Charming is a Victorian Era Harry Potter roleplay set primarily in the village of Hogsmeade, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and the non-canon village of Irvingly. Characters of all classes, both magical and muggle — and even non-human! — are welcome.

With a member driven story line, monthly games and events, and a friendly and drama-free community focused on quality over quantity, the only thing you can be sure of is fun!
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    Issue #116 - Timeless Valentine's Traditions
    [Image: WWcover_zpshxgyolfu.jpg]
    Witch Weekly takes no responsibility for any side effects from the use of love potions, this includes, but is not limited to marriage, infatuation, ‘swellings’ or any other direct or indirect consequences of use.  This potion is published for educational purposes only and is not intended for use.Valentines Love Potion
    Main Effect: This love potion, as with all standard formulas, causes the drinker to become infatuated with the giver of the potion, or for whom the intrinsic ingredient is taken.  

    Side Effects: Drinker remembers being under potion's influence and is typically left embarrassed because of the potent and obvious effects of the potion on the drinker.  Caution is advised for all uses.  

    • 2 Ashwinder eggs
    • 26 Rose thorns exactly
    • 3 sprigs of Peppermint
    • 1 and a half cups of Powdered Moonstone
    • 2 tea spoons of Pearl Dust
    • 1 strand of hair from the person who wishes to be loved

    1. Begin with a standard potion base, to this crack one ashwinder egg
    2. Stir clockwise and bring to a boil
    3. Add the 26 Rose thorns in 2 at a time at 4 minute intervals
    4. Stir anticlockwise 4 times
    5. Add 1 tea spoon of pearl dust
    6. Aggigtate the potions surface with your wand tip
    7. Add the other ashwinder egg whole
    8. Reduce to a simmer
    9. Add 3 sprigs of peppermint
    10. Remove from heat and set aside to cool
    11. When cold add the 1 and half cups of powerded moonstone, stir well and return to heat
    12. Bring back to a rolling boil, and add the second teaspoon of pearldust and the strand of hair.
    13. Heat well until the potion achieves a smooth, viscous texture, like syrup, it should be a cheerful pink.  When cooled it can be flavoured to taste, and can be baked, or cooked into food items without affecting potency.  
    How Not to Blend In At the Aphrodite Ball
    As we are still months away from the season proper, the upcoming Aphrodite Ball has come as a welcome relief from the tedium of winter for those invited. The invitation, however, presents an interesting fashion challenge: "All guests are invited to come in costume befitting the season." While 'the season' could be loosely interpreted as winter, which is rather ordinary, most agree that the season in question is the period around St. Valentine's Day, which creates the challenge: how many costume ideas really revolve around a Valentine? There will likely be at least a dozen Cupids, so how on earth is any guest, women or man, to keep from blending in to the crowd of red, white, and pink?

    Of course, Aphrodite is soundly off limits, unless one wants to pick a fight with the hostess! But mythology offers many other interesting deities associated with love and passion, such as the Indian Kama and Rati, Egyptian Hathor and Bastet, Chinese Yue-Lao and Nüwa, and any of five Norse gods and goddesses (Freya, Freyr, Frigg, Lofn, and Sjöfn), to name a few. Not only are these thematically appropriate costuming options, but also offer opportunities for diverse ethnic costume choices!

    Another option is to think over the most common gifts associated with courtship, marriage, and St. Valentine's Day. Try to think outside the box, as girls dressed as flowers will likely be a dime a dozen--or bouquet! You can also think over marriage traditions from different areas and try to extrapolate a costume from one of them--for example, a gown inspired by the ceremony of handfasting might be made entirely of small ribbons, such as the one used in the ceremony.

    Animals are another possibility, but the most well-associated ones are likely to be very prolific during the ball, and anyone wanting to make an impression should steer clear of swans, flamingoes, kittens, or teddy bears.

    If you're lucky enough to be going to the ball with a partner, you can get away with nearly any costume, so long as you match your mate. To go the extra mile, have some element of your costumes that mirrors your partner's--a half-heart on each of your sleeves, for example, or using the same fabrics to make it obvious to everyone looking that you go together! 'Pair' costumes are also encouraged, no matter what the subject matter. A cute enough couple can even make a pair of candlesticks look exciting and sweet!

    If you still don't have any original ideas, don't fret--magic can cover up a lack of imagination remarkably well. Try using charms to modify an existing gown and add drifting hearts or other romantic symbols, or animate your outfit so that you become a walking Valentine card! Even the most mundane idea can be absolutely forgiven if instead of coming as a dancer, you have dancers appearing and disappearing across your skirt and waltzing in tune with the ballroom music. You have two days until the ball, so break out your wands and get creative!

    The hindu goddess of love, Rati, is one example of following in the hostess' example of choosing a costume from mythology. Endless exotic costume options exist by following this method!

    Period costumes are excellent ways to distinguish yourself from the crowd, but be sure to put thought in who you choose to dress as!

    Henna tattoos, popular in Africa and some parts of the far East, often have one image spread over multiple surfaces.
    Timeless Valentine’s Traditions
    With St. Valentine’s day quickly approaching, now is the time to make your affections known! Is there a special gentleman you’ve had your eye on? Is that lady truly right for your wonderful brother? Look no further to see how best to approach the situation!

    Handmade cards are the way to go!

    Skip the flimsy store-bought cards and make one yourself! Nothing says your affections are true more than taking the time to put together a lovely St. Valentine’s card. Use lace, ribbons or paper and write a sweet note to your sweetheart and he’ll be falling for you before the end of the day! For an added touch, spray lightly with your perfume and he won’t be able to get you off his mind!

    To help out a gentleman in your life try this old tradition; wearing a heart on his sleeve! If he needs to gain the attention of a special lady, write her name on a thin piece of paper, cut into a heart and secure to his sleeve with a pin! His sentiments will be displayed for all to see, including the lass of his dreams! Take note ladies,  you may also be on the receiving end! If he’s taken the time to make his feelings known, pay attention!

    St. Valentine’s party games will surely be a hit!

    If you find yourself hosting a St. Valentine’s themed party there are plenty of games to play! Our favorite is the Heart Hunt. Each guest receives a little tag of red silk to carry out the colors of the evening. At some point in the evening when conversations lull, whole company is ushered into a moderately smaller room if the house, perhaps a study or moderate library. Candy hearts with mottos will have been hidden in every nook and cranny, some in plain sight! The hunt grows more and more exciting as the hearts are found and the guest finding the most hearts wins a prize at the end of the evening!

    Now, with all of these sweet traditions as options, beware the Vinegar Valentine! Some people think it’s quite amusing to send out insulting cards that attack your appearance or wits, but do not be fooled! These naysayers are just out to make people miserable, don’t take them to heart!
    Rumours abound in Magical Britain!Rumour Has It!
    It is rumoured than a new American import has  engaged himself to a certain middleclass miss!  While he has not yet made the engagement a public affair the gentleman in question, and the young lady’s mother have been seen in an intimate conversation in recent weeks.  The young lady is a member of a family who have fallen from financial grace – we wonder if this is love or fortune hunting.  

    The missing young lady has been spotted, or so it is claimed, in the ‘loving’ embrace of a VAMPIRE!  Whether such creatures are capable of being in love is a matter of debate, but the girl’s reputation could surely not fall any lower.  This will be a cold comfort to the family of the missing woman – after all she is still dead!

    Shhhh! Don't tell anyone...

    A group of last years Hogwarts debutantes (some of whom were featured in this very publication) were spotted removing their undergarments in order to bath in the black lake! The ladies surely did not think they were being observes but we at WW know that at least 1 young man was privy to the ladies in their privies!

    A prominent member of the ministry (arguably the most prominent member of the ministry was allegedly spotted bringing a young lady to his home! The story goes that the girl was not yet out, and barely older than his daughter.  Apparently the gentleman offered the girl ‘assistance’ in her career – we are sure she come some sort of assistance indeed!

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