it was just his reflection in the window she'd been using to see the arrow in her back. When she did turn to actually look at the gentleman, her blue eyes widened at the sight of him.

    "I believe that would be the least of my worries," she said softly, big blue eyes dancing over the man's frame so that she could fully drink him in. She didn't bother in trying to hide the way she was looking him over, the effects of the arrow having taken a full hold on her rather quickly.
    Awesome set thanks to Nolan![Image: IM9YNQ.png]
    Howell raised an eyebrow in bemusement as the woman's eyes widened as she turned to look at him. He smiled easily at her words and chuckled as it became apparent that she was enjoying the view of him. "Is that right? And what would be your more pressing worries?" Howell asked flirtatiously. She seemed to be older than him but she was still rather a sight for the eyes.

    "I'm Howell Merrick, by the way," he said in introduction, already figuring that his day had just gotten more interesting. It was always fun to meet flirty women and Howell had no problem encouraging their behavior.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    "Well I do believe my biggest worries is the fact that I've not met such a gorgeous gentleman before now," Stasia answered quiclky, her voice almost a purr as she spoke. She even dared to take a step closer to the man, offering her hand to him after he had given her his name.

    "Stasia Pince," she replied, still purring somewhat, "Designer at the House of Lytton." Clearly that meant something. She was an established career woman and had good taste. At least, that was what she thought.
    Awesome set thanks to Nolan![Image: IM9YNQ.png]
    Bold thing, wasn't she? Well, Howell did not mind that one little bit. He liked a woman that wasn't afraid to say precisely what she was thinking though he supposed she shouldn't be doing so right out on the street. As she offered her hand, he took it and kissed the back of it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Pince. You must surely be an asset to the House of Lytton."

    Miss Pince seemed to be entirely interested in him and he would be lying if he said his own curiosity was not piqued. "Where were you headed?" He asked, whatever else he had been planning to do set aside for the next long while.
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    Stasia batted those thick lashes of her when he took her hand and kissed the back of it. The small touch, despite the lacy glove on her hand, sent shivers coursing through her entire body. "I like to think so," she said, the flirty tones still present in her voice as she kept her eyes locked on him, "I certainly bring an air of creativity to the sometimes boring and mundane world of fashion." And creative was perhaps putting it a bit lightly. Stasia's designs definitely weren't for the everyday woman.

    Plump lips twitched into a smirk when he asked where she was headed. She took that opportunity then to trail her hand along his chest and back as she made a circle around him. "I believe I'd like to go anywhere you may be headed," she said once she'd come full circle and was in front of him once more, though this time definitely much closer than was perhaps proper.
    Awesome set thanks to Nolan![Image: IM9YNQ.png]
    Howell let go of her hand since it wouldn't exactly be appropriate to keep hold of it. "I'm sure you do," he chuckled when she said that she brought an air of creativity to the world of fashion. She was certainly spicing up his day, that was for sure.

    Howell watched her as she made a circle around him. She was standing much closer this time, enough to make him back up a little since they were still standing out on the streets. Feeling something strike him in the back, he heard a cherubic giggle close to his ear but he paid that no mind.

    How could he when Aphrodite herself was standing in front of him and looking at him in such a way? "I can show you the world," he stated reverently. "Anywhere you want to go."
    [Image: iJV98.png]
    Stasia's smirk widened into a full blown grin to reveal quite the smile after hearing his words. The very thought of going anywhere sent a chill through her entire body. Though honestly, she didn't quite care where it was they went so long as they went there together.

    "I'd gladly go anywhere with you," she said, offering her hand once more so that he could take it, and her, wherever he deemed fit, "Simply lead, or apparate even, the way." Crazy as it was, she felt quite safe with the man even if she had only just met him, this Mr. Merrick. What harm could really come of disappearing with him for the day?
    Awesome set thanks to Nolan![Image: IM9YNQ.png]
    Howell smiled as she said that she would go anywhere with him. His angel was such a delight! Howell took a moment to look around to ensure no one was paying them any attention. It would not do to ruin his darlings reputation! Deeming them safe to apparate away without being noticed, Howell took her hand and disappeared with her.
    [Image: iJV98.png]