Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    The Dangers Of Being Different
    Private Thread 
    Acacia was going to the lake to read quietly. She was going to read in the library, but decided to enjoy the sun while she could. She had been having a calm day. That is, until some students she didn't completely recognize came over. They were being loud, and annoying. They hadn't seemed to notice her yet, and she liked it that way. She didn't like people who acted like that, especially in public.
    She was about to walk back towards the castle, when they seemed to finally notice her. "Hey, it's the freak." One said. She glared. Oh great, one of those people. "What was she again? Part Goblin?" Another asked. They laughed. "No you idiot, she's too tall. She's half-vampire." A third said. Acacia hated to be talked about like this, it made her sick to see people be so rude.
    Then they had started whispering and she grew worried. What could they be up to? She hoped that they were too distracted to notice her as she tried to walk past them. "Hey, we didn't say it was time to leave." The second one said. She huffed. 'I must have some rotten luck.' She thought. She stepped back from them. "Leave me alone." She said, about to try to go around them again.
    She seemed to amuse them, because they laughed again. What could possibly have gotten them to act like this? Had she done something that she wasn't aware of? Did they just hate vampires or half-breeds? These were the kind of people she feared.
    She barely took a step when one of them took out their wand and pointed it in front of her feet, using the incendio charm. She gasped and backed up quickly. "What is wrong with you?!" She exclaimed. The most sickest of parts was that they were still laughing. They seemed to find this hilarious. She would turn around and run, but that was the forest, it was dangerous and she would get in trouble. But she had glanced that way and they definitely noticed. She could tell because of the look in their eyes and the glances they gave each other, like they were reading each other's minds and had silently agreed on something. The look in their eyes made her back up a bit farther.
    "That's right, leave, go back to where you belong." One teased. She stayed put, until the same person as before cast the charm again at her feet. She shrieked and backed up quickly. "Yeah, go back to your freak of a parent, you freak!" Another yelled, seeming to get excited. They were all seeming to feel the same, and she despised them for it. It went one like that until she was backed almost into the forest, patches of fire on the ground. They had grown louder with the insults and laughter, and she was now completely terrified. They were crazy, completely crazy.
    "Pouncer, you come back here now, mister!" she hollered after her kneazle who had scurried off into the Forbidden Forest like the furry little bastard that he was. She stopped to catch her breath, resting her hands on her knees as she did. She was in shape enough to go about her day to day life without much issue, she could even run short distances fairly comfortably though she was hardly going to win an Olympic medal for sprinting. At length, however, she wasn't much use and she had been chasing the furball for a few minutes at least.

    "Get back here now or I'll turn you into a furry hat!" she yelled. She certainly wouldn't, but she was breathless and needed the kneazle back rather urgently. Kneazles could be quite fierce and had he run into any other forest, she didn't doubt he'd manage alright alone for a while, but he had grown up in captivity and this was the Forbidden Forest for a reason. If anyone understood the perilous predators that lay within, she certainly did.

    She had been walking for a while when she thought she heard raised voices not too far away. Was Pouncer harassing someone? He was usually a good boy but he had his moments when he took a disliking to someone. An angry yowl suddenly stole her attention and she saw trotting hurriedly towards her the very kneazle she was looking for, and before she could get a word out to greet the creature it had climbed her like a tree and settled on her shoulder. He could be a brute but he was also easily frightened. "What's got you scared now?" Phyllida wandered in the direction he had come from until she could identify that she was coming to the edge of the forest. It looked as though there were a handful of students coming a little too close to the forest for their own good, particularly one whom she couldn't really see on account of the figure being mostly a silhouette.

    "What's all this then?" she called out loudly as she emerged from the forest. Pouncer suddenly dug his claws into her shoulder which was when she spotted the fire. Ah, that explained it. Catching one's tail plume on fire as a young kneazle kitten gave Pouncer a lifetime distrust of fire. "It's not really the place - or the time really - to be having a campfire, don't you agree?" It was quite obvious something suspicious was going on.
    FEBRUARY 16, 1887 | @Acacia Ruskin | WORDS: 419
    Before the professor had been noticed, and before she had spoken, the students had continued to drive Acacia closer to the forest behind her. It was only when there was a familiar voice, and that voice was one that Acacia welcomed greatly, that the other students stopped their attack and horrid insults. Acacia's fear still showed, as she looked to the professor as a hint of relief joined the fear in her eyes. Oh please the professor would truly realize what was going on here. She truly hoped that it wouldn't be one of those times that the half-breed was to blame, especially of something this bad.
    What would probably truly help was if the professor would check at least her wand, they would see that she had no part in this. Though, that wouldn't be necessary if the professor believed her side. Only, she didn't know what to say. What could one say at being attacked for what she is?
    Thankfully, it seemed the other's were at the same blank thoughts as her own, with different reasoning, of course. Well, as well as being crazy, they seemed to also be incredibly stupid. Well, they had just attacked someone, and on school grounds, so they couldn't be that bright. She couldn't look to the professor directly, as she didn't trust that they wouldn't sneak a spell behind their backs or some other terrible actions when the professor wasn't looking at them specifically. She did manage to notice, however, that the professor had a kneazle with her. Why Acacia noticed that at a time like this, she wasn't fully sure. Her mind trying to calm down? Probably.
    Phyllida extinguished the fire with a flick of her wand as she took a few steps closer and then looked between the two parties. Neither seemed to feel very talkative which Phyllida thought odd - was there something on her face? It wasn't as though she was the most intimidating professor of the Hogwarts staff. "Well I know you're not all mutes, some of you I've had answers from in my classes." It wasn't said harshly, but there was a certain firmness in her tone seeing as she didn't seem to be getting anywhere. "Kneazle got your tongues?" She chuckled at that one, it was funny because she had a kneazle on her shoulder. Pouncer yowled.
    FEBRUARY 16, 1887 | @Acacia Ruskin | WORDS: 117